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I guess we should just give up on the idea that the Hawks will ever win a regular season game in Philadelphia. They haven’t done so since the Clinton administration (I guess I’m legally obligated to indicate “THE FIRST Clinton administration now). We all would make the trade of that for the one win they got there in June ’10, but really could have used this one as it was one of the games in hand the Hawks had on everyone they’re competing with in the division (and that green and red blob in the rearview isn’t going away). But thanks to another first period where they couldn’t have looked less bothered and a couple nifty tips in the 2nd, it wasn’t to be.

Still, we’re far more concerned with the process than the results as the Hawks head into the playoffs, and the process is still very much an unfinished work. The Hawks cleaned up their puck management in the 2nd and 3rd, that doesn’t mean it was anywhere near perfect, but they were already behind at that point. Their scoring woes continue and they have trouble maintaining any sort of pressure for more than a sporadic shift or two. It’s worrisome, for sure.

It’s been a weird March. The Hawks have gone 7-2-1, which you’ll take, but they’ve only looked good doing that maybe four times (at home to the Canes, at the Rangers, at the Sharks, and at Arizona). So it’s just a question which will correct first, their record to match their performances or their performances up to their record? Honestly, I have no idea which it will be. Sorry.

Anyway, let’s clean this one up.


The Two Obs

-Let’s get to something that is affecting the scoring, and that’s Antoine Vermette. He just hasn’t looked comfortable at all lately. I don’t know what the exact problems are, but I also know getting jerked around by his coach isn’t helping matters. Saad-Vermette-Teuvo looked like it was creating a fair amount of chances in Arizona and San Jose and a couple games after that. And then after Dallas Q blew it up. We’ve already seen the players somewhat rebel against this constant shuffling, and a player going through just about the most violent change in the style spectrum from Arizona to the Hawks would be helped by having time with the same teammates. But I don’t want to shift all the blame off of Vermette, who the Hawks need. They’ve lost Kane, and that production hasn’t begun to be made up by anyone really. Saddling him with Carcillo and Desjardins certainly won’t help matters.

-The lineup changes were just odd. Yes, Bickell was awful in Carolina and he’s always the easy scapegoat. But how come Versteeg, just as bas for longer, escaped the axe? And for a team that’s struggling to score, is removing one of your most creative players in Teuvo really the best idea? It’s certainly a weird optic when Teuvo looks good with Vermette and Sharp/Saad, gets one game with Toews, and then is in a suit for the next game.

-Michal Rozsival had some help in getting some popcorn to watch two goals go in against while he was out there. Crawford’s reverse to him was off, but it wasn’t so off that someone who can change directions slightly quicker than the Smithsonian could keep from turning into disaster, which the ensuing pressure became after Hossa got goofy with the puck in his own zone. He was admittedly out there forever for Giroux’s goal but Saad let Giroux go thinking Rozsival would pick him up and Saad could cover against a pass to a late-man. Rozie showed all the awareness of a smackhead as Giroux traipsed down the slot. ENOUGH.

-Kimmo skated 17 minutes tonight, which I think is a high since he arrived. Time to remove the training wheels, pair him with Rundblad, and get back to the top four we know is going to play together in the playoffs anyway and see if you can’t recover some of the drive they’ve lost.

-Still, I have to believe that if the Hawks keep getting performances like this from Richards and Oduya, who were both effective, they have every chance to make noise in April and May.

-This is the third game in four that Toews has lost more draws than he’s won, and he just looks labored. We’ll never hear it, but something is amiss.

-I’m probably making too much of this, but I thought it was curious that after the morning skate Toews said he expected to play with Teuvo tonight even though Shaw skated there some in the practice. You almost never hear a player talking about lineups and certainly not in contradiction to what the coach had just laid out. Again, we kind of already know the players are fatigued of Q’s blender, and this was just further evidence. It may speak to why some nights they look like they just couldn’t give a fuck. Or I’m losing my mind. We can never rule that out.

They’d better figure it out now. The schedule the last two weeks is brutal. There’s only a game against the Sabres who at that point might be shooting at their own net. Other than that it’s playoff teams until the last game of the season at the Avs, because they’ve been such a breeze for the Hawks. Even the Jackets have won eight of 10. If they don’t start to get the process correct, they could get buried these last nine games. And yet I don’t feel like that’s going to happen. Probably because Crawford will keep it from happening.


