• Bannerman

    I don’t see how they could trade Seabrook this off season when so much of the rest of the blue line will be in flux with the departures of Oduya and Roszy. From a PR standpoint, it will be a lot less painful to let him take the truck full of money that Edmonton should have the good sense to offer him in free agency.

    • mazer_rackham

      If they are going to lose him for nothing next summer, and they don’t think a Cup is attainable for 2015/2016 then it would make way more sense to trade him, get a good return for the future, and lose a few more games.

  • ‘hawks58

    That is an insane number, that would make him the 2nd highest paid defenseman behind Subban.

    I suppose if I’m Bowman, I keep Seabrook, see what the price tag for Green ends up being in free agency (Seabrook will certainly command more). Once you are approaching the deadline, you can explore trading Seabrook if an agreement hasn’t been made and it looks like the team is in full rebuild mode.

    I think Sharp and Crawford are both underrated and will be missed if traded, but Seabrook would be a devastating loss for a depleted blueline. Even a down version of Seabrook is a clear #3/borderline #2

    • Bannerman

      If you’re Edmonton, you have to overpay for a FA that can help turn things around ala Campbell signing with the Hawks. Seabrook becomes their team captain, credibility given cups won and fills their most obvious on ice need. It’s not insane from their perspective.

      • ‘hawks58

        That Campbell contract was insane too. Had it not been for Tallon and the Panthers, it could have really handicapped the Hawks.

  • BigCSouthside

    SCF starts and my wife and I start a diet where I cant even fucking drink. This could get rough.

    …Maybe if I just skip lunch and dinner…

    • Sopel the catfish

      Time for liquid bread

      • BigCSouthside

        Beer counts as carbs, and its made of plants so that should cover the vegetables, right?

        • Sopel the catfish

          Totally, pizza can account for all the major food groups too

  • jordyhawk

    It seems likely we will lose Seabrook at some point and it will be a huge loss. The good news is that we have three guys (Johns, TVR, and Paliotta) who are near or ready to fill in on the right side (four if you include Pokka but he probably needs at least another year or two with the Hogs). That leaves 2 and 4 on the left side (where Dahlbeck would have nicely rounded things out). The price of success but at least we have a visible plan.

    • SuperHawk27

      If Johns can stay healthy. If TVR can stay healthy. Pokka doesn’t seem to be anything more than just a guy. Paliotta. dunno much about him yet.

      • jordyhawk

        Paliotta had a great (senior) year. He is big, good defensively, and has come around on offense. He has flown under the radar but really climbed the org chart this year. No guarantees on him but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he is as good a prospect as Johns and TVR although maybe a bit behind right now without any pro experience. Stan apparently worked hard to sign him as there was some fear he would stairwell us.

      • ‘hawks58

        Health is always a question with any player, especially prospects.

        What makes you think Pokka is ‘just a guy’? He was 2nd on the Hogs blueline in scoring

  • Oy the comments on that Seabs blog . . . anyways I love you Nachos and if getting all that skrilla is what’s most important to you, then I ain’t gonna be mad at you if you leave when some bottom-feeder makes it rain. But you’re gonna look real, real weird in anything other than an indian head sweater.

    • Jim

      Sorry but $8M for Seabs is a non starter. Not with the Kane/Toews contracts on the books. And he’s going to decline soon. Seabs has come up with so many big goals (those heavy heavy blue line howitzer shots in OT that somehow find their way through).

      The Keith deal at 5.5 doesn’t look to bad now.

  • Matt

    Don’t like that Seabrook number if it’s true. If you’re Bowman, you probably need to try to push hard for an extension this offseason (which would kick in only after his current contract expires) with the idea of “Hey buddy, we love you and we hope you sign an extension with us… but if you don’t, we’re going to have to trade you”. I would hate to lose Seabrook, but the Hawks probably aren’t winning the Cup next year and I’d even moreso hate to lose him for nothing after a Cupless season. If he’s not going to sign an extension you need to get some solid value for him.

  • Brandon Murray

    I think they find a way to keep Seabs. Do I have any evidence to suggest this? No. Do I have an insider feeding me information? No. Am I 100% sure of this? No. Just a hunch, a gut feeling, a hope.
    Now that is some hard hitting journalism, no?

  • Sopel the catfish

    Saad jersey arrived this morning, ran home during my lunch break to get it. Gotta love business casual dress code with an office full of Hawks fan.

  • YoAdrienne

    The Seabrook blog strikes me as a bunch of wishful thinking by some in Edmonton. Seabrook “could” command $8 million/yr. But, that doesn’t mean he’ll be offered that, except maybe by Edmonton. They offered Hossa an exorbitant amount of money at one point, as well. We all know how that went.