The McDonough Before The Storm

We enter upon Convention weekend, and after a deep run like the Hawks just had it seems like they’re starting another party before the last one has even ended. But they probably want to give these guys a full six weeks out of town or whatever. But with the convention starting, that means it’s time for John McDonough to put on his full court press. And he hasn’t disappointed again this season.

There are a host of reasons that David Haugh could have turned himself into the latest columnist/patsy with his Duncan Keith… I don’t know, expose? I suppose that Keith could have called him out of the blue to explain why he won’t be there this weekend. But given Keith’s wariness of the press and with everything else, that seems highly unlikely. I suppose Haugh could have found out Keith won’t be there and went to find out why, but again that doesn’t seem all that likely.

I’m not sure why the Hawks couldn’t have just announced that Keith would not be attending this convention due to a personal matter and left it at that. While some adult autograph seekers would have stamped their feet about it, any rational person would have barely made a noise and moved on with their lives. After all, it’s not really any of our business.

But now, we get the full story about Keith’s divorce, which has been known in Hawks circles for a while. And it’s really rare that you get this sort of thing. I’m having a hard time remembering other athletes who get their divorces spilled out in the papers, other than when it goes to court and some sensational details are for the public record (Hi there, Michael Strahan or Tiki Barber! Must be a New York thing). I can hardly recall an athlete doing the spilling himself.

(I think my favorite divorce story is Daren Daulton who was married to the original Hooters girl, and then had to take batting practice at the Phils’s spring training facility with a giant billboard of her outside left field staring at him after their divorce. Rough justice, that).

Again, this really shouldn’t be anybody’s business but Keith’s, his ex’s, and his son’s. I think the best part is where Haugh write about it and then two sentences later talks about the unfounded rumors during the season. Are you even listening to yourself, David?

Again, despite what a lot of people seem to think, I don’t care about it. Most of you don’t either. So why this splash? And the Hawks can’t have it both ways where they can put this out there, push the lives outside of the rink of their players onto their webpage and whatnot, and then get all huffy when other stuff they didn’t put out there also becomes news.

Obviously, this isn’t the kind of thing you want being asked during the season, but why put it out there at all? After Sharp’s gone? Distracting from the rough offseason? Really feel the need to explain Keith’s absence at the convention? Worried that his absence would cause a “KEITH’S BEING TRADED!” panic? What’s a good answer?

We certainly don’t need to make Keith any more heroic after that playoff run. I just find the whole thing confusing, even knowing whose fingerprints are all over it.

-If you’re going to the convention, it would be cool to get another important moment like we got last year when Casey Runthade (@Raedances) asked McD and the rest about their use of the Ice Crew and had them stammering all over themselves. This was probably the first important moment in the convention’s history.

I know it’s hard to get the mic in these things, but every year we ask if anyone can so much as get them to admit the ice surface at the UC is a problem. We’ve given up on solutions to that, we just want an admittance that for a team built on its skill and speed that often its surface lets them down. If MSG can greatly improve its playing surface, and similar climate/heavily used buildings like the ACC in Toronto or whatever the one in Philly is called now or even San Jose that don’t have these complaints, so can the UC.

Though if you want to go to the Hull Bros. panel and ask Bobby about beating the shit out of multiple women, I’ll buy you many beers.

  • CurvedBlade

    What goes on at a convention? It seems like it would be a “super fan, needs a life, fawns over celebs” kind of thing.

    • Jeff

      I went to the first one. Thought it was pretty lame. If walking by Brent Seabrook is exciting to you or if you like autographs and don’t mind standing in line for 3 hours for an autograph and/or a picture with a hawk player, it’s ok. I’m not into any of that so my GF and I walked around, shook Eddie O’s hand, sat and talked with Frank Pellico for a bit while he tried to pick up my GF (this was the highlight) and then we proceeded to hit the bar for the rest of the day. It wasn’t worth it.

      • GoldenJet

        As a season ticket holder, I go to their holiday event at Navy Pier. That’s plenty. I also don’t wait in any line for more than 20 minutes to get an autograph…even when I do, it’s only for the kids or for a charity auction item I’ll have them sign then donate.

  • Let me know the next time David Haugh fails to contradict himself in some way…it’ll likely be the first.

    • DJ

      Haugh has been a schmuck since his days in South Bend. His taking over the column once written by Lardner, Condon, and Verdi is yet another example of the decline of print journalism.

