• ZigZags82

    Thanks for the work all season guys!


    And counting.

    STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS/DYNASTY BABY!!!!!!! Fidjflsozheidbdkdnfndkdnlapwndoeuryt (intentional)

  • Jane Doe

    What a season. Enjoy Blackhawks fans!

  • ZigZags82

    I would also like to say, I can stop holding my breath and going along with my crazy superstitions and rituals either in the comfort of my own home or my ritual trademark posts on here and SCH for the 1st and 3rd period. At least till next April lol. Barring the young guys, we’re gonna have more fun. I have “spammed” this board with “no class” the entire postseason hard but I was adamant.

    I have never been this invested in one individual season. Last June hurt. It really did. Just so much. Couldn’t watch that Martinez goal till this postseason without turning away or breaking down. When it came to October, I knew this team would be playing and winning the Cup in June. I just knew it. Anyone who talked to me throughout the year, when the Hawks came up, I made sure to stick to my guns. It was that strong a belief.

    It comes to this point, and it’s almost more like a relief than celebration lol, but nothing makes me happier. I shared the sweetest of hugs with my Dad at the end of the game that I will treasure forever. Anyone who says it’s just sports has clearly never experienced this kind of happiness or bonding.

    The old man and I said the same thing too. We appreciate this as these Hawks have entered dynasty territory. But they are far from done piling Cups up.

    Let’s. Go. Hawks (I can finally type this next part next to all of my other frequent positivity here)


    • Jim

      Zigs you were the rock when we were on the ledge, you never doubted.

      • ZigZags82

        I don’t often have that belief in one season or team. I felt this all year. Never doubted. I’m glad I could help.

  • duncans peace pipe

    best hawks blog on the planet.

  • MachineSlayer42

    Thanks again to Sam, Matt McClure, Matthew Killion, Jen LC, Chris Block, Jake Berlin, Jeff Bartl, Forklift, Andrew Cieslak, Adam Hacker, Ali Lawrence, Ashley Mandel, 326 Bureau Chief, John Schultz, Jim Siegey, and Ombudsman in Perpetuum, Adam Fels! Wish you could be here for this one! What a year! Thanks to all of you, and anyone I missed, for the laughs, the insight, and now the EXUBERANCE!

    • jordyhawk

      Just to add Jon Fromi and Kim. I am always keen to track our yutes.

  • Jim

    I watched almost every game. For a hockey fan, it doesn’t get any better than this. Thank you to the Committed Indian, and everyone on this board for making this 100X more enjoyable.

    Now we can bask in the glory, troll the shit out of Blues fans mercilessly (if they say anything the answer is always “3”), and enjoy the salary cap debates that are sure to follow.

    Already looking forward to TT centering 2nd line, and Panarin the “Russian Kane”

    P.S. It will be tough to question Q any more (First ballot Hall of Famer)…..but that won’t stop me. And what about that Fucking Richards no look to Kaner, who buried it. Was there ever a prettier goal?


  • JB from PA

    I wonder if Jonny feels a bit like Oprah… “YOU get a Cup, and YOU get a Cup, and YOU get a Cup…” So, who do we get a Cup for next year?? Played their fucking nuts off…

  • Hags

    thank you for everything you guys do here.. this community is a huge part of my Blackhawks experience.

  • DJ

    Enjoy this beautiful cool sunny day, friends.

  • GoldenJet

    Thanks guys, you do an amazing job!

    Hugs and tears were making the rounds inside the UC as it became clear that the Blackhawks were going to win! What a beautiful night! What torrential rain and thunder and lightning and flooding and tornado sirens?

  • HawkIPA

    Thanks Sam, Killion, McClure, FifthFeather, and the rest of the team for everything you do that makes this the best place to read about the Blackhawks or hockey anywhere on the planet. And thanks to all the commenters–this community is an awesome place to follow our phenomenal team, especially for us fans that are far from Chicago. Cheers to number 3–what a season, what a team, truly historic!

  • Bobby Otter

    Thanks guys, loved your precaps, recaps, and everything in between. Great job as always.

  • Dangles-a-Plenty

    Thank you so much to all you beautiful people who run this blog. Truly the best in the entire world. Y’all are something else and I’m happy that I’ve been fortunate enough to read you guys for the last 7 seasons. Keep up the great fucking work!

  • jordyhawk

    Being a Hawk fan is a process. I never take a day off–as an addict I just can’t. This is where I have come most often in the last couple of years. I like it. Thanks to everyone for giving us a cyber home and to everyone who makes it such a great place.

  • Shawn Wilson

    I thanked you last night & will do so again. Long time fan, and went through the first two without you. This one was the sweetest in part due to my discovery of the CI. I learned a lot & laughed a lot while on the journey. Appreciated the quality of the posts, as well (former ELA teacher here). Thanks for being there. Whatta team. Go Hawks!

  • BigCSouthside

    Good shit as always guys.

  • Bob Lanz

    Yes just yes! I concur I concur. Thanks TCI for being here just for being here.

  • WhiteSox_History

    Thanks for another great season. Sharp writing, great analysis. Thanks for talking me off a ledge once or twice. These Hawks teams have given us memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Well done as usual you guys, your beards ain’t bad neither! Have a safe and enjoyable celebration and summer!