You Can’t Be a Pimp and a Prostitute, Too: Blackhawks 3, Ducks 2 (Series tied 1-1)

Apologies for the lack of a box score or event summary or the other pretty stuff. It’s late and I know what I want to say. Besides, I’m not sure if any of that matters at this point. The Hawks and Ducks just essentially played two games and the series is tied at 1.

There were a million different things that happened throughout the course of the game that could have changed its eventual path. Corey Perry with about a dozen chances. Vatanen nailing the post twice. Antoine Vermette continuing to not score. Guys selling out on blocked shots, tipped pucks and the other silly stuff that happens in hockey. Crawford and Frederik Andersen in an old-fashioned staring contest. Each making the critical save for their team to the point where it seemed like nothing would get past them.

In the end, it came down to a few individual efforts making the difference.

1. Andrew Shaw carrying the puck through two Duck defenders in the neutral zone to spark a 3 on 2. At that point in the game, no one would have blinked twice if Shaw just chipped the puck up and past the Ducks defense. He didn’t. Which led to…

2. Andrew Desjardins getting the puck along the left wing. He had a lane to hit Seabrook with a pass in the slot but rather than attempt a risky pass that could’ve ended up in an odd man rush the other way if it wasn’t completed, he fired a shot towards Andersen. He was able to win the puck through a board battle and get the puck back to Brent Seabrook.

3. Seabrook played catch with Johnny Oduya and on Oduya’s return pass, the puck bounced up in the air. While the puck was still in mid-air, Seabrook got all of it and fired the puck towards the net. I’m going to repeat this again: Brent Seabrook shot the puck off a bounce and while it was in mid-air. The degree of difficulty on a play like that in that moment is off the charts.

4. Which of course led to Marcus Kruger’s redemption on Clayton Stoner. As Stoner pondered whether he and Barret Jackman descended from the same silverback gorilla, Kruger was there in front to tap it past a sprawling Frederik Anderson.


–Of course, there was a lot more that happened prior to that moment. Kyle Cumiskey was predictably an adventure, though his speed can sometimes keep him out of hairy situations. But his brain will bring him back to said hairy situation.

It’s not even worth beating the dead horse that is Kimmo Timonen. Maybe he’s battling an injury but during regulation, the Hawks might as well just started his shift in the defensive zone so everyone can save their energy on the backcheck. You saw it. We all saw it. You’re not a hockey savant for noticing this.

I guess my frustration lies in everyone now realizing that the Hawks are four defensemen deep. Which is of course what we’ve been screaming to the heavens since Nick Leddy was traded. But now, it’s suddenly a new issue. Whatever.

The one point that seems to be getting glossed over is that the four defensemen the Hawks are leaning on are relatively recent Olympians. Other than the occasional Oduya fart or Seabrook nacho spill, it’s pretty smooth sailing. So it’s not like they’re just launching a few hobos out there.

The other point that Sam mentioned during the game is how overblown the minutes these guys are logging has become.  None of them played half the game. The minutes were delegated very nicely by Quenneville and Kitchen. Keith led the brigade with 49 minutes.

If you go back and look at box scores of games that Chris Pronger or Niklas Lidstrom played in, they played half the game and there were a couple guys on their team who didn’t see much ice. This is how guys like Brett Lebda got their name on the Stanley Cup.

And if you look on the other side, the Ducks are playing 6 defensemen but two of them are Clayton Stoner and Hampus Lindholm. So I’m not sure there’s some kind of decided advantage that we can all point to at the end of the series and say “SEE. SEE.”

It’s funny. Last year when the Hawks were playing 9 forwards to the Kings 12, I don’t recall there being this much attention from the national and local media on ice times. In fact, I specifically recall the phrase, “The Hawks core forwards just have to be better. It doesn’t matter that Michal Handzus is dragging his spleen around the ice or that Brandon Bollig can’t do anything other than berate fans on Twitter.” Ok, so some of that is made up. Anyways, the narrative has shifted.

–Corey Crawford. Balls.

–The home ice should let Patrick Kane off his leash a bit. He seemed to finally get some room in the third period and overtimes. This series will not end without him being heard from.

–Same goes for Jonathan Toews.

–The advanced metrics aren’t pretty for the Hawks but other than Anaheim’s push in the second half of the second period, the game seemed pretty even on both sides. Particularly in the overtimes.