  • Bob Lanz

    I went to the convention in 2010 after the first cup. It was fucking awesome. Call me a meathead I don’t fucking care. It was an emotional time for me. Winning the cup and talking about it and fun stuff with the actual players everywhere. Coaches the gm and John D. I loved it. I didn’t go for hard hitting behind the scenes answers I went to celebrate with my team and yes I went to listen to the Hull brothers. I don’t condone what he did in his past at all. But when if ever is it time to move on? I don’t have that answer, but I was glad I went to hear their stories as my father had passed away that Nov. listening to them was like sharing something with my dad… That I will never regret or forget. So for this alone I say celebrate the convention don’t mock it.

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      Well I woulda mocked you but then while scrolling thru the convention schedule saw there was a panel about the 1971 Cup Final.

      At least a 1/2 dozen guys from the club including Bill White one of my kid years heroes. BELIEVE me if ol’ #2 (Yep was his number before Duncs;) was on this club now ALL of its dman troubles would be solved.

      Anyways I thought conventions were lame but willingly admit if I’d known of this panel I might even have tried to score tix to attend.
      So Bob Lanz consider at least one less guy snickering atcha as of today/

  • YoAdrienne

    So, how will they explain the absences of Seabrook, Hjalmarsson, Crawford, and Hossa? (I assume Kruger isn’t coming due to lack of contract.) Not that I really care. There are always some players who don’t go to the convention one year or another, and I don’t recall there ever being a need to explain their absences. I get the impression that a lot of them really don’t want to be there, and I have always assumed that they were allowed to skip a convention every X number of years. That’s probably what’s going on with the no-shows.

    I really don’t get why the Keith matter has come up now, either. Or, at all. Perhaps the levels of gossip in certain circles got to be too much, and they figured his absence from the convention would be the most opportune time to deal with it. I agree that it’s all kind of weird.

    • recoil

      I was there tonight, and there were no rumors about all the missing “core” guys or anything like that. To be totally honest, I was wondering with my friends if they just decided to give those guys the year off from the convention. Toews and Kane as the two faces of the franchise don’t get that pass, of course. But after three DEEP playoff runs in three years (two of which resulted in Stanley Cup wins) perhaps they decided to give those guys some much needed away-time…even from the fans. In all honesty, even being a fan at the convention, I don’t have a problem with that. Would it be cool to see all those guys there? Yes. But I feel they have earned some away time, and I’ll just have to be happy with our friend Stanley being there as a consolation prize 🙂

  • pnj

    I will also buy shots, if there’s video of asking ol’ #9 what its like.

  • jordyhawk

    I was at a rubber chicken dinner in Toronto a few years ago where Dennis Hull was the after dinner speaker. He had the lovable schmuck act down to a tee–too funny. Hard to know for sure, but you get the impression he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Bobby well, I guess all you can say is he shone so brightly although it seems a long time ago now.

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      #9’s spotlight was so encompassing it kinda left everybody – save Makita – in the shadows. I’ve read/heard Dennis Hull speeches were quite enjoyable. Would be a kick to hear if the opportunity ever arose.
      But just not much for crowds these days Must be getting old (Must be?
      I IS. ;-).

  • Aaeismacgychel

    While I don’t often disagree with you, Sam, I think there is a much simpler explanation. Rumormongering was at a ridiculous and completely unfounded (is it ever not unfounded?) level this season. In fact, it was so bad, I have a hard time believing it didn’t wear on Sharp or affect his game. Yes, Keith kept it together, but at times Sharp certainly looked unfocused and undisciplined and I don’t think the frustration he had was solely due to his on-ice struggles. And what the both local and national media did this past year was so far outside the lines of acceptable journalism somebody at some point needed to say something about it.

    Here’s the thing though, just saying something doesn’t work because nobody cares in that industry anymore and people love their gossip. So how does someone put an end to it? This was McDonough’s answer. It is very apparent to me that this is both a preemptive strike and an enormous eff you to the media. First off, this announcement puts an end once and for all to what certainly would be pervasive rumors that Sharp did have an affair with Keith’s wife and that’s why he was shipped off and Keith was getting a divorce because once the Keith divorce went public, that’s the first thing media members would bring up. So problem solved there.