  • fuck

    Toews finally calling Q out. Thank god.


  • Nic Neill

    Toews is probably just dazzled by the speed of the spinning blender.

  • TitanTransistor

    “So it’s just a question which will correct first, their record to match their performances or their performances up to their record? Honestly, I have no idea which it will be. Sorry.”

    Oh, I have a hunch.

  • Preacher

    Against all logic, I’m going to trust that Q perhaps sat Teuvo because of a health issue. It does seem incredibly strange, with Teuvo’s recent performances and Tazer’s comments, that he wasn’t in the lineup. Vaguely reminiscent of when Q moved Bickell off the top line during the playoffs where he had done so well–we all freaked out but found out later it was because Q was trying to “hide” Bicks due to an injury. So, maybe that’s what it is with TT. As for the line blender and other personnel decisions, there is NEVER any logic! GENIUS!!!

    • Dan Treadwell

      I’d like to share in that assumption, however, this is Coach Q we’re talking about. The kid probably put his water bottle in the wrong place so he’ll sit for a game or two. It sickens me to see guys like Hayes and Pirri showing glimpses of excellent skill sets, meanwhile we watch a dolt like Versteeg float around the ice and Rozsival lumber through each shift. You can add Dahlbeck and Clendening to that list next season too. It’s no wonder Kevin Hayes didn’t want to sign here.

      • WookRN

        He didn’t sign because he wasn’t good enough to play immediately, and he didn’t wanna play NHL. Tell you what, Pirri or either Hayes boys start making waves, you lemme know. Versteeg is a little off, but I’ll take him over any of those options.

        • Dan Treadwell

          He wasn’t good enough to play immediately? Guess the defending Eastern Conference champs didn’t get that memo. By the way, Pirri and Jimmy Hayes have more goals combined than Sharp and Versteeg combined, and both of them as well as Kevin Hayes have caught the attention of many hockey experts. Versteeg stinks. Kane MADD him look good for a couple months. No, Hayes wasn’t good enough to play for Q right away, as are most Hawks rookies/prospects. You know, the same coach who parades a washed up Rozsival on the ice for 18+ minutes a night.

          • WookRN

            You changed your arguement to combining Sharp in there. Neither of them have the points Versteeg does. Compare apples to apples. You wannt gripe about Sharp, different issue. That’s not Versteeg.

          • Dan Treadwell

            They’re both have roughly the same ppg ratio as Versteeg, and they didn’t get to play on a line with Patrick Kane for 3 months. They’re also younger and cheaper.

          • WookRN

            I get what you’re trying to get at, but by that logic, shouldn’t Shaw have racked up points when he was with Saad and Kane at the same time?

        • Oldfarthawkfan

          Agreed. Same if we don’t sign Paliotta. He doesn’t want to come here cause he would have to fight Johns, Pokka, and TVR for a job? Don’t want someone with that attitude. There was a fear that Johns would not sign cause they said he would want to play NHL right away, but he signed , and if not for injury, probably would of had a call up this year. Clendening was just sent to Utica by Vancouver, Dylan Olsen is in the minors, and they have worse defenseman than Rozsival playing, so they obviously would not have been the answer..

        • JJNDadTo4

          Kevin Hayes is playing 3rd line center for the Rangers and has 14 G, 22 A for 36 pts.

          Versteeg has 13 and 19 for 32.

  • Dan Treadwell

    You’re being far too kind. This team flat out stinks. Even during their nice little run they went on their was nothing overwhelming about their play other than very good goaltending. Not a chance this team escapes the first round. Poor management and mind boggling coaching decisions has done this team in. Not to mention I still contend there are locker room issues. They do all the bullshit damage control interviews they want. You can see it in their eyes. There will be an early exit from the playoffs for the 3rd time in 5 years, Q will be let go, and there will be major roster moves made in the offseason. Not trying to pin all the blame on Q, but he’s certainly to share some if the blame and there’s no way Stan is going anywhere. My biggest worry was looking back in 20 years and asking “How in the world did that team only win 2 Cups?” If major moves aren’t made that fear is looking more and more like reality.

    • Jim

      This is not fun to watch right now.
      This is end of the season garbage time.

      The Hawks have the talent to win it all. And Crawford is playing some of his best hockey ever.

      I think it is Q’s to screw up. We all know how he’s going to screw it up (veterans, grit) ah never mind, puke.

