• ronin122

    I’m guessing at this point the Hawks are just fucking with us. Second of a back-to-back, against a team scraping the bottom of the barrel and half hoping to lose, just phone it in and see what happens. Oh, did it too much? Well at least Toews was able to turn that around. Oh well, no sense in risking injury when we’ve clinched a spot in the playoff. Just show up against STL and I’ll be happy.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    Do you get the feeling the Hawks were just trolling the Sabre fans?

    We’re going to make you win, so you can’t draft McDavid…
    … ha ha… just kidding. Had you worried you were going to win, didn’t we?

    • Dan Treadwell

      I got the feeling that the Hawks were dead tired after playing last night and getting in at 3am. They probably figured an early 2-0 lead was more than enough against the worst team in the league. They just didn’t seem to have the legs or very interested most of the night. It was a trap game too, and a let down was anticipated. Glad they (Toews) found a way and got the two points.

      • WookRN

        That’s the issue with letting your foot off the throttle. They had this thing handled, but even the worst team in the league is still full of pro hockey players.

        Screw it. Two points. On the the Blues.

  • AirTrafficAJ

    As long as Kruger was OK, that’s the most important thing.

    • Dan Treadwell

      That little guy has as much heart as anyone in the game. Takes a beating every night and comes right back for more. Better figure out a way to keep him.

  • tom woj

    Has anyone noticed that the relationship between Hossa and Toews over the years, and blatant and obvious this year, is a one way street. Toews goes out of his way and passes up shots to set up Hossa, and Hossa rarely does the same.
    Did you see the play tonight, when Hossa had the puck in the center in the offensive zone, looked right where Toews was unguarded than looked left and passed to a guy with 3 Sabres surrounding him? It’s not always this blatant, but all too common.

    • Dan Treadwell

      Um, not sure what you’ve been watching, but those two have a great on ice relationship. Seen Hossa set up Toews plenty, just as I’ve seen Toews pass up Hossa as an option from time to time. You’re reading waaaaay too much into something that just isn’t there.

      • tom woj

        No I’m not, not this year for sure!

        • Anon

          Pretty sure we found 2015’s troll.

          • tom woj

            Coach Q?

  • Brandon Murray

    I had hoped the Stars could hold a 5-3 lead playing a Blue’s team missing Steen & Tarasenko, but no dice. So we are still within one point and Sunday’s showdown is gonna be huge, followed by another showdown just a few days later. Fuck the Blues. I’d like to pass them, yes please.

  • Aaeismacgychel

    That went just about as I expected it would, though those final two goals were a big surprise. I hoped that they’d have just enough to pull that one out and they pretty much did just that, so no complaints here. A few comments:
    1. Toews just did his best Kane impression in front of his hometown crowd. In the past few against Buffalo the Hawks won because Kane was interested in putting on late game theatrics. Toews did just that. Heck he might’ve even been wearing an 88 jersey those final two minutes. That was ice cold.
    2. The Richards-Vermette line is still cooking. One of these games, they’re just going to go off and pummel the back of the net the way they’re trending. Hopefully it’s this next one against the Blues where it happens.
    3. Darling made some good saves in net today, but he was shaky all night. His positioning could’ve been better, and his rebound control was pretty lacking. Two of those three goals could’ve been prevented with better rebound control. He’ll learn in time that if he’s going to kick his leg out to kick the puck to the corner, he’s going to need to do it a little more forcefully, otherwise the puck is going to sit there within 5′ of the crease.
    4. Brandon Saad has been an animal recently. I like it.
    5. There are 4 games remaining to the season and still no team has been eliminated from the Central, whereas 8 have been in the other 3 divisions combined. That is beyond ridiculous. The Central was positively loaded top to bottom this year. Not one bottom tier team and no easy points.
    6. 1pt separates the Top 3 teams in the Central with 4 games to go for all. That’s incredible. At this point I think 2nd place in the Central is the place to be to finish the season. 1st and you’re almost certainly facing Minnesota. While I wouldn’t want to see it, if the Hawks lost both games to the Blues, giving them the division and forcing them to bust heads with the Wild while we got the Predators, I’d almost not complain about it. Just saying. I really don’t want to see that Wild team in the 1st round this year.

    • wardrums

      “One of these games there just going to vo off and pummel the back of the net” totally agree, although I would have mentioned Sharp along withthem. This os one of yhe the more physical lines we’ve had in a while.

    • Say what again

      No complaints? Seabs was on the ice for every one of those Buffalo goals. That would qualify as a complaint by me. Albeit a minor one.

      • WookRN

        I didn’t get to really watch (work) but were any Seabs fault, or he juG happened to take the the hit in the +/- because the Hawks let off the gas?

  • Leo W

    Fels called it in his preview. The ending to this game was vintage Jordan Bulls.