–Deep breaths, everyone. We may be here for awhile and the Hawks may have to win another game yet in Anaheim.


  • ZigZags82

    This is classic lol. Got to think everyone feels the same as right now. But whatever, got the win….

    Let’s Go Hawks!

    • Brewblaz

      Zig…the 4 defensemen situation is huge. In previous years when defensemen could freeze the puck along the side of the boards it didn’t mean as much, as the game could be slowed down. Hopefully the big 4 stay in one piece, it could be the key to the series, not to mention the Cup.

      • DJ

        Yes, the top four have to stay healthy. But if anyone can handle heavy minutes, it’s Duncan Keith.

        The “too many minutes for the D” meme has apparently taken root among the national media. Nitwits. Prove them wrong, men.

        • Brewblaz

          DJ….I surely hope you’re right. The Ducks are doing the right thing by going after the D. Hopefully the Hawks can make them pay. It already seems that it’s the Hawks quickness and speed against the Ducks power.

          • DJ

            See, if we had a real news media, they’d investigate:

            1) in general terms, how many teams have relied heavily on four defenseman (say, a maximum of four playing at least 45% of the game) and how they’ve done in the playoffs. Go back to 1980 and start looking. I’d guess it’s not a desirable thing, but Pronger and Lidstrom sure pulled it off.

            2) in specific terms — and this should be easy enough even for our lazy media — compare the Blackhawks defensemen to Anaheim’s. I’d guess that Anaheim’s bottom two aren’t playing significantly more than our bottom two.

          • Brewblaz

            DJ. In last nights marathon Despres & Stoner played 64 minutes; Tim & Cum 35 minutes…the concern is will this workload start to catch up after awhile.

          • DJ

            I heard the minute totals onnthebradio a few minutes ago. Does this catch up to the Hawks now, or in the Finals (assuming they get there), or at all?

            I agree it’s not optimal. I suggest that having Keith as one of those four makes it a bit more feasible.

          • ZigZags82

            If the Hawks can finish this in 6, they would get s week’s rest (Finals Set Date June 3rd). No issue there. These guys are used to it too. They can handle it. It really isn’t that ridiculous that these guys played 40+ minutes of a 116 minute game. Hawks will be just fine.

          • ZigZags82

            Pronger and Lidstrom pulled it off for Cups too. Kings last year also only played 4.5 Dmen. It really isn’t that unheard of.

          • ZigZags82

            Quickness and speed leads to more possession and now Hawks can dictate matchups.

        • Yeah it’s the new “Crawford glove hand” narrative. There is slightly more validity to it only because an injury to the top four would be catastrophic at this point, but I agree it’s gonna get dead horse beaten by the time this round is over.

          • ZigZags82

            Exactly, as long as they are healthy (knock on wood), it doesn’t matter.

      • ZigZags82

        As long as they stay healthy (knock on wood), it’s no issue.

      • cza

        I would like a couple more breathers for our top four, but looking at the box score, I wouldn’t call the Ducks well rested.

        Beauchemin, 46:29 (Keith, 49:51)
        Lindholm, 44:07 (Seabrook, 47:46)
        Fowler, 40:21 (Hammer, 47:35)
        Vatanen, 37:57 (Oduya, 46:06)

        Then take a gander (har har) at the forwards, and note Getzlaf at 38:29, Perry at 36:92, and Kesler at 35:42 (Bruce really wanted this one, eh?). Kane and Toews were at 34, Saad and Hossa at 33. I don’t think this is going to matter much, but if you do, then you should also expect the Ducks forecheck to slow down a hair and offset any tiredness on our D.

  • This….

    –Corey Crawford. Balls.

    • Jim

      Wow, the whole team – balls.

      • spotlight312

        Crawdaddy + whole team + coaches + trainers + the pair that Palmieri lost by the goalpost

  • DJ

    We just might have to win again there. But as I said earlier, keeping their power play under wraps could be what decides this.

  • spotlight312

    Nothing more satisfying than getting a much deserved win in 3OT.
    Well….maybe watching Palmieri get his balls shoved up his va-jay-jay by his own stick would be a close second…well done boys!

