The Buffalo DA And Other Notes

If you haven’t seen it, the Trib today ran a profile of the Erie County DA who will be handling this case, if it becomes a case, Frank Sedita III. I’m almost certainly in above my head when discussing the nuances here, and this post probably best serves as a launch point for the various lawyers who are friends of the site to explain it out better in the comments.

Obviously, to everyone certain things jump out. His “choosiness,” for lack of a better term, is one. But I’m guessing like most other big city District Attorney offices, Erie County’s would have limited time and resources and prosecuting every case that comes into it is an impossibility, especially if Buffalo’s court system is anywhere near as backed up as Chicago’s. I don’t know what the proper balance is here, and I hope someone or a few can hash it out in response to this.

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Egads! Ads!

The discussion today on Twitter, according to my very intensive research of looking once, looks like it springs from Adidas’s acquisition of the jersey-making rights for the NHL in a couple years (though they own Reebok so have kind of already been doing this). This has led to speculation, if not outright acceptance, that ads on jerseys are coming and we’re all just going to have to get used to it.

This feels like a subject that I should get a little angry about. And I kind of want to. But I don’t. Maybe it’s just straight up defeat, as we all know what’s coming so why waste emotion about it. Or maybe it just isn’t that big of a deal? Honestly, I’m not sure which or what combination of both it is. We also seem to go through this every couple of years with every new deal or some owner or commish bringing up the idea, and then it never quite happens. But we know the vending machine is really rocking back and forth on it now.

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What Matters And What Doesn’t

Be forewarned, all you “wait for the facts!”-ers, I’m going to talk about this investigation without new information. I know, sickening right? We’ll get through it together, I promise. But some of the stuff I’ve seen over the past few days have left me…

So we had more drivel from The Buffalo News yesterday, or at least mostly drivel. We found out that Kane has a Buffalo cop-as-roadie, which considering his activities isn’t a bad idea in and of itself. Lots of cops moonlight as security in their off hours in whatever fashion. No big deal there. And we certainly don’t want Kane driving around himself, which to his credit I’ve never heard of him doing in Buffalo or here when he’s been out on the town.

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