What Is Eddie O’s Agenda?

Today I’d like to move discussion off-ice, as we haven’t done that in a while. If you’ve read this blog for more than a day, you know that we like to have our fun and take our shots at the Hawks’ broadcast. At least the television side of it, as the radio broadcast really couldn’t be more top-notch. Though I haven’t sampled a large array of radio play-by-play men, I can’t imagine there could be anyone better than John Wiedeman. Troy Murray has become a very astute analyst after a rocky start to his broadcasting career, and host Judd Sirott is as passionate as they get (and if you can hear him talk off-air, you’d know exactly what I mean. I’m still scarred from a rant he went on in front of me when I was about 13 on Adam Creighton).

But the TV broadcast has entered the bewildering zone.

Full disclosure, I’ve been disenchanted with the TV presentation since Josh Mora was fired. You could not have a more informed and dedicated person than he doing it, and losing him was a blow. It’s not that Pat Boyle or any of the others are that bad (Rich King aside), but they’re not Josh. Steve Konroyd is fine, maybe even a little better, as a studio analyst but always seems to have his hands tied by the host.

We’ve made numerous jokes about the pregame and intermission segments from the UC and the goofs who stand behind it. We’ve complained long and hard about the jocularity that overflows between Pat Foley and Eddie Olcyzk. It’s gotten to the point where my colleague McClure has to watch every game on mute. At first I thought that was overboard. Now I totally get it. And what’s most distressing is that Olczyk’s analysis now how has some personal agenda that would question in professionalism.

I was at the game last night, but I could judge from the Twitter feed what I was missing. Once again, on a play where Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook were mostly at fault, Eddie decided to not even mention them to apportion blame for the Oilers first goal. Instead he aired out Antti Raanta, who could have played it better. But he would have been helped by Keith not turning into an Easter Island statue and Seabrook putting down his cheddar-covered popcorn long enough to get over to Hemsky.

This has been a season-long trend, and more so than at any time in Eddie’s stint here as color analyst. Nothing is Brent Seabrook’s fault. Ever. Nothing must ever distract from Keith’s Norris campaign in which Olczyk seems to be the manager of. Nothing is ever Brandon Bollig’s fault, or rarely. And any spasm of competence from B-52 is treated as the second coming of Rick Tocchet. We could go on.

This is not a new trend, exactly. Just far more pronounced than it’s ever been. You’ll recall when Marcus Kruger finished out 2011 with the Hawks, and Eddie bent over backwards to absolve him of any mistake that he made as he struggled to come to grips with the NHL game (which he did). I personally had my stomach turn when all Eddie and Pat could do in Brian Campbell’s first game against the Hawks was make one joke about his lack of physicality and at no point mention he was a vital cog in the first Hawks team to win a Cup in 49 years. Seems like it was worth a mention. This followed Eddie’s championing of Campbell’s trade on The Score because “he was no more than a #5 d-man here,” even though Campbell was far and away the Hawks’ best d-man and leader in the ’10-’11 season. Of course, this didn’t stop Eddie from saying Nick Leddy’s effectiveness last year was due to being slotted properly on the third pairing, in direct contrast to his Campbell statements.

I won’t even get into the constant use of catch-phrases that don’t always fit and the terrible and overplayed jokes. But they certainly do not help a broadcast.

When you’re listening to all of this, it’s hard to conclude that there isn’t some agenda coming from Eddie or the Hawks’ brass. Some have suggested that McDonough has a company message that Pat and Eddie have to carry out. It’s not a hard leap to make when you hear all this. Though I tend to not believe that (or would just prefer not to), I can’t disprove it or call anyone who thinks it wrong. Because it does have that feel sometimes, doesn’t it?

Maybe the Hawks grew a taste for the ancillary trophies last year that came with the one that matters – the Selke and the Jennings and the others. Maybe they really want another Norris and Selke around. Though it would seem to me that if we’re awards hunting, Eddie could do a little research and see that Kane’s Hart candidacy is actually buffeted by the underlying numbers that show just what he’s been up against. You never hear that.

As Fifth Feather pointed out, if Eddie took time out from wiping his chin after bouts with Keith’s and Seabrook’s nether regions, he would see what we all see that at least defensively Niklas Hjalmarsson has been the equal of Keith. In fact, he may even be better because it is he and Oduya who continually draw the top assignments. But you rarely if ever hear that on the broadcast, as that might distract from Keith’s election.

Could it just be personal? My brother has always posited a theory that Eddie is trying to position himself as the next coach of the Hawks. Now, I don’t think this would ever happen without Stan Bowman being beaten about the head with a tire iron. But a front office position? Assistant GM? Maybe that’s not so ridiculous, and Olczyk doesn’t want to poison the office for himself by criticizing members of the “core.” Again, it sounds silly at first but when you think about it?

Admittedly, this is only a complaint for the hardcore fan, which if you’re reading this blog you probably are. Most Hawks fans won’t have noticed these things as irregular, or that Brent Seabrook has at times utterly sucked this year or Bollig struggles to get into position to physically forecheck or whatever else. And that’s why Eddie will never come close to facing real scrutiny. It’s just another thing that sucks for those of us who are really passionate and knowledgeable fans. Maybe McClure is really on to something…

  • mightymikeD

    I think a lot of us are at breaking point with Pedzo.. I watch most games on GCL so have the luxury of changing commentary (although if its the Avs, NESN or Vancouver.. no… even i have some standards)
    The most egregious thing last night was the loud praise for Bollig’s borderline-late/interference hit shortly before the first Hawks goal.. never mind that the puck was already gone when he cannoned into Hall and never mind the excellent play to set up Hjammer’s shot.. all we heard about for the next few minutes was “Hits hits hits”.

    • Joe DeTolve

      Their use of flaw statistics really annoy the hell out of me it seems like once a game I hear about Seabrooks +/- Or the legendary hit stat..I’m not asking to go all Extra Skater on us but for Christsakes stop using stats I learned were bullshit in Jrs.

      • Bullitt315

        Foley was on the radio the other day and was talking about how a puck possession team like the Hawks will lag in hit numbers so at some level he gets it but he’ll still come out and mention the hit numbers every game. The broadcasts feel scripted to a degree. “Mention hits x times”, “mention Brent Seabrooks +- x times etc”

        • Patorioto

          Pat knows what he’s talking about, like you said when he’s on the radio he gives pretty good analysis. I think Pat gets more excited about a good hard check rather than the actual hit stat.

          • Ryne

            Foley isn’t on the radio, which is why there is good analysis.

          • Patorioto

            I mean when he does interviews on the radio. When he’s just talking hockey. He knows what he’s talking about.

        • guest

          One thing I’ve noticed is that he’ll usually talk about personal hit stats rather than team-wide, which seems fairly valid when you’re talking about somebody who you expect to be taking the body on the forecheck like Bollig or Bickell (which is usually the context in which Pat uses it). I mean, yeah, there are many other (and many better) metrics to evaluate a player like that on whether or not he’s doing his job, but it’s not like it’s total meatball hack-jobbery.

