The Mongoose Flies: Ducks 2 – Hawks 5 (Series Tied 3-3)

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In what was probably the most even game of the series, the Hawks were simply just a little better in every area that saw them to a win that will force a Game 7. While we all hoped for a dominant Hawks 1st period, the Ducks came out with their hellacious forecheck and didn’t give the Hawks a lot of time to create much. But the Hawks were able to navigate just enough, Crow make just enough saves, and just enough rushes up the ice to make the Ducks and Andersen work in their zone to keep things even. The dam broke in the 2nd, when the Hawks were able to get to their creative best. That’s something the Ducks simply couldn’t match tonight, and it’s why we’re headed back to Cali, back to Cali.

Let’s do it:


-Tonight’s game was basically decided on three moments of brilliance from the Hawks, the kind of moments they can provide from anywhere. Kane with the deft flick at the red line that found Beauchemin simply wandering nowhere and Lindholm flat-footed for Saad to streak by. Hossa and Richards with a really neat interplay behind the net, and Keith showing the patience we’ve begged for to provide Hossa with an open net. Kane dancing around Beleskey like he was a kindergarten student right after nap time.

Oh, and the clincher was Andrew Shaw out-battling Ryan Getzlaf all the way down the ice. That’t Ryan Getzlaf, who must have at least 40 pounds on Shaw.

-Speaking of Getzlaf and his sewer alligator sibling, they were both -3 tonight and mostly unnoticeable. Perry had one shot. Yeah, I really believe these guys are going to turn into killers in a Game 7.

-People won’t want to hear this, at least some of them, but tonight proves that basically, Duncan Keith is the best Hawks’ defenseman of all time. He certainly will be if he isn’t already. He simply runs the show.

-The funny thing about tonight is that Frederik Andersen looked completely reversed from Game 5, and was very smooth and assured. The Hawks still got four on him. You have to be encouraged by that. All. Goalies. Break.

-For the first game this series, Q really tried to get Toews away from Kesler and had him out against Getzlaf most of the night. And while the attempts battle went to Getzlaf, I defy you to remember most of them. Meanwhile, Kesler saw his most amount of time against Kruger, and Kruger waxed him in attempts 10-3. And the Ducks lost. This is probably not a coincidence.

-Hey look, Bryan Bickell is not dead.

-In today’s program we beseeched the Hawks to use the middle of the ice to break out, considering how the Ducks were pressing them along the walls. But that’s easy from here. The Ducks are getting on the Hawks so quick on the forecheck the d-men have to snap passes to anyone in the middle, and that’s causing turnovers. There were a couple in the 1st that bounced off Vermette’s and Richards’s sticks, and it felt like the Hawks were scared off that method the rest of the night.

-The Hawks obviously took a step back once it became a one-goal game in the 3rd, but they did an excellent job of keeping the Ducks to the outside. The optics of this series are bad for the uninitiated. It looks like the Ducks are having their way with the Hawks at times with their constant cycling. But the Hawks are letting them have the perimeter and keeping them away from the prime areas. How many big time saves did Crow have to make? Two?

-Hawks fans may lament wasting the comeback in Game 5. Ducks fans may lament wasting the 37 seconds in Game 4. But when you wasted a Clayton Stoner goal…

-Hampus! Hampus! barely played the last 10 minutes of the game. This requires watching.

-I’m sure we’ll get even more noise about ice-time, and the extra day off here is no small matter. But the only abnormal total of time looks to be Hammer’s of 26 minutes, and even that’s not that stupid.

It’s all set up now. The one thing the Hawks haven’t accomplished in the Quenneville Era is win a Game 7 on the road. Good thing they’ll be playing a team that’s expert in providing that for their opponents.

  • ZigZags82

    Hawks played 60 minutes tonight.

    They get into a habit of that consistency, while advancing, they are better than everyone else despite any limitations. A SC is not out of question. Game 7 will be fun. Keep it going.

    Let’s Go Hawks.

    • Dangles-a-Plenty

      “Fun” is a rather loose term for Game 7s… I’d say borderline manic.

      • Sopel the catfish

        The important thing is that it is on a Saturday and I won’t have to work next day

    • Jim

      Lots of people saying the WCF winner wins the Cup. I’m not so sure it will be that easy.

      • Matt

        Yeah, the Rangers and Lightning both look pretty good. If the Hawks advance I’d say their opponent would be their toughest Cup opponent of the three.

      • Hags

        i’m with you. Although the Lightning scare me a touch more than the Rangers do. either team will certainly be a tough opponent.

      • Sopel the catfish

        I would give the edge to whatever team comes out on top Saturday (HAWKS!) but it isn’t the same slam dunk as last year’s WCF Game 7 determining the cup.

