You Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated: Ducks 4 – Hawks 5 OT (Series Tied 2-2)

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Even the next day I’m not sure where to begin this. So let’s flip it and look at it how a Ducks fan (if there is such a thing) might look at it. You still haven’t lost in regulation, and had Corey Crawford not put on two borderline-incredible overtime performances in Games 2 and 4, this series might already be over. Your 3rd period magic has now worked both ways, in that the Ducks were able to protect leads, and rather easily, rather easily in Games 1 and 3. And then there was that comeback, which has been a Ducks specialty this season, in Game 4. You’ve rolled the Hawks in the overtimes, they still only have four ES goals in the series. So yeah, things probably look pretty rosy, even if you think you can’t waste a three goals in 37 seconds burst like that.

Now on the other side, the Hawks basically kicked eight different kinds of crap out of the Ducks in regulation at even-strength, with a 58% Corsi share in the 60 minutes scheduled. Just as they did in the first 40 minutes in Game 1, and for a great majority of Game 3. If it wasn’t for Andersen in Game 1, and their coach not lighting his own nose hairs on fire in Game 3, this series might already be over in the other direction.

So I guess 2-2 is pretty fair? Let’s see if we can get into the soul of it.


The Two Obs

-These are in no particular order other than my stream of consciousness, so stick with me. I thought it was odd, right from the first shift, that Q still wanted Toews dealing with Kesler. That’s what Boudreau wanted in Anaheim after all, and this is one of the big reasons Kesler was acquired in the first place. Again, how this matchup has gone is a matter of your perspective. Toews didn’t break through until the 3rd period last night, so on the level of keeping him from scoring Kesler has pretty much done that. However, Toews is dominating in possession, and you have to believe that if Toews and his linemates keep getting an abundance of time in the offensive zone they’re going to tear the walls down as they did in the 3rd last night. Basically, I’m not sure what to make of it. Maybe Toews just wants to break Kesler.

-Let’s get into an actual concern, and that’s the return of 2012 vintage Niklas Hjalmarsson. His puck-flinging ways are back in full, and they finally cost the Hawks last night. Yes, he was exhausted after killing a penalty and not being able to get a change, but when he got the puck in the corner in the 2nd last night he had options and time. Switch to Keith who was calling for it in the other corner. A high flip out of the zone to Kane who was streaking up. He chose to simply throw it around the glass where Beauchemin was waiting. A blink later and Palmieri had deposited it into the net.

While we know Keith can basically play all 60 minutes if he wanted to, maybe the minutes are catching up to Hjalmarsson. Except they shouldn’t be. Hammer played only 19 minutes in Game 3, and only 20 in Game 1. Yeah, the overtime goal totals saw high totals, but not in proportion to the overall game time. Hammer averaged 22 minutes per game in the regular season, and in games that haven’t gone to OT he isn’t really seeing anything more than that. Pick it up there, Grouch.

-Hey remember in Game 2 against Nashville when we wondered why Q froze and didn’t call at timeout when the roof was caving in in the 3rd? Well he called a timeout last night. Didn’t do a whole lot of good.

-That has to be Brad Richards’s best game of the playoffs, even though he only had the assist on the power play goal. But that’s why he should be on the point on the 1st unit, because he’s the only thing resembling a QB the Hawks have. Look at how he opens lanes for shots and passes. Yeah, it’s a big risk defensively, but if the idea of the power play is to score… But at even strength it felt like Richards and Kane were making things happen every shift. He’s worked out much better in the spring than I feared he would when he signed coming off last one with the Rangers.

-The Ducks can mock the Hawks’ lack of defensive depth all they want, but it’s theirs that should be of concern. Toews’s line basically toyed with Fowler and Lindholm and Beauchemin for their two goals, and Andersen for the first time this series couldn’t bail them out. That’s not going to get any better, and if Despres’s level drops at all, as it did last night, it’s going to look very Pollock painting.

-Vermette and Teuvo had a third line in the black in possession. What a fucking concept!

