While You Were Sleeping – The Roaming Hoardes

Yesterday we went through what the division had been up to before hibernation. Today, let’s swing around the rest of the conference. And we can pretend the Eastern Conference doesn’t exist, because for this season it really won’t. At least not until late June. And if the Quenneville-Kompon-Kitchen axis of dumbassery (QuenneKompchen?) shows all of its strength, that won’t be our problem anyway.

Are you ready? Let’s roll.

Garbage-Throwing Rioters (with the one cool fan in yoga pants in a parking garage): Continued team tradition of signing overrated, overpriced d-man in free agency in Jason Garrison, who’s going to look like an Ent when the Kings forecheck is buzzing him in the playoffs. Ryan Kesler is broken and may never be the sadly-awesome force he was again. But Schneider was playing in Europe and should be sharp, if they can ignore the “Luongo Question” long enough. Perhaps one last run before their own cap-acolypse, as only nine guys are signed for next year at a cost of $43 million, and that doesn’t include the Children Of The Corn.

Calgary – Old, expensive, bad. Give us Iggy.

Edmonton – Young, will be expensive, probably not good yet. But tons of fun to watch.

Colorado – Young, intentionally not expensive, and still not good.

Minnehaha – Oh right, one of the main causes of this madness. Won’t that be fun for Wild fans? Right, Parise and Suter are now here, so they’ll be better. How much? In a normal season, they would still be in a playoff battle. Suter just might not be as good without Weber (though he made Rafalski competent three years ago in Vancouver), and their other talented forwards are all injuries waiting to happen. Even with Suter, this blue line still sucks. But hey, they got all those headlines! And the Gophers are #1, which is all anyone up there really cares about anyway.

L.A. – Be afraid. Be very afraid. While Doughty may come back looking like Fat Albert, this is still a menacing group, and in all the ways the Hawks hate. Big forwards who love to get physical and a nasty blue line backed by the best goalie in the game. Kopitar is hurt but not long term. Yikes.

Anaheim – Teemu and the Suckfest. Which would be a great band name. Expect Getzlaf or Ryan to get dealt by the deadline when yet another Bob Murray led team goes fresh-water-fish-in-salt-water.

San Jose – See Calgary

Dallas – They’re big signings this past summer were both over 40. I don’t think I have to say much else. And Derek Roy does not constitute a cavalry, especially when Brenden Morrow’s neck is made of graham crackers.

Phoenix – Kind of the same as Nashville yesterday. They’ll be good just because, though if this sale thing drags on any more you wonder what the breaking point is.

And that’s all of them.

Other notes:

– You probably saw yesterday that Phillip Danault was traded in the Q to Moncton. He goes from a team well out of it in Victoriaville to second place one. He would currently be the 4th leading scorer on Moncton, the only center ahead of him being Alex Saulnier. So I would imagine he would still skate top-six minutes if not top center minutes. We’ll keep an eye on it.

– The amount of games a junior can play at the NHL level before burning one year of his entry-level deal will probably shrink to six this year. This won’t matter much for the Hawks, it would only come up if either Danault or McNeill get a look after their junior season ends and that’s highly unlikely.


  • DaveM36

    Another thing that worries about the Kings is that they don’t have to deal with the short offseason turnaround after winning the Cup, thanks to the lockout. I imagine most of their guys will be just as fresh as everyone else since they had an extra 3 months to recover.

    • Waylon

      yeah, thought the exact same thing. Typical burn – out after an extended season like theirs may be entirely negated. And I don’t see how a team like the Hawks can beat that kind of relentless forecheck – especially after how they handled that kind of physical play last season.

  • ahnfire

    Burke just got canned as the Leafs GM. I’m completely surprised by this.

    • Badger! (noticing avatar).

      Why now? wouldn’t it be way more helpful to have done that like, in June of last year?

      • ahnfire

        right? I don’t understand the timing at all.

        • Joe Banks

          Burke will remain with the leafs as a senior advisor…

          Hey, the Hawks did the same thing with Pulford, didn’t they? (and Tallon too, kinda)

  • RLWiener

    I’m just happy to be reading actual hockey posts about things that matter. These next 10 days needs to go by fast.

  • 10thMountainFire

    I would sacrifice years off of my life to get Iginla in a Hawks sweater.

    • TheFullAmonte

      Watching the hawks special teams feels like taking years off my life. But I can’t wait to start doing it again.

  • 2883

    Luongo to the Leafs now that Nonis is in charge. Gillis is about to put one over on the Leafs

    • raditzzzz

      i have no clue why luongo would even think about declining his no trade clause with the prospect of a full buyout in his immediate future. he has just inherited the best situation possible for an albatross contract that will sink the teams cap value.

      • Accipiter

        Vancouver would probably put Lu on waivers before that happened.

        • raditzzzz

          that is a fascinating idea and i am very curious if a player can be claimed on waivers if there is a no-trade clause. there is specific mention of not being claimable with a no-move clause, but i didn’t see anything exactly mentioning the no-trade clause (see CBA Section 11.8 (a & b) (P. 48)).

          in any event, assuming he can’t be claimed, that would create another headache for the canucks, in that if he is waived down to the ahl level: that severely hampers their goalie prospect development, as he takes up an entire spot (1 of 2), whereas other instances of waiving large contracts are for skaters- that is not an issue. i don’t think the waiver situation exactly works out very well at all for vancouver. and you are still paying that monster contract just as you would for the buyout (i do understand there is a difference, since its not all at once).

          although, the prospect of seeing luongo play in chicago as a member of the wolves tickles me to no end.

          • M7

            does he have “no-move” or “no-trade”? If it’s “no-move” he can’t be waived (or at least you couldn’t in the prior CBA).

