Was She Asking For It? Was She Asking Nice?: Hawks 3 – Blues 4 (3OT)

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Well that feels like drunk sex, no? All that labor and you’re exhausted and it isn’t even really that fun but you’re supposed to be there and then you don’t even get the conclusion. Just an odd look and an admission you should probably both go to sleep.

The thing is, the Hawks could have gotten away with it in Game 1. In fact, they probably should have gotten away with it. Because they weren’t terribly good. Their passing was awful, their changes for the last two periods were simply abhorrent (which is not something we’ve seen a lot of in the Quenneville era) and for regulation they basically just looked off. And that’s being kind. Yet still, when you have the lead in  playoff game with less than five to go, you have to see that out. The Hawks cost themselves a game and 42 extra minutes of hockey by not doing so. And they got there by letting a team up off the mat, which actually has been something of a pattern at times.

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Beard Of The Day – April 18th – Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal

If any city in the Midwest has an even greater distaste for St. Louis, it’s Kansas City (both the Kansas and Missouri sides), and that’s before even getting into how Cardinals fans still won’t shut up about how they got jobbed in the 1985 World Series. And there’s no one more proud of his Kansas City heritage than rapper Mac Lethal.

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Game 1 Postgame Thread

Gonna just leave this up for now and our full wrap will be up in the morning. After all, you lot have to work in the morning. Or most of you. I’m guessing. 85% OF THE WORLD’S WORKING, THE OTHER 15 COME HERE…

First Period Thread – Game 1 – Hawks at Blues

Day one has just begun, I’m battered, burning, dazed, and numb. Beginnings feel more like ends, friends feel less and less like friends. Shake, shake, shake, shake off another dumb mistake, I’m stupider than you, you can see it in my face. See it in my sloping brow and forehead, I’m missing all your missives ’cause I’m stone dead.