          I’ve never heard him bitch that Kane doesn’t have many hits.

          • lizmcneill

            Good point. Even say Toews and Hossa he doesn’t really mention in terms of hits or no hits.

    • justforkicks

      The Bollig thing really got to me last night, along with (this will surprise no one) their comments about how Kane’s offense has dried up with no commentary on why that may be, and then slobbering over the first line.

  • OMFS88


    • OMFS88

      Or, if you prefer brevity, WDSD?

  • YeahMagnets

    To be fair, McClure has a hard time listening to anyone without his head exploding from the perceived stupidity (most of the time it is real though). So, needless to say, it doesn’t surprise me that he watches the games on mute. One of the reasons that I enjoy this blog is because it is not full of the knob slobbers that follow and write about the ‘Hawks. There are real issues that are brought up, like Q’s insistence of using Handzus and Bollig. This Olcyzk article is just another tally in the “Pro” column. Solid job Fels, now back to my best Seabrook impersonation: falling down while eating a chili cheese dog.

  • Luke

    Absolutely nailed it with regard to Edzo’s not so subtle jab on Raanta (“you gotta get out there and poke check that away from Hemsky!”) when Keith was a complete matador on that play. Also, and it’s not that big a deal, but enough with the “tree turdy tree to go” line. Get a new one Pat.

  • Patorioto

    Eddie is the problem with the broadcast. It started its venture into unbearable back when Eddie showed up. I thought last year or two Eddie had toned it down, but he’s back now to where he was when he first came on the broadcast (=intolerable). The only problem with Pat is that he has kind of lost a mental step. He confuses player names all the time and has completely botched calls with more frequency. I don’t really agree with twitter’s treatment of Pat recently though. Let’s not forget he was once one of the best in the business. Now he just follows along with Eddie like Eddie is the cool kid in class with all the funny jokes he can’t stop saying (tree turdy tree etc.).

    I’m also kind of surprised a guy like Eddie who was a head coach in the NHL touts +/- as much as he does.

    Both of their contracts are up this year I believe. I really hope Eddie will move on to something else so Pat can go back to focusing on the call.

  • Shooter

    Nice writeup! While this blog suffers from the same “hive mind” mentality that a lot of other places do, it’s nice to get a more detailed, and dare I say, intelligent analysis of the greatest sport and team on Earth.
    I would love for there to be a way to easily lineup the radio broadcast with the live one just to get a different set of announcers.(Anyone notice when they do the replays of big events throughout the year, it’s always the radio broadcast they use?)

    All in all, been coming to this site back when the triumvirate was on sch, and definitely the best analysis I’ve seen anywhere. Keep it up.

    • SuperHawk27

      They may only have rights for the audio from the radio broadcast? But either way, I love listening on the radio broadcast

      • VerStig

        Well also, after the second round we only get the national broadcasts anyway right?

  • I can’t imagine Eddie angling for a coaching position, but I can picture something in non-essential management would be in the back of his mind. More, I can definitely imagine him dreaming about his number rising to the rafters or a position next to Savard as an ambassador.

    In any case, glad you wrote this up. I’ve muted my own broadcasts a la McClure, just haven’t made the move to permanence yet.

    And |I’m extra glad you brought up Wiedeman. Guy’s so rock solid.

  • Stone Cutter

    Re Brass:

    I’ve always assumed that was the case for a lot of these issues; Mora, Collins, the scrutiny of the ice girls, Hull being an ambassador, Marcus “the plan all along and he can do no wrong” Kruger. All of them cognitive decisions to filter the message exactly how they want. As ‘the voice’ of the team, the broadcast is subject to the same.

    But that’s just me.

    • Oregon_hawk

      In my opinion, there is just no WAY that Blackhawks management doesn’t at least put pressure on broadcast personnel to craft pro-BH messages. The success of the franchise rests on so many aspects of Broadcasting.

      Broadcasting drives media coverage, media coverage drives player valuations (both in awards and less tangible metrics), player valuations drive trade values and fan appeal. Trade value drives quality skill retention and fan appeal drives revenue. And keeping skill players or obtaining skill players through trades/FA signing drives wins, and wins=$$$$.

      Not influencing or controlling media coverage/broadcast content is just giving up ground for free.

      • raditzzzz

        whether this is true or not, for some reason i can see some marketing metric behind all of the stuff that garners complaints about the broadcast crew from here.

        i guess the million dollar question is to what extent does this come from the brand angle handed down from the execs, and to what extent is it actual pat/eddie beliefs. that question will never be solved, but seems to truly bother!

    • Bobby Otter

      Every home town booth does this in every city in America. Annoy sure, but Hawks are no different from the Sox or Nationals or Caps.

  • raditzzzz

    i guess i just don’t get as worked up about the broadcasters as most on here. are there times i disagree with their calls? for sure. i think the comfort level with these two is too much and the product does suffer a bit for me, especially since i think eddie is excellent on the national coverage where he needs to be less bias and isnt chummy at all. of course, its mostly because he is trying to side step crap that pierre maguire is lobbing. i really laugh listening to their interplay.

    i do think there is a company line aspect to the broadcast. and i think that has something to do with what makes it difficult for many on here. fact is, the hawks have a large influx of new(er) fans, and it feels to me that it makes aspects of the broadcast watered down at times to those that know their hockey. hits, +/-, and goals over the last several games are just about all you are going to get out of these guys. would it hurt for them to branch out and try to introduce more metrics and perhaps a less biased viewpoint? of course not. but do i see that as in any way a priority for mcdonough? not at all. do i see catering to kids and new fans his priority? most definitely. there is a reason we don’t have any home games after 7pm.

    • I’m agreeing all over the place now, but good observation re National Eddie vs Local Eddie.

      • mightymikeD

        Yup. Edzo is a different kettle of fish on the NBC broadcasts.. which makes his schtick on CSN/WGN harder to take

        • True enough. He’s DECIDING to do what he’s doing, the doink.

        • Jim A

          But part of that is trying to get a word in edgewise with Pierre McGuire screaming stupid shit. Right, Edzo?

      • AirTrafficAJ

        Amazingly enough, Foley is the exact same way. A few seasons back, NBC had him do a playoff game involving the Wild and the Nucks (I think). He was outstanding. Great game calling, good insights. I sat there wondering where the hell this guy came from, and could we get him to do the Hawks games? Like night and day.

    • berkley

      The metrics stuff is a good point, which does feel like a tie-in to company message re:McD, basic stat stuff and the influx of new fans.

      in contrast, the Cubs and their front office (baseball in general) are now heavy proponents of advanced metrics which are now featured regularly on broadcasts.

      Or is baseball just a sport where advanced metrics are the norm now? It’s taken 40 years for those to be accepted– does
      ANY hockey broadcast around the league talk about basic stuff like Corsi?

