This Early Grave

Despite seven years of evidence to the contrary, not to mention numerous recent examples, in the wake of last night’s loss to the Lightning to go down 2-1 in the Stanley Cup Final there has been a rush to pronounce the Hawks’ season and run as perennial contenders both dead. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Both last night’s wrap and a column today by Tim Baffoe cited numerous reasons for fans to halt their panic, all of them valid. And truthfully, a fan, particularly a casual one just along for the ride and the party at this point (which there is nothing wrong with being), is far more justified in grand pronouncements after a mere three games in a series. But as we have discussed before, national hockey media has seemingly lost all long-term perspective, and is now in the business of peddling superlatives with tiny sample sizes. It’s shortsighted, irresponsible, and inflammatory. All qualities that are surely preached at only the finest journalism schools across the continent.

Also completely irrelevant are sweeping statistical proclamations of “the team who wins game X wins YZ% of Stanley Cups“. These are just as flatly stupid as claims of game-to-game momentum. Each series is a discrete event to itself, comprised of even smaller ones in the 4-7 games they require. Each one has different participants and different styles of play, and these numbers take place across years and eras of the sport where things change. Yes, even in the NHL.  Anyone spouting anything in this vein is to be roundly and harshly derided.

As far as the particulars of this series, as frustrating as last night’s result was, there are concrete things for the Hawks to hang their hat on, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Though Ben Bishop performed admirably with a gutty performance while clearly rendered less than mobile, he was the undeniable beneficiary of some puck luck with the Hawks missing two gaping nets. Additionally, whatever injury he’s carrying that’s limited his movement in all likelihood isn’t going to be fully healed in the 44 hours between Games 3 and 4. And if the Tampa defensemen who aren’t named Victor Hedman are going to continue to roll out the red carpet in the neutral zone and have the Hawks put 38 shots on net, it’s doubtful Bishop would take his chances at giving them more open cages to take aim at while his mobility is limited.

Speaking of Hedman, he is absolutely deserving of every accolade he has received to this point in the series. This has truly been a coming out party for him, and he has played incredibly well. However, he is not invincible, and splitting Kane and Toews up last night went a long way in proving that, if being hounded on the forecheck by Patrick Sharp in Game 1 didn’t already prove that. However, Joel Quenneville chose to have Patrick Kane mostly face Hedman, seeing 8:50 of even strength ice time against him wherein the Hawks attempted 8 shots to the Lightning’s 10. So not only was Kane neutralized, but Hedman’s combination of speed and passing was able to flip the play on one of the Hawks’ biggest weapons. The result of that choice by Quenneville allowed the Hawks’ reformed top line of Saad, Toews, and Hossa to go absolutely nuts in possession numbers, with Toews even getting the better of Hedman 11 attempts to 9 in just over 7 minutes of head to head action. So if Toews can make the Bolts’ best possession driver defend more than he’s not, while getting Kane out against the absolute dreck that is the other 2+ pairings of the Lightning blue line, that’s gaining an advantage in two matchups.

Overall the Hawks are still carrying 52.8% of the shot attempts in the series, and as it’s now been hammered over and over again, it generally takes a combination of either a 55% share of shots or a .930+ save percentage for a Hawks opponent to even have a coinflip’s chance in a series. Right now Bishop and Vasilevskiy have a combined .920, boosted heavily by Bishop’s 36 save turn last night. It’s been shown time and again that a team cannot sustain ceding the puck battle to the Hawks. They have literally only lost one series wherein they have controlled possession, that being the Mike Smith Best Supporting Actor Oscar turn in 2012. And even that took 30 points higher than what the Lightning are getting.

Adding to all of this is the anecdotal evidence that everyone should be familiar with by now, but somehow isn’t. Since their first foray into the playoffs in this era in Game 5 against Detroit, the Hawks have not been eliminated on the first try within a series at any point. Even extrapolating outward, they have not been eliminated by a given team on the first try other than those two anomalous years of 2009 and 2012, with the Kings needing two swings and the Canucks needing three. The Wild are still waiting.

Everyone at this point should know better. This is the second time in as many rounds the Hawks have found themselves needing Game 4 at home in order to keep things on pace where they need to be. It’s also the third time in the last two years. The results speak for themselves. Not to mention that this group has won far larger and more dangerous stakes games to keep series alive if not win them.

