Take Away This Ball And Chain: Hawks 5 – Ducks 3 (Hawks Win Series 4-3)

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Maybe it’s better that the Hawks won it this way. After all, other teams got to enjoy coming back from 3-2 to win a Game 7 in Anaheim, so why should the Hawks be left out? The Hawks were clearly not going to get caught stretching and yawning in the 1st period as they did in Game 5, and Toews had them up two barely halfway through the 1st. Though no one would say it out loud at the time, I’m sure most felt the game was already over at that point, considering the Ducks’ reputation and history. The Hawks had to weather some storms, Crow had to make a couple big saves to keep the gap where it was, and after Getzlaf earned an assist on Saad’s goal (rounding out his complete passenger performance in this series), the Hawks were content to sit back, absorb, and break when the Ducks got over exuberant. Considering how many odd-man rushes the Hawks had from the 2nd period on, they could have (and perhaps should have) put up seven or eight. Hossa was the only one able to pot one of those breaks, and it’s debatable whether it should have counted.

But no one cares about that and it probably wouldn’t have made too much difference. It’s onwards and upwards for the Hawks, so let’s clean up this series before we look forward to Tesla coils and Petty references.


The Two Obs

-A lot of people probably already have been and are assuredly going to try and break this series down with this matchup or this factor or this reason why the Hawks won and the Ducks lost. You’ll get everything from GRITHEARTFAAAARRRT to Q putting Toews and Kane together or some intricate facet. To me, it’s pretty simple.

Frederik Andersen’s SV% in Games 1-3 was .957. The Hawks went 1-2. Games 4-7 it was .844. Hawks went 3-1, and that one is basically only because they took the 1st period of Game 5 off and couldn’t quite reel it back in. Nothing about how the series played out other than Andersen’s performance was surprising, and the Hawks didn’t change all that much throughout the seven games. They just stopped running into a wall at the other end.

-So there’s our confirmation that Bickell is hurt. Considering the speed and size of the Lightning, you wonder if he’s really all that needed in the next round. A question for another time, though.

-Hossa had six shots, so I guess he doesn’t mind skating with Brad Richards. Saad had five shots, so I guess he doesn’t mind skating with Patrick Kane. If Teuvo is given the 2C role next year, Saad should conceivably skate with Kane most of next season. That’ll be on the entertaining side.

-It was pretty telling to me that even after Kesler got the Ducks on the board late in the 2nd, there was a sense of resignation with him and the Ducks. Considering the miracles the Ducks have been pulling in the 3rd all season and their penchant for scoring spurts in this series alone, was being down three with 20 to go so unreachable for them? They looked defeated well before the final horn. Not that I get into body language and all that jazz, but I noticed that one for some reason.

-On Toews’s first goal, Francois Beauchemin was more concerned with Hossa standing in the corner than Toews in front of the net. But keep telling me about how the Ducks have three first pairings.

-I think Sami Vatanen just got beat in the neutral zone again.

-I suppose another factor in this series is that the Ducks’ 3rd line went completely missing after Game 4, basically. Certainly were nowhere to be found in the last two games, and were completely buried last night in possession, and it was mostly Richards and Hossa doing it to them. With Getzlaf  flattering to deceive again and Kesler preoccupied with Toews most of the series, the Ducks needed that third line to keep doing damage. It didn’t.

-It has been a while since Q got that match-y up-y on the road, probably 2010. It’s obviously something he didn’t want to unveil until he absolutely had to, and clearly with Toews dancing on Getzlaf’s scalp it worked. I don’t know what Boudreau could have done, other than tell his team to win a fucking faceoff more than once an hour to keep Q from doing that. But with the Hawks changing that much you would think rushing the puck up as quickly as you can would be something you’d employ, and it felt like even when the Ducks had the puck they let the Hawks completely those quick changes.

-So Bruce Boudreau, you’re now 1-6 in Game 7s, all at home. I feel like that producer in Boogie Nights standing over the overdosed girl. “Maybe it’s time you get some new shit, what do you think?”

-I say this in surprise, but Kyle Cumiskey hasn’t gotten anyone killed since he came in, and considering the speed the Lightning have he might actually be slightly more important in the Final.

-Boy those hits are really wearing down the Hawks.

-All that said, this kind of has the feel of 2010 when the Hawks beat the Canucks, knowing that the Hawks would have to at best stay in place the following season. Considering the age and the cap situation of the Ducks, one would think they will enter next season as West favorites, as the Canucks did in ’10-’11. Which will make their 2nd round loss to the Kings all the much more hilarious.


