• Say what again

    Happy face? Paying 80% of the bundled price for the unbundled version? I’d rather pay the full monty and watch all the games I want.

    • BigCSouthside

      Im starting to think the only thing that makes it worth it is if they don’t black out national games. I would pay for Game Center if I could watch all the national games and the playoffs online

      • Joe DeTolve

        It’s a start for all leagues to start caving to start losing on all the BS blackout rules.

        • chichicagochi

          None of it is worth the prices they are charging. I’ll stream tonight’s game in HD from Canada for free and get Hughson on the call instead of listening to Pierre buff his head with shinola

      • ‘hawks58

        Disappointing that the blackout restrictions are still in place.

        I fortunately live in an area with CSN Chicago, so I get the vast majority of the games, but I do not live in the immediate Chicagoland area and do not have access to WGN, which means I am shit out of luck when games are put on channel 9 (since I’m listed in the blackout area, I cannot watch on NHL.com if I wanted)

  • Bannerman

    It’s going to be a long day today. So many thoughts running through my head.
    I like that the media are all but guaranteeing a game 7. But I can’t help thinking that this team, this year doesn’t do anything the easy way. Kucherov has been their best forward and likely won’t play or will be playing hurt. I keep thinking about him not playing and someone like Ben Smith comes out of nowhere for the ‘ning and scores a big goal. So many people are so confident. I always find that unnerving. At the same time, doubt this team at your own peril.

    • Preacher

      Who in the media is guaranteeing a game 7? All I keep hearing about is that the Hawks can win it at home. 1938! Madhouse on Madison! National Anthem! 75-0 under Q! Blah,blah, blah.

      I’m hoping the Hawks are tuning all that out. They need to play like their season ends tonight.

      • HawkVision

        Watching The Sports Reporters on Sunday morning (yeah yeah, I KNOW, ESPN SUCKS! etc etc etc) and Bob Ryan, “…when this goes to a seventh game, and THERE WILL BE a game seven…”
        Then, I couldn’t believe, the lone guy on the panel that’s actually somewhat considered to be a “hockey guy”, John Saunders, “Remember the Blackhawks had a chance to eliminate the Ducks at home in game six last round, and didn’t do it.” /facepalm
        Nice effort, fellas. Go back to discussing Lebron ad nauseam.

  • Preacher

    I guess it’s understandable, and I know they’re only talking about it because they’re being asked questions by the press, but I’m a bit unnerved by how much the players are talking about winning the whole thing already. The last two times I remember them being much more guarded in their responses and pretty much saying, “No, we’re not even thinking about that. We still have a game to play.” This Lightning team scares me. This isn’t the Ducks, whose mental toughness is in question. This team actually believes their smug little coach’s BS. I hope our boys think this is game 7 and play with the necessary urgency. Let’s Go Hawks!!!

    • HawkIPA

      I think they’re handling it just fine. Toews is on point:

      “Obviously there’s a lot of buzz, a lot of excitement, a lot of things going on around the entire event,” Toews said. “I think we’re just going to do our best as individuals to focus on our job as players and focus on the game and nothing more.

      “None of that stuff is really going to help us achieve what we want to achieve.”

    • Jim

      Once the talking is done, and the hockey starts, it’s just the game. And the Hawks are very good at hockey.

  • wardrums

    If, and that is still a big if, the Hawks hoist Cup tonight, do you think Tazer gives to Timmonen first? What are the odds Timmo’s eyes get a little misty.

    As Mick Jagger sang about the Cup, “you make a grown man cry…:

    I know winning the championship in any sport takes a herculean effort, but geting yoir name inscribes on the Cup is the hardest.

    Winning tje US Open might be a close second! Theres just as much mental anguish.

    Go Hawks!

    • Lionel Hutz

      Absolutely to 44 first. Not sure who after that. Richards?

      • HawkIPA

        Vermette probably. But this is very premature.

      • limoman

        My vote is for Rozival.

        • wardrums

          I like that option.

    • I prefer Mick’s “Loving Cup” lyrics in reference to the potential for tonight…

      “Give me little drink from your loving cup.
      Just one drink and I’ll fall down drunk.”

      • BigCSouthside

        Just saw them, those old bastards can still rock. British rockers are indestructible

        • HawkIPA

          I wish that were the case, then we’d still have Lennon, Harrison, Strummer, Bonham, and Moon. But yes, whatever Keith Richards has done to keep himself not only alive, but playing damn good guitar into 2015 is extraordinary.

          • BigCSouthside

            yeah, no idea. He looks like he should be dead. He needs to be studied

          • wardrums

            Hes a zombie, im convinced

        • I give them credit for still going, but I sometimes regret having been born too late to enjoy their heyday. This song gets me every time…


  • HawkIPA

    Heart goes out to Stan Mikita and his family. His dementia has gotten so bad, he can’t even remember lacing up the skates. One of the best ever. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/hockey/blackhawks/ct-stan-mikita-blackhawks-spt-0615-20150614-story.html#page=1

    • Joe DeTolve

      I just read this and started crying #winitforstosh

      • jordyhawk

        Me too. I knew he was struggling but nothing like this. There is no greater Blackhawk than Stan; for 22 years he stayed and even though it started with a bang in the end it was pretty lean but he stuck it out. Have to admire Jill; she is clearly one tough girl but that only helps so much. Just heartbreaking.

