• Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    TT is not longer Dragon Boy, he is now, simply, The Dragon.

    The Dragon And The Crow: Recap of a Hawks win, or the final episode of Game of Thrones?

    • Bannerman

      Or Draggin’ as in he’ll be Draggin along Bickell on his line.

  • Bwana

    Saw this on Deadspin (yeah, i know…)

    TT and Vermette passing Q in the hallway to the locker room, lol.


    • GoldenJet


    • Eh I think Deadspin is usually pretty alright so long as you don’t buy in to their “not holier-than-though, but totally holier-than-though” attitude that permeates the site. It’s certainly interesting most of the time.

      • DJ

        They pretend at big-boy journalism, but when you hold them to big-boy journalism standards, they complain that “you can’t do that, we’re just trolling everybody without regard.” Either you’re journalists, or full-time trolls–pick one.

        Deadspin can die in a fire — or the Internet equivalent.

        • They’re also creepily obsessed with ESPN and they try to hide it by acting like their exposing of questionable or shitty things that happen at ESPN is some kind of grand crusade. Honestly I don’t think I’d read it as much if they didn’t have Magary on staff. They certainly have some substantial warts, but they’re never dull, just not worth being taken very seriously.

          • HawkVision

            Who’s got the Patrick Kane beat over there currently? I terribly miss my “Kane out drinking again…” stories.

          • Old news friend, they’re on to shitting on the Cubs now. Someone’s angling for a job at the Sun-Times!

  • Sopel the catfish
    • The_Cheeb

      appreciate the link, thanks….

  • corbant

    Was there a eulogy for the Ducks?

  • “When I scored the goal, the first thing was, ‘Oh no, I have to go out in the media after the game,'” Teravainen said.

    You keep slow-rolling everyone with your boyish charm, Tuevo, I know the truth and it’s that you’re a cold-blooded killer.

    • Finnish cold, that is.

    • Sopel the catfish

      Verdi called him the baby-faced assassin *who can’t grow a beard* in the article HawkVision posted

      • I forget way too often that he’s the team historian. Verdi still has more writing talent in his pinky finger than what’s left on the Tribune columnist staff combined.

        • Verdi is my go-to read for when I need some unabashed Hawk love. Gets a bit syrupy and turns an odd phrase here and there, but I still enjoy him.

          • He always hit a lot more than he missed though. I about threw up when I saw his “In The Wake of the News” column was getting taken over by David Haugh and Rick Morissey.

    • I Remember The Roar!

      Not sure how purposeful it was, but did anyone else notice Teravainen was going to go for a slapshot, then audibled to a wrister or snapshot after a very short hesitation, and that the puck went just behind a Lightning player crossing in front of Bishop? He shoots that right away and it’s blocked, but he waiting for a split second and sent it in with three guys screening Bishop.

      This kid is good!

  • HawkVision

    Verdi doing his usual good writings with the words and such…


    • GoldenJet

      Forgot to post this earlier…Love me some Bob Verdi.

  • Noticing that a bunch of Tampa players are saying the played too passive the 2nd part of the game, obviously they did. Hopefully, they over correct and come out again and we hit them with some stretch passes and open them up again

    • HawkIPA

      See the Ducks, Game 7. Hawks will bury more breakaways next time, given the chance.

  • Scott Habiger
  • 334Rules

    “Lightning kept the high-powered Blackhawks in check for more than 53
    minutes. Coach Jon Cooper called Teravainen’s goal a “seeing-eye
    single,” and Vermette’s goal took a bad-luck deflection on Bishop.” Uh, Coop, that goal by Kills in the 1st might have been just a little flukey, too. And absent that, the ‘Ning gets blanked on only 23 shots.

    • ZigZags82

      And uh after that first period, the Hawks led in scoring chances, faceoffs, etc etc.

      Felt their way through.

  • MachineSlayer42

    This is such bullshit! Money dominated Wirtz’s pregame remarks. He said the Hawks are not yet a profitable franchise despite the league-leading attendance figures for each home game at the United Center. But it won’t be long before the Hawks are in the black, Wirtz said.

    • ItNeverEnds

      I have a lot to say on this, perhaps another time. But total bullshit, I agree

    • GoldenJet

      It’s simply creative accounting practices.

      • Black JEM

        Ding ding ding!

        Wirtz’s liquor distribution business is doing quite well!!

  • luke

    I just figured teuvo didn’t want to grow a beard,can he really not grow a beard. That aside,teuvo had a great game and he’s getting better every game.hard to believe q sat vermette and teuvo in game 3 against the ducks.if the hawks keep getting contributions from everyone they’ll be tough to beat.

  • Dangles-a-Plenty

    Baby-faced assassin and Finnish Baby Jesus. How could you possibly best either of those nicknames?