  • D_Smith

    The Ducks are good at clogging up in front of the net and small things like poke checks that make them a frustrating team to play against (and even watch at times). I couldn’t help but think that the measure of a good team is making the other team not look their best. Although this one was hard earned it seemed like a bit of a steal with Crawford’s help, which has often been the case this year. On the upside Toews and Kane will be better and hopefully Q can figure something out to solve the former Rosi spot mess. And it’s a 5 game series with 3 @UC now. That’s the catch with home in a 7 game, split the 1st two and you’re effectively suddenly behind. Hopefully that late loss takes some wind out of the Ducks too.

    • Jim

      The Hawks have been good at making adjustments as the series goes on, as they observe the other team’s tendencies. That split was HUGE.

      Anaheim is good at collapsing around the front of the goal. And what has been pointed out ad nauseum is the Ducks have a lot of big bodies. Their goaltender produced a lot of juicy rebounds, but they were good at sweeping them away quickly. It seems like the best way to score on that team is to create a lot of chaos in front of the net, and be happy with “greasy” goals.

      • ZigZags82

        Hawks can dictate matchups now too and shelter more. Speed and possession for the Hawks will come even more into play at home.

  • kyle russell

    Was it just me, or did it seems like Kane was always the first one headed to the bench last night? Q should have put shaw out there with him instead of Bickel. That would have made that line really interesting.

    • Jim

      Kane didn’t look all there yesterday. Could be just all the big bodies they are putting on him.

      • limoman

        I noticed he did not have his mouth guard. I wondered if that had an effect on him.I have never seen that before.

        • Jane Doe

          Is this a bit? Not sure if you’re serious. Anyway, no mouth guard for a couple years.

    • Brewblaz

      Kyle…Bicksie does a lot of subtle things that sometimes get unnoticed, (passing, setting picks) besides being the Hawks only true basher

      • HawkIPA

        Bickell needs to do a better job on the forecheck to get Kane some space. He also needs to get in front of the net like Shaw was doing last night. Go for smart hits rather than a lot of hits, and crash the net. When Bickell imposing his will near the crease, that’s when this line can get rolling.

        • Dangles-a-Plenty


  • Dangles-a-Plenty

    Anyone else feel like Richards is quietly having himself a good series? Plays with good pace, winning face offs like a fiend (seems like). Maybe it’s just his line mates haven’t done much of anything… YET. Feel like Bickell is brining that line down.

    • Brewblaz

      Richards has been phenomenal on face offs, please check lower post on Bicksie.

  • RM

    -Corey Perry – piece of trash.
    Nice move holding and dropping Hossa’s stick. Bush league. Love to see Hartman get sent on the ice to knock Perry into the third row of the home seats.

    • Jim

      I saw that too. Everyone likes to pick on Marion Hossa, the most mild mannered guy on the team. When I saw that I wanted to jump through the television and spear that fucker Perry in the grill. There is a whole host of Blackhawk (and other team’s)players he would not try that crap on. How about Ovechkin? John Scott? ha

      • The other thing I found hilarious was the point, I think it was in the second period, where one of the dumbass yappers on TV was going on about how Perry is always running his mouth at the other team. Do they really think there’s anyone on this Blackhawks team that pays any mind to a thing that fuckboy says?

        Also never forget – Marian Hossa always wins in the end, just ask Steve Ott.

        • Jim

          Now that gif made me laugh. I don’t know what is funnier, how calm Hossa was, or Ott’s reaction.

        • rm

          Ha!, he’s like Chuck Norris.
          “Death once had a near Marian Hossa experience”
          “Marian Hossa can light a fire with two ice cubes”
          “Marian Hossa doesn’t wear a watch, HE decides what time it is”

  • BigCSouthside

    Sooo, let me get this straight:

    Scenario 1: A defenseman skates the puck to the point. He notices he has good net front presence on the short side, and no good angle to make a direct shot on net. He fires. At the same time there is a forward standing on the short side who notices that this shot is intentionally wide meant to deflect off him. He alters his stance to make himself a better target and changes the angle of his positioning to give the puck the best chance at deflecting past the goalie. Everything works, the puck goes in. GOOD GOAL

