Your NHL-Less Weekend Viewing Guide & Discussion Of Utter Stupidity

Before we get to what you can watch this weekend that isn’t what you’d rather be watching, a couple thoughts:

-You know it’s bad when I read the Twitter updates and instead of throwing something in anger or kicking a live animal, I just stare at the ceiling in utter disbelief — trying to wrap my head around something so bathed in stupidity that I’m not even sure I recognize the language or am totally confident I haven’t switched planets.

So it was when I saw this “moratorium” vaudevillian routine. Yes, I know it’s been suggested that’s exactly what a mediator would do if one were involved. But the complete lack of urgency or sense of what’s going on in the world outside of this thing…you’ll have to find a more talented writer than me to describe it accurately.

I’m left with knowing that there’s a purpose behind it, an offer that Bettman had to know would be leaked to the press. But why? To prove that they’re in no hurry? That the owners aren’t sweating?

It’s gotten to the point where it’s not that I  think the owners don’t care that the fans are getting more and more enraged. I’m not even sure they know. They haven’t bothered to even check. But maybe that happens when you’re talking about a group of men accustomed to having the world cater to them. Maybe it’s not that they think we’re so stupid and sheep-like that we’ll come running whenever the gates open no matter how angry or apathetic we were. I’m beginning to think that they would be generally surprised that anyone was angry. It’s impossible to be embarrassed or ashamed when you have no sense of yourself or of what’s right and wrong.

Or maybe it’s with the more needles pointing at them from press and supporters, the owners turn more inward instead of listening. “We’ll show you! We’re above this! We can do what we want and we’ll show you just how easily we can!” Amazing what money can do to people, especially to a lot of these thumb-dicks who didn’t exactly earn their fortune.

While I’ve complained about the PA enough, I at least get a sense that some of the players do have a finger in the wind and know what’s going on with the fans. Some of them. But not enough to completely bend over here, and that’s somewhat understandable through the rage. Players interact with fans a lot more, I think some of them get it. But that would be dealing with this on a rational plane. I doubt the owners could find that with with Space-X like technology guiding them.

-Read this. Then you’ll see how Rocky can claim he’s losing money while he’s really not. And so can a lot of others. And then you’ll see how silly and stupid all of this really is.

-For those asking for a mediator, all you need to know is a mediator would look at this and think going from 57% to 50% looks like a healthy concession. So guess which side hasn’t shown an interest in that, or in finding compromise, or in not being obtuse.

Right, this weekend. Not much, ‘fraid.


Harvard v. Cornell on NBCSN: If you’re into the Ivy League thing. And unless you’re Sarah Spain or a complete tool, I don’t know why you would be.

Knicks v. Grizz on ESPN: Apparently these teams are a combined 13-1. I’m pretty sure that’s not going to matter in the long run.


North London Derby on ESPN 2: Set the DVR, Arsenal-Spurs is always bonkers. And you can watch Clint Dempsey appear just slightly out of his depth with a true quality team.

College Football: From what I can tell is that Stanford-Oregon is the only game worth a damn. But that won’t keep annoying ND fans from littering our Twitter feed. It’s going to be awesome when Oregon crushes them in whatever fuck-off Buy-These-Chip Bowl decides the thing this year.

Bulls-Clippers: Could be entertaining. The Bulls should lose, except the Clip Joint’s coach huffs gasoline on the sidelines.


NFL: All the games suck until the Colts-Pats, Ravens-Steelers, and Bears-Niners the next night. That won’t stop Kills from getting utterly slaughtered while the Redskins get to cash in on this flaming waste-truck crash that is the Eagles. I’m not wholly convinced Kills is going to survive through to Sunday night if this one turns out as I think it might.

Bulls-Blazers: It’s kind of funny the Blazers exist. You wouldn’t think they should, and yet they always have. Portland doesn’t have another team in the four sports. You can’t help but like the Blazers. Whatever. It’s Sunday night, you’ll be watching football anyway.

