USA vs. Sweden – Gold Medal Match

Wow. It has been a while since we’ve had  a game day thread for a game that actually means something, has it not? Hopefully it will not be much longer, though I do not know if most, if any, really care about all the idiots involved in the actual “professional” hockey league at this point.

And if you do not, well you came to the right place. This is our space to celebrate our teenage citizens as they battle for a gold medal after having defeated the always favorites up north. Forget all the asshats playing for more money than most of us will see fighting the even bigger twerps making more than all of us combined. This is just about kids playing for their countries and it is always a blast to watch… especially when it is for a gold medal.

Anyways, I am writing this while watching a rematch of the USA/Canada game and am somehow oddly looking forward to waking up early to watch the game tomorrow. I cannot say I have followed the tournament that closely this year thanks to the odd game time starts but I have got my coffee (and maybe a beer) ready to go for tomorrow. I will just leave this right here.

Lets Go USA

  • parshallnet

    Thought the game started at 8am Chicago time. For here late to a 1-nil deficit and have since seen two US goals. Sorry I didn’t get here earlier.

  • DaveM36

    This John Gibson kid is pretty good, isn’t he?

  • Does “Congratulations on the win” mean the same thing if while you’re saying it you’re biting your lip till it bleeds?

  • Joe Banks

    Latest word is the owners have budged on the salary cap… perhaps a glimmer of hope?

  • secondbalcony

    Thank goodness for this World Junior Tournament. It made me realize again why I love following this sport. OT games, shootouts, 1 goal victories. Great hockey. In the end Josh Gibson might have been the difference.
    Just finished watching the Russia / Sweeden semi-final. Russia really dominated in the third and OT. Seems like the shootout is a bad way to decide the victor.
    Sorry this tourney had to come to an end.

  • Hockey is back!

  • This was some hockey to be excited about, eh?

    USA!!!! USA!!!! USA!!!!

    For what its worth, I think it is awesome and that it bodes well for the future that team USA has really started to generate some international relevance over the last decade. I was going to talk about the game growing in our country, but I’m not going to discuss the No-Hockey-League people in this thread.

    Great job Kids of Team USA U20!!!!! Congratulations, not that they’ll ever see it….

    Way to represent!

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    I’ve bitched about boycotting the NHL once the lockout ended, but watching the Juniors, my wife predicted, “You’ll be watching as soon as the lockout ends.”

    What a wonderful weekend of junior hockey (Unless you’re a Canadian).