  • Say what again

    Are you saying BrianfuckingBickell is hurt because he sat? Or have you heard something? Wasn’t he all over the ice in game 6?

    • Shooter

      I think Q mentioned bickell and kruger should be “okay” health wise for scf.

    • ZigZags82

      As long as they’re playing and helping win in the SCF, all that matters.

    • Lionel Hutz

      I imagine if it was not a 4 and 3 goal game we may have seen more of them. Bickell had one shift in the second and none in the third.

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      Meanwhile Shaw is usurping Bickell’s place as most bothersome Hawk standing in front of the crease with his ass in the goalie’s face.

  • jordyhawk

    Good mention on Cumiskey who has been refreshingly inconspicuous. Good speed, good compete level, keeping it simple. Liking it.

    • ToucanStubbs

      And to be fair, I thought Rundblad played well enough too. I saw him make some good, confident passes and that shot of his never disappoints. I firmly believe we can win it all with this level of play from those 2. Nothing special, just good enough to eat a little ice time and not get buried.

    • Dangles-a-Plenty

      Agreed. The kid can skate too. He doesn’t seem panicky which is a fucking shocker since we’re used to #6 dman doing their best Nervous Nelly impersonations. “Keeping it simple” yes please.

      • Hockey Newbie

        Nervous nelly? Are we fans of the Ducks now?? 🙂

    • Jim

      I think Cumiskey could be an upgrade on Roszival (RIP). Especially now that they are playing a speedy team like Tampa.

  • Brandon Murray

    I agree with this notion that Bickell is hurt, but I noticed a graphic back in game 6 that he had put up 98 hits and led the playoffs in that category.

    Great recap as usual, better recap simply because we won the game. It was a war to be sure and one that I took way too lightly before it began. I’m willing to admit how wrong I was about the Ducks.

    Looking forward to a SCF where speed and skill are at the fore front of both teams. I expect less physicality, more skill, and speed for days. Goalie wins could make or break this series, so Crow we need ya for 4 more.

    Like I said in the game thread last night, let us raise one more Cup before the band breaks up forever. Let’s Go Hawks!

    • ZigZags82

      As long as we get to 4 wins first I don’t care lol. And the band ain’t breaking up. Just a few guys. Nowhere near as bad as ’10. Probably just Bickell, Sharp, and Oduya. Send them off the right way with another Cup!

      • Hockey Newbie

        But you also have the potential loss of Richards, Vermette as well as needing to resign Saader and Kruger to be sure. I sure hope we can get Saader under a team friendly contract, at leat a short term contract before his play warrants one much higher.

        • ZigZags82

          You are all losing those players. There is no huge cap crunch believe me.

  • Jane Doe

    The way Crow was tracking the puck last night, after the first 2 minutes, I never really felt the Hawks were in danger.

    Couldn’t believe Kesler took that penalty right after scoring. It’s too bad he’s been on two asshat teams, I really like him.

    Marian Hossa only 13 minutes? Here’s to hoping Q was just getting him some rest for the Final.

    Who woulda thunk Andrew Desjardins would be the best mid-season pickup? 17 minutes for him, 18 for Shaw. Will be interesting to see which line they draw.

    Hey! Look! No ‘too many men’ penalties! Hallelujah! Holy Shit!

    And thanks, Fels, The Colonel always makes me smile.

    • jordyhawk

      I was thinking the same on Desjardins. For as much as most of us loved Benny, his game went flat this year and for much of it that line seemed to be playing to break even (Nordy sure doesn’t help there). The immediate chemistry amongst 11-16-65 stands out. On the cycle it’s like they’ve been together for years.

      • wihawkfan

        As a bonus Desi has helped Shaw learn to control his penalties while still playing with his edge.

        I’m thinking of the game against the Wild when a player from the Wild got checked in front of the Hawks bench and reached across the wall to punch Shaw while he was sitting on the bench. Shaw would’ve gone head-hunting the next shift (maybe the rest of the game) but you could see Desi talking him down on the bench right after the punch. Desi has brought a professionalism with him.

        • Hockey Newbie

          Desjardins felt like a consolation prize but you are right he has been a godsend, and versatile as hell. Still think I like Vermy for best midseason pick up tho.

  • cza

    It looked like Bickell hit the boards by the bench a little too hard.

  • DestinyandBalance

    Bickell played well in Game 6. Glad he is apparently ok; Kruger too – we will need him for PK. Bickell can cancel out Callahan or try to overpower the triplet line.

  • seabsrat

    I would never have thought Andrew Desjardins would be as big a factor as he has been in these playoffs. What a pickup. He has some size, can play physical, is responsible with the puck, can kill penalties and has a decent amount of skill especially for a 4th liner. Really love what I’m seeing from #11.