Have a good weekend y’all, I’m going to go sell a kidney.

  • Bullitt315

    The Blackhawks lose money, the United Center doesn’t. Wirtz doesn’t own 100% of the United Center. This really isn’t that complicated. The Hawks pay rent to the UC and the UC host events something like 300 days a year. If you subtracted out those other events would the UC still make money? No. So as a stand alone entity, the Hawks still don’t make money. And it’s not even fuzzy accounting. The UC is set up as a completely separate business. Lets say I own 10 Papa Johns locations and 7 of them are profitable and 3 of them aren’t but as a total I still make money. That doesn’t magically make those 3 unprofitable locations profitable and I’m still going to do what I can to make a profit at all my locations.

    • SamFels

      Why would the Hawks pay rent to a building their owner half-owns? Isn’t that out of one pocket into the other in the worst case scenario? But most likely, they’re not paying rent at all.

      • Bullitt315

        You think Reinsdorf is going to let occupied events (Hawks games) go without charging them? And you think that Reinsdorf is going to let the Blackhawks get a sweet deal on rent that comes out of his pocket? It’s a lot harder to move cash from one pocket to the other using fuzzy accounting when you share the other pocket. They also have different Audits. There is obviously some inter-company wiggle room but it’s a little bit harder to do when each of the companies are audited individually. And they don’t get any sweet deal on liquor either because they want to be able to internally evaluate as independent operations. I’m actually kind of looking forward to finding out how the Hawks do financially for 2012.

        • SamFels

          But they don’t have to pay Reinsdorf. They own an equal share of the building. It’s not like Reinsdorf is renting it to them. There is no rent. I have no idea how they divvy up concerts and circus events there (though Rocky would be more interested in the concessions for those), but I doubt Bulls games are way more profitable than Hawks games. The suites are split, because they’re sold for every event at the UC.

          • Bullitt315

            The building rents to the Hawks. You don’t get to say “I’ll pay rent that goes to the Wirtz 50%” you pay the entity and that net income gets split 50/50. Just because you own 50% doesn’t mean you can just not pay your rent. I’m sure the Hawks and the Bulls even out to an extent but they’re still paying rent.

          • AirTrafficAJ

            You don’t pay rent in a building you own. You pay half of the taxes on the property, but that’s about it. And with the way Chicago is, I’m pretty sure I pay more property taxes on my house than Reinsdorf and Wirtz do on the UC.

    • birdhead

      It’s not like ten different locations, though, because one Papa Johns doesn’t depend on the other ones existing to make money. Let’s say you have one company that manufactures soda bottles, and another company that fills the bottles and sells soda. You give yourself, or sell yourself, the bottles at a loss, so that company doesn’t make money; but you sell the soda for loads, so overall you make a lot of money. In that situation is it reasonable to ask the people working in your bottle factory to take a paycut?

      • Bullitt315

        The UC doesn’t need common owners with the Hawks to make money. And if the Hawks go build their own new stadium, it will cost a lot more. The analogy holds. The UC gets to deal with the hawks lockout no matter who owns it.

        • birdhead


          The point is that people who own a sports franchise can be making money on it in a way that doesn’t necessarily get included in that franchise’s books – and probably most of them are.

  • TMFF

    NHL and NHLPA, I stopped caring about a month ago. Even if for some fucking reason or miracle their is a NHL season, I have given up on this year. Maybe next year, except I will be gone and will not be able to watch it. Oh well, Fuck the NHL and NHLPA both.

    Anyways, just stopping in to say I went ice skating for the first time since I got to Hawaii about a month or so ago. THE WORST ICE I have ever been on. I have never hurt from skating before ( I did not fall down) just using muscles to keep my self up. My balance was way out of whack Very soft and very slow, my feet were never where I expected them to be, always behind/slower than were they should. I was sore 10 minutes and 30 minutes in the pain was too much to keep going on, I have rarely gotten slightly sore before even after hours of skating. Has this happened to anyone else, or am I just now old?

