The Happening – Bruins vs Hawks Preview, Pregame Thread, Extinction Level Event

ted bruins vs oldschool

Game Time: 2:30PM Central
TV/Radio: NBC, SportsNet, WGN-AM 720
Wahlburgers: Cup O’Chowder, Days of Y’orr

There are two things NBC is going to flog constantly during today’s broadcast. The first being Ed Olczyk’s work ethic for getting to the game after doing the Stadium Series in the Bay Area last night. Because if there’s one thing that Edzo loves more than the sound of his own voice and hit stats, it’s feigning humility at the compliments heaped upon him. The other will be a complete rehash of the 2013 Cup Final. And while these two teams are fundamentally the same, at the present juncture they’re both about as far away from June of 2013 as can be imagined. But just because this game should be watched on mute (like all Hawks games), doesn’t mean that this isn’t a big one for both sides.

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Bogey: Avs 4 – Hawks 1

It’s come to me to clean this one up. Oh joy. I made sure to have my new favorite snack before I attempted this (peanut butter and rib belly sandwich. Trust me, it’s the tits). There’s a few games every year where it feels like something has truly gone wrong. And then you take a breath, a moment, and realize you didn’t learn anything new. It’s just some things about that particular defeat rankle more than normal.

The Avs are the Hawks’ bogey team. It doesn’t matter where they are in the standings or how they are playing. They’re just going to play well against the Hawks. It’s been going on for three seasons now. Maybe even five.

And hey, that pisses us all off. Because by any measure the Avs are not a good hockey team. They are coached by a lunatic who isn’t very good at his job (so might the Hawks be, but that’s another discussion for another time). They’ve learned all the wrong lessons about last year. They have annoying players up and down the lineup who have been made more annoying by their dumbass coach. No getting around it, not pounding them into dust sucks.

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Paging Admiral Ackbar: Avs at Hawks Preview/Pregame Thread/Beach Bonfire

Yeti.MonstersInc vs. Hawk Wrestler

FACEOFF: 7:30pm Central

TV/RADIO: CSN, WGN Radio 720, Sportsnet in Canada


You’d think at just about this time of year, there wouldn’t be things such as “trap” games. Either the Hawks are totally focused on the task at hand, or they’re running out the clock until April and every game is nothing more than a nuisance. I don’t think they’re there yet, but this one kind of fits in the pocket. They’re coming off big games against Eastern contenders Pittsburgh and Detroit. The Bruins arrive on Sunday afternoon, and while they’re struggling that would still have an extra spice. So the last-placed team in the division wouldn’t exactly angry up the blood like the others. You would hope previous struggles against the Avs, like January’s shutout loss, would have the blinders on for the Hawks. We’ll just have to see.

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