    Scenario 2: A puck pops up in the air directly in front of the goalie. There is a forward and opposing player vying for possession. The forward could try to get a stick on it and put it in, or try to glove it, but knows both of those are illegal. Meanwhile, the opposing player fails to clear the crease. The forward then pulls a fucking soccer move and headers the fucking puck into the net like he is in the damn Premier League. THIS IS NOT A GOOD GOAL

    Scenario 1: Guy uses something that isn’t his stick to score. Intentionally no less
    Scenario 2: Same fucking thing

    I don’t get hockey rules

    • DJ

      The difference is, as pucks deflecting off feet are much more common than pucks being headed into goal, the rules address kicking more specifically. They also define more fully what constitutes a “kicking motion,” which disallows apparent goals. IIRC, the definition was tweaked in the past off-season, such that Troy Murray on the radio had no problem with the Ducks’ play being ruled a good goal.

      Think about it. Everyone knows about how kicking is not allowed, so when a puck goes in off a foot, everyone at least in the back of their mind wonders “kick or no kick.” Last night, current NHL players were astounded to learn that you can’t deliberately head the puck in. Because it’s happened maybe twice this year, and in the last hundred years as well.

      • fromheretoinfirmary

        Yea to build on that, I also think the wording is something about a deliberate “batting” motion or something like that, analogous to a kick. So, if it bounces of Shaw’s head, good goal. If Shaw “kicks it with his head” intentionally, no goal. Makes logical sense to me, its just no fun.

        “kicks it with his head”…. god i’m tired.

    • Bigdog

      Only thing missing was that Mexican announcer yelling “GOOOOAAALLLLLL!!!”

      • BigCSouthside

        I watched the world cup in spanish from our cabin. I would pay good money to hear that announcer call a hockey game.

  • HawkIPA

    My take:

    – As has been noted, beast of a performance by Corey Crawford
    – The penalty kill hasn’t looked this good since 2013. This is the first series I can remember where the opposing team’s power play looks far worse than ours
    – Lines 3 and 4 for the Hawks imposed their will, especially as the game hit the 3rd period and the overtimes. There were at least 5 moves by Teuvo where my jaw dropped. The dam is going to break for that line.
    – And the 4th line was even better. While Kruger, Shaw, and Desjardins were stuffing the Ducks’ first line and getting prime chances of their own, Brian Engblom composed an epic poem to the Ducks’ 4th line, which nearly always started in the Hawks zone.
    – That was probably the worst announcing I’ve ever seen in a hockey game. Between the repeated paeans to the Ducks’ fourth line, Engblom also shared his appreciation for Clayton Stoner’s play when there was no worse player on the ice. And of course, the Hits Hits Hits!
    – Game 3 is going to be fun to watch, now that Q has the matchups. I expect Toews and Kane to be a lot more noticeable. Some people are worried about 88. I’m not. This happens every year, and then he brings back showtime.
    – Bickell is dragging the second line into the ground. Fix this.
    – Cumiskey was nerve-wracking at times, but for the most part, got better as the game went on. Timonen did too after a horrific start. Build on this.
    – We played well enough in Games 1 and 2 to earn a split, even if the results should be flip-flopped. Mission accomplished. I expect a different tone and pace for Game 3. Hawks are a resilient road team but are more dynamic at home.

    • Justin Barkhurst

      I’m an apologist when it comes to announcers but last night was painful. Even were some failed THIS COULD BE IT!!!’s on duck chances. Come’on man

      • Bannerman

        I turned the sound off until the game winner. I wanted to hear them talk about how the Ducks would still win.

    • BigCSouthside

      Soon as I heard their voices I muttered “these fuckers…” my wife thought it was funny

    • Pierre Wolfthing

      The “Announcers” we’re frickin’ brutal to listen to. There were a couple of crushing Hawks hits that went without any comment, as a matter of fact you could hear a pin drop when they happened. I’m pretty sure we’re getting the A team Thurs and Sat. Great win… KRUGER!!!!!!

    • Jim

      Number 11 is a good pickup. He was in on the scoring goal, and he also was around the Hawks net on one play scooping the puck out of the crease and clearing it.

    • Just the Facts

      I don’t know if Cumiskey and Timonen got better as the game wore on or whether they were the only two guys left on the ice that were relatively fresh. The secret genius of Q!

  • ourgeorge

    It’s unbecoming of players to complain about it, so my guess is the problem goes underreported, but an article in the LA times mentioned the ice was slushy.