    • DanO

      Totally agree, and I’m hoping he pays off like the last guy we got from SJ that went under the radar during the 2013 Cup run. Zus was misused the following year, but he was instrumental in the playoffs that year, I’ll never forget the sliding SH goal to open up Game 4 in Boston. And like Zus, Desjardins was mostly a non factor and healthy scratch in SJ, hard to believe a guy like that couldn’t help a team that missed the playoffs.

    • Michael Kearney

      Hes been a pleasure to watch.

    • JB from PA

      So would you do the deal again? I’m thinking… yes.

    • jekyll1489

      If we’ve nick named Teuvo, can we please steal a bit more Thrones lore and call Desjardins “Wun Wun?”

  • CurvedBlade

    Why I hate the ducks, part 1:

    Does Getzlaf have some sort of booger fetish? Every time the cameras were on him he was blowing snots all over the bench. EVERY TIME. It made me sick and if I were a team mate I’d tell him to cut that out.

    • Brain Sprain


    • pasha19

      It’s called a snot rocket. Not defending the guy–he is indisputably an ass–but he probably has exercise-induced rhinitis (yes, this is a real thing.) You can’t keep snarfing it back up all the time.

  • CurvedBlade

    Why I hate the ducks, part 2:

    They need a sports psychologist BADLY. For 5 games they smothered us with a relentless fore check. Then, inexplicably, they stopped doing that and gave us skating room. Look what Saad can do with open ice. He’s going to win the lotto in a few weeks. I just hope it’s the Illinois lotto.

    Did they tire themselves out with all that pursuit and hitting? Or are they head cases who choke in the big games? I think this might explain Andersen’s degrading stats as well.

    • ZigZags82

      Getzlaf ain’t the best leader……….

      • jordyhawk

        ….but neither is Kesler. I read one of the Duck boards today and many were calling for Kesler to be replace Getzlaf as captain. Seriously…they want a pouty, ill-tempered, self-absorbed pseudo tough-guy whose love of dishing it out is only matched by his inability to take it. Had to laugh at that. At least Getzlaf owns it (or did after game 6).

      • wihawkfan

        Your Messier Leadership award clear cut winner was on display yesterday, thank you very much.

        First 2 goals in a must win game 7 on the road?

        Last minute and a half of game 5 of the series?

        Oh Captain, my Captain.

  • Bobby Otter

    It took six games, but the Ducks D was who we thought they were.

    And once again, Seabrook turned off the lights.

    • ToucanStubbs

      Its amazing how quiet the praises have been for a D-man with 6 goals in 17 games.

      • wihawkfan

        Right?!?! Seabs doesn’t shoot that often but when he does it’s a dagger.

        Not just the power of his shot but when he scores. Always big goals.

        In OT when the announcers place their bets on who gets the winner, my money is always on Seabs.

  • ZigZags82

    Another body language note:

    OC beat writer noted how the Hawks didn’t really jump off the bench or celebrate when winning the West yesterday. Just sort of went over the boards and did all the necessary TV stuff. Shows you this team isn’t satisfied and is on a mission. What a squad.

    On the other side, Tampa mobbed the ice and was ecstatic off the bench for comparison.


    • chiswede

      And Stamkos went and accepted the trophy by himself while Toews brought everyone over.

      • ZigZags82

        Also true. Hmmmmmm

        • DJ

          Inexperience of a sort. I remember the media discussion about trophy acceptance etiquette. They all appreciated that nobody wanted to flaunt the superstition of not touching the trophy, but argued that the teams should do something to show some respect. The Hawks, and I think the Bruins figured out a clever solution — have everyone skate over for photos, while not touching the trophy.

          You’d have thought the NHL people would have grabbed a Lightning player post game and suggested it to them. Oh well, not a big deal.

          • ZigZags82

            Still mobbed the ice and were hooting and hollering. Hawks certainly weren’t doing that last night………

      • Jim

        It looked like Toews called an audible to bring everyone over. I’d like to see them pick up the trophy, and then win the Cup anyways and do away with that ridiculous tradition.

        • birdhead

          Crosby did that in 2009, I believe.

  • Vito

    Hawks did some great things around the net(Anderson) and it paid off plus the Ducks were more interested in pounding Hawks D on the forecheck when they should’ve kept boxing out the Hawks forwards like they did in games 1-3, Hawks kept on coming and coming in fast waves

  • cza

    Stats update:

    Hossa is now 34th all-time (2nd among actives) in playoff scoring (140). He’s 10 points behind Mikita, who ranks 27th. He is the best playoff Slovak, 35 points ahead of Peter Stastny.