-As for the goals against in the 3rd, I mean how do you even explain something like that? Perry’s goal sprung from Hammer and Shaw getting loose on the boards and Keith getting caught out where he couldn’t get Perry’s stick. Beleskey’s equalizer came after Timonen had actually made a nice play to strip him at first but he put Vermette in a bad spot by passing to him with a man on his back. It didn’t leave Timonen time to get a good gap, if he even could at this point. Kesler’s sprang from more abstract work from Hammer, who first was hesitant at his own blue line on the right side, then watched as Silfverberg faked him down and out and got around him, which caused Bickell to abandon the front of the net to try and head him off. It’s the perfect cataclysm of events, I guess.

-Still, if the Hawks had done something like score goals in that spurt and lost, we would say that wasting that sort of thing that we might never see again portends badly.

For the first time, I’m starting to worry about what the Hawks have in reserve to finish this series, whether it’s two more or three more games. The fact that they have been on the back foot for most of the five OT periods played doesn’t make you think they’re holding up that well.

However, I also believe that a Ducks meltdown is on its way. The Hawks are basically the first team to turn back that 3rd period horseshoe they have lodged in their colon. Boudreau is going to pull something here, you just know it. If the Andersen buttress to their structure is cracking, and all goalies eventually crack against the Hawks (except that one time) than the Hawks even-strength upper hand is going to tell the tale.

And it’s the Hawks after all. They usually find a way.



  • Brandon Murray

    I’ll say this…..It has been a hell of a lot tougher than I imagined it would be and even though I don’t want to, I’ll tip my hat to the Ducks, they are a good hockey team. They have worked their asses off to always be in the Hawks way. They have caught some unbelievably fantastic breaks in this series as well and have benefited from most of the puck luck (it seems) yet here we are at 2-2.

    The one thing they have really tried to to do is the mind game shit. Renee Kelsey talking shit after the whistle or pinning Hammer down as they slide across the ice and he gives his face a snow cone. Katie Perry holding sticks, crashing into Crawford repeatedly, extra bumps, etc. etc.

    I mean I get it, it is hockey, but I kind of feel like we have seen the best the Ducks have to offer and come away tied. I’d like to imagine that this game 5 is simliar to game 5 @ St. Louis last year when the Captain reminded everyone in River City that we were still the better team.

    How about a good ole fashion sweep of games 5 and 6 to end this fucking thing 4-2. Or how about we split 5 & 6 and then we (as the road team) get a deflected puck past Freddie in game 7 to win the WCF on someone else’s ice (kind of like a Bizzaro 2014).

    You know what I don’t give a baker’s fuck how it happens, lets just win 2 of the next 3. Let’s send Renee Kelsey & Katie Perry back to the studio to record their new album, while the rest of the Ducks hit the links. Let’s Go Hawks.

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      Of the four teams left, the Ducks have impressed me the most as a potential Cup hoister. If we get past them, and our top four D men can still stand without aid, I’ll be fairly optimistic.

      • ZigZags82

        If Hawks can somehow finish this in 6, they’ll get a week’s rest, and that’s important.

    • Why?

      Did you really need to change the names to girls names?

      • 1benmenno

        Tis manly.

    • Jim

      I think the “Dubnyk” plan of flinging everything at Anderson, creating volume, will scatter their forces in front of the net, and create chaos. Some of that chaos is going into the net. Anderson will swim, he protects the ice, but if they can elevate the loose change, good things can happen. Going 5 hole on Anderson hasn’t worked out.

      • ZigZags82

        The Andersen aura is broken for the Hawks. He’s probably still confident but now they are too that they can break him. That is great news.

    • ZigZags82

      I agree with everything except the girl names.

    • CurvedBlade

      As for the hits directed at Crawford, I wouldn’t have minded seeing darling at some point in our meltdown. I love the way darling sees someone skating toward him, and just drives those huge forearms out like an offensive lineman.

      Quite a few predators got bounced into the third row of seats. It would be nice to see Perry get some of that.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    High Stick Side.
    Make a note of it, forwards.