      • raditzzzz

        i think the latter, with baseball. not to say it can’t happen more with other sports, but baseball has been historically a stat heavy sport. not to mention the air time you get to actually explain the stat and speak in depth about it.

        i mean, for me, i would like advanced stuff sprinkled in with the basics. i might lose my sh!t if an announcer actually uses some goalie specific terms during a broadcast. i’ve yet to hear “vertical-horizontal” or “backside push” once in a broadcast. and those are used every single game to make saves. i’d even settle for “butterfly slide” used in the correct context.

        • laaarmer


          • raditzzzz

            whats his deal, ive only seen him during the playoffs doing some pre game stuff. does he do commentating during games? i don’t watch much non-hawks stuff, but is he on the national broadcasts?

            i remember him doing some weird quasi-breakdown with pierre and roenick that basically amounted to: “shoot glove side on crawford.”

        • M7

          You need to tune into more CBC broadcasts. Loaded with ex-goalies (mostly back-ups aside from Hrudey) that blather on about goalie technique heavily.

          Also Jamie Mclennan on TSN between periods.

          • Accipiter

            Healy. The. Worst.

          • M7

            That upboat from me counts as infinity upboats.

          • raditzzzz

            those canadians are so much more advanced than us

          • M7

            I honestly don’t know why there are so many ex-goalies on those broadcasts, but I think a lot of the stuff that gets discussed stems from the necessity to be talkking about anything hockey related for long periods of time.

      • For BB advanced stats are the norm. But advanced BB stats have had much more time to mature and see long term cause-effect and how well they help predict occurrences or contribution. Hockey is still in the infancy were we all are still learning them, how they relate and their stay power in the long term.

  • tacocat

    I’ve been listening to the radio broadcast a lot recently since I’m usually still at work when the games begin, but it seems more and more John and Troy are getting too chummy. It seem way too often that those two are finishing a story for 20 or 30 seconds after you hear play start back up. It’s infuriating not knowing what’s going on and I’m afraid their usually good call and analysis is becoming a little Pat and Edzo-esque.

    • Huh. That’s too bad. It’s been ages since I’ve listened to the radio broadcast. Last time was probably not last season but in the middle of the season before. They were good then. Sad to hear this.

  • Bobby Otter

    For the most part, I don’t mind them. Foley’s not what he was, but I can live with that. There’s a lot of crap you gotta put up with, but there’s a lot of crap you’ve got to put up with any American sports broadcast*, and if you get through the crap, Eddie can say some insightful things. Yes, his irrational hatred of Campbell and Stals was odd. And he’s ultra protective of other guys which is annoying.

    But I can’t kill him on the Keith stuff… Duc has for the most part been playing out of his mind and has the offensive numbers which makes him the favorite for the Norris at the halfway point. I more took issue with the Keith is so so great stuff in ’11 and ’12 when Keith wasn’t very good. And I don’t think Seabrook has been as bad as you guys say nor as good as Eddie has been claiming this year.

    Would I be happier if they cut the lame jokes and horse racing/golf talk? Sure. But I’m sure we’d get that or something close to it with any broadcast booth.

    Plus in a town where Hawk is still willfully employed, Eddie has a long way to go to reach the levels of talking points praise for bad players and homerism that Harrison brings 162 days a year.

    *I read this great theory once that baseball has ruined TV broadcasts for the other three sports because essentially everyone treats the other games as if they’re a baseball broadcast. And a baseball broadcast is three hours of two guys talking about whatever. Sadly we see way too much of this in the NHL and to a certain extent the NFL and NBA.

    • raditzzzz

      lol, nice. i like that take on broadcasting.

    • narya

      A year or two ago, I was visiting my parents and my channel-surfing dad happened on a rebroadcast of a baseball game with Sandy Koufax pitching. The thing that struck me most about the broadcast(ers) was that they didn’t feel the need to talk all the time; the pictures were assumed to be enough, and there were stretches where they really didn’t say anything. Baseball on the radio is a different thing, of course, but baseball on TV didn’t used to be two guys yammering endlessly, pulling out stats that some intern handed them or looked up.

      That said, I do wish all television broadcasts were more like the radio versions, where they’re providing you with information that helps you understand/see the game.

    • VerStig

      That’s a really interesting view… but I’m not sure what to think of it considering some people feel that the NFL really surged over MLB in popularity because of its much-better TV presentation…

      • Black JEM

        After the trial lawyers wipe out football – baseball and soccer will rule the roost.

    • Fleshrifle

      Great point about baseball vs. hockey.

      Living in the BayArea, I get to listen to Jon Miller on Giants radio broadcasts. And while I loved Wayne Laravee when he was on the Bears..Miller is the #$#@ best. That said, announcing baseball is very different than hockey. I listen to lots of games on XM and I still think Rusanowsky for the Sharks and Weideman are the best on the radio. Although I’m really starting to Canadiens english broadcasters for some strange reasons.

      • Black JEM

        And the Flyers guy is just wretched. And the Scum’s radio guy goal call is worthy of having him sent to a firing squad.

        • Waylon

          you should catch Jack Riley doing a Bruins game, he’s beyond homerish. Guys sucks his own team’s knob like he’s wearing kneepads.

  • Bannerman

    Maybe they’re tailoring the broadcast to the majority of fans that are watching the puck and little/nothing else?

    • Patorioto

      I really think they tailor broadcasts to the new fans. For example the posing idiots behind the desk for intermission shows at UC… lots of “Seabrook is god” commentary with no support to back up why he is apparently so great.

  • SaadBuster

    I still like Foley. Like someone said, he’s not what he used to be, but I enjoy his enthusiasm. And I really used to like Eddie O, but it does seem like he gets smugger every year. The Foley-Konroyd broadcasts have been okay.

    • Patorioto

      Agreed, like I said below Eddie is the problem. I feel like a lot of fans feel the same (at least I hope). Pat is still a good broadcaster, better than most. Without Eddie he focuses in on the call and cuts out most of the garbage we hear when Eddie is in town. I second the person who hopes Eddie goes national-only. I’ve had enough.

  • B Squared

    I much prefer Steve Konroyd to Eddie O. If it were up to me I’d let Eddie take his talents to NBC permanently and slot Konroyd in with Pat, who seems much more “on” when he’s not paired up with Eddie.

    • Good point. Pat calms a bit when they call a game together, too.

    • Waylon

      Konroyd would be ideal if he didn’t often come off as dried paint. Sober analysis would be an understatement from the guy.

  • berkley

    If anyone wants to read more on why Mora left the organization/was fired:


  • thefearlessfreep

    I do think there is a directive from the front office. Seems like John McD has a definite idea of how he wants this team perceived. Everything is thought out. And I think Pat and Eddie are on board with this, because the Blackhawk TV job is a pretty nice gig to have, so why not go along? Compare Eddie when he’s doing Hawks games versus other NHL games on NBC. Eddie is a pretty decent analyst when he’s paired up with Mike Emrick, IMO. Much more professional. With Pat Foley it’s Romper Room back and forth, along with the tire-pumping of Seabrook, Keith, etc. So yeah, I think there is some input from the front office. Can’t say that I like it, but as Sam said, only those real hardcore fans will be put off by it, and the front office is really more concerned with the moderate and casual fans.

