• wardrums

    I said early on this season that Baby Hoss would be singong for about $5 mildo next year. A lot of people said more like $3 mildo.

    I’ll give 10-1 odds, Saad does not sign for less than
    $5 mildo.
    Probably a five year deal

  • jordyhawk

    Q says he wants balance. Does that mean balanced scoring? attempts? possession? defense? I really don’t know, but it should mean the latter two. The teams are averaging scoring just over two goals a game (fewer at even strength) so on a per game basis balanced scoring doesn’t really exist. I hope we go back to what makes most sense (we all know the basic combinations).

    The tactical issues we should focus on are 1) better exits 2) space for Kane (although he’s got to fight through more) and 3) Hedman (we gotta do something to at least disrupt him). Crunch time boys!

  • SuperHawk27

    In what world does Saad leave the Hawks organization let alone put on a Penguins sweater…..I guess they need something to talk about in Pittsburgh other than Malkin wanting to leave.

  • Sopel the catfish
  • HawkVision

    Verdi, with the good words again…


    Joe, you’re doing/have done a terrific job, sir. Can we add Verdi’s wraps in the rotation?