    Kane is 8th among actives in playoff scoring (111). He has a chance at passing Zetterberg for 4th (119). Kane is also 5th *all-time* among Americans, only 11 points behind Roenick.

    Keith is 27th all-time among defensemen (72). He’s 3rd among actives. He’s eight points away from 20th.

    Toews’ balls are three standard deviations larger than the average captain’s.

    • cza

      Special Corvus splendens addition:

      25th all-time for playoff wins (41). If he posts four more to start the parade, he’ll be tied with Esposito and Quick at 21st.

      15th all-time playoff save percentage (.920): tied with Bishop and Belfour. He’s 27th all-time in playoff minutes, playing four times as much as Bishop.

      30th all-time playoff GAA (2.28 over 70 games). Bishop is 22nd (2.15 over 20 games).

  • bmarlowe

    Corsi/Fenwick heavily favored the ducks the 1st 2 periods – does this show that there is sometimes more to the story?

    • Jane Doe


    • Yes, let’s take forty minutes of hockey wherein one team is consistently trailing and make it yet another referendum on the effectiveness of statistics. Seems like a productive use of everyone’s time.

      • bmarlowe

        Sorry this did not meet your definition of “productive.” Fels apparently thinks a link to natural stat trick is worthwhile-my comment was directed to that link. I guess there is nothing new that could possibly be said about this. Even if it’s not new, it may not be old to everybody. Where are you listed as the guardian of what is fit for discussion here?

        More substantively, the stats don’t take into account the numerous highly effective odd man counters the Hawks had in response to the extended zone time the Ducks at time had. And 2 periods is a small sample size.

        • Jane Doe

          How exactly do you define ‘effective odd man counters’? Personally, I use that new advanced stat called “Goals” and the Hawks scored none last night if memory serves.

          • bmarlowe

            An odd man counter attack that leads to a good scoring chance. Like Hossa’s goal in the 2nd. Also the penalty caused by Hossa’s amazing steal in the 3rd while the Ducks had substantial pressure causing a 2 on 1 counter leading to Fowler’s penalty leading to Seab’s goal. There were more that lead to A+ scoring chances (for Kane in particular).

        • “Where are you listed as the guardian of what is fit for discussion here (is that what a moderator does)?”

          This is actually funny. Well done. Also, get bent.

          • bmarlowe

            “Well done.”

            Thx but I don’t need your kudos. You can pack it up and shove it somewhere. (:

    • ZigZags82

      Certainly doesn’t seem like it……….

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      SOG was as useless a stat as hits in this series.

  • Dangles-a-Plenty

    “Brandon Saad fucks” -ToS

  • BigCSouthside

    Exactly the game I was looking for. A clean, efficient kill. I missed watching it for a Rolling Stones concert, but watched later. The Hawks are just plain good at series play. Probably the hardest team to knock out in the NHL.

  • Lord Greypuck

    Lord Stanley’s within reach,
    There’s nothing to teach,
    And very little to say,
    So stick with what works,
    And don’t be a jerk,
    Coach Q stay out of their way!!!

  • narya

    Boudreau DID tell his team to win a faceoff more than once a fucking hour–though he cleaned it up for TV. Seriously; one of the interviewers asked him what his team needed to do and he said “win some faceoffs.”

  • CurvedBlade

    Why I hate the ducks, part 3:

    Sore, whiny losers. Quote by Pat Maroon to LA times reporter —

    “I know they’re a good hockey team over there but we’re a great hockey
    team too. We have better players in here than they do and I think at the
    end of the day we need to be better.”


    • Lionel Hutz

      Well, when you have 3 top pairings in your d-corps…

    • Guackyhawk

      As long as they keep believing that, WE will be just fine . . .

    • It’s so funny how everyone was “so close”

    • HawkIPA

      He had me convinced

  • luke

    Love Desjardins too,Richards also surprised although I knew he was capable of it.pretty much everybody played well after game 5.sitting timonen was inevitable and playing playing four d-men a ton of minutes didn’t sink the hawks like everyone thought it would great job boys!

  • Jim

    Man, glad to see Anaheim gone. Hated everything about them, starting with their philosophy of hitting. I’m hoping that some Hawks don’t have unreported broken bones. The BlackHawks took a physical beating in that series.

    That was one of the saltiest and quickest handshake lines I’ve ever seen. Not many pleasantries exchanged there.