  • berkley

    Lots of these make sense– if the cup were elsewhere this upcoming summer, sure would be nice for McD to have a Selke, Norris, or Hart for the boys to carry around when they visit the kids at Rush

  • Bob Lanz

    This is tough for a fan.. Which I am we all are and I readily admit I can be a meatball fan. I love my teams I love sports but I love it more when my teams are Competitive and I am a mushy pile of goo when they are dominant. 85 bears the bulls of the 90’s the 2005 white sox the fucking present day blackhawks! So ya Edzo and the Irish one are goofs and here’s the thing there is no solid hockey talk in this town. A reason I suspect that CI, hockee night and cheer the anthem have such a strong following. I love when Dan McNeil and jay Zawaski talk blackhawks on the score but other than these websites no one does it honestly, informatively, DAILY and with the passion and fun that we do! So enjoy the show, hope for a better presentation but ultimately all that matters is on the ICE!

    • ballyb11

      And mute.

  • BigCSouthside

    The thing that blows is, when I watch Eddie on non hawks broadcasts with NBC, he’s a pretty fucking good analyst. I used to think that when he did hawks broadcasts too, but now him and pat are like two assholes sitting at the bar getting shit-pants-hammered on cheap beer while bullshitting about their golf game, and occasionally they will point something out in the hockey game when they happen to notice that its playing on one of the bar TVs.

    • berkley


      • BigCSouthside

        Yeah that one too

        Pat; “Hey eddie tell me about that horse race you went to that literally ten fucking people have ever heard of”
        Eddie: “Well I had a yearling colt and parlayed my bets ad-
        Pat: “Holy fuckin shit Bollig just killed a guy!”
        Eddie: “Shit I didnt even realize they were still playing…anyway, about that horse I ha-”
        Pat: “Hey did I tell you I played 18 at the municipal golf course the otehr day?”

        • raditzzzz

          Brandon, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. You should find
          yourself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while,
          because you’re probably wanted for murder.

          • Country_Bumpkin

            Did Bollig have a trident?

        • ballyb11

          I’m in a Starbucks, laughing histerically, and everyone thinks I’m nuts. VG, Southside

          • wardrums

            I’ll second that south side I perfect. Every time Foley says tree dirty tree my skin literally begins to crawl. Its like the teacher scraping her finger nails across the chalkboard

    • ballyb11


    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      If anything, Edzo goes out of his way to make sure he doesn’t sound like a Hawks homer on national broadcasts, witness his defense of Walkom’s terrible call(s).

      I agree with all of the article. Even my wife has taken to shouting, ‘Shut up and call the fucking game,’

      I’m not convinced of an agenda (other than self importance), as I fall back on Hanlon’s razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

      Pedzo (pat and ed) are paid to talk. Networks hate dead air, just watch any NFL game if you don’t believe me. This puts the analyst in the unenviable position (for anyone with a brain and an ounce of character) of having to talk even when they have nothing to say.

      What did you think of that play, Edzo?
      Didn’t see it, Pat, I was ogling the Ice Crew in the tunnel.

      Rannta should have played it better.

      • Waylon

        So much this – I was beyond incensed when Eddie said absolutely nothing even remotely negatively about Walkom’s huge brain fart, even his broadcast partners made mention of how it wasn’t a good call. During last weekend’s NFL playoffs, my wife asked why I often was turning off the commentary, and I told her that back in the day you didn’t have mind – numbing talking 24/7, there were actual pauses between breaths (and plays).

        • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

          Pierre MCGuire, of all people, was the only on ice commentator for NBC to name it a bad call, and he ripped it. Doc, Edzo, tried to make excuses.

          Everyone in the studio called it a bad call, but of the ‘in house’ crew, only PM had the guts to tell the truth as he saw it.

          Watch Walkom’s facial expression. It’s the same tight lipped expression politicians and televangelists get when they’ve been caught being naughty. He knew right away he fucked up. I’m convinced he got ‘kicked upstairs’ because of that call. The NHL had to get him off the ice before he became the pregame headline to every game he officiated, but they didn’t dare discipline him. He should be saying Thank You prayers for Seabs goal every night before his empty little head hits the pillow, or he’d still be a meme.

  • laaarmer

    Nothing is Brent Seabrook’s fault, ever.

    Eh, Everythig is not Seabrook’s fault, all the time, either.

    He makes mistakes, but so does the slobbiershes Hjammer. Keith makes his share too. You can’t play like they do without some mistakes. It’s all good.

    • laaarmer

      And Yeah, Hjammer is the equal of Keith. Yeah. Yeah. Keep beating it.

      • Fleshrifle

        So do the Swedes get the top lines because they are better defensively or because Marlboro is better offensively? I keep thinking the Swedes are more stay at home lock down defensemen than 72. This maximizes the use of 72 because they can jump the play more often on offense since 72 doesn’t have to worry about a top line. Q uses the Swedes on the top line because it gives him better firepower if 72 isn’t in lockdown mode. Now will that be the case in the playoffs!?!?

        Hjammer has been amazing but he is no where near jumping the play or taking the body that Keith does.

        • laaarmer

          He can’t skate like Keith, therefore he cannot play like Keith. If you want to compare the two D parings, Its
          Oduya – Keith
          Hjammer – Seabrook
          You’d have to be a blog writer to compare Hjammer to Keith, eh? Even basic statistics show there is no comparison. NONE

        • lizmcneill

          Agreed. Same with the top line – obviously Toews can shut down all comers, but Q will put out Frogger (or Bolly in the past) as a checking line to allow him to unleash his offense instead.

      • 10thMountainFire

        I love it when you talk dirty.

  • thepuckstopshere

    If Edzo dosen’t have an agenda yet from the organIzaton, it sounds like he is getting closer recieving one every broadcast. As far as Foley is concerned, not following the agenda from the organIzation in the past is what he got canned for before, no?
    A big difference between Chicago Edzo and the national Edzo, sounds like the guy is traveling every day of the season between Hawk games and his national schedule. Me thinks his mind has turned a bit “brown” especially when doing Hawk games.
    Bring back Dale Tallon!

  • ChicagoNativeSon

    What’s the deal with airline food “drifting”??

    “He drifted that pass.”
    “Toews caught the defender drifting.”
    “Shaw got drifted him into the boards.”
    “Keith really drifted that shot.”
    “Edzo, all this alcohol coupled with our own commentary has me drifting off to slee – OH WAIT! IT’S TREE TIRTY TREE IN THE TURD!!”


    • birdhead

      I blame Pacific Rim.

    • blackhawkski

      they also seem to be in love with term “Grade A Chance” as of late

      • VerStig

        time to add it to the EdzoBingo board…

    • M7

      I was wondering this as well. I’ve used the term “drifted” to describe hitting someone into the boards since I was about 10 (thanks to my dad). I’ve never heard it used as verbiage to describe anything else on the ice, including an open ice hit.