The reason the Hawks’ record in the back half of series is excellent not due to any mystical coaching changes in scheme and is only marginally affected by the tweaking of lineups and matchups. They win because they wear opponents down. Shift after shift, period after period, game after game. The speed and and skill coming at all times eventually yields the necessary results. Everyone relents, everyone breaks. And there is no reason to doubt this team until they’re on the wrong end of a handshake line. Given what’s at stake both in immediate and historical contexts, this group of players will not allow that to happen. The Tampa Bay Lightning are no more complete or without weakness than any other team the Hawks have sent home, and they will meet the same fate.

  • TitanTransistor

    I think a lot of the angst is coming from the man between the pipes.

    A one-legged man just out-goaltended our 6 million dollar man.

    • For one game.

      • TitanTransistor

        Well, two games technically, since he started battling whatever this injury is last game.

        You know, the game with the soft Johnson goal.

        • PrisonedMuffin

          That goal should have never happened, but they still could have pulled out a win, especially since they tied it on a controversial Seabrook, but shot themselves in the foot after Sharp took his second penalty.

          • TitanTransistor

            Yes, they could have pulled out a win, but the more obstacles you put in front of that end-goal, the harder it will be to achieve.

            Crawford has put at least 4 goals worth of obstacles between his team and victories so far this series. That needs to stop if they want to win, regardless of TBL’s possession or SV%.

            Sharp’s penalties were idiotic, I agree.

        • jhb

          Bad luck that, but they still “count” to some people as soft. He sealed off the post pretty much and the puck walked up his side and in. But it counts against his GAA so HE SUCKS. Didn’t like the Callahan goal at all, though

          • TitanTransistor

            It’s not bad luck when short-side goals against Crawford’s reverse VH position go in over and over and over. It’s bad technique. That one may have been a squeaker, but as part of the larger pattern it’s hard to call ‘unlucky’.

          • jhb

            Well, technically they went in over and over (no third over) and they were most definitely goals one can’t count on scoring consistently. To say that he has bad form in this instance, you might also say Bishop’s best goal saving technique is leaving a gaping wide front of the net, because he has made those saves over and over and over. Amazing!

          • SAMCRO Outlaw

            It’s not just Crawford that gets scored on short side high. That’s a vulnerable spot on all goalies, but it takes a great shot. In the case of Johnson it took a lucky shot, he partially fanned on his shot & threw off the timing.

        • meme gene okerlund

          *watches a goaltending segment with Jeremy Roenick and becomes an expert*

          • TitanTransistor

            Kevin Woodley, actually.

    • Nittacci

      He also “outplayed” the NY Rangers 11 million dollar man. So, you’d rather have Ben Bishop as your goalie than Lundqvist? You are truly a hockey savant.

      • TitanTransistor

        That’s a leap in logic.

        An injured Ben Bishop very clearly outperformed Corey Crawford last night. That was my only point, and I believe, a cause for much of the angst.

        I think people believe Crawford is liable for one or two softies per game and are unsure whether the Blackhawks are so much better than the Lightning that they can afford such goals.

        • PrisonedMuffin

          An injured Ben Bishop was also insanely lucky that Hossa and Saad didn’t score on wide open nets and that his team bailed him out. The chances will come. It doesn’t matter how good he is on the road, if the Hawks finish their chances, things will work out fine.

          • TitanTransistor

            Honestly, I’ve gotten rather used to Hossa missing wide open nets this season. I’m not even sure it counts as ‘unlucky’ anymore.

        • cza

          This is horseshit. He did not outperform Crawford. But you go on dancing your bad self to that record.

          • TitanTransistor

            Bishop: 947 SV% on 38 shots
            Crawford: 906 SV% on 32 shots.

            Bishop saw more shots and saved more of them. Crawford was very clearly outplayed by a one-legged man.

          • SAMCRO Outlaw

            This is exactly why save% can be misleading & sample size matters.

            Say Hossa & Saad hit their marks – then Bishop gives up 4 on 40 shots (ignoring the butterfly effect) & his save % is 0.900

            Or if the Hawks don’t give them a free tap in game winner then Crawford is 0.9375 on his 32 shots.

            There are a lot of factors that go into a one game sample size. Unless the goalie just puts in a terrible game it’s really hard to lay blame in one place or give a guy all of the credit that in reality when he needed to be special wasn’t but got American Pharoah’s horseshoe.