    I’m sorry, but this is a huge problem for the sport. Did you notice how the Hawks started each period with a flurry of speed, puck movement, and chances, only to be dragged back into the Duck’s dump and chase game? Did the Hawks fail to move the puck well because they didn’t bring their A-game, or was it because the ice was terrible?

    Listen up, NHL: Plodding, dump & chase, pinball hockey is incredibly tedious and unrewarding to watch. It also happens to be the style of play best suited for terrible ice conditions. If that style is playing on TV, you will lose viewers. It’s that simple.

    • DJ

      It may be unbecoming; it’s also a bit pointless. It’s mid-May, the Finals are in June. Two of the Final Four teams are from the Sun Belt, New York and Chicago also get rather warm and humid this time of year. While the league has an ice expert at each game to do what they can, it can only go so far. Barring industrial-strength de-humidifiers and air conditioners, we’re going to have less than optimal ice from here on in.

      • ourgeorge

        Sending an “ice expert” to the game doesn’t solve underlying thermodynamic problems. The range of temperatures and humidity experienced at ice-level is absolutely manageable in engineering terms. The fact that indoor ice quality depends on the season is a sign that they haven’t looked at the problem seriously from an engineering perspective.

        They need to wire those rinks with sensors to measure performance, invent new technologies. Hire full-time staff for each rink. Hot air rises, and the rink is a bowl; try flooding the ice with dry/cold air for crying out loud. Coils under the ice clearly aren’t enough. Set up an ‘X’ prize for ice quality and let university students compete. Take control of the situation.

        They’d be better off with a team of mechanical engineers from Georgia Tech who’ve never seen snow before than some “ice expert” from the plains of Canada who has never walked directly underneath the Sun.

  • Jane Doe

    While neither goal was his fault, thought Crow looked shaky the first couple periods. Good to see him lock it down the last 4 periods.

    Would like to see a change in Kaner’s line. Yeah, Bicks was moving bodies and making space against Minny/Nash but the Ducks are making a point of being “physical”. While Richards is playing good seems like a little more speed with Kaner would get him going, maybe get the Kane-Shaw-Saad band back together.

    #1 star last night: The Crossbar

    • rhodes

      “seems like a little more speed with Kaner would get him going”


      /ducks for cover

      • Bobby Otter

        No way. You could put Saad there though and put the Red Wedding back together. Not sure what you do with Bickell though as 86-80-29 isn’t all that sexy.

        • rhodes

          I actually don’t think this is out of the realm of possibility.

          I know Versteeg has had turnover issues, but it’s hard to get away from the fact that earlier in the season when Kane was racking up points at a torrid pace, this was the 2nd line combination. Remember? We all loved Versteeg then.

          I could see Q trying this at home where he has more control over match ups. Especially, if Bickel continues to be a non-factor. Bickel has not shown up, yet, in this series. If he has another lackluster game on Thursday, it would not be unlike Q to put him in the press box.

          • Bobby Otter

            I heard ya, but still think the Hawks need Bickel’s size, especially in this series, even if he’s been a bit blah these playoffs.

          • ZigZags82

            Bickell will come through. Mark my words.

          • cza

            No. No-no-no-no-no-no. Just no.

            That was a different time, which we shall remember fondly.

        • Jane Doe

          I’d trying flipping Saad and Bicks, not sure about Richie though. Wouldn’t necessarily want him on the 4th. Maybe just move Saad and let 91 distribute.

    • ZigZags82

      Bickell will come through. Mark my words

  • Prgeno

    Great game. The Hawks were absolute warriors out there and show why we are so spoiled as a fan base. It’s never been easy but they somehow someway just get it done.

    I understand all of the concern about D depth, but the big 4 just continue to amaze and they don’t seem to mind it. I also thought Cumiskey was OK, not great, but better than anything we’ve seen outside of the top 4 since Rosy went down.

    I also understand the concern about Bickell, but it’s Saad that is worrying me more. He looks slow and far softer on the puck than I’ve ever seen him. I think he must be hurt, but he’s bringing down the 1st line more than Bickell bringing down the 2nd.

    Regardless, they’re coming home in exactly the position we hoped for.

    Oh one more thing, Stoner still sucks.

