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It's soft hands, not soft goals.

Morning Links 1/21/13

6-4 (Chicago Tribune) Revenge:(Comcast Sportsnet) Doing Work:(Cheer the Anthem) Childlike:(Puck Daddy) Spoiler:(TSN) What the fuck is going on in Rockford: (Puck Daddy) (The Third Man In) Why is he still talking: (Sportsnet) Captain Classy:(Comcast Sportsnet) Honeymoon is over:(Globe and Mail) … Continue reading


Morning Links 1/10/12

Owners Ratify CBA:(TSN) SoCal on January 19th: (Chicago Tribune) Your Captain is waiting:(Comcast Chicago) Consequences and Repercussions:(Chicago Suntimes) How Scum will adjust without Lindstrom:(NBC SPORTS) Everyone’s Drunk Irish Dad is out of a Job:(CBC) Blame Luongo:(Sportsnet)