    Second, telling the story that Keith is going through a separation and divorce, that he kept that silent for an entire year and from the media despite the constant rumors that a teammate was sleeping with his wife, while not speaking bad of her or dragging her name through the mud, while also saying that what the media was gossiping around was completely unfounded, and yet he still overcame it to lead the team to the Cup and win the Conn Smythe, is a clear middle finger to the media. It makes the media feel a bit guilty for basically making a bad and serious situation worse through malicious gossip and Keith meanwhile comes off as a classy guy with self-control who was way above the evil media. And the effect here is two-fold. First it makes the media not want to rumormonger in the future for fear of “targeting a cripple” or “kicking a puppy” and second, they don’t want to be embarrassed and called out for their lies. This will make the media less willing to ask objectionable questions without having proper sources, and nervous to even ask the tough questions in general. That’s another problem solved

    Third, it’s no coincidence that David Haugh was picked for this expose. Why? Well that’s simple- It was because it became news that Sharp came up to him right after the Finals and thanked him for not delving into the rumormongering during the season that was a hard time for the team. So this expose was his reward for being an appropriate media member. Other media members will see this and understand why he got this expose as the Blackhawks raised his status to “trusted source”. This reinforces the fact to the media that if they want to get real stories and the real truths behind the scenes, they need to play ball and be “responsible journalists”. That’s the big win here.

    In any case, that’s why this is going on now at this time. It’s a brilliant PR move to put the media in their rightful place. McDonough may be many things, but he certainly does know how to do his job. And I think this move shows off his ability

    • Aaeismacgychel

      Well that was a long post, but I finally used paragraphs!

    • guesthouse

      You know this website made a post about the whole Sharp off-ice drama before any local print or radio was running with it, right? It’s been over a year now.

    • HossasPierogi

      Basic journalism is state the facts and name your sources as proof. Haugh does that; many others don’t. I hope the Hawks shun media reporting unsubstantiated rumors of a personal nature.

  • Eric Ericson


    I´m a longtime Hawks fan from Sweden. With a question about why the UC won´t or will respond to fans about their name being in NHL 16.

    There a lot of Hawks fans and fans from other teams in the gaming community that are being ignored by united center. I have tried to contact both the Chicago Blackhawks and united center as well. But nobody wants to explain what the f..ks!!!! going on.

    I find it a bit strange that EA sports can get the licens or paperwork sign by the other 29 teams sponsors in the game. But when it comes to UC nothing, zero. Its in NBA 15 live ( same company EA) over the years.
    Free advertising, right.

    The last time it was in the nhl series were in NHL 11. Note that it was when the merger between Continental Airlines an United Airlines in 2011 was done. Is it becasuse of the logo or rights? Who knows? Noone will give a explanation or respone. Just silence.

    The Chicago Blackhawks can have both Toews and Kane on the cover on NHL 16, they will also have the their unique goal horn and Chelsea Dagger in the game. Even Tommy Hawk, can you belive it. (All this missing in NHL 15).
    They have won 3 CUPS in 6 seasons. But can´t get an authentic and real arena atmosphere.
    The big bad guy in this drama is united center. Keeping on to a policy like the old man did on allowing home games on TV it seems like.

    Plus we as Blackhawks fans deserve to be respected and represented the right way. Even do it´s a game.

    Here are some tweets from the socialmedia up to this date from fans BEING ignored:

    Come on @United @UnitedCenter. Don’t be the one company/arena that is too good for their fans.

    @- I wouldnt be surprised. The United Center name has been in in the past NHL games…

    @UnitedCenter Please, please release the license for NHL 16 from EA Sports Stadium UNITED CENTER writing as a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks

    @United @UnitedCenter We want the #Blackhawks arena in #NHL16!

    @Rammer34 Can you let us know if you guys get United Center?

    @- @- @Rammer34 Why does nba live 15 have united center.

    So “Chelsea Dagger” will be in NHL16 but not the @UnitedCenter? Come on United Center give @EASPORTSNHL permission already.

    @Rammer34 That stinks.

    @- 6 jul
    @united @UnitedCenter @NHLBlackhawks , give us fans our house ! @EASPORTSNHL #ItsInTheGame #nhl16 . #Chicago

    If I remember correctly they have so far 29 of the 30 but were still trying to get them all.

    I can only make 1 guess right now for what arena won’t be in the game

    I really hope that they have the UC in the game this year. It just feels wrong playing a current NHL game in the old chicago stadium or a other arena

    They won’t EA UFC has “chicago arena” instead of the united center.

    United is a hell of a company to get marketing rights from.

    (I think Chicago Arena might never, ever gonna be in because of United Center disliking of the Hawks)

    This just upsets me so much. Being a long time Hawks fan I would’ve loved to see it in the game. Of course my team is the one who’s arena isn’t licensed…

    Can anyone speculate as to why they would have problems licensing one of the NHL arenas? Why wouldn’t the Blackhawks want United Center in the game?
    I really can’t see the downside, especially if you’re being paid to have the arena’s likenss used.

