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MLB: Detroit Tigers at Chicago White Sox

Morning Links 9/13/13

Hoping for a healthy happy Hossa Comcast  Bickell too: Chicago Tribune This is only here because it made me laugh, guess why: Fox What’s that cliché about athletes after they sign big contracts: CSN For pro athletes he is kind of right: TSN This makes no sense: Sunbelt Hockey Geno is on … Continue reading


It’s late at night when the demons come, so you’ll excuse me for just writing something (even though it will pop up in the morning on your feeds and browsers). But hey, I feel like venting, and you’ve allowed that … Continue reading

Morning Links 1/4

Clusterf*ck:(TSN) Legal Response:(Sportsnet) Well atleast one team’s fanbase has a reason to smile:(Toronto Sun) Why he is the man: (CBC) Canada was a bit salty: (SB NATION) A Mighty Ducks Retrospective: (LA Kings Insider) Drunk Russian Hockey:(RT)

Morning Links 1/3

              Domination: (TSN) Disclaimer Passes..Talks to continue:(Sportsnet) This could be cool, but I doubt it will happen:(Puck Daddy) Its hard enough: (Sportsnet) A slice of Hockey Heaven: (CBC) Team Canada members embrace new roles:(Toronto … Continue reading


A Lump Of Coal

Up until this point of this bafflingly insipid lockout, I’ve kept an arm’s distance from getting too emotionally invested in the day-to-day goings on in these so-called “negotiations”. At my core, I knew that there was going to be a … Continue reading


Morning Links 12/18

Nothing: (TSN) Support Group: (Grantland) Can Canada save the NHL? (Sportsnet) Make whole with the fans:(CBC) Barriers in the KHL:(Pro Hockey Talk) Second NHL Team in Toronto can’t happen: (Puck Daddy)