      • ZigZags82

        No one said it is. It never is. I firmly believe that the Hawks 60 minute effort is better than everyone else’s though.

        • Jim

          Hawks have been the best for years. It’s only by the tiniest of nano-margins they have lost in the last 6 years. Campoli (Van), Leddy (LA), Mike Smith(AZ). About 2 bounces from 1 more Cup for sure, possibly 2.
          They are right back to that bounce, I’m hoping they can get a 2 goal lead early in Game 7.

          • ZigZags82

            They’ll find a way to get the bounce they need this time. 60 minutes is all I ask.

          • At a minimum get the first goal. Seems to be a thing in this series.

            Next couple of days all Anaheim is going to hear about is how they’ve failed in Game 7s at home; first goal could let that seed of doubt blossom into full blown panic…

  • TitanTransistor

    First decisive win of the playoffs. Feels good man.

    • ZigZags82

      They absolutely positively can.

    • WookRN

      my hope is Anderson gets the “are you concerned going into game seven” questions Crow got in the Nashville series….split his head case open.

      Day off, rest both the legs and the “tired defense” narrative.

  • Dangles-a-Plenty

    If anything, this series just shows how momentum doesn’t exist game to game in the playoffs. It’s hard not to feel confident after that win. But remember, the Ducks quite easily got themselves within 1. Idk what the fuck the Hawks issue is with squandering big leads, but it makes me fucking nervous. But yes I’m aware they led all game and beat the Quacks in regulation, a lot can be said about that!

    • Michael Scott

      A bit of goalie interference helped them close the gap, though.

      • Dangles-a-Plenty

        Yeah but it still counted. I’m just saying Hawks haven’t really been great at keeping the lead this series.

    • Sopel the catfish

      A 3 goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey

      • ZigZags82

        Lol, narratives.

    • ZigZags82

      Every team makes a surge, you just have to withstand, and they should only have been within 1 (legally interference)

  • narya

    Speaking of rest and Keith: in one of the post-game interviews someone asked if they were looking forward to the extra day of rest, and Keith said, not a problem, we could play tomorrow. He was even more of a fabulous monster tonight than usual.

    • ZigZags82

      He wanted to play tomorrow lol.

  • reallyreally

    Whenever someone says “clutch” is a myth, I believe them. Until I watch Patrick Kane.

  • dinob0t

    I’ve been seriously impressed by Shaw these playoffs. He’s doing everything we knew he would do on the wing, minus any boneheaded penalties or serious gaffes, and with a few huge plays & goals to tie it together.

    • Jim

      Q has him playing 4th line wing, where he belongs. And his linemates are both good. 11 turns out to be a great pickup.

      • Dangles-a-Plenty


      • Matt

        At this point I’d be very happy to see Desjardins back next year if he’d come for cheap, but I suspect he might have earned himself some more money with his play on the Hawks, and in particular, the playoffs.


    Great game, Hawks seemed to win more of the little battles and wanted it more. Shaw out hustling Getzlaf was FANTASTIC!!!

  • ballyb11

    “But when you wasted a Clayton Stoner goal……….”

    No words can describe the hilarity.

  • Jim

    Great game. If there is any justice in the world, Hawks will win on Saturday. The Ducks are a dirty team, and that is their gameplan. The officials cannot call penalties every time an extra elbow, jab, punch happens after the whistle. It is great to see the Hawks win this with skill.

    Ducks boards saying Perry and Getz are both playing hurt.

    • Andrew Cieslak

      We thought Perry’s knee collapsed in the Calgary series and he only missed a couple of shifts. It just goes to show he really is the fucking judge from Roger Rabbit underneath his balloon animal body.

      They might be hurt but so is everyone else.

      • Jim

        I found a picture of Corey Perry interacting with Marcus Kruger after the whistle.

  • Jim

    Rundblad and Cumiskey were good. The minutes for Keith, Hammer were reasonable because of this.

    • Rodney Nelson

      I’d stop short of good. Rundblad was fine, Cumiskey still had a few pants-on-fire moments in his own zone. Then again, “good” for these two is probably playing even hockey at this juncture, which they did.

      • Jim

        Yes, “good” was speaking relatively. Before it was a goal was highly probable each time the puck was in their area of responsibility. Now a goal is just a distinct possibility.

    • Jane Doe

      At least good enough. And Runblad’s shot in the 1st period provided as much offense, if not more, than KT’s entire WCF.

      • Jim

        Kimmo’s playoff performance was certainly offensive.

        • Jane Doe


    • Hags

      I mean really they have been reasonable this whole time, at least through 60 minutes. the overtimes blew things way out of proportion.