    No united center???
    I live in chicago and am very upset that it says CHICAGO STADIUM or another name on the ice than the UC.
    I guess they did not get the license to u use the UNITED CENTER. Sucks 🙁

    Re: No united center???
    It’s been like this for years, if not always, if I remember correctly.

    NHL 11 is the last game to have the United Center licensed, I wish they would get the rights.

    Re: No united center???
    It’s a shame this is another year where they don’t have the UC in the game.

    I think this problem was after Continental Airlines and United Airlines merged in 2011.
    The old rights to the United name and the new logo was not probably not valid after that.
    (The Airline kept the “United” name, but swapped to Continentals logo – the blue globe).

    One thinks it should’ve been sorted by now though.

    But it will still be Chicago Arena (or whatever it is called in the game) right?

    HLHornsandSongs retweetade
    Frozen Faceoff ?@FrozenFaceoff 6 jul

    Dont blame EA Sports, they just need a signature. @united just doesn’t value hockey fans. @unitedcenter bad PR

    Lets get United Center licensed in #NHL16. EA just needs a signed waiver.

    @EASPORTSNHL will the united center be in the game?
    EA SPORTS NHL ?@EASPORTSNHL 12 hours ago@- Hi, -. We don’t have any news on the United Center at this time. Keep an eye on our official channels for updates.

    And on and on and on like this it goes. I find it embarassing, sad and straight fu..ed up. How can you as a company keep ignoring the fans or customers like this? The united center can and are doing it. I know that it will be the same generic arena once again Thats a got damn shame.

    Do what you will with this information. The Chicago Blackhawks and last and not least the united center has done that.
    Hopefully more people and fans contact and pressure the united center on whats going on with a respone or them give us an explanation.

    Thank You for listening

    Best Regards

    • Wow, you are generally upset by this, aren’t you?

      • OMFS88

        I want to believe.

        • Eric Ericson

          I see….Then call the US goverment and talk to the cancer/smoking man…Or I mean the United Center Company!!!!

      • Eric Ericson

        No, not at all. Im glad that the other 29 teams wanna be in NHL16 and join the 21st century. If you as a gamer want the real thing you either buy a ticket and go to the UC or if you a gamer like me buy an old copy of NHL11. This policy seems very familiar or???? Almost like when the home games weren´t on TV. Its 5 years and counting now. Hey, but who cares….The UC don´t anyway!

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      I’ve had one or two marriages lasted shorter time than it took getting to the bottom of this post. And ended less acrimoniously. NOT a gamer me.

      • One of the oddest posts I’ve ever read here, that’s for sure.

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      @ Eric Ericson – Hey hope you’ll accept an apology for my snarky comment.
      Any Hawks; fan – especially in another country – is a cool guy. Lots of gamers out there, more power to y’all. No excuse for dicky comments, My apology again.

      • Eric Ericson

        Apology accepted. Lets get a 4 Stanley Cup in 7 seasons!
        Go Hawks!

    • OMFS88

      The truth is out there.

      • Eric Ericson

        You can only get the truth from the United Center Company!!!!

  • DJ

    The cause of Bickell’s vertigo: an infected tooth

    Dental care is an underrated thing.

    • jordyhawk

      As my buddy Ian (his dad had a practice) used to say “the dentist is your friend”. I any event, Bickell had some decent stretches last year and he is not as bad as he is made out to be. If he cannot be moved then hopefully he will be healthy and can be resurrected. He may just surprise.

      • Hockey Newbie

        If we do keep Bicks, and by all reports we most likely are, here is hoping that there is a slight correction in SH% and he pots a few more goals and points this year. Curious to see how a player like him would do, if Q would stop juggling lines so much since his confidences seems shaky at times.

      • 60MinutesBaby60

        If #29 is on this club for the ’15-16 season, #16 won’t be.

        Now I’ve always – tried – to cheer Bickell on (not always the easiest thing) – Hell EVERY year since BOS I’ve predicted 50 goals for the dude – but if it comes down to one or the other, here’s hoping the guy finds a good new DDS in another town.

        Sorry but the NHL Salary Cap makes for some cruel break-ups

        • jordyhawk

          It comes down to brushing AND flossing. You need both.

          • 60MinutesBaby60

            Love a dental office cleaning visit. If my insurance allowed more than twice annual, I’d schedule one every month.

            PS – Dentist I go to keeps 3 hygenists on staff and I’ve a mad crush all 3. They’re all hitched unfortunately. @#$%!.