    • Leroy Baxter

      Q won’t be fired because a) they made the playoffs and b) Kane got injured, giving Q a terrific excuse as to why they were bounced out of the first round. We have at least another year of Q’s infuriating roster decisions and dumbass line juggling. Wooo.

  • Bob Lanz

    I agree the process is what matters… But fuck the division was in our own hands. I know Kane is a huge loss but the Genius and his fucking lineups is ridiculous. I have faith but not blind faith. Come’on Hawks

    P.s. In Toews I trust

  • WookRN

    I’m confused. You guys complain that they players are simultaneously better than they are playing and yet not good enough to make it past the first round…..

    Sure, there are issues. Yes, we hate the blender. But all is not lost. Stop worrying about the sky falling and let’s work on fixing the roof.

    • Dan Treadwell

      The team is a mess. There is zero chemistry on the ice. Many of these problems date back to last year. Admittedly, I was shocked they came within a fluky bounce of returning to the finals. Last year they got by thanks to some really solid net minding by Crow against Stl, and they just flat out had more skill than the Blues (who choke every year) and the Wild. The mediocre at best defense did them in against the Kings, and several teams have figured out how to play against this team and have gotten better. The Hawks have regressed. They’re not really deep, the defense really only has three quality players (2 and a half on a lot of nights) and they cannot match other teams physicality, and they appear to be mentally weak. I’ve been telling my friends for 3 months, something just isn’t right. They look and play like a defeated bunch. Nothing, absolutely nothing at all from watching this team very closely all year gives me any reason to believe they can win a playoff series, let alone contend for the cup. Crawford would literally have to pull off a goaltending performance for the ages for them to habe any shot. As much as I like Crow, I just don’t think he’s that type of goalie.

      • tom woj

        The Hawks beat the Blues in the playoffs because we have got Toews and Kane, and they don’t, in crunch time.
        The Wild give us problems, because they make it hell for us to get the puck out of our zone, while we skate away under similar conditions.
        The Hawks lost 2 goal leads so often to the Kings, because Q instructed the players to retreat to their own end when they had a lead like that, instead of stepping on their throats.

        • WookRN

          Agreed. D problems.

          And never let off the throttle.

      • WookRN

        Thing is, every team has issues. I think they have depth, the fourth has looked good since Shaw slotted to Krugers wing. Richard has been looking better since he’s down to 3C. No, it’s not just an all star team, but we have depth on offense. Granting, the D is jacked, but there are tools there. Timmo is looking better, Runblad is an option, etc. Crow has been playing, I think, better than he is. I think he’s real good, but he’s outperforming himself (totally ok with it.)

        Issue, sure. But so does everyone else. We just need to step up and the potential is here.

      • PuttingOnTheFoil77

        Absolutely right. Q’s line blender finally did them in. They look no better than a team that just met each other. We have no resolve, no fight in us, no chance. Crow is going to get injured trying to save their asses, as he has been saving each and every one of their asses for the last few years. I’m surprised he hasn’t passed out from standing on his head this whole month.

  • tom woj

    As I just commented on previous game thread, trailing 3-0 entering 3rd period and scoring the only necessity, he sat Toews the 1st 2 1/2 minutes, and then after Toews was called for a phantom hooking call with just under 6 minutes and was understandably upset, he sat him the rest of the game.
    If Q is using Toews as an example, he is using the wrong man, the team may just turn on him, and the fans and media as well.
    Q has a very offensively skilled team, but his only comments when they encounter a scoring slump are: “Puck on net, more traffic by goalie, greasy goals”, as if he is coaching an team with little offensive ability.
    That this team is 12th in goals this year (maybe even worse now), is a testimony to his coaching, not the faults of the players. Except the great 2 way player Hossa, whose offensive skills against the Kings in last years finals, and this year except for a 3 game stretch, we have witnessed a large decline in this 36 year old player’s offensive game, passing as well as shooting, and Toews ( who almost never gets a return feed from Hossa for an easy goal, or a pass in general when Hossa chooses to shoot it right to the goalie instead) point production has been hurt the most.