    • Jim

      I’m starting to understand part of why Q liked Rosy so much. Rosy is a tough guy, and he’s in the middle of the scrums pushing and shoving guys away after the play. When a guy gets too rough with the goalie, Rosy could go and give him a good facewash. This is all outside the actual play, but I can see the value in a guy like that. I feel that is missing now to a degree. Sort of the game within the game.

      • ZigZags82

        Cumiskey was solid enough last night. Earned more minutes at home where he can sheltered for sure.

    • Jane Doe

      I don’t necessarily agree about Saad. Kesler’s line is tough w/Silfverberg and Beleskey and they’re not letting Tazer and Hoss do too much either. Q will get them away from Kesler’s line some in the next couple games.

  • Preacher

    Great win, but let’s clean up a few things:
    –Kane looks tired. Watch him come back on defense and he seems to be floating most of the time. I expected this in the first round, but not now. Wonder if something isn’t wrong physically.
    –It would be nice if the Hawks would stop giving Crow the chance to make highlight reel saves. Too many guys had our goalie one on one. I’m not seeing that nearly as much for the Ducks’ goalie.
    –The Ducks’ goalie has been very solid positionally, but the Hawks haven’t done much to make him move. Has there been any side-to-side saves he’s had to make other than Kane’s from game 1?
    –Are our Dmen THAT shaky with the puck when being aggressively forechecked or are our forwards too far away? We’ve seen this approach (the heavy forecheck) before and always adjusted by having 5-man breakouts. Right now, the forwards seem to be waiting halfway up the boards leaving the D to scramble.
    I expect the Hawks to tighten things up. They always do.
    Got the split, now let’s win both at home. Go Hawks!

    • ZigZags82

      Meh. Kane had 6 SOG, most of his offense created in the 3rd and extra periods. He goes through this every year. Most dynamic offensive player in hockey now back on his own ice. All about adjustments.

    • mazer_rackham

      Its hard to go cross-ice to gets the goalie moving laterally when 4 Ducks are sagging into the slot.

  • Roberto

    Outstanding game. Glad I stayed up for it. Not sure we can survive with Kimmo much longer. He’s out of gas. He’s supposed to be in there for his hockey sense, but his failed pinch early cost a goal. Just not sure who else…

  • Bobby Otter

    I know he missed some prime chances but I thought Vermette had a nice game.

    I’m no hockey X & O guy, but the Hawk forwards have to help a bit more when the Ducks get that insane forecheck going. They were better from the third period on, but man, if Kimmo is back there getting absolutely blasted within 0.5 seconds of receiving a desperate pass from Seabrook, maybe come and help him out because it’s Kimmo and not Keith guys?

    Those goalie were amazing last night. Kudos to both.

    Ducks stole Game 1; Hawks probably stole Game 2 considering all the posts that were hit by the Ducks. Seems fair we’re at 1-1.

    Finally, I had no clue how hate-able this Ducks team would be. I was fully aware of Perry, and it pains me to have to root for Kessler in international tournaments… but Stoner? Maroon? Rakell? Even this Thompson guy and Despres… incredibly hate-able. And Andersen and his horseshoe .995 save percentage so far. These guys are suddenly approaching Blues/Canucks level on the hate-able list. (The Wings will always be #1 of course).

    • Matt

      The Ducks might be #1. Either them or the Blues.

    • ZigZags82

      Hawks will break Andersen, no worries there, and it will be quite fun to see.

    • Hawkeytalk

      I think the Hawks have more gears and have yet to play their incredible team game that is poetry in motion. The Ducks feel like they’ve given their best shot. Did I write this about the Wild? I might have.

  • GoldenJet

    Quick questions:

    When is drawing blood considered a double minor?

    Why wasn’t Kruger’s face getting smashed into the boards and blood on the ice, on his sweater and coming out of his mouth not a double minor infraction?
    Pretty sure Shaw’s nose was bleeding on the subsequent “punch” from Stoner, as well.

    By the end, I was reminded of the Ali vs Foreman fight in Zaire…Where Foreman beat on Ali along the ropes until Foreman couldn’t lift his arms any more, then Ali whipped his ass. An absolutely great movie, “When We Were Kings”…watch it if you haven’t.

    Do we need a nickname for this group of D-men? The Four Horsemen of the Apuckalypse…