The Silence In This House, It Echoes Through This House: Hawks 1 – Wild 0 (Hawks lead series 3-0)

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Seven straight Game 3 losses on the road, huh? Maybe the Hawks pulled this one out just because they were sick of that stat. Or maybe they pulled it out because they basically gave the Wild the Million Dollar Dream for the first 40 minutes, and then Crawford proved why he’s still the best goalie in this series for the 3rd (although he didn’t have to make that many highlight reel saves). Or maybe because Hjalmarsson. Oduya, Keith, and Seabrook were at or near their best. Or maybe all of the above. Still, this series kind of feels like the Hawks listened to all the chatter about how the Wild really meant business this time, and said, “Oh? Watch this.” And now they’ve got Minnesota’s nuts in a vice.

This one will go down in the end as a goalie win, but you don’t get through a deep run in the spring without a couple of those. The encouraging thing is that Crawford was aggressive, not getting too deep in his net and standing tall among the scrambles that took place in the 2nd and 3rd. He could have gotten caught a couple times early when he again dropped down too early and lost his net, but as the game went on that happened less and less, the prime examples being coming out to meet Granlund on his breakaway and stopping the Finn again late in the 3rd on a high rising shot. Also helped that Pominville once again lost his radar on where the net it. Most of all, Crow’s rebound control was superb, and that’s where the Wild really profit. Not so tonight.

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The Two Obs

-We’d been anticipating all year when Q would simple lean on his top four, and on the road in the second round seems like as good of a time as any. Timonen didn’t crack six minutes, Rozsival only had 16, and the other four all over 20. You figure if the Hawks can finish this off Thursday and get a rest, that’s only going to get deeper as they go on. Which is fine, it’s what we’d been planning for, especially when they’re all playing this well.

-It seemed like when the Wild really pressed and started activating their D, they ran into the problem of the D they play most not really being a fire starter. Ryan Suter does a lot of things, but generate chances generally isn’t one of them. The Wild have two of those, maybe, in Spurgeon and Scandella but they play together. Suter gets into the right spots and certainly can get the Wild into the offensive zone, but do you remember him making a killer pass or shot? Don’t get me wrong, Suter is a wonderful player, there’s just a limit to what he does. In the same situation, Keith (who’s also offensively limited in some ways) would be coming down low at every chance and opening himself up for passes and shots.

-The Hawks third line was their best tonight, a combined +17 in Corsi. While not the biggest, Sharp’s and Vermette’s activity level along the boards keep them where they need to be, and Teuvo’s quick hands come in hand there as well. Consider at this time last year the Hawks were sporting Handzus, Bollig, and Versteeg and now that’s Teuvo, Vermette, and Desjardins.

-Speaking of Desjardins, the 4th line was probably the next best line, and while they ate it a bit possession-wise they saw the Wild’s top line the most and when you get that matchup you’re only asking them to not let Granlund and Parise go off the leash. They certainly did that.

-In fact, I don’t remember Parise doing much of anything tonight.

-While Kane will take the plaudits for getting the goal, at evens this was the second straight game the 2nd line was buried in their own zone too much of the night. We would care less if Richards’s shot in the 3rd found twine instead of metal, but it’s something to watch going forward.

-The Wild promoted Jason Zucker to the 2nd line, and he had the one shift in the 3rd where he got outside Seabrook and created a couple chances, but then that was it. The Hawks rarely let any of the Wild wingers gain the line without a challenge, forcing them to chip and chase. That was ok because the Hawks’ breakouts were so clean, for the most part.

That is about it for this one. The Hawks are most where you’d like to be at this point. It ain’t over and all that, but let’s say The Fat Lady has been given her “places” cue.

  • cza


  • DJ

    Excellent summary

  • jordyhawk

    Wild fans chanting “Crawford, Crawford…” during their PP in the third was kind of pathetic. I know they are a good team and a good crowd, but I was kind of embarrassed for them.

    • Shooter

      By the end it sounded pathetic…I get the beginning, maybe get the goalie off his game…and then after a goal or two(still think it’s shit no matter what the circumstance) but after a goalie stoning you all game long, you think taunting him will make the difference?

      This is why you suck as fans, and organizations feel dallas is a better place for hockey than minnesota

      • tammorrow

        I went to a Dallas game last year. Dallas isn’t exactly what I’d call “classy”. They used a lot of rah rah Blackhawks fan hate. That’s why the boo-ing of Roz was so cheap. Chicago fans aren’t generally like that. He’s been having a terrible year, but he’s likely the best the cap situation offers, so no need to make him feel and play worse.

  • WookRN

    Anyone else watching the late game?

    • Sopel the catfish

      So glad they tied up, I though they were going to overturn the non-goal so Flames have to win this.

      • WookRN

        I though it was a good goal….

      • WookRN

        Watching this….I feel better about our odds…

        • Sopel the catfish

          If they play all their games like 2 and 3 of this series nothing will stop the Hawks.