        • Brandon Murray

          Stosh was, is , and always will be the man. I lost my grandfather to dementia almost 2 years ago and it was painful watching him slide into this abyss of nothing for 10 years before he went. #winitforstosh

      • GoldenJet

        Yep, tears running down my cheeks right now.

        Win this one for Stosh, boys

    • Sopel the catfish

      Win it tonight and get the cup into his hands, that may help bring back some of memories. They need to talk with Gordie’s family and check into the stem cell treatments that he’s gotten

      • DJ

        Howe’s maladies were stroke related. As amazing as the results were, I’m not sure they translate to what Mikita is suffering from. Couldn’t hurt to inquire, though.

    • HawkVision

      Absolutely heartbreaking. Win it for Stosh (among others too), boys!

    • Oldfarthawkfan

      This makes me so sad. As a kid my dad’s tickets were 2 rows behind Jill Makita and her mother. His father in law sat right behind us. I had a Blackhawk sweater with the logo on each sleeve, and 21 under. What a class act. What he did for the deaf through him starting his hockey school for the deaf was and still is amazing. Thy should give him a Masterton trophy, even though he is not an active player.

  • Lionel Hutz

    Anyone actually going tonight? Just curious and looking for show of hands.

    • Feenux

      I don’t have any tickets yet, but I think I’ve entered every single free giveaway drawing available. Here’s hoping that I get a nice phone call around noon today telling me I’ll have two tickets waiting for me a will call.

    • WhiteSox_History

      STH 222, row 8

  • GoldenJet

    328 Row 2, one of the best locations in the House to watch a hockey game. We’re going to try and get down there between 430-5.

    That sportsmen.ca piece linked above is great.

    • Lionel Hutz

      330 row 10. Profile pic is most up to date one I have. See you there.

      • ItNeverEnds

        322 row 6

  • jordyhawk

    We haven’t won anything. All that matters is we have a game tonight. Starting with the first shift get pucks deep, play as a unit, and get pucks to the net. That’s all there is. Everything else is noise. That’s all the players should be thinking about and all I am going to.

    • Sopel the catfish

      Confident, but not cocky. Calm cool and collected like the Captain. Once puck drop happens though it’s Sopel Time.

      • jordyhawk

        Absolutely. It would be nice to own this one from the start, but given no team has had more than a one goal lead in this series at any time (that’s insane!) it’s likely going to be more of the same, so we have to stay calm as you suggest. Fortunately, we have done it before (many times) so we have that.

        • Sopel the catfish

          The calm is interspersed with periods of extreme rage and joy during the game 🙂

          • The nagging question is…what will the ‘Cat’ be imbibing tonight?!?

          • Sopel the catfish

            As is par for the course there will be an ample amount of Seabrook’s 7s (that’s the Seagrams 7 and Barq’s for the uninitiated) there will also be the case of Yuengling that came home with me from Cincinatti, and a whiskey yet to be named that my friend is bringing. I would also wager that shots of Red Stag will be had at some point as well. Going to be a fun morning tomorrow… especially since I’ll be leading a training session for a few of our reps that will be in town. It will all be worth it though.

    • Antiprog

      Quick exits, beat the 2 man forecheck and turn it into good chances

  • GoldenJet

    I’ll say this once again…It all starts with clean, efficient passing and clearing of the defensive zone. The offense will take care of itself.

    Control the puck and the Hawks control their destiny.

  • Brandon Murray

    I can not remember a time where I was more nervous. In 2010 and 2013 I knew that if we somehow lost game 6, we would be tied and headed home for game 7. Now, our destiny is literally in our own hands on home ice. As many have said, doubt this team at your own peril.

    As I have said over and over, I will not. I believe in this Hawks team. I believe we are witnessing something special, something for the history books. This team knows what is at stake and will play a game like we have never seen.

    As for the outcome, I won’t guarantee a winner or anything other than a 1 goal hard fought game because that is what they all have been. I have hope and I have belief, just like millions of people in Florida do as well. I’m nervous, my stomach is in knots. I want to see that thing raised at center ice on our logo badly. Let’s Go Hawks!

  • jagdpanther01

    “Don’t get cocky, kid!” Go ‘Hawks!

  • Antiprog

    Since stamkos and johnson are struggling , TB d men are taking more chances . This should translate into more quick exits and possibly oddman rushes . PP entry and contending with aggressive PK is crucial for better chances at the net

  • Lionel Hutz

    Kucherov probable. And Timonen with the quote of playoffs so far, per TM: There’s a game and it’s a big game and we haven’t won shit yet.

    • Hags

      great quote, only rivaled by this via Lazerus: Kimmo Timonen when asked about his role on the Blackhawks bench: “I just want to make sure the water bottles are full of water”.

    • Brandon Murray

      Atta boy Kimmo!

    • rhodes

      Just saw that quote and was about to post it here. Love it.

  • rm

    Maybe it is me but as the series has gone on it feels like the Hawks are getting more comfortable against a good Bolts team that they were for the most part unfamiliar with. When we take care of the puck out of our zone and through the neutral zone we look great. Crawford saw the puck really well last game and defensemen seemed to avoid getting stuck on the boards better. Hope we come out quick tonight and get up early. It will make the game MUCH easier to watch. Go HAWKS!