Telephone, Telephone -NHL Rejects NHLPA’s Latest Offer Via Voicemail

In an utterly predictable turn of events, the negotiations over the last 60 or so hours ended with a resounding thud not too long ago, as Bill Daly reportedly informed the Fehr brothers via voicemail that the PA’s latest offer was wholly unacceptable, and that talks would not continue any time soon and all other previous offers were now off the table.

Pardon me while I yawn.

Over the past three business days it had become clear that the major sticking points in this whole mess were the length of the CBA (league wanted 10 years with an option after year 8, PA wanted 5), and the contracting rights of the players, specifically the maximum deals. Nonsensical air-raid siren and Bruins play by play guy Jack Edwards had reported some specifics of the PA’s most recent offer from the always nebulous sources, so take it for what it’s worth:

If it’s assumed that these figures are correct, then the league’s reaction strikes me as a clear power-play in the waning moments of this dyslexic arms race. Everyone and their brother, including all the principles involved on both sides knows that things are close, and to flush it all down the crapper at this point would be folly. But then again, this is the NHL we’re talking about here, and it’s also common knowledge what the penalty for giving them too much credit is.

The initial blow-back from this is going to be moaning, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, perhaps even moreso than we’ve already encountered over the last 81 days. There already has been, and the Fehr’s didn’t even bother to call back to the league to seek clarifcation. Additionally, there are still two more press conferences to be had tonight, so who the fuck knows what hyperbolic fear mongering will come out of each side’s mouths. Either way, stay tuned, and try to not let all this get to you.


  • 2883

    to be honest at this point I care more about your yawn, are you getting enough sleep?

  • Fk betman he is the worst thing that happened to NHL I give him no credit for any thing good that has happened since he has been there

    • putmeinthemadhouse

      That’s just silly.

      • Black JEM

        If some ot the tweets are to be believed – yeah I know – it appears that the players still felt they could get more, or more accurately Fehr told them they could get more. I heard the buy down provisions that were in the 10 year deal offer made the split go to 50/50 after 2 years – first year 55 and then 52, then 50/50. If that is true – and the money the owners put on the table for the extra CBA years so the weaker teams could buy some time – then this seems a huge gamble by Fehr. The owners of course have now said their offer is gone.
        I hate them both, but if we are being told accurately the offer provisions are as they are – and the only other real sticking point is the maximum player contract length – I heard the free agency and years until free agency were unchanged from last the CBA provisions – then Fehr is just trying to get more. It is his right. But the next time someone posts that Bettman is a dick because he is worried about his employers’ wallets I suggest you take a look at the other side as well.
        We will see if the moderate owners from the big markets are willing to really jack up the revenue sharing provisions.

  • ahnfire

    The CBA “Negotiation” is the craziest reality show ever.

    • AirTrafficAJ

      Is Gary Bettman Snooki? Or more of a Honey Boo Boo type character?

  • justforkicks

    i hate everything

  • Z-man19

    So what’s next on the agenda to talk about besides hockey?

  • PainSt

    Its high time to hire replacements and offer the contracted players 50 cents on the dollar to come back

    they will still be the most overpaid athletes in a major team sport

    • PainSt

      As there isnt much danger of successful anti-trust litigation since the NHL is an international corporation in direct competition with the KHL and even the more minor european leagues, the playing field has changed and the owners are offering way too much at a time when they should be rewriting the rules in their favor
      its not a vanity business and there should be money to be made for even the doggiest of teams
      95% of the players would still come back for half the money

  • BodomSlayer

    We’re witnessing a once in a lifetime opportunity here. To watch the demise of a long time professional sports league. Fuck both sides of the argument.

    • Z-man19

      It’ll survive Bodom, but both sides can still screw themselves

      • 10thMountainFire

        At this point, I think the post second lost season in a decade league will be irreparably damaged. Perhaps even more so than we can anticipate in the most pessimistic terms right now. I think the damage could approach ‘catastrophic’.

        • BodomSlayer

          They are all idiots. The biggest part about this, to me, is that owners are trying to escape their own stupidity. They created this scenario 7 years ago and are mad because they figured out a way to cheat it.

          • 10thMountainFire

            I agree 100%. Also, fuck lock-outs and strikes.

        • Z-man19

          I’ll disagree but admit its possible. There is little evidence to suggest hockey will suffer any long term damage from this, part of the reason it’s happening in the first place

  • 10thMountainFire

    Bettman and the owners planned all along to shit away the entire season if the players didn’t move low to their demands. We’re just now realizing it… the owners and Bettman think it provides them leverage to hold until the players de-certify. This is sick.