Stanley Cup Finals Morning Links 6.5.2015

All quiet on the chomping front:ESPN CHICAGO

TVR? Let’s Go Hawks

Yes but only for Vermette:BU

**Listen to Spiegs & Goff, for Sam’s spots & Jason Goff has the best nickname for #80**

Literally…Sweet Jesus! PD

Probably not:NBC

Well its hard to get warm in a skybox:TS

Yes if he isn’t cute:SCH

Sour Grapes…Draft

I figured this was fitting:Chicago Tribune

Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all:USA TODAY

For the foodies:NY Times

This is going to keep happening:Montreal Gazette

I heard a lot about most of it, but what I did hear, I did not hear any of that:TSN

Non-Hockey but Wow:Globe and Mail

  • guesthouse

    If the Flyers had drafted Kane, they would have already traded him for Phaneuf, or something equally stupid.

  • SuperHawk27

    Lightning coach Jon Cooper called Tervainen’s goal a “seeing-eye
    single” after the game, but gave the 20-year-old rookie credit where it
    was due on Thursday.

    “It was a nice play,” Cooper said. “He threw a puck at the end that
    probably [nine times out of 10] doesn’t go in. But it went in for him. I
    think that’s what happens to players of his skill level. Pucks have eyes
    for those guys.”


    So a 10% shooting Percentage? I think every player in the NHL would take those numbers.

    • 334Rules

      Seeing eye single, eh? Kind of like the goal his team scored, which might go in once in a thousand tries? Let’s be real, Coop – except for Killorn’s miracle shot, your team got shut out.

  • What was the nickname Goff gave #80?

    • Joe DeTolve

      The Brother Antoine…In reference to his first name being a common African American first name. I doubt anyone would take offense to this and probably find it hilarious. Why I love that show is the openiness and god forbid the ability to laugh. However I didn’t want to be responsible for the possibility of some bullshit Twitter firestorm if I wrote it in links…Palomino’d

      • Oh Joe, there will definitely be butthurt over this nickname, don’t you worry about that. It’s from people who should just be ignored anyways, but it will be there. Definitely a good idea to leave that out of the links in my opinion.

  • RE: Globe and Mail link…

    Oh man, that Chuck Blazer/luxury cat apartment slant on the FIFA story just slays me.

  • 334Rules

    While I do like “Finnish Baby Jesus,” I believe that Hossa has given us a new, sine-plus-non moniker for Teuvo: Finn McCold!