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Morning Links 12/20

Again….Please:(USA) We have heard your chants before: (TSN) The waiting game sucks…Lets play Hungry Hungry Hippos: (CBC) Another Victim of the lockout: (Edmonton Journal) They just want more: (Vancouver Province) Another Kane forced to apologize: (TSN) Screw it..Maybe Canada can … Continue reading

Morning Links 12/5

Constructive Day but could this be Entrapment? (Chicago Tribune) (Spector’s Hockey) Saving the Hockey World like James Bond:(Sportsnet) Merchants near NHL rinks are losing money like The Great Train Robbery: (TSN) Will an angry owner speak out, Never say Never..again:(Toronto … Continue reading

Morning Links 11/21

It may take a Miracle: (TSN) They must be prepared for a Backdraft:(CBC) Somebody better make an Executive Decision: (Globe and Mail) Hawks brass are good Winter People: (Comcast Sportsnet) A new date for many Tequila Sunrises(Puck Daddy)