When The Music’s Over

Now that we’re all trying to settle the nerves, and pumping in the caffeine to try and get through our various days, would be a good time to clean up what we didn’t have time or the energy to get through in the wee hours. First, all the stat stuff:

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War On Ice

Natural Stat Trick

-As I tweeted last night, Marcus Kruger saw most of his time against Ryan Getzlaf, playing 14 minutes against him. So you’d have to believe this was a matchup Boudreau wanted.  And they were even in attempts, which you wouldn’t expect to happen when one team’s 4th line is going against the other’s top. This is what makes the Hawks so unique, is that they have Marcus Kruger hiding there on the 4th line, and he just might be one of the league’s premier checking centers. The Ducks got the best of this matchup in Game 1 but a draw is pretty much a win for the Hawks in Game 2.

-Speaking of Getzlaf, he logged 38 minutes last night, and yet no one seems to think he’s going to tire and fade like apparently every Hawks d-man is. No forward played more, and no Hawk forward came all that close. See how he looks tomorrow night, because with d-men you can be efficient with your skating. As a forward, that’s harder to pull off.

-Was doing some prying into Duncan Keith’s ice time. So far this spring he has played 384 minutes in 12 games. Last year he played 528 in 19. And he certainly had some overtimes to deal with then, with four games going to OT against the Blues and two in LA. The Hawks have played about 844 minutes of hockey in these playoffs, and Keith’s 384 is about 45% of that. Over a 60 minute game, that’s 27 minutes per game. Hardly scandalous. The other three of the top four are averaging more in comparison to what they normally play, but again not a ridiculous jump. If the sheer amount of minutes is the concern, I guess I get that. But in relation to the amount the Hawks have played, it shouldn’t be.

-The third line had their best game in a couple, and when trying to gauge whom Q might run them out there against at home, the answer is basically anybody. Vermette saw just as much time against Kesler as anyone, and completely clocked him in possession, 27 for and 15 against. I think that’s where Q will go, with Toews either going up against Getzlaf or against their third line which the Hawks have had trouble containing and Kruger taking whichever Toews doesn’t.

-Once again, after watching the highlights and after Feather pointed this out last night, Seabrook whacked that puck at ankle height on net. After 116 minutes of hockey. While under pressure. That’s a pretty gross example of hand-eye coordination.

-Bryan Bickell looks hurt. I know he always looks slow but he looks slower than normal, and no one seems to even mention that he missed part of Game 1 and part of a game against Minnesota. He’s not effective along the wall right now, which is part of the reason that 2nd line is having issues either staying in the offensive zone or getting out of their own. If this is how he’s going to be, then maybe switching him and Saad makes sense because Toews and Hossa can carry him where Richards and Kane cannot.

  • Gabble Ratchet

    The Hawks have played about 844 minutes of hockey in these playoffs, and Keith’s 384 is about 45% of that. Over a 60 minute game, that’s 27 minutes per game. Hardly scandalous.

    Keith’s heart pumps more blood than Secretariat’s.

    • DJ

      Considering that when they did the necroscopy of Secretariat, and found his heart was twice the size of a normal horse his size…

    • Bobby Otter

      It would be interesting knowing Keith’s mile time (or 5k for that matter).

  • Harry Longwood

    Vermette was only credited with 4 hits, which seems super low based on the eye test. He was hitting everything that moved last night, particularly Ryan Kesler. I know that most fancy stat adherents poo-poo hits as an important stat, but the cumulative effect over a series isn’t insignificant, and the more that Vermette can wear down Kesler the more Toews will be able to negate any defensive advantage the Ducks gain when he’s on the ice.

    • ‘hawks58

      Am I looking at something wrong on natural statrick? It shows that Vermette has only played about 3 minutes against Kesler (and I cannot recall him being out there against Kesler much), yet Sam talks about him playing as much against Kesler as anyone and clocking him in possession, and now you mention how much he was hitting Kesler.

  • 334Rules

    On paper, I have no doubt that Kimmo is more skilled than either Rundblad or Cumiskey. But they play these games on ice, not paper, and Kimmo simply cannot cover the ground necessary. If Cumiskey or Rundblad get beat, or are out of position, at least they have a chance to recover. Sit Kimmo and let the two younger guys play. Nobody but the top 4 are going to play down the stretch anyway, and at least there’s a chance for some offense and puck movement with the two “kids.”