      You can “drift someone into the fence (fence going back to the days of chain link instead of glass)” but these other uses get lost on me…

  • Jeff

    It is all a part of McDollar’s agenda.

    He is, first and foremost, a business man. More specifically a marketing man. And he uses cheap, scummy tactics. Just this past off-season you had two of the most pathetic and embarrassing gimmicks in recent memory. Selling the “championship ice” was a complete joke. Like the NHL and the Hawks haven’t sucked enough money out of fans already. And, maybe worse, was the full page ad in the Boston Globe thanking the Bruins fans (which Boston did to St. Louis after the world series. If this becomes a trend for the winning team, I am going to personally send a vile of my vomit to Mcdonough’s office. With a signed letter of authenticity). Bill Burr (big Bruins fan) had a great rant on his podcast about the ad and how people in Boston took it.

    My point being, the Hawks as a business would obviously benefit from having a Norris Trophy winner. Why wouldn’t Mcdonough do everything he can to ensure that it happens? When it comes to praising these players (and letting some escape criticism), it would only make sense that Mcdollar would use his influence on the broadcast team to get the message he wants out. After all, when the president of your company tells you to do something, odds are you are going to do it.

    Rant over. I can’t stand the guy.

    • stacie7

      Gee I never would have guessed you can’t stand him. Isn’t it his job to make money for the team through marketing? Hey, if people wanted to shell out $50.00 for a vial of water (or whatever it cost) that says it was from the Hawks winning season, then more power to the Hawks for getting that money from them. We all know we are paying for a product when we watch the games, buy the jerseys, buy tickets, drink the beer, eat the food, etc. I would rather the Hawks have the money to put quality on the ice for my viewing pleasure than languish away like CBJ, Panthers, etc. Maybe Edzo is part of a bigger plan, who here knows for sure? All I know is after watching some of the other broadcasts out there and how homerific they are about the home team, I’m glad I have Pat and Eddie on my TV.

      • Fleshrifle

        Another point on the Norris campaign…how much $$ does the organization get if Keith wins a Norris? Risking your on air talent credibility for the sake of some extra indirect press for a Norris that the average fan doesn’t care about and won’t really make money for the organization seems a bit tin-foil hat.

        • Jeff

          I think Eddie is doing what the President of the company tells him in order to ensure his future employment. I don’t think it’s because of a specific dollar amount the Hawks would make, more about the marketability of a player/organization who wins the award.

          • stacie7

            It’s not just our broadcasters saying it though. I have read articles and listened to many podcasts that have nothing to do with the Hawk’s organization that right now if they were to pick a Norris winner it would be Keith hands down. So maybe it’s not just the Hawks seeing that he is good.

          • Jeff

            I’m not saying Keith doesn’t deserve it, he has had a very good season. More attention has been paid to it than necessary was my point. (I don’t want to speak for Fels, but I don’t think he was saying Keith doesn’t deserve the Norris either)

          • stacie7

            I’m not implying that anyone here is saying/thinking that Keith doesn’t deserve it, but if I’m hearing this all over the hockey world that means that others are talking about it too (maybe not incessantly) so why wouldn’t our guys be tooting his horn as much as they could?

          • laaarmer

            Let’s go back and look at that play by Duncan Keith again”
            “If I’m picking a 1st star tonight, it’s Duncan Keith” (Even Foley called him out on this bullshit last night)

          • Jeff

            And that comment was when they both thought Shaw scored that 5th goal, which would have given him two in the game. It’s not so much talking about it that bothers me, it’s the over the top nature of it. It just seems so scripted (because it is, in my opinion).

          • flahawkfan

            The “first star” comment was the one that set me off. I’ll admit that Keith is my favorite player. I thought the kid had great potential when they first brought him up and he looked like a gangly but fast colt, and I got nervous every time I heard rumors about how this team or that wanted to trade for Duncan Keith. Even so, I never dreamed he would become the player he has become. That said, Eddie is irritating the piss out of me with the incessant politicking of Keith for Norris, because that’s the way I see what Eddie is doing. Keith is a great player having a fantastic season, and pretty much everybody can see that. We don’t get WGN games on Center Ice here so we listen to a lot of opposing teams’ broadcasts and they heap plenty of praise on Keith’s play. But Eddie has become hyperbolic in his praise. I doubt it really matters much but I don’t get it and it’s completely unnecessary. In the immortal words of Nancy Kerrigan, “Why? Why?”

            Boy, that was jumbled. Bottom line, I don’t begrudge Keith any of the positive attention he’s getting. He deserves it. But Eddie doesn’t need to go so blatantly overboard. He sounds ridiculous at times.

      • Jeff

        I don’t like when the :”making money” part takes away from the “hockey” part. Which it does when you have your broadcasters championing for a post season award as opposed to giving us actual hockey insight.

        • VerStig

          And come to think of it… don’t awards make our players more expensive and hard to keep?

          • Jeff

            I don’t think the Hawk’s are too worried about what Keith is going to cost when his contract expires in 2023.

          • VerStig


          • He does not get any bonuses. His SPC is from the previous CBA, bonuses were only on EL and 35+ SPC’s.

        • guest

          If you look at the hawks before and after they had McD managing the public relations/ads, how can you be upset with him? He turned a laughingstock into sell-out entertainment for years straight.

          Not to mention, I think their record in these few years has pretty clearly not been negatively impacted by his shenanagins. If you want to see short-term profits mess with a team’s performance on the ice, look at the shit Toronto pulls or how the Habs overpay for any mediocre player who can speak French. Those are actual cases where teams have decided it’s easier to pander than win.

          McD might pander, but he panders WHILE the hawks win. That’s fine in my book.

          • Jeff

            He came into a great situation, I don’t believe the Hawks success would have been any different without him. That’s something we will never know though. I just can’t stand how he has to turn everything into a publicity stunt. Takes away from the game I think.

          • That is the first time I have heard the Hawks being in a “Great Situation” around that time.
            Oh, by the way, how are Cubs fans doing with the Cubs since he left?

          • DJ

            It’s the only time you’ll hear it being described as a “great situation.” While you can’t really say that McDonough was behind assembling the team on the ice, you can definitely say that he assembled the off-ice staff (marketing, sales, media both old and new).

          • Jeff

            By great situation I meant the core of our team was already in place when he came in. That is what has won us two Stanley Cups, not McD’s marketing tactics.

          • Waylon

            the thing that most people forget is that Rocky practically begged McD to come over to the Hawks after his stint with the Cubs finally came to an end. He knew what he wanted from McD, and he got it.

    • raditzzzz

      didn’t proceeds from the water go to charity?