          • WookRN

            I expected a sweep….happy with this…

            Still think Wild win one or tow…

          • ZigZags82

            One. At most. Hawks won’t let them climb off the mat that much. Hoping for a closeout and a lot of rest after Thursday.

          • ZigZags82

            Upvote to sweep, not the 2nd part lol.

          • Jim

            IMO, the only way the Wild win one is if they get some point shots that go through, or some lucky bounces around the goal mouth. The Wild are simply outgunned here. It’s quantity of great players plus the quality of the players, they have no answer for it. Nashville was more effective because they were creating rushes with speed, and blue liners joining in, but they lost also.

          • ZigZags82

            And against a great team too…

        • RWCrum

          Let the Ducks and Flames go seven and tire each other out, while any nagging Hawk injuries heal.

  • ZigZags82

    Seeing how the defense and Crow just played, Yes there’s a switch. And there’s more coming. Switch. Flipped!

    • Jim

      Seems to be a switch with the coaching too, seeing new looks here. +1

  • ZigZags82

    And I’ll say, 9…

  • Dangles-a-Plenty

    I really don’t understand the goalie taunting that’s been happening the past few seasons. For some reason it just really fucking irks me. And not just when its against the Hawks. The isle fans taunted Holtby in a 0-0 game… What the fuck. Wild fans taunting Crawford just because they had a PP? Taunting should be reserved for giving up 4 or 5 goals or saved for a shitty performance. Other than that why don’t fans CHEER for their team instead? Get fucking goose-egged, Minisoda. /rant #sorry

    • WookRN

      It made sense when we hosted BobbyLu. But he was an absolute head case here, to the point they wouldn’t start him here….

      • Dangles-a-Plenty

        I don’t find the UC crowd taunting much, if at all. Aside from heckling the shit out of Lu, goalie taunting isn’t much of a thing…

        • ToucanStubbs

          When they do, they at least do it right. The “Jimmy Williams” chant in 2013 was top notch.

      • Roberto

        Among my favorite Bobby Lu UC moments was Easter Sunday when Schneider started, but popped a groin on a penalty shot (Krueger or Frolik?). Lu had to come off the bench – and the Luongo chant was deafening.

        • WookRN

          I loved that he was theit starter….everywhere but here…

          And we had reasons to taunt him, we owned him…

    • ZigZags82

      Sorry not sorry lol

    • Bannerman

      The goalie chant didn’t irk me as much as them cheering Kane’s potential injury. No respect for the Wild fans after that.

    • Hags

      haha you should get a load of the commercial the Wild had earlier in the year of the “Craw-ford” chant from last spring (link below). The same series that Crawford was the main reason for the hawks winning. State of Hockey my ass.

      • Dangles-a-Plenty

        LOL wow that’s fucking pathetic! Crawford not only was the winning goaltender but also to your point, was the reason the Wild lost. I had a decent amount of respect for them until last nights game. Fucking unbelievable. Can’t wait to watch them continue to pay Parise and Suter Mayweather-money. Release the Crawken motherfuckers

  • BestPredsForward

    The ice at Xcel seemed to be really….shitty. The pucks looked like they were constantly rolling and that seemed to be the main factor in the low scoring game.

    • ZigZags82

      Rolled well for Kane…….

    • RWCrum

      They did have a power outage the night before, making the ice less than good. Shaw said somewhere it was still better than the UC.

  • Preacher

    Did the Hawks go into a shell in the third, or was Minny simply THAT desperate? It just seemed like this was the first time we’ve seen Chicago not attack in the third when they had the lead. Only 4 shots on goal in the third?

    • Aaeismacgychel

      Hawks didn’t quite go into a full out shell but they went full on neutral zone trap and 3rd forward back. They took no major chances, allowed Minnesota no rushes off the counter or long outlets and dared the Wild to beat them by winning battles in their zone. I think we were playing too passive, but it might’ve been a vote of confidence to the Defensive effort and Crawford based on their outstanding play. I like the results but firmly believe our best defense is our forecheck and grinding the opponent in their own zone.

    • ballyb11

      Scared the fuck out of me. I hate “prevents”.

  • AMR

    I’m not sure if this had been reported here but there is a Capgeek replacement called general fanager at They are still adding features but it looks like it will be as good as Capgeek when it is finished

  • Jim

    The Hawks keep getting better, they are like a machine right now. What a time to be peaking. I don’t think it’s an accident, they paced themselves because they’ve been here so many times.

    It is also encouraging to see the late season pickups, Dejardins and Vermette in the starting lineups, and TT still in there late in the game. One of these days more of those TT passes/shots are going to get through. This team is rock solid lines 1-4, what a joy to watch. Even Rozi is playing well.

    Seems like the bottom lines and players are discussed the most because Kane, Toews, Hossa, Saad, Sharp, Keith, Hammer, Oduya, Seabrook, are a given, they are the Harlem Globetrotters. Now the bottom line players are really good also, in sensible lines, and not being juggled around. What a team.