    • Z-man19

      Hate to tell you this TMFF but sounds like old age is creeping in

      • TMFF

        I would agree, except I skated in CT routinely up until leaving for HI with no problem at all. This ice was just terrible! But it could be age too?!?

        • Z-man19

          I just blame my age for most of my problems, it’s an easy excuse. Better take up surfing out there, doubt you will find better ice

          • TMFF

            Probably not since it is the only rink in the State. Surfing is something I am looking at, just doubt I will have the time to really learn it though. I will tell you though, the big surf looks like fun to screw around in, but it ain’t no joke, it will fuck you up! I had sand in places I did not know existed after a big breaker treated me like a rag doll at Makapu’u.

          • Yeah, try some SUP and then you can catch a few rollers when you start getting the hang of it. The good waves/spots are protected by the kama’aina so its hard to learn to surf without ruffling feathers unless you go to the more dangerous places. Lava scrapes, coral jabs and urchin spines don’t go away overnight.

          • Joe Banks

            It’s probably the skates… blame the skates

  • 10thMountainFire

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting on the Simmonds issue… his enduring of racist taunts and chants in the Czech Republic.

    The hockey world often suffers from an earned or unearned reputation for being a ‘whites only’ sport. Since I was young, I was always drawn to players outside of that core, white, north American group. Grant Fuhr, Dirk Graham, etc; guys who were of a different heritage who often blazed trails for others. I remember getting a Tony McKegney card when I was young and being intrigued by what he endured in the early years of an ‘integrated’ NHL.

    However, as is often the case, Americans tend to get the brunt of the anti-racist accusatory rhetoric. We’re often seen as racist, brutish, primitive assholes. And this is not without cause. The recent bullshit flung by ‘fans’ in Boston did nothing but reinforce Boston’s particular stereotype, thought long ago vanquished when the Red Sox and Celtics finally chose to include minority players on their rosters. It disgusts me personally, especially after serving shoulder-to-shoulder with minorities in combat and seeing them sacrifice for a country that a significant minority remains of the mindset that these men and women are ‘sub-human’. It riles a nausea in me. As I’ve grown older I’ve held my ammo a bit better when confronted with such pieces of shit, choosing to let their own words identify their ignorance and their small-mindedness. However, I also know that there are times in which to address these shitstains on humanity’s underwear and this is one of them. European fans are noted, particularly in soccer, for being as much, if not more, racist than their American and Canadian counterparts. There is even an undercurrent of fascism in many of these ‘fan’ groups, particularly again in the world of soccer where Italians, French, British, and Dutch fans have incited racist violence at games in recent memory.

    The point to this entire statement is to illuminate that fans around the world, not just here in the US, need to step-up and begin isolating these barbarians, marginalizing them from identifying with the sports franchises, and eliminating the fear that minorities have of participating in sports like hockey. It’s for the best. Hockey, as all sports are, will be greatly enhanced in the coming years if we are able to include these traditionally disenfranchised ethnic minorities. More Scott Gomezes and Jerome Iginlas can do nothing but improve our pool of talent.

    Or something.

    • Z-man19

      I second these thoughts, well said 10th. Oh, you can have both, no duel needed 🙂

      • 10thMountainFire

        And it shall be done. And his name will be Marian Toews.

        • Z-man19

          How about Captain God

          • 10thMountainFire

            I like it.

            Motion passes. We’ll go with Captain God.

  • 10thMountainFire

    And Sam…

    The new Soundgarden is fucking great after two or three listens. Don’t quit. You’re right on Thayil and Cornell… Thayil is still sweeping the depths of Hell for screams and Cornell has smoked his vocal chords since his ‘Beyond the Wheel’ and ‘Slaves and Bulldozers’ days. But, dude… it’s an easy top 5 album of the year.