• arlingtonrob

    Not scared of anything since I expect an abrupt departure from the tournament.

    • Stockroom Snail

      I guess once you surrender, the fear leaves.

      • arlingtonrob

        It’s not my fight..I’m just an observer, and as a fan I have no control of the outcome. The Hawks are well within their rights to prove my prognosis wrong.

        In fact, I would celebrate being very wrong.

        • LBS8844

          “Passenger-side ejector seat? You must be joking!” From the many off-ice quotes by players/coaches, through their play on the ice, to last night’s penultimate lineup resting their captain, alternate captain, and best player, it’s self-evident that after qualifying, the Hawks completely took their foot off the gas last week. Lost is the fact that in the 4 largely meaningless losses, the Hawks buckled down with purpose on SA with 33, 30, 25, 24 respectively, against 3 playoff teams and one very motivated spoiler. Their lineup Wednesday night will add 5, maybe 6 players, 3-4 of which can be considered among the “best-in-class”. We have seen the switch flipped enough times now – this season included – to understand that there is control over its position/status.

          • HossasPierogi

            Agree but can they score enough to win? That’s the question.

        • Stockroom Snail

          I’m just an observer too. Just got all philosophical for a second. I promise you I wasn’t being accusatory.

          But hope is fun. I think the ‘Hawks didn’t care about anything once they lost that first game to the Blues last week and were more about staying healthy and playing more defensively.

          • ZigZags82


        • tammorrow

          I’ll gladly celebrate you being wrong

  • Brewblaz

    The Hawks desperately need to start scoring, 5 goals in last 4 games simply isn’t going to cut it.

    • Jim

      I don’t think the goals in the final games of the season mean anything.

      The playoffs are an entirely different animal. The Hawks are going to have tight checking games, and the Hawks (sans Rosival) are suffocating on defense. And they control possession. And they have a great goalie.

      With guys like Toews, Saad, Hossa, Sharp, Teuvo, Vermette, Richards, Bickell (playoff Bickell?), I can keep going, we are strong up front.

      The Preds are not the Trotz trap team they were, they want a track meet, and they can’t match the Hawks there.

      Hawks in 6

  • SuperHawk27

    Montreal had the lowest GA/GP. Pat Foley mentioned it in the broadcast too.

  • TitanTransistor

    Welp. I hope that ‘switch’ does exist.

  • RWCrum

    Well,it could be worse. The Kings apparently locked out Darryl Sutter from their locker room recently. That’s some grown up stuff right there.


    • Stockroom Snail

      I like it. Lock out the gummy noise.