    • TomC

      I will definitely take last night’s 5/26 performance over anything I’ve seen from 44 (or 32 before the ankle). As long as they’re not making terrible decisions, the added mobility makes everything so much easier.

  • Pete

    Who is Hampus Hampus?

    • Hags

      Hampus Lindholm.

  • Jane Doe

    Johnny Oduya quietly had a real nice game last night. More please.

    While I was ready to launch my remote out of the front door during Duncs shot fakes, maybe that was a eureka moment. With the Ducks collapsing hard in the middle and blocking everything in sight, maybe the occasional shot fake (or two) is just what the doctor ordered against over-committing forwards in the crease.

    • Blackhawk Pete

      Agreed. Oduya is very intense and he is as tough as they come.

  • Say what again

    I was watching NHL Live! prior to the game. Keith looked seriously pissed off on the way in.

    • ZigZags82

      It’ll be even better Saturday.

  • Nagomail

    The Hawks have won TWO Stanley Cups on the Road. We got this!

  • GoldenJet

    Holy crap, I am wiped out this morning! Gotta go back and watch some highlights. Great time in 328 last night!

  • Ryan

    Hawks still haven’t played their best and the Ducks have.

    If the Hawks can play close to their best on Saturday, it won’t even be close.

  • Hags

    I couldn’t agree more about Duncan Keith as the best defensemen the Blackhawks have ever had. without him, the Hawks aren’t even close to the same team.
    Related but unrelated, and maybe this is a discussion that can be had after the postseason is wrapped, but is it too much of a stretch to say that at this point in time there’s an argument to be made that Toews and/or Kane are the best Hawks ever?

    • ZigZags82

      You could definitely say Toews, Kane, and Duncs are the best Hawks ever.

    • CurvedBlade

      While it’s impossible to compare players from different eras, it’s hard not to vote for the 2 guys who have statues in front of the united center. Hull had 5 50 goal seasons, 3 hart trophy’s and 2 art ross’s.

      Athletes are bigger, stronger and more fit than ever. Today’s players would probably wipe the floor with guys from the 60s/70s. The only fair way to compare them is by who is most dominant in their era.

      Kane was threatening the scoring title when he broke the collar bone. Don’t underestimate how important it is that he have a quality center and winger to work with. Hopefully Richards can be signed and/or TT is ready to move back to center.

  • Shooter

    I didn’t see this discussed yet, but it seemed huge to me, that Hossa and Kane switched spots.

    Initial problems
    1. Hossa is getting burned out a bit in these playoffs.
    2. Kane needs to be playing more,and being put in positions to use his skills, so far Bicks hasn’t been cutting it in that regards.
    3. Kane’s line isn’t the most defensively sound, and eye tests seem to show they’re running around in their own zone more than they should.

    I think moving Hoss and Kane solves all three. Second line becomes more of a 2 way line with Hoss there, and you don’t have to drive them extra hard just to play Kane And now you’ve reunited kane/toews/saad, and boy do they look good.

    *BONUS POINT: You didn’t have to touch the bottom two lines which have been humming quite nicely so far.

    • ZigZags82

      Well actually Saad-Toews-Hossa is much more of a 2 way line than Bickell Richards Hossa, but yeah I get your point lol.

      • Shooter

        Sorry, yeah they were a far better 2 way line….line 1 just gets a little worse, and now line 2 gets a little better, but yeah I totally agree with you.

        • ZigZags82

          Also disagree. Line 1 gets worse 2 way, but overall the top 2 lines get better lol.

  • Preacher

    Here’s hoping the media jump on a new goalie narrative: goaltender interference! Crow has a serious argument that several penalties could have been called. (Of course, that will guarantee Shaw gets one called on himself in front of Anderson.) If the media males a big deal about it, the refs will listen.

    • Aaeismacgychel

      I actually agree. I would not be surprised at all if the refs call a borderline interference penalty early in Game 7 just to throw their weight around. If that happens, and the refs no longer allow all that contact in the crease, it will severely hamper the Ducks’ current gameplan. Would be interesting to see what results.

  • Ryan

    So, yeah. Turns out the Ducks really don’t have any fans, after all-

    I’m pretty sure Bettman and company are rooting for the Hawks and the Rangers.

  • CurvedBlade

    I’m still disgusted by the coaching. It took Q 5 GAMES to match Kruger against Kessler, and 5 GAMES to get Timmonen the hell out of there. Not to mention the horrendous mistake of game 3.

    NHL players don’t need this much coaching. They know how to play. They certainly don’t need someone who over thinks and micro manages. However this series goes, I never want to see Q coach in Chicago again. Dineen or Kitchen would probably be fine.