    We really have no business being tied. Yes, we have owned puck possession, but they have had the better and more frequent chances. We really should be scheduling our tee times right now. We flat out stole two games in multiple OT, despite them hosing us in chances in the extra periods.

    But things may be turning. Our stars are starting to score. Now if we can shore up the brain farts in our own zone and actually clear a puck on the first or second chance, we have to be feeling good.

    • Jim

      I think a similar argument can be made Hawks should have swept them. Runblad coughed up game 1, and Q rolled only 2 lines in Game 3.

      • Lemmy

        I might’ve helped if they scored more than 1 goal in Game 1 and didn’t disappear in the 3rd period. Rundblad cost us? Please.

      • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

        Runblad was mediocre, which is what Runblad is, but that’s not good enough in the conference finals.

        The real problem was that we had only scored 5 goals in the first 12 (almost) periods of hockey.

        • Jim

          Yes. I think that is due to Anaheim having good defense, in the sense they really focus on blocking shots and preventing the puck from being in the scoring areas. Seems like the Hawks are now adjusting, they dropped a 5 spot on Anderson. Another thing I noticed about their goalie, he protects the ice well, so going 5 hole is not working.

    • ZigZags82

      This series could be a matter of anything right now actually.

    • Sam

      Anaheim is 50% meeting Hawks with speed and 50% forcing a half-ice game. The latter is turning up a lot of blocked shots. Hawks upped the physicalilty and matched hits this game. But that’s a grind. Add the OT efforts and seems the longer this goes on the more it feels titled away from the hawks.

      But as SamFels said, Hawks usually find a way!

      • ZigZags82

        Hawks actually used their speed to create last night. Goes both way. We’re at a toss up now.

    • Bobby Otter

      Hawks were the better team in Game 1 and in regulation last night, and by far in both cases. All things considered, 2-2- is probably fair. But not sure the Ducks can hang if Andersen is going to post a .940 save percentage.

  • Tino82nd

    Yeah, Keith doesn’t take NEAR the beating Hammer does. That’s his style as a defenseman. Similar to Kruger’s style as a forward. Oduya and Keith have quicker feet and are better able to stay away from the hits. If Hammer seems a little slow, he EARNED it. The guy is on the ice gittin it when most others would be in the ER getting bones set.

    So shut up about Hammer

  • DJ

    Maybe Toews just wants to break Kesler.

    He’s got to be seeing as much ice time as Perry and Getzlaf, which means he’s seeing as much time as our top four d-men, whom we have been assured will wear out from overuse in this series. If Kesler does wear out…

  • HossasPierogi

    I think Hammer is hurt, more than usual. He seems reluctant to skate. I’m sure what ails him is top secret.

    • HostileHawk

      Agreed. But, how does he not always play hurt, given the beating he takes?

    • Jim

      Yesterday, Hammer blocked a hard shot on the inside of the kneepad, where it is unprotected. The Anaheim gorillas have been “finishing their checks on him” with regularity. Also, last game, he took a bad spill into the net, and hit his head awkwardly on the camera that is back there, and he was slow to get up.

    • ZigZags82

      This guy battles and never has 2 bad games in a row. This is his style lol. Take a beating and win the war of attrition. Such a smart and technically sound player that responds well.

    • Mambo Man

      He seriously injured his right knee in game two.

  • TitanTransistor

    “For the first time, I’m starting to worry about what the Hawks have in reserve to finish this series, whether it’s two more or three more games. The fact that they have been on the back foot for most of the five OT periods played doesn’t make you think they’re holding up that well.”

    This is why that 37 second meltdown is so infuriating. They could have been home and cooled in regulation, rather than draining an extra 1.5 periods of hockey from their reserve tanks.

    • Shooter

      On the same side, perry was sitting on the bench getting ice on his wrist. The NBC goons have been pumping how tired the hawks are…but things aren’t rosy over in the Ducks corner either. It’s the playoffs. everyone plays through the pain.