    • Oldfarthawkfan

      Toews better stop whining to the officials..He has been doing it all
      year.The Hawks will end up being “Lyisaked” in the playoffs this year
      and years to come. The team is getting the reputation for being whiny
      little bitches. If they spent more time trying to play through
      adversity rather than whining,they would be better off. I never thought
      I would say this with this core, but they are trying to take the easy
      way out. This team needs a shake-up, and not only the management. Way
      too many players making over $5 million a year this year not earning it.
      Too bad in the salary purge, the returns will be minimal. Will be
      lucky to get what the Bears got for Brandon Marshall, a second round

    • Dan Treadwell

      To be fair, Hossa needs to be rested every so often. No way a 36 year old with as many minutes on his legs as he’s logged over the years should be skating as much and as often as he does. Keith is another guy who’s getting run into the ground. All the more reason for me to believe its gonna be a very, very short playoffs for this team.

      • tom woj

        Good comment, Dan.

        • WookRN

          Agreed. However they both have been outspoken about never wanting to be a healthy scratch. If we get to rest them, it’s gonna have to be just limiting minutes when they dress.

  • tom woj

    Nordstrom is Q’s favorite player, plays good defense, never scores goals.

  • tom woj

    When the Hawks scored 6 and 4 goals ( while Nordstrom was suspended by the way), Q almost seemed bothered by it.

    • Oldfarthawkfan

      Instead of bitching about Nordstrom not scoring goals as the 4th line left wing, maybe you should look at the guys making over $3 million a year to score goals that haven’t stepped up. Who would you put in instead of Nordstrom? Someone from Rockford? I think Nordstrom was leading the Hogs in scoring when he was brought up.

      • tom woj

        Scoring by 4th line can be a huge difference maker in winning close games, as it was last year when, Smith, Kruger, Bolllig scored 30 goals.
        As for who could replace and inject some scoring on 4th line, how about McNeill, Ross, etc., even Regin is a better and more experienced all round player.

        • Oldfarthawkfan

          And everyone cheered when Bollig was traded, and Smith sure wasn’t filling the net this year was he? And what evidence do you have that the players you mentioned above would provide more scoring opportunities than Nordstrom would? I thought he was one of the better forwards tonight , which isn’t saying much. Yes a fourth line that had more offensive punch than what the Hawks have shown would be great, but I think we have to look at the players who are paid to score before looking at a 2nd year 4th liner Bickell one point last 9 games, TT 2 points, Saad 3 points,, Andrew Shaw with the same number of goals as Patrick Sharp this year..

          • rhodes

            “And everyone cheered when Bollig was traded”

            If you listen closely out your window, you can still hear me cheering.

          • Oldfarthawkfan

            I cheered too, but Tom Woj was stating the team was better last year because Bollig Smith and Kruger scored a combined 30 goals, and with Nordstrom they are not scoring at the pace they were last year.

          • rhodes

            No, I got your point. And I agree with you. Just trying to be funny (with me sometimes that comes off as stupid, sorry).

          • Oldfarthawkfan

            Ha ha good. I don’t want anyone to think I am a proponent of Bollig ever playing for the Hawks again. Seeing Carcillo in a Hawk sweater again gives me heartburn

          • WookRN

            First game back in how many, and he’s back for fighting….because penalties are the answer?

          • tom woj

            Anybody would provide more chances than Nordstrom. He has 0 goals! He fans on shots often. Plays terrible in offensive end, he can’t pass, stick handle, or create.
            He joined the line and the line stopped scoring. He is the main reason Smith stopped scoring and Kruger went into a prolonged slump. Playing 2 forwards against 3 in the offensive end is extremely difficult, passing to a guy who can’t shoot straight or even make good contact very often is futile.

          • Oldfarthawkfan

            When Sharp was playing with Kruger and Smith, did they start scoring?

          • rhodes

            Kruger and Smith were productive last year DESPITE Bollig, not because of him. How they got anything done dragging that boat anchor around, I will never know.

            Smith had a standout year in 13/14 but was not able to get anything going this year—at least in terms of goals, he was useful on the PK, for sure. It’s not as if he started the year where he left off last and then stopped scoring when Nordy was added to his line. He just never started scoring. Even so, I liked Smith. Wish they could have kept him, but he got caught up in the cap.

            I’m not a fan of Nordstrom, but I also am not convinced that there’s somebody in Rockford today you could just drop in his place to make the 4th line generate more goals.

          • WookRN

            What Rhodes said.

          • tom woj

            Yes, Bollig sucked, I hated seeing him on the ice, glad to see him go, but he still scored 7 or 8 goals. He posted in front of net though, got rebounds and tips, had a hard accurate shot. Does Nordstrom do any of those things well?

