You Forgot To Push Him Over: Scum 1 – Hawks 2 (OT)

I know we get Simpsons heavy on this blog, but sometimes the analogies are just so apt. Tonight’s game felt like Homer Simpson’s boxing tactics. The Hawks allowed the Wings to repeatedly, and futilely, punch them about the face until they tired themselves out. Except the Hawks never really got to the point where they simply pushed them over. At least until after they’d surrendered a point to a division rival that they didn’t have to.

Once again, this was post-lockout hockey at its most glorious. If by glorious I mean tired, sloppy, and just kind of all over the place. And it is strange indeed for the Hawks to spend a large swath of a contest trying to serve it on a plate to Detroit, and watching Detroit merely stare at the silverware trying to figure out which one was the salad fork.

To let the Wings in these days when they’re such a mess, you have to continually give them power plays and be sloppy in your own end. Check. And yet they couldn’t take advantage, mostly because the entry on their power play looked like a bank robbery planned by ADHD-riddled children. But hey, you take your advantages where you can find them I guess.

So it’s six in a row to start the year, before embarking on a pretty nasty looking six game road trip (looking even nastier with each San Jose win).


-The first period wasn’t all that bad. While the Wings had some possession and attack, they never really made anyone sweat outside a shot or two. When the Hawks did get the puck deep and got a forecheck going, the Wings defense was absolutely helpless. They lost pretty much every race for a puck, and when they didn’t they were turning it over right in front of Jimmy Howard, who must’ve been ready to knife at least three of his d-men. On another night, Hossa and Bolland bury the chances they were given from the slot and this one was over before the Mites got out there to jump over sticks and blocks.

-However, in the second, when the Hawks weren’t taking penalty after penalty, they couldn’t find each other in their zone and resorted to that infuriating ploy of just trying to fire it up the boards. Either it was kept in, or just ceded possession to Detroit. It wasn’t much fun. It didn’t get all that better in the 3rd either, when the Hawks were in need of oxygen tanks. Especially those who were killing penalties.

-I hesitate to pile on the Wings here, because I’ll never shake the feeling that they’ll bite me in the ass later. Even after I’m dead. But the thing about Detroit that didn’t get enough attention when they were in their pomp is that they were the hardest working team in the league. I don’t doubt the desire is there to still be so, but the legs most certainly aren’t.

-Aside from Saad, Frolik, Stalberg, Kruger, and Bickell, every other Hawk forward skated like they had just been shown a video of a c-section.

-And the problem with taking so many penalties is that it keeps Rattlehead, Bickell, and Leddy off the ice. Underneath the fireworks of the Four Horsemen this season is that Stalberg and Bickell have been driving the Hawks on the forecheck, and Leddy from the back-end. They lose more than you think when those players can’t get on the ice.

-McClure mentioned it on Twitter, but Stals on the right wing gives him so many more options offensively. Defensemen are still wary of getting beat to the outside, but now have to account for him having a better angle to shoot from his off wing. Thus, you get tonight’s OT winner where he can come inside and either fire or find someone on the other wing.

-Another solid performance from Crow. He still looks a little funny at times, but hey it’s working.

-Sadly, the tying goal came with Seabrook and Keith on the ice. Nitpicking I know, but those two are paid specifically not to be on the ice for the tying goal.

-Y’see what happens Duncs when you open yourself a shooting lane?

-It says Detroit only won 52% of the draws. That sure feels low. Speaking of which, Don Cherry mentioned it on Coach’s Corner last night but I hadn’t really noticed until being in the building tonight, but good god are linesmen ornery in dropping the puck. I think maybe four faceoffs took place without someone getting tossed.

-I’m going ahead and claiming credit for this blog for DLR being the power play song. Until someone proves otherwise, I’m going to do so.

-Kyle Quincey. My god.

Six is better than five. On the road now. Keep it going as long as you can, and don’t you dare have this streak snapped in B.C.



  • DesertHawk

    The silverware reference was hilarious.

    • Joe Banks

      Why is this fork cold?

  • Bwana

    Socks: 1-0, Away Bolland: 4-0, Stanley Cup hat: 1-0

  • Accipiter

    I don’t even want to think about the streak or having the Canucks end it. One game at a time.

    • 10thMountainFire

      If you were in the wild, I would attack you, even if you weren’t in my food chain.

      • Accipiter

        You lose that battle. You lose that battle nine times out of ten.

  • JRF

    It was tied and not looking too good before I threw on the 4-0 Hawks hoodie, You’re welcome, everyone.

  • red palace

    Whoa-oh Nick Leddy, Bam-a-lam
    Whoa-oh Nick Leddy, Bam-a-lam
    Nick Leddy shot the puck, Bam-a-lam
    And Scum was fucked, Bam-a-lam
    Yeah, the Hawks keep winning, Bam-a-lam
    That’s just the beginning, Bam-a-lam

    I said oh Nick Leddy, Bam-a-lam
    Whoa-oh Nick Leddy, Bam-a-lam
    When he’s on the move, Bam-a-lam
    He’s too fast for you, Bam-a-lam
    He’s so rock steady, Bam-a-lam
    And he’s always ready, Bam-a-lam

    Whoa-oh Nick Leddy, Bam-a-lam
    Whoa-oh Nick Leddy, Bam-a-lam
    We got him for Cam, Bam-a-lam
    Came with one dead man, Bam-a-lam
    Yeah way to go Stan, Bam-a-lam
    That was one nice scam, Bam-a-lam

    Whoa-oh Nick Leddy, Bam-a-lam
    Whoa-oh Nick Leddy

    • Accipiter

      Upboat for you sir.