          • TitanTransistor

            Ok, but a goalie can really only be expected to save the shots that actually put on net…

            That seems a greater failing of the Blackhawks than any indictment of Bishop’s play.

        • Aaeismacgychel

          So you’d be fine then had Crawford just allowed the goal (or two) on the 5 on 3 and had the Callahan goal bounce off his open glove into the net instead of hit the crossbar into his net?

          • TitanTransistor

            Are we operating under the assumption that if a goalie makes a ton of great saves he shouldn’t be expected to make, then by extension of that achievement he is physically incapable of making saves he should?

            I don’t see why this is an either/or….

          • Aaeismacgychel

            You stated that “Bishop very clearly outperformed Corey Crawford last night”. So I am under the assumption that had Crawford just saved the 2nd goal, then gave up a goal on the 5 on 3, and had Callahan’s shot hit him in the open glove and bounced into his net instead of going bar in, you would have been extremely happy with his performance, yes? Because then, Crawford played similar to Bishop last night. A clear overperformance, right? Because that’s the difference I saw that you’re speaking of.

      • ZigZags82

        The team supporting Henrik and Bishop is quite different.

    • PrisonedMuffin

      So if they do win this series, will you show up for the celebration thread?

      • TitanTransistor

        Of course.

      • Lionel Hutz

        Rather he didn’t.

      • ZigZags82

        Everyone deserves it.

    • cza

      I thought Crawford was great. At best, a draw, unless you count the Hawks biffing on two empty nets as “out goaltending.”

  • HellScream

    Interesting statistic: The team that wins four (4) games, tends to win the series 99.9% of the time.

  • CurvedBlade

    The media, especially NBC, is pushing hard on the Bishop “injury” narrative in an attempt to make things interesting and hike ratings. On each of the replays that supposedly showed him slow to get up, he looked okay to me. Playing possum to psych out an opponent is the oldest trick in the book. I hope the hawks aren’t falling for it.

    Most goalies take their time getting up when there is no danger. That is how I see this.

    • HawkIPA

      I didn’t buy it either. Especially after that scene-stealing performance after the tap by Saad. A bit of embellishment by Mr. Bishop.

  • SAMCRO Outlaw

    I share your confidence for the same reasons that you have reiterated here. The Hawks are creating mayhem on the Bolts and the odds that they keep missing their chances is small, so the more they keep doing what they’re doing the better their odds are.

    The one thing that concerns me is Patrick Sharp, he is making absolutely horrible mistakes that are costing them games. With the margin so thin in the first three games that’s beyond terrible. I don’t care that he took responsibility after game two, those two penalties were preseason rookie mistakes and can’t happen this time of year. He was spectating on the winning goal in game three and that tells me he mentally checked out again. I don’t really care that the only shots he can get on net anymore are into the goalies belly, but not being defensively responsible when the game is on the line is unforgivable.

    If the Hawks clean up the lazy mistakes, they win. If not, it’s not impossible but their chances take a big hit. Their history shows they clean up their game when they are pressured in a series. Let’s go Hawks!

    • HawkIPA

      Sharp certainly knows better. There’s a difference when Cumiskey biffs on an assignment, and when Sharp strolls in on the play. With Cumiskey, you’re going to get that sometimes, it’s the cost of playing him. Sharp is too experienced, and frankly, too good of a hockey player to be caught behind the play like that. The Hawks count on their top guys (and yes, Sharp should be one of those guys) to avoid stupidity. It needs to be fixed by No. 10, and I think it will be.

    • Jim

      Sharp is playing like shit. He has the talent and will to redeem himself, and I won’t be surprised if he scores a big goal. Now if he would just shoot for the posts or top shelf, instead of the goalie’s body or shinpads, it would really help!

  • Pete

    “the team who wins game X wins YZ% of Stanley Cups“

    The only way this statistic is valid is if X = 7 and YZ = 100.

    • Ted Matula

      that needs a qualifier . . . actually, the team that wins game 7 wins 100% of Stanley cups that go seven games

  • Bobby Otter

    Hawks are playing well not sure what everyone is worried about.

    • HawkIPA

      I remember when the Hawks were generating possession in the Ducks series but weren’t getting the goals. That corrected itself in a hurry by the time Game 4 arrived.

      • Bobby Otter

        Also the Hawks were fine but not awesome early in the Ducks series. Andersen stole Game 1 for them, which was a bummer… but we saw how that turned out.