    • Bob Lanz

      It doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. 2-2 going into game 5. One thing I know they will leave it all on the ice, everything they have to give they will. That’s all any of us can hope or ask for. go Hawks

  • HostileHawk

    The biggest difference in this game was that the Hawks finally started winning board battles. The Ducks have been happy allowing the Hawks possession on the boards, and last night they made them pay for it. This might also cause BBQ Sauce to tell his players to open the game up a bit, which favors the Hawks.

    Whatever you want to call that 3 goals in 30 seconds thing, a big save from Crawford might have stopped it. I think all 3 were stoppable. A little bit of positioning holes, and slow reflexes the culprit (though I am not blaming him). Hjalmer’s worst play of the year, and I agree that he has earned a few. That was a completely gassed player. He was done. Honestly, in that situation, if it is available, get it to Crow to ice it.

    Love, love, love that Vermette got the GWG!

    Something else worth mentioning is that, while the Ducks got far more shots on net, the Hawks had the bulk of quality in OT. The Ducks also had far more blocked shots. Attempts were almost even.

    • Bobby Otter

      Maybe he should have had the Kesler goal, but even that’s being harsh.

    • Sopel the catfish

      Even Teuvo was winning board battles, not through sheer strength but good positioning.

  • Jim

    There is always luck involved in an OT win, but credit Crow, who is the team MVP in my view.

    Seems like the Duck’s plan is:
    1) Physical beating to wear the Hawks down
    2) Play a “mini trap” in front of Anderson. Clearing the box in front of the net at all costs.

    The Hawks are going to counter this by flinging everything at the net and taking advantage of the chaos that ensues, and sweeping the loose change into the net. I think we’ll see less trying to make seeing eye shots into traffic.

    They started doing this yesterday, and they should have won in regulation. The 3 goals in 37 seconds was a generational fluke. The Hawks are also fighting back (Crow taking a machete swing at a Duck in the crease, Kruger ripping PenisLoafs stick out of his hand).

    They might have won Game 3 (Q Brain Fart) Game 1 (Runblad)

    • ZigZags82

      Hawks used their speed to create last night. That should continue well.

  • Blackhawk Pete

    That pass from Teravanen to Sharp on the breakaway was AWESOME. I loved the camera angle from the Duck’s goalie’s view. Tape to Tape in stride. That type of talent has to be on the ice even if he skates around sometimes with the puck in the defesive zone and makes you nervous. I think Cumisky is good enough and on Timonen I just don’t know if they can put someone else in for an upgrade at this point so I will just choose to trust the coaches on that decision, If Q stays with the lineup and does not revert back to the game 3 disaster I like the Hawks to win this. The Hawks have a little more talent and that should be the difference. And of course. GREAT JOB VERMIE. WAY TO PROVE Q WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sam

      How about Kane’s dish from the boards, with his back turned, past two backchecking ducks, to a streaking Bickell? Another sick one to watch on the replay.

      • Blackhawk Pete

        Great Point. Speaking of Kane, I heard the announcers last night say that the Ducks are overloading the defense towards Kane when they are defending the Hawks Power Play. 1) Is that true? 2) Is that something teams regularly do to defend the Hawks? and 3) What does that strategy leave open for the Hawks to counter?

  • Sam

    Q: “That was the worst timeout I’ve ever called”

    Um, yeah dude, maybe if you understood that a 3rd goal from the Ducks was imminent in the third period – per every stat we have – you would have called the timeout after their second goal. Then you could have smugly told the media “That’s the best timeout Ive ever called.”

    That isnt rocket science. And that’s two boner uses of timeouts this series. Get with the program.

  • wreckinball

    I’m happy to be 2 – 2 we stoleast nights game

    • Aaeismacgychel

      I thought Crawford stole the 1st OT for us, but that really was it. I thought aside for a 37 second period in the 3rd we were far and away the better team last night.

