What Are You Listening To? (Stolen From Nucks Misconduct)

I haven’t done a good enough job of creating stuff where you guys can discuss at length in the comments. So I’m going to steal a page from Nucks Misconduct.com, which I’ve done before (we stole their map idea, which we’re going to bring to this new site at some point). I have a hard time finding new bands to listen to as well, so this is also to help me out as well. And I’ll try and come up with new, night-time discussion threads as we go along here too.

So, what’s on your Ipod these days? Well, everything is on the Ipod but what are you playing? It can be anything. Some new, hipster band where a girl with pink hair plays a theramin with a cat (thanks, Kyle Kinane) or you just rediscovered how awesome Beggars Banquet or Mezzanine are. I don’t care. Whatever it is.

I’ll start you off, it’s been a Velvet Underground day for me, both Loaded and Nico. I was inspired when re-watching High Fidelity last night and hearing “Oh Sweet Nothing.”

Now’s your turn. What’s tickling your ear drums currently?

  • So Did We

    Check out a band called Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster…pretty sold stuff.

    • jeff021690

      Wow listening to their first album Collapse. Great recommendation.

      • So Did We

        I think their second album Exegesis is even better…it has vocals as well

  • spencifer
  • AirTrafficAJ

    Been listening to the new Deftones and Soundgarden albums. It’s like being back in high school.

  • Chicago’s own Umphrey’s McGee!

    • dB

      I know a lot of people consider South Bend a suburb of Chicago, but it isn’t.

  • tlite80

    The features

  • Luc Bernard

    “Now For Plan A” is the new album from “The Tragically Hip”. They gave us a great show at the Riviera last month. Been listening to that and Interpol.

  • dB

    Philistines Jr’s “If A Band Plays in the Woods” album is pure gold as is most of their previous.

    • dB


  • The Cup And Back Again

    Led Zeppelin, staying with the classics

    • Z-man19

      Oh yeah, favorite Zep tune? The Lemon Song is great, pretty much anything from 2 is up there for me

      • The Cup And Back Again

        Lately I’ve been partial to Night Flight, but I’d say all time would be a toss up between When The Levee Breaks, Fool in the Rain, and Celebration Day.

  • DesertHawk

    Lots of Alternative Project on the iheartradio app for me lately. At home I usually find some youtube vocalist I like.

  • DesertHawk

    Also… you guys have talky ads now, which is muy no bueno… I don’t block your ads cause they give you revenue, if possible please rectify them yelling at me.

  • BeverlyBrewmaster

    Now that it’s December I’ve started to go back and revisit what I’ve listened to over the last year. Three songs that stand out to me:

    If you’re looking for something to blow you away, check out “Sheena Was A T-Shirt Salesman” by Future of the Left: http://youtu.be/HHwe-2WHVd4

    For those who are more into hip-hop (with a nod to Radiohead), I’d check out “Bud Billiken” by Kids These Days: http://youtu.be/kWq8Lb2HMso

    And I’m usually not into electronic music, but “Zebra Butt” by Zammuto is pretty amazing: http://youtu.be/D3lEYM4-Zgs

    Okay, I’ll shut up now.

    • Delta

      Thanks for the link to Kids These Days. Some good stuff.

    • I am not Chico Maki

      Zammuto! I’m a forever fan of The Books. I like his first solo album quite a bit but it hasn’t measured up for me. That’s not as critical as it sounds, though … The Books were pure brilliance for me.

    • My new favourite this year, incidentally, is Foxygen. Awful, awful name, but a really great semi-debut. I recommend.


      Also like the 2012 albums from Beachwood Sparks, Sun Kil Moon, Woods, Lambchop, and Dirty Projectors.

  • Z-man19

    Hello, my name’s Johnny Cash

  • shinkicker

    Just recently re-ripped The Blasters from my Dad’s CD collection. Fills that rockabilly need well.

    Peter Green, Rory Gallagher (username source), The Hold Steady and Gaslight Anthem are pretty much regulars.

    Girl in Coma’s “Adventures in Coverland” is a good listen.

  • misslorib

    Bruce boots. Currently the four and a half hour Helsinki show. It almost covers the two games on Centre Ice I am unable to watch each night due to this mess.

  • Raskolnikov

    New: Metz–something out of Toronto that doesn’t underwhelm. Perfect when you need inspiration for an angry screed, a workout, or are generally pissed off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6drB3g8GGkI

    Old: Ride–everything up to and including Going Blank Again. I’m just going to assume they broke up after that. I also stole their fashion sense: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iec4JsG82yo

    The original (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxgvkzFVnNQ) and Chapterhouse’s cover (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XjOtkHlXxg) of Lady Godiva’s Operation–because I can’t stop laughing at hearing the story of a botched lobotomy on a transsexual.

  • Fork

    I’ve been reaching further back than usual lately, lots of old Stones (Aftermath and Between The Buttons) and Small Faces (Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake, and some other stuff I may have found in darker corners of the Internet).
    Steve Marriott never got his due, dammit.

  • BodomSlayer

    Nothing but Deathspell Omega. I have not been able to stop listening to them. Anything from the following releases:

    Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice

    Fas- Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum


    Two of my favorite songs:

    Drink the Devils Blood: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrQrCLmK1Gs

    Fiery Serpents: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6Agvhu6t5A

    And Kalmah have been sneaking themselves in a bit…

  • So Did We

    So Fels…you create a topic and then don’t discuss? What kind of moderator are you?