    How about Corey Perry? I knew he was a jerk, but after 7 games we found out if there was an annual award for douche-baggery, Perry leads the NHL. But in an Eddie Haskell sort of way, not like Matt Cooke, who is a psych case.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    I bought a new car yesterday. I decided that if the Hawks won, I would name it after the player who potted the GWG, or after the player of the game. It is now referred to as Captain Panda.

  • jordyhawk

    NBC Sports site actually selling Western Conference Championship gear. You’d have to the kind of guy who went to the orgy and was happy getting a hand job to buy that.

  • Sopel the catfish

    Please tell me that you guys will be writing a eulogy for the ducks, I don’t care if it is the puck daddy one or not, but I would thoroughly enjoy a CI eulogy.

    • Dangles-a-Plenty

      I second that.

    • meme gene okerlund

      I think BoC has it this time

    • It’s Battle of Cali’s Stace of Base handling the Ducks eulogy. You will NOT be disappointed.

  • rhodes

    At least Tampa has their priorities in order. You have to give them that….


    • B.I.G. Forever

      Don’t people remember Chris Gaines?

  • “So Bruce Boudreau, you’re now 1-6 in Game 7s, all at home. I feel like that producer in Boogie Nights standing over the overdosed girl. ‘Maybe it’s time you get some new shit, what do you think?’ ”

    This is why I love this site.

    • Raul Miller

      What’s not to love? Great hockey coverage, humor, cultural
      references and tales of debauchery; it’s like we’ve died and gone to Valhalla.

  • “Frederik Andersen’s SV% in Games 1-3 was .957. The Hawks went 1-2. Games 4-7 it was .844.”

    While I doubt I have to remind the author, this prescient sentence from the Game 5 preview is absolutely worth repeating here – “Generally when the Hawks crack a goalie one game, they tend to stay that way.”

    I think of all the Hawks teams of recent vintage, this one is the most cold-blooded. I joke that they’re T-800’s in sweaters but sometimes I feel like that’s not so far-fetched. We’ve seen this team destroy everything in sight with impunity and we’ve seen this team look hapless and beaten, only to come back with a vengeance when they absolutely had to, and like the Terminators from the movies, you better be absolutely certain they’re dead before you even think about declaring victory.

    Wednesday can’t get here soon enough, somehow I know the time between the end of WCF Game 7 and the start of the Stanley Cup Final is going to seem even more interminable than the gap between the Wild and Ducks series’. Very much looking forward to the boys strapping it up and riding the Lightning to another Stanley Cup.

  • B.I.G. Forever

    Blackhawks showed in Periods 1 and 2 that Fenwick/Corsi fails tofactor in human emotion and will power or experience. This years Hawks squad doesn’t want to go away and I think the core vets played knowing this could be it for a while, with at least one year of realignment ahead of them. This franchise turned around when it acquired Sharp, the first of it’s vintage core and all signs point to him being the first to go once the final horn sounds and the Cup gets handed to Toews. The aftermath of this run will be planet shaking and remnicent of the heart breaking 2010 post season exodus. Imagine a cap-less world where this team would have retained Buff and Ladd, oh the humanity.

    I hated the way Corey Perry played. I hated when he ran into Craw. I hated when he tossed Hossa stick to the ice. I hated Kesler. We are one lucky fanbase to witness the maturation of TOEWS and KANE and the others. To go 49 years and then attempt 3 in 6 years is unbelievable. For fans like myself who watched this even at during those sad late 90’s and early 00’s years nights like last night are surreal. From the moment that first line went off the ice 4 seconds in I knew it was over.

    Hawks in 6.

    • DJ

      <Blackhawks showed in Periods 1 and 2 that Fenwick/Corsi fails tofactor in human emotion and will power or experience

      That’s like saying RBIs aren’t a valuable statistic because they fail to factor in the strength of a player’s throwing arm. They’re not designed to do so. Fancy stats are not the be-all and end-all, and a person’s enjoyment of hockey as a fan need not rely on them one bit. But if you’re actually working for a team, you damn sure know the importance of Fenwick/Corsi, and how to properly use them.

  • mediabaran

    Feeling like a dead duck —
    spitting out pieces of his broken luck.
    Whoa, aqualung

  • Rock

    Kidding but not really, Is Sharp still on the ream?
    Ducks have a lot of size and talent but no heart and can’t close.
    And the last comment on the Ducks…Emilio Esteves can Suck it.

    • DJ

      I checked his twitter. After the game, he congratulated the Hawks. Then made a second tweet saying that earlier in the week “the coach from the Mighty Ducks movies broke into my home and took over my Twitter account. I had him arrested. #orderrestored.”

      Well, all right then. No hard feelings.