        If people wanna be all upset about the Hawks being the better team in the first three games but only having one win and it wasn’t totally because of goaltending… okay. But they keep playing like they are? Stuff is gonna start going their way, see the Detroit series in ’13 for no better example.

    • YoAdrienne

      I think it’s more disappointment than worry. At least that’s the case for me. Losing at home is a bit hard to swallow, as is losing 2 in a row. Toss in a lot of frustration, because it was dumb shit did them in. But, yes, they are playing well, and I expect better tomorrow.

  • HawkIPA

    I avoid all hockey media after a loss except for this site and Hockeenight. No need to get the blood boiling when it doesn’t need to be.

    • HawkVision

      YES. I do exactly this.

    • Ted Matula

      Jay Zawaski on the is a pretty good postgame listen

    • SAMCRO Outlaw

      I do the same, hell if the hilights weren’t in my FB feed & curiosity hadn’t gotten the better of me I wouldn’t have seen those even.

  • PrisonedMuffin

    They’ve been here before. Maybe this Tampa team is better than any team they’ve faced. But who’s to say they can’t do it again?

    • ZigZags82

      Nah. No better than anyone the Hawks have ever faced in this postseason or past. Hawks will take advantage. First to 4.

  • ZigZags82

    Hawks have been controlling possession. That tends to even itself out more often than not. As said stated above they are playing a good team but a team no less flawed or better than anyone they have played. The Hawks play well with their backs up against the wall. The floodgates will open. See it time and again. Go Hawks everyone.

  • jordyhawk

    We have made far too many mistakes. Look at their last 5 goals which have effectively swung the series for now. We have given far too much away and there is no way to gloss that over. I still think that if we play our best and they play their best we win, but the margin for error is getting slimmer and we need to tighten it up now (and before an elimination game where anything can happen).

    • ZigZags82

      I like the odds that the Hawks tighten it up.

  • Personally I love the rush to declare the Blackhawks dead now and dead forever as it’s going to make me relish the victory parade even more, both the one this year and the ones in the years to come. But by all means, sleep safe and sound at night, sure the big, bad movie monster that is the Blackhawks is dead. After all, that worked great for all the characters in those Jason and Freddie Krueger movies, right?

  • HawkIPA

    Hawks when down in series 2-1 since 2009:

    2009: Canucks 2, Hawks 1. Hawks win 4-2.
    2009: Wings 2, Hawks 1. Wings win 4-1.
    2010: Predators 2, Hawks 1. Hawks win 4-2.
    2012: Coyotes 2, Hawks 1. Coyotes win 4-2.
    2013: Wings 2, Hawks 1. Hawks win 4-3 (after being down 3-1).
    2013: Bruins 2, Hawks 1. Hawks win 4-2.
    2014: Kings 2, Hawks 1. Kings win 4-3.
    2015: Ducks 2, Hawks 1. Hawks win 4-3.

    Hawks record 5-3. And those 3 losses came in 2009 to a better Wings team, in 2012 during Mike Smith’s Nirvana, and last year, against a hell of a Kings team that ended in a coin flip. This series looks more like the Bruins, Canucks, and Wings to me.

    I like our chances.

  • Icdws

    TB is very good but beatable. I think q got pinched a few times last night trying to play matchups. 4th line was on the ice quite a bit in 2 and 3rd period especially at cost of TT and Vermy. At some point our top lines need to be on the ice and playing not on the bench waiting for the right time to get out there.

    Further the panic that may be setting in is the fear that eventually the hawks won’t over come the deficit. It is hockey after all and pucks can crawl up backs and get into the net. Win game 4 and things will change.

    • ZigZags82

      *Game 4

  • Hags

    “The reason the Hawks’ record in the back half of series is not due to any mystical coaching changes in scheme and is only marginally affected by the tweaking of lineups and matchups. They win because they wear opponents down. Shift after shift, period after period, game after game. The speed and skill coming at all times eventually yields the necessary results”

    This is a perfect summation of what this era of Blackhawks hockey is all about. When the process is there, only one goalie in 6 years has been able to withstand the constant stress. When the process isn’t there over the course of the series, they have still found a way to force Game 7 OTs before bowing out.

    This team has not and will not go quietly into the night.

    • Sopel the catfish
    • ZigZags82

      They won’t even go loudly into the night because they won’t need to. They’ll come out shining bright in the light winning this series.