    • SamFels

      I think I want to frame this.

      • DesertHawk

        some would should twit… tweet… twort(?) that at the hawks PR folks. That deserves to be seen by the world.

      • AirTrafficAJ

        “Came with one dead man”.


  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    Tired and slow and sloppy vs old and slow and sloppy.

    And because of this start, .500 on the Road Trip would leave us sitting pretty. 4-2 even prettier. 5-1 ? Nah, I won’t go there.

    • Paul the Fossil

      “Tired and slow and sloppy vs old and slow and sloppy” <— this.

      ("Maybe so lady, but tomorrow I'll be sober.")

  • obscure

    C section videos… what do they do to skating legs again?

  • Waylon

    I was watching the Detroit feed, and when the play by play guy said at the end that this was a game that the Hawk’s probably deserved to lose, I thought he was being understated.

  • Toews still makes funny faces!

    Can’t argue with 6-0-0!

    • ahnfire

      don’t be silly. there will be plenty of people that will find ways to complain about a 6-0-0 start.

  • Hi, I’m Bob LeDonne

    Wooooo 82-0 mother fuckers!

  • Accipiter

    In the post game presser of Canucks v. Sha-arks game, AV pretty much threw Max Lapierre under the bus.

    • justforkicks

      they lost by 5 didn’t they? Maybe he should be throwing himself under the bus as well as the rest of the team.

      • Black JEM

        You know what feels good – knowing that AV and Scum West have missed the portal, and that it will be worse next year, and that with the reduced talent AV will be shown for the asshole he is.

        • justforkicks

          We’re the Sedin’s benched in the 3rd? I missed the game so trying to figure out what the fuck happened, haha

  • Toews still makes funny faces!

    Todd Bertuzzi is still a Criminal asshole who has no business in the NHL

  • capra

    A few stats:

    1) The Hawks have completed 1/8 of the regular season and they are undefeated.

    2) Corey Crawford is in the top-7 for GAA, SV% and Saves. He is currently #1 in wins.

    3) Hawks > Scum

  • QCBlackhawk

    Speaking of Simpsons references… The picture of Bolland smiling that Ahn put up in the 3rd period thread inspired me.

  • justforkicks

    What a PK though, and may we never see it in such rapid succession again. Fro and Frogger were awesome last night, always good to see Q acknowledge it. Given how well that tandem does, would love to see the two of them as the checking line with Bicks or Stals. Nice to know we can drag a win out even when we don’t “deserve it” we can pull out a win. Hopefully the 2 days rest will get the team’s legs together and Wednesday will bring more domination.

    • birdhead

      Nice to know we can drag a win out even when we don’t “deserve it” we can pull out a win.

      I feel like this is the third game in a row we’re saying that, though, which makes me feel … less good.

      • justforkicks

        yeah that’s not the greatest, but idk, i don’t really think i would say that about the past two games either. AND last night the only guys really firing on all cylinders were guys not in our top 6. And we still won, which is great – haven’t been able to rely on our depth in a while.

  • cliffkoroll

    Hey Killion, Player of Game? Crow got #1 star.

    • Accipiter

      and NHL’s 2nd star of the week. Woot ! woot !!

  • Elliott Heigert

    Closest thing we’ve seen to a Hawk’s goaltender stealing a game in a number of years?

  • While I’m very happy the Hawks are 6-0-0, four of those wins are one goal wins. And the last two games the Hawks have looked, well, average. They probably lose if they’re playing anyone else in the NHL on Saturday and Sunday, wait for it, a goalie stole a game for them. I’m chalking a lot of this up to playing six games in nine days, but Hawks can’t continue playing like they have the last two games. But they’ve got 12 points out of 12 and look like contenders in the West along with the Blues… Sharks look like they’ve come to win this year and the Kings should get things on track (and will the Canucks get healthy and join this party?). Anyway, let’s stay healthy and not skate these guys to death Q.

    • TKHO

      Can we take a step back for a bit? Last year we complained about how poor our goaltending and special teams were, and now we are complaining after those two things lead us to a win?

      Also, since when is winning one-goal games a bad thing? I seem to recall the Hawks had trouble in that department last year (or perhaps it was 2011). It’s not like the Hawks don’t have the capacity to blow teams out.

      As you said, Hawks have played 6 games in 9 days (and, for the second time, 3 in 4). These games have taken place in 5 different cities. It’s a small sample size, and I don’t know how things will turn out from here on out, but I’ve hardly seen any structural problems with this team that cause me to lose sleep at night.

      • justforkicks

        agree with this. i still have some concerns (more along the lines of how Seabs still doesn’t look 100% to me) but I’m not ready to pull the emergency cord or get close to the panic button.

    • MySpoonIsTooBig

      In terms of competition in the west, I’m much more concerned about St. Louis than I am about San Jose. Sure SJ has started as red hot as the ‘Hawks, but they’re not going to maintain this pace. Patrick Marleau is not going to continue scoring on 40% of his shots, Havlat is not going to stay healthy, and they are going to very much hurt for secondary scoring.

  • OnTheFloor

    That is a false analogy!
    Lisa: No, it’s not. It’s apt. Apt!

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    Eyebrow raising stat of the day (besides Crows 1.78 and .933) has to be the +/-

    Team Leaders
    Oduya +8
    Hammer +6

    Last on the team
    Biscuit -4
    Duncs -5

    Who had that in the office pool?

  • laaarmer

    Can we just call Leddy Butthead?

    • Accipiter

      I thought we agreed on Ram Jam.