• bannerman

    I like Duncan Keith at 5-1 for the Conn Smythe though I feel like that is a dumb thing to bet on since it’s so easily fixed if need be.

  • FeatherHead

    Thinking the same thing, 5-1 is good odds… But man can that be rigged.

  • Sopel the catfish

    Gross, Bishop is a cardinals fan, and he loves entourage. I used to like that guy.

  • rhodes

    Reading the Bleacher Report series overview,


    the author likes TB’s top-six but feels there’s a steep drop off after that. They’ve been dressing seven d-men, so they don’t even dress a full bottom-six (lately, anyway—that might change against the Hawks).

    I could see Q splitting up 19-88 to start the series to see if that consumes the TB match-ups around stopping the Hawks top two lines. Sounds like they might run out of bullets after that. Our 3rd line could run rampant—and Sharp is due.

    • jhb

      The fact they carry a 7th defenseman is interesting considering they have Jonathan Drouin sitting around. I bet we see him in the series, especially if the Lightning have nothing to lose one way or the other (up or down in the series).

  • CurvedBlade

    The sun times is reporting TVR could be ready. But I think things would have to be pretty bad for Q to give him a try after all the down time. I think it would take another injury.

    • Sopel the catfish

      TVR for Bickell, Cooper thinks he can roll with 7 D then so can Q (and then after Timmo plays for Bickell in game 3, he can get is name on the cup if things all go according to plan)

    • Jim

      He’s been out a long time, and only had limited action after the knee, and before the wrist. But after Game 6 and Game 7 in Anaheim, I have restored full faith in the guy with the mustache.

  • Jim

    Can’t get a handle on this series. But I’ve learned to trust in the Hawks. The Bolts are capable of losing games big, the Rangers dropped 5+ on them at home a couple of times. Hawks in 6? Be nice to see them win one in the UC, what a sight that would be.

    • Hags

      this is what I sincerely hope will happen. 99% of Blackhawk fans have never seen a Stanley Cup celebration on home ice.

    • I sincerely hope that is the case