    • Jim

      I think over a period of games, you hope the law of averages take hold. A lot of it has to do with breaking down goalies. Finding their weaknesses and exploiting them. Look at the list this year, Rinne, Dubnyk, Anderson. Now we have Bishop, who is hurt, and I think is the 4th best of the goalies faced this year. Anderson came out of the box on fire also.

      Bishop made a lot of saves yesterday. And 2 open nets were missed, the difference in the game, and who knows what kind of momentum swings might have happened had they buried those chances.

      • ZigZags82

        It’ll even out. Put him under siege again and dial in as a team. Go Hawks!

  • SuperHawk27

    Thanks for this. The ledge was getting full over here.

  • ZigZags82

    I said Hawks in 6, maybe 7, but I’ll stick with 6. Either way they will be the first to 4 wins here.

    • Jim

      Whatever ends up happening, the BlackHawks have provided max entertainment this year, that is for sure. It’s worth taking a moment to get perspective, here we are in mid June, still enjoying meaningful hockey games, and already one SCF win in the bag. What a run, Nashville, Minnesota, Anaheim, now the Bolts for the Cup!

      • ZigZags82

        One last hurdle to get through. The time is now.

  • ZigZags82


    I think this gives the lineup more balance. Gives Sharp the most dynamic offensive player in the league to help him for a final streak, and gives Kane two actual linemates without separating that great 1st line. Anything Steeg offers on 3rd line is just gravy considering Vermette and Teuvo have been operating 2/3 for a little bit here.

    Whatever the case with adjustments, the Hawks will dial in and tighten up to push this further regardless as they always do. This is just speculation.

    • Aaeismacgychel

      I don’t think we want Sharp anywhere near Richards- that was a disaster whenever we had that during the regular season as Sharp just finds areas of the ice and sits in them whereas Richards to be effictive needs to have his linemates move so he can give his area passes. Sharp-Richards is an absolute disaster of a pairing.

      • ZigZags82

        So Bickell or Versteeg move?

    • To Saad be the glory

      65 has been a terror and 10 is a 5.9 mil albatross on the 3rd line. I’d go full gamble mode and put 65 on the 2nd line back with 88 kinda like last yrs playoffs for someone to wreak havoc on the boards. 10 goes 4th line for pp and breather purposes only.23 on the 3rd line and no 29 cause the playoff ghost has left the body. If Oduya is unable to go I’d dress 7 dmen and see which one of the 4-7 is having the best game and go from there. And yeah,I’m so tired of Sharps bullshit right now I’d think about sitting him for a 7th dman even though it would probably be a bad move,just for one game,to wake #10’s ass up.

      • ZigZags82

        Everyone otherwise fits their roles.

        10 will come through.

    • Jim

      I agree Bickell needs to go. Unless he can provide a decent screen, which he has not.

      • ZigZags82

        Rather have creativity and guys who create their own space on both ends.

    • denislemieux

      Anytime #10 decides he wants to start playing is fine with me. Has he completed the NHL’s mandatory “head up his ass protocol”?

      • ZigZags82

        He’s a streaky player. He has one last Hawk streak in him. I truly believe that.

  • Sopel the catfish

    Today’s version of news that isn’t news, NBC is filled with idiots from the top to the bottom

    • DJ

      Playoff beards are a recent phenomenon; Howe, Richard, Béliveau, Orr, Hull, and Mikita never grew them. But they’re the kind of thing that TV has no business getting their grubby mitts on.

      • SAMCRO Outlaw

        I think the Islanders started the “tradition” that didn’t take hold until the 2006 Canes won. Before that there wasn’t much in the way of guys growing beards who didn’t have one until 2004 and then it was about 1/2, same in 2005.

    • To Saad be the glory

      Saad would have to shave in between every period to lose the beard.

  • bobpulfordshelpermonkey
  • bobpulfordshelpermonkey

    I’m glad a majority of you are not too worried however, I am. The boys have not looked good consistently.

    On a side note I suspect there is nothing wrong with Bishop. Q and the Hawks are getting played. Something about the coyness of Cooper leads me to believe he’s pulling one over on the Hawks.

    • jordyhawk

      I am too for two key reasons.

      First, we are just making far too many bad mistakes and it is a disturbing trend.