          • raditzzzz

            from what i see it is a no trade. but i just think it is undermining a contract if you can be claimed on waivers with a no trade clause (kinda like a way to trade through a no trade clause). if i were a member of the nhlpa that would look ridiculously dubious to me.

          • M7

            I agree.

          • raditzzzz

            i hope lou doesn’t play ball and makes them squirm.

          • Accipiter

            He has a NTC, which means he can be put on waivers. It would be different if he had a NMC. I think Vancouver would only use waivers if Lu refused to be traded.

      • He’s a number one goalie and the only way he’s guaranteed to play as a number one is to accept a trade somewhere. I think that incentive is way bigger than anything else.

        • Bullitt315

          They can’t bury him anymore. He waits a year (6 months) and he gets bought out and can sign where he wants while still close to his prime.

          • I understand that … I was just saying that Luongo’s only motivation is to play. He’s not going to want to wait a season, shortened or not. My guess is that whatever best puts him in a position to play, that’s the thing he’ll choose to do, regardless of financial gain through buyout.

          • raditzzzz

            if he waits out this season, he will still play as the #2. so, he stays in game shape, makes an entire massive contract in one fell swoop, then signs as a #1 elsewhere. the canucks can afford him through the end of this season, then they have to make a big decision. although the waiver discussion below intrigues me.

  • M7

    I would rate San Jose as having similar issues to Calgary, but being reasonably/significantly better. Put another way – I can’t see SJS missing the playoffs nor can I imagine the Flames making them.

    • Apothecaries’ Weight

      The Shaks actually have players other teams may want via trade. After Iggy nobody wants anything from Calgary. Unless they want to trade Sven Bartschi as well…..

      • Accipiter

        I’d take Kiprusoff off Calgary’s hands.

        • Apothecaries’ Weight

          Yes, him too. But haven’t you heard? Calgary is “going for it” this season. Not rebuilding like we all know they should be.

          • Accipiter

            Well, some team has to go for it.

          • MySpoonIsTooBig

            Is the “it” they’re going for the best odds of winning the lottery for the top pick in the 2013 draft?

        • M7

          Kipper is money. Hawks would be a cup favourite with him in tow.

  • Well we got hockey back but there are still some serious issues with the universe!

    We got John Jaeckel making fun of Sam Fels over at Hockeybuzz. “Order to the Universe” will NOT be restored until THAT is reversed. I mean, talk about the twilight zone. 🙂

    • SamFels

      Whoa, what?

      • I just looked. Against my better judgement. He wasn’t making fun, imo. He just called into question the argument in your Hossa post about Saad being a replacement for Hossa. I’m not going to look again, but I do seem to remember you putting a fair bit of weight on the shoulders of some prospects. And let this stand as my one and only attempt to clarify the words of a writer on hockeybuzz. Ever.

        • ahnfire

          That was brave of you. How does your head feel, after attempting to understand those scratch marks against the wall?

      • Neal Schmidt

        Jaeckel thinks you are one of Stan’s Kool Aid drinkers for daring to talk about Saad in the same breath as Hossa. And it was actually the other guy that thought your statement was silly. Sorry, I thought that was JJ too.

        Anyway, like I said, I’m used to it going in that direction, not coming this way.

        • SamFels

          I love it when people don’t read closely. All I said was Saad is in the line for Hossa’s power forward role. That doesn’t mean 400 goals are coming. But then, I guess we live in a world of absolutes, don’t we?

          • Accipiter

            Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

          • ahnfire

            Except that statement in of itself is an absolute…that part always bugged me.


          • Accipiter

            Obviously, Obi-Wan was a secret Sith.

          • Joe Banks

            Well, the Sith do…

          • AirTrafficAJ

            I love the sheer amount of Star Wars fans here.

    • Joe Banks

      Please provide a link

      • Sparky_The_Barbarian

        Better yet don’t. Don’t give him the satisfaction of boosting his traffic.

        • Joe Banks

          you’re right – what was i thinking?

    • 10thMountainFire

      Jackass is fishing for attention and clicks on his page. Fuck him.

      Because fuck him, that’s why.

  • cliffkoroll

    any word on the home opener? For all you starved UC denizens, consider:

    • cliffkoroll

      #operationpindrop #silentroar

      pass the word

      • cliffkoroll

        yes, you’re enraged and giddy, apoplectic and priapic, but I ask you, brothers and sisters, to take one night, just two hours, to hold it in, to send a deafening message of silence to the millionaires and billionaires. You know, a reminder which way the money flows in this business.

        • cliffkoroll



          • Accipiter


        • ahnfire

          I’d be impressed if everyone could pull it off.

          • cliffkoroll

            Yes yes yes! By my count, that brings the Movement up to…2!

            But, don’t you live in NY?

            OK, you and laaarmer can spearhead a related #silentroar initiative at bars and homes throughout the land. And when this thing really takes off, you can be all “ahem, I was there at the beginning.”, like Trotsky or something. Can I count on you ahn?

            As you can see, I haven’t gotten any traction here with Sam and Co. The irony of the deafening silence with which my proposal has been met is not lost on me. Maybe everyone’s practicing already.

          • ahnfire

            I do live in NY. I will not cheer during the anthem for the home opener in solidarity, cliff.

            Of course, I’ll be watching on tv or “completely-legal” computer stream, but those are minor details, right?

  • Accipiter

    Apparently the Philadelphia Flyers are interested in acquiring the services of the veteran goaltender Roberto Luongo. The Flyers have inquired about the Canucks goalie, and are in a position where they could buy out current netminder Ilya Bryzgalov in June.

    • birdhead

      Holmgren apparently pooh-poohed this, but I would laugh til I cried so I hope it happens.

  • Fleshrifle

    What’s the Vegas line on the KHL All-Star Game?