  • Brain Sprain

    Sam poured gasoline on the fire last year with that post about Sharp fighting another player bull. Bernstein read it on the air. Later Sam said he didn’t have any sources. Dirty pool all around and Sam was in on it. Kane and cocaine jokes in the past too. So now high road? Complaining about Blackhawk damage control? Whatever.

    Ice girls are awesome!

    • GoldenJet

      Kane cocaine jokes? It’s pretty well established that Kane had a serious problem with blow. A couple of his party buddies on the team were specifically shipped out of town…and Kane was coddled by law enforcement and protected. Now, after 2 more Cups…the team’s treatment of Kane has obviously paid off. There’s zero doubt he was heading down a bad road after the first Cup.

      Sharp isn’t much different than a lot of professional athletes. The wedding ring comes off on road trips. Did he bang Keith’s wife? Probably…Did it cause the Keith’s marriage problems? Doubtful. Wouldn’t be the first time a close friend fooled around with an unhappy wife…or whatever the situation happened to be. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Keith’s reconcile eventually…maybe not…but, they’ve been close friends since high school.

      I don’t really see the article as damage control…I see it as closure. Sharp is out of town. This is the end of the discussion. Let’s move on.

      • Brain Sprain

        The point of my response was that Sam is complaining about the article bc he views it as damage control. He even says it’s nobodies business but the Keith’s. But he was part of the gang pilling on. Even getting it more mainstream by the 670 clowns reading it on air words for bloody word.

        Then making jokes on Twitter after Sharp scores a goal, “will your wife take you back now?”. Hockeenight guys calling him lizard Dick, Bernstein saying the team was mad at Keith bc he wouldn’t submit to being cuckhold while #10 banged Kelly Rae.

        So he is complaining bc they are addressing shit that comes from people like him, sports mockery, & Bernstein.

      • HossasPierogi

        Your sources?

        • GoldenJet

          Re Kane: At least one person with ties to both the team and the CPD.

          Re Sharp’s wedding ring: At least one of the women who he had made the moves on. Multiple women in the group recognized who he was.

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      Brain bringing some pain. Like BBickell I need novacaine.
      Let it rain. Hey there’s my train!

  • wihawkfan

    Hello all,

    I’m hearing from my friends in Chicago that is it being leaked that saad specifically told his agent that he didn’t want to be traded. That he wanted to stay and was willing to take less to do so. That bowman offered $5mil and saad’s agent countered with $5.5. That’s when bowman traded saad. Saad was stunned.

    It all sounds believable. I’m just looking to confirm the part about saad telling his agent he wanted to stay for less and his agent blowing it.

    Can anyone here confirm anything like this?

    • Brain Sprain

      I would listen to Chris block on this topic. Chris has stated Saads agent isn’t the best and has a modest content list. He needed to get a big deal for credibility according to block.

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      Post trade phone call from Saadr’s fiduciary to him:

      Saadr picks up: You got the Manchild, shoot.
      Agent Zero: Manchild baby! Who loves ya?
      S: My mother. Any news?
      AZ: Well I got some of the good kind and some maybe not so …
      S: (Takes phone from ear looks at it semi-annoyedly)
      AZ: Brando baby you there big guy?
      S: Yeah I’m here.
      AZ: Well that douchebag Bowman just traded you.
      S: (Drops phone.)
      AZ: Hello?
      S: (After a minute or so stoops down picks up cell phone.)
      S: WTF you talking about, traded?
      AZ: Hey caught me off guard myself (Nervous chuckle)
      AZ: But you’re gonna love your new team.
      S: I already love my team – the Hawks
      AZ: Not anymore the fuckhead moved you – to the Bluejackets.
      S: Columbus? I HATE that fucking cannon.
      AZ: Yeah okay well but get used to its blast Brando cuz you’re gonna be firing it off from here on out.
      S: Hey man I said I WANTED to STAY in Chicago man.
      AZ: Hey Brando I gotcher back man. It’s all good bro.
      S: (Stares at phone, then fires it against the wall where it explodes .
      AZ: (Into now dead phone connection)
      AZ: Saadr? Saadr baby? Brandon?

    • CurvedBlade

      This is all nonsense, really. What ever Saad said, didn’t say, wanted, or didn’t want — makes no difference. The hawks don’t have the cap for him, Kruger or Oduya. It wasn’t someone’s mistake. It was what had to happen.

