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NHL: San Jose Sharks at Chicago Blackhawks

Morning Links 2.19.13

Game Day: (Daily Herald)(NHL) They are ready: (Vancouver Province) Aiming for History: (Pro Hockey Talk) Good for these players: (Puckdaddy) Soviet legend remembered: (RT) Do players need to be saved from themselves? (The Score)

Morning Links 1/8/12

Happy..Happy..Happy: (Chicago Tribune) Captain Serious might be smiling:(Daily Herald) Healthy Hoss:(Chicago Suntimes) Apparently Jamal Mayers is tired already:(CSN Chicago) 13 Storylines:(NHL) Why fans wont stay away: (CBC) The new CBA: (Down Goes Brown) Words cant express how happy I am … Continue reading

Morning Links 12/20

Again….Please:(USA) We have heard your chants before: (TSN) The waiting game sucks…Lets play Hungry Hungry Hippos: (CBC) Another Victim of the lockout: (Edmonton Journal) They just want more: (Vancouver Province) Another Kane forced to apologize: (TSN) Screw it..Maybe Canada can … Continue reading


Morning Links 12/18

Nothing: (TSN) Support Group: (Grantland) Can Canada save the NHL? (Sportsnet) Make whole with the fans:(CBC) Barriers in the KHL:(Pro Hockey Talk) Second NHL Team in Toronto can’t happen: (Puck Daddy)

Morning Links 12/14

Isn’t so much me as it is Roenick: (Fox Chicago) This isn’t fair!!!!!!(NHL) The Waiting Game Sucks: (TSN) Now what?? (Sportsnet) The Owners already won:(CBC) Twinky Winky plead guilty: (Toronto Sun) The Simple Things: (Styrofoam Playground)