    • Country_Bumpkin

      I listened to Bill Burr up until the playoffs until I got my fill of him blowing the Kings and giving no props to the Blackhawks.
      After the Hawks won the cup, I turned him back on and he was pretty classy, up until the full page “thank you” ad, which although hokey as shit, I didn’t feel was that offensive.
      Bill Burr began to rip on Chicagoans, and everything else about the Hawks too. I hope when he did his tour and came through Chicago, people gave him shit about his team taking 17 seconds off.
      Fuck Bill Burr, that fucking spoiled rotten (Boston sports) crybaby.

      • Jeff

        Bill Burr congratulated every Hawks player and even after his long rant said he still can’t hate the Hawk’s because they’re a great hockey team who deserved to win the cup.

        • Waylon

          Burr is nothing more than a lame imitation of Sam Kinnison, and he’s a much better actor than comedian.

    • guest

      Heavens to betsy, a businessman is trying to make money!? WHAT COUNTRY IS THIS!?!?

    • Hmmm, the Hawks, a business in the end, is trying every method possible to make money? You don’t say? I am pretty sure in the end the 35lb Trophy brings the Hawks more money then the Norris does. I am not sure of any Hockey Club that would NOT want one of its players to get it or any other award, pretty sure that would be a bad business move, well maybe Nashville because they are goofy that way.
      If the Hawks want to sell and people are willing to buy it at $50 a shot, good for the Hawks and good for those who bought their keepsake.
      How dare the Hawks tip their hat at Bruins fans, the gall of trying to be nice and respectful, and perhaps gain a few new fans in BOS or elsewhere by being a respectful organization (which helps them make money, damn business decision)
      In the end, how dare the Hawks try to make as much money as possible just to try to sign the best players possible, spend to the Cap, put on a show the fans like and be entertaining to all and try to attract more fans, while also trying to profit from it. The NERVE!

      • Jeff

        I never said the Hawks shouldn’t try to make money, my point was that the cheap marketing gimmicks that McDollar pulls takes away from the actual hockey side of things.

        Now, normally it is easy enough to ignore. However, when he starts injecting his own agenda into the broadcasts, and the quality of that broadcast is diminished, that is where I have a big problem.

        And the ad in the Boston Globe was anything but respectful. It was one last “Look at how great we are” from him.

        • Funny, most Bruins fans I know here in New England considered it “Classy” in that they did it and what was said.

          • Jeff

            I’m sure plenty of Bruins fan’s did find it “classy”. These are also most likely the same type of “fans” who waits behind the intermission live table to be seen on TV.

            There is no way if the Hawks had just lost the cup to the Bruins, and the Bruins organization took out a full page ad in the Trib, that we would find it “classy”.

            It was nauseating, and one last “look at us” moment.

            I am shocked that so many people on this site agree with it. Maybe I need to shift my views and accept that this is the way things are now.

    • Honest question for you,
      What does Rocky Wirtz say is the most embarrassing thing he has had happen to him?
      Maybe this answer has STRONG influence over how the Hawks are run.

    • superman_damned

      What was wrong with the letter in the newspaper to Boston? It was a small and harmless sentiment to a city that had been through a great deal that year. The only possible effect it could have was that it put a smile on somebody’s face that day. If that’s the sum total of it’s effect, successful or not, then why the hell not do it?

    • Paul the Fossil

      (a) That is one of the weirdest sports fan rants I’ve read in a while.

      (b) In what manner would the Hawks as a business benefit from having a Norris Trophy winner? That wouldn’t measurably sell more tickets even for a franchise that _wasn’t_ already selling out every game…you think that Blackhawk ratings are going to go up because they get to boast about one of their players winning a trophy which casual/marginal fans will have no more idea about than they do about Corsi-relative? Is a Norris Trophy going to sell #2 jerseys to any fans who wouldn’t be choosing and buying a different Hawk’s jersey anyway?

  • I put more blame on Keith for that goal, IIRC Seabs was trying to position in between and trailer on that play, and played that part good. #2 just stood flat footed as Hemsky went goal line in on Raanta. I am 50/50 is Raanta attempts EO poke check on that one. He kept his stick covering 5-hole which is probably not a bad choice. He just plain got beat around the crease, but he should not have had to do that to begin with.
    Totally agree #4 has been nails, he has been really damn good in his zone for a long while now. He does not put up the points that is sexy to all non-diehards, he just simply does what a D-man is supposed to do, keep the puck out of his net and the opposing forwards from setting up shop, and he does it to the best in the NHL game after game. The Hawks are lucky to have #2, #4, and #7. Many teams would kill for just one.

    • Black JEM

      And he – Jammer – is the best blind pass around the board Dman in the league…. that ends up on the opponents stick.
      I like Jammer’s game – he isn’t Keith.

  • bigtreina

    Wanna know if there’s an agenda? Wait until the Hawks hit a serious rut – it might take several seasons after the breaking of the “core” for this to happen. If we are still hearing about how great and important a player like Bollig is, well…
    I seem to remember Foley getting really cynical about the Hawks players right before he got canned. I also remember thinking about how right he was about players like Karpovstev, Mironov, etc. When the Hawks fired Foley, I was done with the Hawks for a good long while. I just didn’t realize that the price to be paid for his re-employment was having to hear him slobber all over management’s sweethearts.

    • VerStig

      Well, the criticism of Stalberg might still fall under this… but not of Brian Campbell I would think.

    • lizmcneill

      If Saad and Tiny continue developing the way they have been this could be a decent-to-good team for a long time.

  • SuperHawk27

    I’ll take Eddie and Pat anyday. They maybe get off track during the less interesting points of games or if the score isn’t close, but it’s better than listening to Doc Emrick throw a dart at his thesaurus to come up with another word for pass. I can’t watch the NBS broadcast without listing each new verb he uses to describe the movement of the puck. Knifing a puck? He ‘sashayed’ the puck up the boards. WTF!

    • ballyb11

      Emrick >>>>> Foley. IMHO no contest.

      • laaarmer

        “He hit the post with the shot!”

        • 10thMountainFire


          Except not Kane.

      • Hawkeytalk

        This. Doc Emerick is the bomb.

        • Paul the Fossil

          Oh hell yes. That’s like comparing a real beer to Miller Lite, or a qualified GM to Mike Milbury.

          • SuperHawk27

            Don’t you be talking about beer like that! What did it do to you!?

    • Waylon

      that comparison is absoutely ludicrous. Emrick is outstanding day to day, period. Edzo doesn’t have half the chops of Emrick.

      • SuperHawk27

        Emrick = Play-by-play….Edzo = Analyst. Either way, I think Emrick is annoying to listen to while watching a hockey game. It doesn’t really matter because I can see what happening on the TV and don’t need anyone to essplain is to me.

  • I have more an issue TBH with national broadcasts vs the local. Ed and Pat are homers, they are not right all the time and do drop eggs like last night. But compared to the National Broadcast, especially on the analysis and “inside” the sport aspects, I’ll take Pat and Eddie over the “experts” at NBC(S).

    • stacie7

      You know you love some Millbury analysis.

      • When I need a good laugh!!!

      • Fleshrifle

        I’d rather pass a kidney stone than listen to Milf-furry.