      Second, we’re getting down to the wire where a bad break or a goalie win can put you out. Everyone looks back at Ducks series and how well we played in games 6 and 7, but where Ducks may have really had us was in game 4 when they had a third period lead which they blew and in the first OT where they pretty much owned us. We were as much lucky (maybe more) than good to get out of that one so I don’t buy the idea that we can always flip the switch. I think we should be worried which isn’t to say we’ve lost faith, but we need to tighten up the ship fast because more of the same will not get it done.

      On a positive note, I thought TVR looked surprisingly good (a couple of very smart plays with the puck) and if he can give us some quality minutes as the fifth guy I think that could really help.

      • To Saad be the glory

        Yeah,and the ducks got lucky in game 5 ’cause 29 made a bonehead clearing attempt in ot on a bad change.. It’s all subjective.Toews alone had em on the ropes and the ducks snuck out with that victory.

    • Hags

      Do you honestly believe the ‘Hawks are getting played? was Bishop’s 1st period the other night where he left innumerable rebounds on even the most innocuous of shots, not to mention 2 WIDE open nets, just a ruse to lull the Hawks into a false sense of security?

      Come on, be better than that.

  • sc33

    “combination of either” [of two things]

    Pardon me if I’m the one simply misunderstanding this, but if only one thing is necessary (“either”) for the premise to be true and/or more likely than not, there is no “combination” of the two things necessary, correct?

  • Jim

    Hawks just have to win one game, Game 4.
    Then it’s 2-2 and a best of 3. Lose Game 4, and they can still do it, but they open themselves up to coin flips.

  • WhiteSox_History

    I think I read this like 3 times. Im with you HawkIPA, I avoid hockey media xcept for CI, Puckin Hostile and Hockeenite. These Hawks aren’t going quietly into that good night.

  • Hockey Newbie

    I wish it were puck drop now for HossSake. I do have a question for you all, as I am too nervous/hyper/stressed during games to see the forest for the trees. After period 1, when we got after them and held them without a SOG for like 12 minutes, what exactly happened in period 2? Did we change something we were doing, or did TB change something on their end and we just did not respond well? I know they get pressure on our D quickly with an agressive forecheck, but it would seem that could easily be rectified with quicker passes, shorter passes and having forwards stay back a second longer to get a pass instead of streaking out of the zone. Is there something else I am missing here?

    • Asst2RegionalMgr

      ‘having forwards stay back a second longer’ is the key point. They want them releasing quickly. That is what makes them so dangerous is their quick counter. Slowing that down limits their effectiveness.

  • casbone

    If I see them try to carry/force the puck into the zone along the boards when its clearly not there again I may just go crazy. They need to find a way to hamper the aggressive fore check of TB. Fire pucks deep, turn the speed up a gear and get it done tonight boys!

  • Shawn Wilson

    Q says they’ll come in angry. Just heard that Tampa papers say that the first game (you know, the one where they ‘went easy’ on us) doesn’t count and they’re predicting a sweep. That’s enough to redden my ass.

    • Brandon Murray

      There is no way any self-respecting journalist in Tampa could believe that they have outplayed them. These two teams are separated by 1 goal in 3 games and last game Tampa had fewer F/O wins and less shots. This has been about as even as it can be and save for 4 (at least) blind mind-boggling deflections, tampa would be down 3-0.

  • Brandon Murray

    Could not agree more with the stupidity of the “team who wins game X goes on to win the series YZ% of the time….” Mostly because everyone seems to be hanging their hat on this idea that the road team is 13-0 in series in which they win game 3 in a 1-1 series. But, but, but we were told after a game 1 victory by
    Chicago that the winner of game 1 has won the SCF 79% (or something like that) of the time.

    Then once this sucker is tied at 2 after tonight, you just know the winner of game 5 will have a percentage attached to their chances. Well, I don’t give 2 shits about the statistical facts. I care about this Hawks team. I believe in this Hawks team. They will not let me down. Tonight is a win and then it is a best of 3. No fucking way they drop tonight’s game, no fucking way. Let’s Go Hawks.

  • Drew

    Kings fan here. Anyone who questions the Hawks after just one game, in which they completely dominated the first period is just naive or biased. Look how they have come back in games again and again.
    One point however….. doing your article best to at least get the facts correct. The Kings didn’t need two swings to eliminate the Hawks in 2012. They didn’t play Chicago that year in the playoffs.

  • Zebby

    Corey Crawford blows. He’s the reason the Hawks are not and will not be a dynasty.