  • Just the Facts

    A few points regarding this situation:
    (1) Normally I agree that a player’s personal life is his own. However, in this situation, I disagree for two reasons. First, the Hawks go out of their way in their marketing to talk about the family atmosphere, to feature the players’ wives, kids, parents, etc. as part of the Hawks’ philosophy. If you are going to do that, you really can’t complain when people point out the negatives. If you want family to stay private, keep it private, don’t use it as part of marketing. Second, if it is a personal situation that affects the team (such as some of situations the rumors described), it is fair game to ask.
    (2) Why do people keep referring to “unsubstantiated” rumors? If the idea is that the journalist doesn’t have any sources for the rumors, then fine. But if the idea is that the journalist has the sources, but simply chooses not to run the stories, and that makes them “unsubstantiated,” then I don’t buy it. If the journalist’s philosophy is that she/he doesn’t run stories about personal lives, then fine. But then don’t run the “good” family stories as if they are relevant.
    (3) How can a journalist run a story talking about rumors without specifying the rumor and asking if it is true? Earlier in the year certain Hawks were quoted talking about the “rumors” trying to portray sympathy for the Hawks. But as far as you could tell from the articles, the journalists never asked these basic questions. If you are not going to investigate the rumors, then don’t run a story about them. That just makes you a shill.
    In sum, it would be nice if there was any coverage of the Hawks (other than on this site) that actually told the good with the bad. Most of the coverage is simply a regurgitation of notes from the PR that the Hawks feed the reporters. I don’t read coverage for that. I read it for honest analysis and telling the good with the bad. It seems that the reporters almost never break a story because they are afraid to be shunned by the Hawks. But since that “access” is simply to the PR machine, you don’t really need that kind of access to do your job.

    • Brain Sprain

      Your analysis of being shunned doesn’t hold water. When Bernstein spread bullshit about Sharp and Kelly Rae, the ice girls, and cheryl scott the blackhawks didn’t shun 670 or even the afternoon cucks.

      I think they should have shunned 670. I also think Comcast should have taken a harder line after the stupid boobs tweets and ABC7 should have stood up for Cheryl Scott more after the absurd Bernstein tweets.

      • Just the Facts

        I don’t think Bernstein is getting any exclusives with the Hawks anytime soon. If the press covering the Hawks aren’t afraid of getting on the Hawks bad side, why does almost every piece come off as shilling for the Hawks? And why do stories regarding the Hawks (and I’m just talking trades, injuries etc., not the other nonsense) always seem to break from out-of-town reporters rather than the guys following the Hawks beat.
        You may be right that they are not afraid of being shunned, I guess they just aren’t doing a great job of covering the Hawks. Almost every piece of “news” is something from a press conference rather than actual investigation and reporting.

        Curious how you know which stories are “bullshit” and which are not given that the denials usually refer generically to “rumors?” I don’t know what happened and if the reporters want to stay away from this type of story it won’t bother me. But don’t cover denials of the “rumors” if you choose to not address the subject head on. Otherwise it looks as though the reporter is simply taking the Hawks’ side of the story without doing any sort of investigation.

      • Lionel Hutz

        How quickly was Susannah Collins fired after they found out she wore a bikini on TV?

    • HossasPierogi

      If you don’t name the source, it’s unsubstantiated. For reasons of national importance (Watergate, for example), not naming sources may be OK. But for this kind of personal stuff, running a story without naming sources is akin to spreading rumors and hearsay.

  • jordyhawk

    Tracy Myers tweeted on this so I’ll throw it up on a slow hockey day. Wow.

    • Sopel the catfish

      Today is a good day for whiskey

    • CurvedBlade

      The wet suite might have saved him. He didn’t smell or taste like food.

      • GoldenJet

        I think the shark was going after the shape of the board/surfer combination…It resembles a turtle or a seal, iirc.

        The surfer said the shark got caught in his ankle tether line connected to the board and couldn’t get away…pretty fucking harrowing being suddenly tethered to a shark. That probably spooked the shark and it left him.

        Still, looked like a big one.

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      Well so much for this pair if undies, Yikes!

  • Lou

    Here’s a question for the convention. Why do we play that fucking Boston song by that washed up Boston band that writes songs about the fucking Bruins at every fucking home game?

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      Well whoever’s in charge of music still thinks Stranglehold by Nugent is cool. Heard that being played as Qstache did that model runway entrance thingy to kick off HawkFest2015.. One of the more psychotic songs ever when you stop to think about it.

      Will confess w/o (too much) embarrassment this track by Tyrockasaurus Ted has always been rockin’