        • Joe Banks

          Hey… milfs are wonderful things.

  • StealingHappyHour

    Foley talks a lot about hits on the broadcast, but he actually defended the Hawks the other day on ‘Mac and Spiegs’ when Mac asked him if the Hawks should be looking to acquire “toughness” at the deadline. Foley threw me for a loop when he responded that a player “can’t throw a hit when he has the puck.”

    I was a little bit surprised by the Foley response. It could be that the company man was just looking to defend the enterprise. Who knows…

    • I hope he is!
      If the Hawks MNGMNT is feeding him lines to throw, perhaps the Hawks higher up know fans like us are going to follow the Hawks regardless and actually build a team that is not a bruiser, but at the same time know MANY MANY (meatball) Fans are still out there and think Hockey is built around hitting and beating the shit out of people. A way to play both sides perhaps?

      • StealingHappyHour

        Shouldn’t some fans be forgiven for this? For me, it’s a generational thing.

        Look at all the shit people give Al Cimaglia and the Foley’s of the world. MEATBALLS!!!! But isn’t their whole frame of reference different? These people learned the game in the 70s and 80’s when going out and beating the absolute shit out of someone or throwing a big hit DID change the mo’ of games all the time. I find it hard to just call all these people knuckledraggers. It’s taking time for a certain portion of the hockey fanbase to realize that speed is the new toughness.

        It should be Edzo’s job to educate the masses here…

        • laaarmer

          Probert Twist and Domi never really changed the momentum of a game chasing each other around

          Guys like Stevens, Messier, Shanahan, Howe, etc played hockey well too, but they could also knock the crap out of you. Iginla, DAVID BACKES!, Ovechkin do it the same way.

          • 10thMountainFire

            Tkachuk and Roenick as well. Bill Guerin.

        • I was actually referring to new passive fans, who mostly know that the team with the most goals, usually wins and may know what offsides and icing are.

      • Black JEM

        When you are at a game – what gets the biggest cheers after a goal?
        A fight and big hit.
        People love em, and so you play to them.

  • If you ever need a stat that shows how much the Hawks can turn it on, look at FF% and CF% here!


    They are FAR out in the lead on this one!

    • superman_damned

      Yes, clearly the key to the Hawks success from here on out will be spotting the opposition a 2-goal lead.

      • Look up, see that? You know what that is?

        • Z-man19

          Sure smells like one

          • Wow, an unintentional double wammy! lol
            I was referring to “him” looking over his head, that was the point flying by it, but I guess it doubled as another sign as you took it!
            I LOVE IT! lol
            (for him, the point was, Holy Shit the Hawks can turn it on when they need to!)

          • Z-man19

            To be honest, I wasn’t sure which direction you were going, I flipped a coin

          • I like how you went with it

  • Jeff

    Think their bad you should listen to Hawks misguided ranting’s on White Sox games.

    • ballyb11

      Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding.

    • Waylon

      how can you say that? “Can o’ corn,” and “grab some bench,” will always be baseball color analyst gold. I also like his conspiracy theories on why the umps and all of MLB are against the White Sox, or something.

  • jordyhawk

    Enough with the giggly bullshit between Pat and Ed. Just stop it. Right now. Now and forever. Now.

    And Foley and his inane crap like “there are 100 seconds left in the period.” What is the significance of that…to demonstrate he can add 60 + 40? If he has nothing of value to say about hockey then he should shut-up. Yeah, shut-up Foley.

  • If you get GCL, you can do as I do at times, just switch to the opposing teams feed. Sometimes it is interesting to listen to other teams opinions on he Hawks. After listening to many teams, trust me, there is worse!

    • AirTrafficAJ

      The bottom of the barrel is the Preds broadcast. Yeesh.

  • A-Rod refuses to concede and now is suing the MLB and MLBPA over his 1-season timeout for Roid-rage

    • bizarrohairhelmet


      • Sorry, I am not up to date on all these symbol things and I am lost.

        • Hawkeytalk

          Hands over ears, whistling. At least that’s what it looks like.

          • birdhead

            I think it’s giving the finger.

          • Hawkeytalk

            Oh that too.

          • Z-man19

            Really? I’m not seeing it

          • birdhead

            the ts are the arms, the t-bar is the first and the little bit above the bar is the finger.

          • Z-man19

            If this form of communication becomes more popular, I’m toast

          • birdhead

            we need BHH to tell us what he actually meant.

          • Z-man19

            That could get really interesting, you never know what hair might be thinking

  • Mike

    It’s all relative… After suffering through the national Pierre McGuire commentary this season alone, I’ll take Eddie/Foley wild tangent commentary anyday.

  • ballyb11

    John Lieberman. — The very best!

    • ballyb11

      Fucking cell – Wiedeman.

  • HossasPierogi

    Not a big Edzo fan, but I think his love of Seabrook is matched by your dislike of him. The real verdict on Seabrook probably falls somewhere in between. I agree with you on your other points. And while I know Pat Foley is a legendary play-by-play guy and not an analyst, his lack of insight/knowledge of hockey is stunning to me, for someone who has been around the game as long as he has. Has he ever said anything that’s not completely obvious? Does this signify that they’re organ-i-zational puppets? I think that’s part of it.

    • Paul the Fossil

      “Not a big Edzo fan, but I think his love of Seabrook is matched by your dislike of him.” Indeed, with one notable difference: all available objective evidence [season stats of both the traditional and modern varieties] supports the Edzo view of Seabrook’s play. The plural of anecdotes is not data, meaning that there’s no meaningful information to support the idea that the real verdict on Seabrook falls somewhere in the middle.

      It does sound like a reaction against Edzo’s homerism might explain the weird Seabrook jihad that the TCI proprietors have dug in so hard with, and frankly to some degree I can understand that. Olczyk is seriously annoying in all the ways being described here.

      • HossasPierogi

        I have a very positive view of Seeb’s play but haven’t explored the data as you and TCI have. Like many big guys, he sometimes doesn’t pass the eye test but looks can deceive.

    • Hawkeytalk

      The ToS have been big fans of pre 2013 Seabrook. See 2011 archives on SCH.

  • Marions Skate Guard

    The EddiePat yukfest is for sure getting really old. But I tend to agree that McDonough’s hands are manipulating these two puppets from behind the curtain.

  • putmeinthemadhouse

    I dont mean to sound dismissive or offensive, but what importance does this have? Why should any of us waste our time or energy caring? There is very little, if anything at all that could be done to change anything.

    • But in that vein, why talk about Bollig, Q, Bickell, etc., etc.? Based only on caring about what we can change, it’d be best just to go outside with some sticks and pucks and start taking shots against the garage.

      • Z-man19

        I’m just here for the gumballs

        • That’s right. That was me.

          • Z-man19

            You are not alone, others have lost gumball to me as well

        • CozBullsFan

          All your gumballs are belong to me.

          • Z-man19


          • CozBullsFan

            Check your email.