      • wreckinball

        Somewhat agree 37 seconds was deadly

  • Aaeismacgychel

    Something amusing about TOI is that for the two OT games where primarily playing 4D in regulation should theoretically hurt the Hawks, it also gave them a huge advantage in those OTs in the form of Kyle Cuminsky having the best legs of anyone on the ice (including the Ducks). Cuminsky and his wheels have almost been a secret weapon deployed during those OTs to push the puck and parry the tired Ducks players setting up numerous Hawks opportunities. TOI and usage goes both ways, and if Cuminsky was used more in regulation, he wouldn’t have been all over the ice in OT. Funny how those things work.

  • Wayne Van Dorp

    Sam nice recap. Sorry to beat the horse but story of series is Q being outwitted by Sir Topham Hatt. Hawks’ talent able to overcome obvious inefficiencies perched directly behind players in middle of the bench.

    • CurvedBlade

      That time out after losing a 3-1 lead in 37 seconds has to be the genius move of all time. He should go to the hall of fame just on that one move.

    • ballyb11

      Yeah, you are beating a dead fucking horse.

  • Aaeismacgychel

    Also, Brad Richards has had an amazing playoffs and a hell of a regular season. He definitely has been one of the best and most consistent Hawks players this entire year, and he might honestly have the highest hockey IQ of any of the Hawks players at least in regard to how he’s been playing this series. Q made a very smart choice last night in changing the PP 1st team midway through the game by replacing Sharp with Richards and it paid immediate dividends (and almost did a second time in OT). Richards is smart enough to know how to change his shot angle and use passing lanes to get the puck through from the point and on net. Him and Kane have been our 2 best PP players all season and putting them together only makes sense. Q needs to keep that change.

    • Blackhawk Pete

      Is it just me or does Richards look faster out there in the playoff’s compared to the regular season?

      • Aaeismacgychel

        Yeah, he’s clearly giving everything he has plus some. I think primarily what we are seeing is him reading the play well and using quick bursts to put himself in great position. He’s using his energy highly effectively and as crazy as it sounds, he’s been the best player on the Richards-Kane-Bickell line. And defensively he’s made sure to get back also. Great job.

      • Jane Doe

        Last night he looked smooth and quick carrying the puck into the zone on the PP. For a second I thought I was seeing The Leddy but another pull on the TN sour mash and I pulled focus.

        It should definitely be a thing going forward.

    • Lionel Hutz

      Sometimes it looks like RIchards is the only one out there that gives a shit.


    Need Sharp and/or Hossa to put some pucks in the net!!

  • wreckinball

    Going to whine a little the Ducks get away with an enormous amount of shit because they are a continuous penalty machine
    The NHL being the “even it up” league lets it go
    They need to just put the whole gaggle of dicks in the box

  • Jane Doe

    I want to know what the fuck Crow was thinking trying to take a whack at Palmieri (or whoever it was) while the puckwas still in the zone, on the half board, during OT last night. I’m not sure if they mentioned it in the broadcast, but that shot grazed Crow’s shoulder & half the net was wide open while he was meting out street justice.

    I mean, fuck, I get it, you want to take a shot at the guy. How about waiting for the puck to be moving out of the zone first?!

    • rhodes

      Olczyk was all over it.

    • CurvedStick

      Don’t get me wrong, I like Crawford. But this is why I won’t be surprised if he gets traded during the summer’s capocalypse. All the little things he does that make you question his professionalism. As good as he is most of the time, he still doesn’t evoke trust.

      • Dan

        Uhm, I’m sure he’s pissed that ducks have been planting their asses in his crease for 4 games now and the d has been content in letting them camp out there.

      • Michael Scott

        Well, yeah, that was dumb as shit.

        But that means he gets traded? I can barely think of examples that have ever made me “question his professionalism.”
        Did you miss ho well he handled being benched in favor of Darling, and how supportive he was throughout? That’s goddamn professionalism. Thankfully, though, your trust in him doesn’t matter – team trusts him plenty.