          • JJNDadTo4

            Excellent points, although I have grown to like Nordstrom.

  • rhodes

    I agree with Sam’s comment. It’s time to take the training wheels off of Kimmo and see how he performs on 3rd pairing with Rundblad. I’m even ok with Rosi in small doses. But, tonight he had > 20 min TOI. Of the D men, only Keith had more. That’s a no good!

    Also, I’m going to go out on a limb and say we don’t see TVR in a Hawks uniform until next year. Playoffs are just approaching faster than he’s healing. Who wants to bet? McClure? I’ll put up a box of cheese steaks.

    • WookRN

      I’d like to see us give Runbland a shot. if nothing else, just to give Rosie a break (Though I see Runblad being a nice a alternative). And TVR. Hope he makes a FULL recovery.

  • TitanTransistor

    Sorry Stan. It was a good attempt, but you didn’t quite Q-proof this year’s roster. Maybe next time.

  • HawksRule

    Coach Q will one day rightly be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.
    However, it does not mean that he can’t improve or is above questioning.
    There have been some serious issues since the 2013 Cup win, and it quite honestly might have cost the Hawks a Cup in 2014 and might cost them a Cup this year.

    Pirri had done everything one could ask in the minors and never got a chance.
    Jimmy Hayes likewise. Morin got jettisoned for nothing. The Hawks did not give defencemen Ryan Stanton or Adam Clendening or Dylan Olsen chances. Part of this might be politics in Bowman not wanting to give Tallon prospects chances, but a lot falls on Coach Q. Pirri and Hayes have scoring and defence and checking can be taught. Why did these guys not make it? Handzus could get no job in the NHL or KHL – was he really better than Pirri or Regin?? Why are young talent not developed at all during the regular season? Would it not be good to give the odd game off to 35 + year olds.

    Rather than try for band aid solutions like Vermette and Kimmo, why was young talent not developed? How many more chances is Versteeg going to get? Why was Raanta sent down even though he has put up great numbers and wins?

    • HawksRule

      Why is Teuvo sitting when he should be gaining valuable experience? The Hawks are gaining the reputation of not being fair or good with young prospects. It is why Kevin Hayes left and why Michael Paliotta might not sign with the Hawks. It does not seem promising when a player can spend a few years in the AHL and get to Allstar status there and still not get a fair chance (Pirri).

      Pirri and J. Hayes are both 20 goal scorers. Kevin Hayes has done well and has not impeded the Rangers success.

      Meanwhile Coach Q is not held accountable and spends his time with his race horse, rather than coaching.

      • Jim

        So many good comments today. Michael Paliotta should be a wakeup call to the Blackhawks. They had all these young defensemen they could have developed all season, and instead we get Timonen (blood clots, old), and Rosy. Now Paliotta is likely going elsewhere, as he should.

        • JJNDadTo4

          Timonen is an acceptable, experienced short term player who was needed. StanBow really screwed the pooch with the Rozy signing AND idiotic no trade clause.

      • JJNDadTo4

        I wondered about that as well. Kuc came up with the lame excuse that there is a glut of righthanded D men in the minors.

    • JJNDadTo4

      Pirri also has SEVENTEEN goals for fucking Florida!!!!!!

  • PuttingOnTheFoil77

    We’re still not playing playoff hockey–if anything, THAT’S our saving grace. Once we get back to that, we’re back to playing hockey. We were TERRIBLE on that roadtrip because we were playing the ‘We’re the fucking Blackhawks’ brand of hockey that looks good instead of playing the ‘Fuck you’ brand hockey that wins games.
    That’s it.
    No conspiracy theories.
    No lamenting on the death of loved ones.
    No hidden injuries.
    Until we get our confidence back, we have to stop the no-look pass, the behind-the-back pass, and yes even the behind-the-back-through-the-fucking-skates pass and just simplify and shoot the puck. That’s it. That’s it!
    And yes I truly believe Kane will be back for the playoffs, but remember this: Kane will not solve these problems if we don’t solve them ourselves first.

  • CoolTalk

    Sam has a palpable disdain for #23, he simply doesn’t like the way he plays, but I really think this is WAY, WAY more on Q than on him.