          • Z-man19

            Back at ya

          • CozBullsFan

            Back at you again.

        • By the way, I still mean to pay my debt.

        • 1benmenno

          Someone who owes you a gumball down boated you

          • Z-man19

            I think it was someone with less moral fiber

      • Korab22

        Santa brought me and my son the HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit. My hands will soon be just a notch below Brandon Bollig.


        • That thing looks AMAZING.

          • Korab22

            The one-timer element it provides is pretty cool.

    • Paul the Fossil

      It’s a fair question, since listening to those fools is not at all necessary in order to watch the games or follow the team. In my household we DVR every game unless we’re having people over to watch the game; haven’t watched any of an intermission under either scenario in many moons. And we now routinely mute Foley and Edzo during play as well so I end up missing half of the controversies e.g. the Keith slobbering during last night’s game. Missing out on them doesn’t detract from being a fan of the team in the slightest.

  • Dear Everyone,
    The Blackhawks are the best, simply the best.
    That is all,

  • birdhead

    *depressed sigh* Frofro had another goal tonight.

    • Hawkeytalk

      Feel better knowing it was a really soft goal, and Mike Smith is getting lit up like a Christmas tree. W00t!

      • birdhead

        that just makes it worse. I want the HAWKS to light Mike Smith up like a Christmas tree! On fire! In the Australian Outback!

        • Hawkeytalk

          Yeah, but the Hawks should light mups. The Jets shouldn’t. It’s 5-1 and they’re all on Smith.

          In other news, the guy in my avie is supposed to start skating this week!

          • birdhead


  • Paul the Fossil

    There is a simpler explanation available for a lot of Edzo’s meatheadness (the Bollig slobbering, the Campbell bashing), which is his own reputation as a player. Surely he must be aware of the longtime-Hawk-fan sneer about “Eddie No-Check”. Perhaps he got stung by learning about that and wants the “real fans” to love him — it’s a hockey version of the “chickenhawk” syndrome that Mike Royko famously described regarding federal officeholders.

  • I Remember The Roar!

    Eddie Olczyk is smooth (as opposed to an early Troy Murray ), but off topic and catering a new group of bandwagon fans. And maybe that’s the real issue here. Let’s be honest, in this day and age there are a LARGE number of “bandwagon” fans. Folks that don’t know much about hockey buy either use the Hawks as a reason to drink and cheer or are just proud Chicagoans who want to cheer on a successful sports team. Between them and the hardcore fans, it’s the “bandwagon” fans that are the more fickle group and the bandwagon fans that eat up the merchandise and drop $15 on a hotdog at the UC. Edzo, right or wrong, caters to this group… and I’m sure there’s some pressure to do so. No need to go into conspiracy theories, but yea…

    John Weidemen is awesome – no argument there.

    While I realize Fels is targeting his words at Edzo and not Foley on this particular day, those of us that are hardcore Blackhawks fans and are of the age where they lived through their entire childhoods with Pat Foley at the helm (often watching games on mute so they could here Foley on the non-delayed radio broadcast)… Foley holds a dear place in our hearts as one of the greatest play-by-play announcers of all time. He may be dragged down by Eddie sometimes, he may have a different style on TV because those that are listening are also watching, and he may be on the downside of his career (is that even a thing with announcers?), but he is Pat Foley and his voice is synonymous with the Blackhawks to me. HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES!! HAWKS WIN! HAWKS WIN!! Unforgettable

    • If the Hawks are catering to the fair weather fans, that is perfectly fine. It is going to take allot to disenfranchise the Hard Core Puckheads (Dollar Bill did it though), but the casual fan, if it takes gimmicks, showmanship or other things to help bring them in, that is fine, some of them will stay when the run is over while most will turn to the new shiney object. In the end if helps build that dedicated fan base, I am fine with that, especially come the tough times, it will be these fans that help keep things afloat while the team rebuilds.
      For us, we are more content with just watching the game and talking about, doing our arm chair coaching and behind the screen analysis on what “WE” would do or what “WE” think is going good or bad. You know what, the Hawks know this about us, they know we are it that “niche” and do not need to cater to us other than doing what they are already doing, doing everything they can to put the best team on the ice night after night. That keeps us happy, we may complain about the pandering to the newbies, but that pandering keeps them happy and overall expnds not only the Hawks Fanbase but revenue base.

  • ExiledToSTL

    I guess it becomes easy to attack one of the best broadcast tandems in hockey when you are spoiled and live in the Chicago area. Try moving far enough away that the only way to catch a Hawks game is through Center Ice, NHL Network or NBCSports. If that were the case I guarantee you would pray every time you watched Center Ice there would be a Chicago feed so you could hear Pat and Eddie.

    Maybe you would be interested in trading Pat and Eddie for the incessant babble that I have to endure when the Hawks play the Blues. The never ending prattle of Bernie Ferderko and the “Holy Jumping…” every five seconds by Darren Pang.

    Or better yet the Yotes broadcast team that sounds like humming bees with no real sound of anything that vaguely resembles hockey play by play. There are maybe one or two teams in that sport keep me from wanting to kill myself as I watch a Hawks game….maybe.

    Please wake up and look at the overall landscape before you continue to badmouth the treasure you have. I guess when your lucky enough to never be forced to leave your hometown for work and have to endure listening to other broadcast teams when watching a Hawks game, it becomes easy to criticize what you have. It’s obvious you may not always agree with the comments Pat and Eddie make, but it could be much, much worse.


    Just imagine what that would be like!

    • laaarmer

      I can only watch the Hawks through the means you state.

      I live in the Wings area of hell.
      I will say that Ken Daniels is equal to Pat Foley as an announcer. I like Foley better, but that is really because I am a Hawks fan. Osgood sucks in the booth. I hate Mickey Redmond, but he is better than Eddie, although he comes with a schtick too.

    • ahnfire

      As someone who lives in NYC, I understand your pain. But even I’ve started to feel the same as Fels the few times I’ve gotten a Hawks feed online. I used to rejoice whenever it was Pat & Eddie, but this year especially, I’ve found it to be particularly tiresome. Now I still want a Hawks feed, but I’ve found myself hoping that Eddie has a national gig somewhere so we get a toned down Pat with Konroyd, even though Steve is a bore.

  • Paul P

    Couldn’t agree more. He used to blame Hossa every time Keith would screw up. I think Eddie O and Pat F are in competition as to who can make the most absurd excuse why Keith or Seabrook screwed up. They’ve both been on Crows side for years when all any goalie would tell you that Crawford is nothing more than an oversized shooter tutor with the same amount of movement.


    Couldn’t agree more – – And I often mute the TV. Eddie (or Narcissus as I call him) and Pat (or Mr. Caray – as my frineds call Him) often miss several minutes of play with their yammerings and the constant gushing over Keith et al. Sickening, Maybe Edzo should tell us about his successful coaching stint in Pittsburgh the next time he feels the need to criticize

  • T

    Steve konroyd is horrible he talks to much is wrong half the time he ruins the whole game for me