Who’s Your John Druce?

As is tradition around these parts before the playoffs, we ask you Who Is Your John Druce?

For those who don’t know, John Druce was a middling third-liner, only cracking 20 goals once in his career in the late 80s and early 90s. However, in the ’90 playoffs he exploded for 14 goals in 15 games, becoming the term for a player who shockingly becomes a playoff hero.

So who is it for this year? I hesitate to put Bryan Bickell on this list who has made something of a career of being a Baby Druce the past four years. Brandon Saad is already a star, so he can’t be on the list. But we’ll do our best. Who’s your John Druce?


Who’s Your John Druce?

Kris Versteeg
Marcus Kruger
Joakim Nordstrom
Teuvo Teravainen
Andrew Desjardins

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  • DJ

    To Titan Translator:

    This is an example of a coach who may have “lost the dressing room.” And it isn’t Q:


    • TitanTransistor

      Yep, that’s pretty bad if true. Its coming from Brooks and the NYPost, so you’ll excuse me if I wait for some more credible confirmation.

      • Icdws

        Looks like a Dickie Dunn piece. I say break up the whole team and start over kings. First guy to get rid of is that little goalie!

      • tammorrow

        it looks legit

  • seabsrat

    Teuvo. Teravainen.

  • Aaeismacgychel

    I don’t think Teuvo should count because he won’t ever be a middling 3rd liner. Bickell or Shaw are the best picks, but I can understand a hesitancy to put either of them on this list either due to them regularly doing well come playoffs. So, my pick for this year’s John Druce is Kris Versteeg. Let’s think about it for a moment: Versteeg mixes flashes of Top 6 talent, with brain dead mighty mite level play. He’s somewhat enigmatic in that you never know what you’re going to get out of him. But when he gets hot, he can really fill the net and shock and amaze while doing it. And what’d be more amazing than a 1st round return of Kaner, a reuniting of the Richards-Kane-Steeger line, and Versteeg just going off? Steeger

    • YoAdrienne

      I think it’ll be Versteeg, as well, once Kane returns. It’s possible Vermette will center them, and that could very well turn out to be better than having Richards in between them. Either way, I sure hope we get a chance to see it.

  • TheRealBBOX

    Teve Targaryan is gonna take off the Patrick Kane training wheels and put the rest of the NHL on notice that the Blackhawks don’t rebuild, they reload.

  • B.I.G. Forever

    The obvious answer here, as others have said already. is Bickell and to a lesser degree, Shaw. We all remember his performances in the post season, especially 2013 which resulted in a really high ticket contract for a guy that didnt ever do much in the reg season.

    If any of your Non-Bickell picks can score 14 goals in 15 games I’ll be a happy fan.

  • TitanTransistor

    I was tempted to put Teuvo, but ultimately went with Desjardins just cause it would be more out of nowhere. Teuvo has a ton of hype at his back, but a 4th line swap with SJ turning out to be the ‘hero’ would be wild and hilarious.

  • birdhead

    I’ll plump for Kruger as a way to kind of pick both him and Teravainen without implying that I think all Teravainen will be is a one-off playoff hero. But also, because Kruger is great and if Q puts Kruger-Teravainen together I think they could have a nice little playoff.

  • tammorrow

    how do i vote for Sharp?

  • stalker

    Am I crazy…I want Vermette on the list

  • Jane Doe

    Wuhy isn’t Crawfurd an awption? That fawckin’ goy is middlin as they ckome.

    Just kidding, congrats to Crow on another Jennings. Really had to Rise Against the stiff competition he faced.

    • JB fromPA

      Nice to see he didn’t miss a step this year!

  • Jane Doe

    I voted for Frogger but I don’t want to see him getting a Bergenheim contract.

  • B.I.G. Forever

    I’m a nice man, so i’ll give my brackets.

    Chicago Blackhawks Beat Nashville in 7 games – Play St. Louis who beats Minnesota in 6. Hawks beat St. Louis in 7 games and play Anaheim who just beat Calgary and Winnipeg.

    In the East, Montreal Beats Ottawa and then Tampa Bay, ultimately falling to the Rangers, who just beat Pittsburg and the Islanders.

    Hawks VS. Rangers Stanley Cup – but I’d rather play Montreal because I hold grudges for decades.

    Hawks win the whole damn thing. Team gets broken up in the off season – we lose Sharp and maybe Saad.

    • Jim

      No way they losing saad.

    • ZigZags82

      No way they are losing Saad. I mean wanting to keep him is a huge part of the reason for the coming cap crush.

    • ZigZags82

      And no way they let Seabrook go either. Hossa is also a Jagr type. He’ll be here much longer, just in transition

  • tylenolsinus

    so….kaner’s now “probable” for game 1.


  • chichicagochi

    No Vermette?

  • chichicagochi

    Also I completely called it that the Blackhawks were totally playing salary cap games by saying Kane would be out for 12 weeks

  • Jim

    I call Andrew Shaw, he tips a few in, and a couple on scrambles in front of the goal.

  • Say what again

    He must always be called BryanfuckingBickell

  • Bannerman

    Not really fair putting Tuevo on that list. Not sure if Nordstrom or Desjardins will play so I had to go with Versteeg though he’s had more than one 20 goal season.

  • Bobby Otter

    My vote is for Vermette.

  • General Pablo Escobar

    Feeling the need to be a total contrarian, I think it’s going to be one of our other random defensemen coming in because of injury or necessity and becoming a shutdown guy out of nowhere. Cumiskey is too much of a long shot, so I’ll say Rundblad.