    • Preacher

      The issue is that Crow has been getting cheap shotted by the Ducks throughout the series. He complained to the refs last game about it and when Perry slammed Hammer into him last night, he was going to hit whatever Ducks’ jersey came within striking distance. And since the player was once again IN HIS CREASE he took a whack. Dangerous timing to be sure but he’s getting tired of all the extra slashes the Ducks have been hitting him with. I suspect (and hope) that the Hawks will quietly bring it to the officials’ attention like they have in the past with other issues. I’m actually glad to see Crow getting demonstrably angry about it. It fires up his teammates and will also hopefully get the refs’ to penalize the Ducks.

  • luke

    Richards does look good,I mean he’s got a ton of playoff experience and a cup in tampa.its good to see,keep him and kane on the pp and we should be won’t be easy hawks in 7

  • luke

    Cumiskey looks good enough to play more minutes,at least 12 or 13 in a regular game.timonen still looks a step slow I’d keep his minutes about the same.

  • luke

    It was obvious sitting teuvo and vermette was a blunder by q,luckily q doesnt usually make the same mistakes twice.vermette with the game winner and teuvo with that great pass to sharp showed they belong out there.

  • luke

    I’ve got no problem with calling Renee Kesler and katie perry girl names they are bitches.theyre also great hockey players.the hawks need to stick with their speed game and they’ll be fine.andersens beatable they just can’t have breakdowns like that three goal meltdown.

    • DJ

      So the way you equate contemptability for something or someone is…with femininity. Does your mother know? Or your sister? Or the poor soul who is cursed to be your wife?

  • GoldenJet

    Seriously, busting Hammer’s balls? It’s obviously a slow day with the Hawks’ win.

  • Brain Sprain

    I don’t know how anyone could have been thinking this series would be even remotely easy.

  • Jim

    If you read Anaheim’s fan comments, they seem to think the refs are favoring Chicago. That is insane. In fact, the Ducks have decided to turn this into an MMA fight, and they have said so. If the refs called all the crap the Ducks are doing, they would be short handed 100% of the time. But the Ducks are relying on the fact that the refs can’t make the calls so lopsided.

    The way to stop this crap is having an effective power play. And we all know about that, although Kane can sometimes make something out of nothing on the PP.

  • Sopel the catfish

    Not that this is news, but the Ducks media are just as blind/stupid/retarded as the Canucks front office

  • Sopel the catfish

    Trolling the LA times articles, almost feel bad but not really. Fuck those idiots and their douche ass second team.
    5 points if you can figure out who I am.

    • Jim

      I didn’t really hate Nashville or Minnesota (well, except for Yeo, for some reason I can’t explain), but I hate the Ducks. It’s because they can’t match the Hawk’s skill, so their game plan is to try and injure people through repeated hits. Plus, I hate the defense they run, it’s tedious to watch. I don’t really hate Perry, he reminds me more of Whitey, from Leave It To Beaver.

  • HawkIPA

    Although Q rightly gets a lot of criticism for roster management and lineup choices, he has to be given some credit for the mental toughness of this team. As Toews said in the post-game, a lot of teams would fall apart after 3 goals in 37 seconds. The fact that the Hawks barely gave it a second thought speaks not only to the experience and focus of the players, but also to Q’s management of the team.

  • Blackhawk Pete

    I just read an article on the L.A Times website that the Ducks are “aware” of the disparity of penalties called against them compared to the Blackhawks but they won’t “comment” because they don’t want to get the NHL mad at them. Of course, they don’t mention that the Ducks are committing more penalties, which explains the disparity.

  • wreckinball

    I guess the thought that they commit penalties constantly never crossed their mind ? If they commit about 20 a game and I don’t think I’m exaggerating that much and get called for 5 it’s a bargain

    • Blackhawk Pete

      Correct and then when there is a disparity in penalties(and rightly so) they can complain about that claiming bias. By that argument if the penalties had to be equal why have penalties at all.

      • Lionel Hutz

        The Blackhawks are one of the most disciplined teams in the league. The Ducks were in the top 10 for minor penalties against so I am not sure what the story is here from an Anaheim perspective. If you just go back and look at some of the calls they are pretty obvious (holding/roughing/slashing).