    Yeah, I know. Q ain’t gonna do it. But I had to at least say it. I’ll go back now to just banging my head on my desk.

    • To Saad be the glory

      The Jordan statue outside of the UC has more mobility than Runblad.

    • Say what again

      Kind of off the point, but I was surprised at how small Kimmo is.

      • ZigZags82

        5’10, 200lb. Small height wise, but a 200lb man otherwise so he’s built well.

      • seabsrat

        I think the ducks have made him look small and feeble when they’ve sent him flying into the boards. I just wish he had a tiny bit more speed, then I think he’d be able to defend reliably more consistently. He just looks like a glacier in an ocean of molasses out there..

    • Bobby Otter

      Much like the Hawks 2nd line center last year, there really is no answer to the lack of depth on the blue line. (Much like the Sox situation at catcher or the Tony Snell/Kirk debate on the Bulls. Whatever. All those guys aren’t the answer).

    • ZigZags82

      Rundblad has no mobility and he doesn’t hustle. At least on mistakes Cumiskey makes he rushes over to correct them and did.

  • Dangles-a-Plenty

    I would love seeing saad with Kane and Richards. Black Magic would find space to conjure. Meanwhile all bickel has to do is work the cycle with 19 and 81 or park his big ass in front of the net (lol yeah fucking right)

    • rhodes

      Bickel has been a spectator so far in this series. You could replace his stick with a box of popcorn and he’d be about as effective.

      Time to turn it on, Brian.

    • limoman

      I agree he spent way too much time not being parked out front this year , Q needs to remind him that to win a cup he needs to make it his home for the next 7 wins .

  • To Saad be the glory

    CBC (yeah,Rogers Sportsnet,I get it.) was brutal on the whole Dmen minutes and how great the ducks 3rd and 4th line was. Reading what Vermette did against Kesler or anyone else is almost shocking.

    • ZigZags82

      Yeah Ducks 3rd and 4th lines and actually second looks like were invisible

  • ZigZags82

    Now this is the kind of minutes analysis I look for. Thank you for actually doing research Fels, and going at the other media morons.

    • DJ

      Yes, indeed. Would that this gets greater exposure, to counter the idiocy sprouting up everywhere like dandelions.

  • Seabiscuits and Groovy

    Great interview with Ted Dent from this morning. Divulges a bit about the relationship between him and the Blackhawks as well as some of the tension he deals with when veteran players come to grips with the development model Rockford has in place.

    Also a nice little story about Svedberg being scratched early on in the season, taking it hard, but then ending up on the top pairing during the playoffs.

  • blackhawkski

    didn’t know that about Getzlaf but looking at his effort on the game winner, he clearly was out of gas.

    • ZigZags82

      Guy is a non Dman who’s 6’4 225, right? Who almost just played 40 minutes. For a big lugging forward. Yeah. Cumulative effect goes both ways.

  • David Mac

    Great read Hurt or not, Bickell has all year been less than adept at zone clears on the boards. Appreciate he brings a physicality the Hawks don’t have a lot of but never stellar in that important aspect of his game.

  • Aaeismacgychel

    Gotta love the local columnists. Apparently the Ducks are/were in Crawford’s head in Game 2 sparked on by the Craw-Ford chants, lol. Here’s hoping they “get in his head” as much as the Minnesota fans did two years running. Idiots. Happy reading:

    • ZigZags82

      Lmao. Can’t blame them. Of course because they don’t pay attention to hockey till Spring. I saw an Andersen gif after the GWG, I would argue the opposite. Due for a dam breakdown…

    • Brian S

      I happened to be in the LA area for work and went to the game. I think it is funny that in another article that newspaper said “of 17,234 mostly decked in the Ducks’ orange, black and white colors” they are crazy. Sure there hawks fans were outnumbered at the start of the game maybe 70-30 but by the third overtime so many Ducks fans had left it was more like 60-40. Moved from 400 level to 100 and had no problem getting a seat 7 rows from the glass.