    I admittedly have a palpable disdain for #10, mostly because of the short and long term roster damage I think keeping him at $5.9M/yr has done, but also because I think his 2 way game is for total shit and has nothing to do with just bad luck. That said, I respect the hell out out of Sharp’s contribution and importance to the team the last 10 years. He was arguably my favorite Hawk from 2009-11. Contract aside, I also think he can still be a useful player in the right circumstances and in part his poor play is also as much on Q as on him.

    So, why bring this up? Because of Q’s insatiable desire to get Sharp going and playing more. It took all of ONE goal, in a blowout against a horrifically broken San Jose team, before Q moved Sharp from the 3/4th line that was getting limited 5 on 5 ice time to playing 18-20 on the top line. While that may have benefited Sharp, and made everybody on this site feel good, it’s had disastrous repercussions elsewhere. So here I am, harping on #10 for simply being caught up in Q’s ridiculous blender.

    Really, with Kane out, what was so bad about:


    Not so coincidentally, the Canes, Rangers, Zona games that Sam mentions ALL happened with essentially these pairings (suspensions aside) and I would add the post Kane injury game at Florida to the list of good efforts.

    If you believe in process, you could argue that things were trending nicely before that fateful SJ win. TT was coming into own with #80 and #20. Vermette had that nice SO winner. Nordstrom looked like an entirely new player, Shaw was much better on the wing and that line was grinding nicely, especially in defensive zone starts. So what if #10 and #91 weren’t getting a lot of 5 on 5 time, they were getting PP time and they were getting more rest for playoff time. Limiting their 5 on 5 time was a GOOD thing. Sure the Rangers game was a 1-0 shutout and the Tampa game was an ugly back-2-backer, but unquestionably, the process seemed to be working. Just think how good the process would look when the top line also settled in!

    But no! #10 scores a couple against SJ, the lines get shuffled and the process is in the crapper. The blender is put to warp speed and #23 is paired with goofs who can’t skate and won’t shoot (#29, #11, #13). Vermette loses #20 for #81, an even swap in most regards, except not SPEED. #29 is scratched, TWICE, mostly because nobody on his line will shoot the fucking puck so he can pick up garbage. #81 looks old all of a sudden. Something is ‘wrong’ with #19, etc, etc, etc. So, we blame #23, #80, #29…not so fast my friend…I think the man with a single letter and a fancy stache needs to own up on this one.

  • ChicagoHawksGal

    Wonder if either Slava Fetisov or Igor Larionov would be interested in coaching the Hawks?

  • HossasPierogi

    Sometimes I wonder if Q is losing the confidence of his players. They are human and they must talk and wonder as we do. What’s most frustrating is his tendency to blow up things that are working to fix things that aren’t, and then have nothing work (like the last 3 games).

    Also, I can understand Rozy’s physical game and Kimmo’s experience, but we can’t have them both dress, now with Rundblad, and especially if/after TVR returns.

    • JJNDadTo4

      Very, very, very good point. The Toews comment about expecting Teuvo might be very telling about the psyche of the team and their diminishing confidence in Q.

      This roster wins because of the talent accumulated by Tallon and Crow’s nearly unbelievable goaltending. NOT b/c of the coach.

  • berkley

    “We need consistent scoring options right now” is something Q said AFTER a game in which he dresses Carcillo, Desjardins, and Rozy.

    • Jim

      Putting Shaw on top line. Because he accidentally tipped Keith’s shot, and then got an empty netter the day before, he’s a scoring threat. Wait what?

  • HawkIPA

    Because what a team struggling offensively needs is more goonery. I’m at a loss at how Q dressed that lineup. That was moronic, even by Q standards.

  • To Saad be the glory

    I think first off someone needs to tell Versteeg he’s not the interim Mayor of Dangleville.
    Secondly,during my religious following of the Panthers when the Hawks aren’t playing,Goldstein/Potvin brought up a good point. You need to play as a team,5 at a time in each zone.I thought it was a simple yet very valid point. Sometimes it seems like the Hawks play as a bunch of individuals,not as a team.
    Lastly,Jagr has done wonders playing with Huberdeau and Barkov. Those two kids look like completely different players playing with # 68. I suppose it would be too much to wish for to put someone like Hossa with Teuvo and Saad .Yeah,I know,it’s crazy talk,but a guy can dream I guess.

  • Lord Greypuck

    When will Vermette,
    Dent the back of the net?
    Maybe he’s not what he seems,
    I’ll bet that Q,
    Has something to do,
    With his overall lack of esteem.