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My Least Favorite Hawk – Dan Carcillo

This one comes from hero of the people and at least our 15th favorite Irishman MightyMikeD. 

In ways, I’m blessed. I came to Blackhawks fandom at exactly the same time as things started to get really good. Therefore, while I’m familiar with the failings of worthless ex-Hawks like Adrian Aucoin and James Wisniewski, I only know them as opponents and have never had to choke back tears of rage as they fumble around in an Indianhead sweater.

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My Least Favorite Hawk – Adam Creighton

I’ll kick this series off, though this one comes with a caveat.

Adam Creighton never stood a chance with me. That’s because he was acquired for my first favorite Hawk, Rick Vaive. I wrote about this last summer. I can’t really tell you why Rick Vaive won my heart. I think I was just attracted to the #27, as my birthday is on the 27th and 27 always just looks kind of cool on any jersey in any sport. And it’s not like Vaive was useless, because in his one full season in Chicago he put up 43 goals (Jesus, Rick Vaive scored 43 goals!). He scored 50+ goals three times with Toronto. He also arrived with Stumpy Thomas for Al Secord and Eddie Olczyk, and anything that put Eddie O out of town can’t be bad.

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