      • ZigZags82

        Such fickle fans. Hawks fans on the other hand do what they always do coming in the clutch.

    • Sopel the catfish

      “Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville tried to be a nice guy in the first overtime by tossing a wayward puck toward a woman on the glass in a Chicago sweater. He missed, and a guy in a San Jose cap snagged it. …

      That’s the most productive someone associated with the Sharks has been in May in awhile. …”

      Heh, only good part in the article.

    • Jim

      Yes, those chants are working wonders for the opponents.

      Now, unfortunately, we are going to have ‘Katy Perry’ chants at the UC, which makes me cringe.

      • wanker751

        I also did a spit take with that one…well played sir

    • Shooter

      man that’s a shame…no one ever taught him about correlation of data 🙁

  • SuperHawk27

    The way some of the media is talking about the “minutes” load on the hawks….it as if the Ducks didn’t play the same amount of time. Talk about a narrative that has been beaten to death.

    • ZigZags82

      3 Ducks forwards played more minutes than any Hawk forward. Ducks 4th line barely played any minutes. Let them drive their narratives while the Hawks soldier on and advance further and further.

      • Dangles-a-Plenty

        Yes. Let them chodesmoke the Ducks 4th line as 11-16-65 wreak chaos all 200 feet.

      • ItNeverEnds

        We learned that last year

  • Bruce

    Deshardins should get some love. He won the puck battle and got the puck out to Seabrook which started the sequence which Kruger finished. Seeing lots of “We love Kruger and always have” (as do I) posts, but the love for Deshardins is missing. Let’s see some, “We love Deshardins and have for at least 4 or 5 games now.”

    • Dangles-a-Plenty

      I agree with you. The 4th line as a whole has been a monster and Desjardins has proven he can cycle, grind, and drive possession without taking stupid fuck penalties. Hardworking and effective.

      • hank

        and was effective killing penalties when kruger took one.

        and dont even get me started on bickell……he’ll be gone after this year. kevin hayes would have filled his spot so well, it makes me sad 🙁

        • ZigZags82

          Hayes was never gonna happen. Gotta get over it. And Hayes is a center. Something tells me the Hawks will be just fine (A 3rd Cup soon!??)

        • WookRN

          Bickell will be gone? He’s still under contract and I don’t think anyone wants to pay his 4 mil.

      • Beastoftheeast81

        #11 has been absolutely everything we could’ve asked for. A pleasant surprise.

    • limoman

      Yes when 16 got that penalty 11 was out there with Saad, and they did a good job too.

    • Pierre Wolfthing

      DeGiardiniera has been totally solid, dude hustles and has been making plays.

  • Sopel the catfish

    I don’t like getting into stupid internet comment wars, but seriously ducks fans are morons

    • I’m actually very much in favor of their suggestion to bring Wiz in. Top-notch idea!

    • ballyb11

      Can you explain what wrong with that article?

      • Sopel the catfish

        The article itself is mostly OK (Stoner sucks and did have loads of terrible play) although I’m not sure Wiz is really the answer to any question. The areaman714 comments are more what I was referring to, they are just moronic and he upboats himself.

        • ballyb11

          Aaaaaaaah, I didn’t bother with those.

          • Sopel the catfish

            If you’re looking for a good afternoon chuckle you should read a few of them

            “The Ducks have arguably the best and most consistently very good blueline these entire playoffs. “

          • ballyb11

            I try to never read comments.

            “the best and most consistently very good” is a mouthful regardless of what you put before and after it.

            Sister Mary Holy Water would have made me rewrite that sentence.

  • rhodes
    • rhodes

      …in his living room now, I imagine, practicing his behind the back pass with his stick and a tennis ball.

    • Sopel the catfish

      I’d be mostly OK with a Steeger for Bickell swap in game 4 if 29 has a rough go tonight.

      • rhodes

        If it happens, this seems like the most likely scenario given Bickel’s recent play and the fact that Versteeg has fit in with the 2nd line in the past. Other possibilities are in place of 86, which I don’t see cause he’s been playing well and Q has said as much, or in place of 11, which I also don’t see cause the 4th line has been great and it’s unlikely Q would screw with that.

        So, yeah, I think Bickel may be on the hot seat. I hope he goes on a tear tonight.