    • Dangles-a-Plenty

      I’d venture to say the best 4th line we’ve had since becoming cup contenders again. I may stand corrected however. Desjardins has been a fucking awesome surprise, I wasn’t too keen on losing Smitty for him. But he’s proven he can play a great grind and cycle game. They look great for sure.

  • DestinyandBalance

    Great defensive win. You are going to have those, and it was worth sitting back a bit in the 3rd in order to make sure the defense was positioned correctly and to a have the chance to sweep these guys. You knew the Wild would play with greater desperation and recklessness being down 2-0 and they had their defensemen flying around below the circles. Great adjustment by the coaches and players in maintaining their defensive discipline.

  • JKM13

    “Consider at this time last year the Hawks were sporting Handzus, Bollig, and Versteeg and now that’s Teuvo, Vermette, and Desjardins.” Of course, the decision to go with 3 awful players was all Joel Quenneville’s doing (aided by Bowman, who called uncle). Not to mention it was Quenneville’s choice to bench Leddy.

    It’s little surprise that in this series, Q finally goes with the lineup every halfway intelligent fan thought obvious, and its lead to the 3 best games the Hawks have played all year.

    That said, to Q’s benefit, I’ve been extremely impressed how “Hossa-like” Tuevo has been in the defensive zone. Seems like he’s generating turnovers almost every shift. I doubt we see him that active defensively without Quenneville making it obvious that while ‘his guys’ can fuck up six ways to Sunday without losing ice times, the newcomers not in the Q club have no such luxury.

    • HostileHawk

      But is that added pressure what Tuevo really needs? I think he has always been a very well positioned player with quick hands who reads the play better than most. Q had nothing to do with that. And it took a Versteeg “injury” to have the right decision made. I completely agree with your sentiment though.

      And, I can’t help feel that this team would be unbeatable with Kevin Hayes in Bickell’s spot. Q didn’t even give him a chance and he goes to New York, plays big minutes and generates chances like a monster. That decision alone could be the different between a Cup or not this year.

      • tammorrow

        Right? All those times Kevin Hayes dressed for the Hawks and Q had him stapled to the bench. He never got a chance to develop with the right players. Never got a chance to get into NHL rhythm. And when he failed, the half-way unintelligent fans gave him poor reviews. He’s killing it in New York and he might be the tipping point if we see them in the finals.

        I can’t seem to find the stats, but I bet Kevin’s TOI with hawks is pretty low. Someone needs to tell Q winning isn’t everything in the regular season.

        • bigtreina

          You are confusing Jimmy with Kevin. Kevin never dressed for the Hawks.

          • tammorrow

            Oh, shoot. Boy is their egg on my face.

          • ballyb11

            But the point is still valid.

            Q doesn’t know what he’s doing.

      • JKM13

        Seems like Tuevo s managing it well.

        Speaking as a guy who still blames Q for making us play LA with a hand tied behind our back, and now putting us in a much worse cap spot next year due to the stubborn refusal to develop anyone unless they are instantly Saad, I’m just trying to find a bright spot.

        Maybe Tuevo looks this strong on the backcheck regardless, but Ill give Q some credit here.

    • ballyb11


      We already know “every halfway intelligent fan” is smarter than Q, Bowman, et al.

  • HawkIPA

    The Hawks sure do seem to snapping into gear at the right time. Solid defensive effort and goaltending, and the penalty kill looked pretty impressive.

  • HossasPierogi

    While they were slow to coming around during the regular season, Vermette and Desjardins are making Bowman look like a genius. Their grit will continue to pay dividends as we advance deeper in the playoffs, particularly later in games. The only weak link we have right now in board battles is Bickell. His big hits get Foley going, but that seems to be his only contribution lately.

    • Jim

      You used the “g” word! That is reserved for guys like Bollig, Carcillo, and John Scott.

      • HossasPierogi

        Yes, unfortunately, grit is often a synonym for “no other useful talent.” But Vermette and Desjardins bring, in Q’s word, “more.” Bickell’s inability to win board battles drives me crazy. I’d almost rather have Versteeg, except he’d win the board battle, then immediately turn the puck over.

  • Jim

    Enjoyable reading on the Wild board today.

    Last week’s calls for “Wild in 5, or Wild in 6” , “Dubs is a shut down goaltender” have devolved into topics like:

    1. Fire Yeo
    2. Wish Wild would have tanked to get draft picks
    3. Vanek is a washout
    4. Do we bother to sign Dubynk? (answer “meh”)
    5. Parise is the only great player on the team, and he’s not nearly as good as Kane or Toews.
    6. Wild fans hate Kane because he’s really good.
    7. Wild is on life support, and Kane is about to pull the plug (my personal favorite)

    Fun stuff.

    • HossasPierogi

      Wild look like the quick-fix team they are. There’s very little depth grown from within the organization — it’s an assembly of free agents/castoffs — Parise, Suter, Dubnyk, Vanek, Pominville, etc.