We Like To Watch – After All Is Said And Done, Gotta Move While It’s Still Fun

So it took one game longer than I thought it would, and most thought it would. And for at least two periods, it was probably the best the Sharks have looked in this series last night. But because their coach couldn’t stop playing Polak and Dillon, they immediately surrendered the tie they had just gotten, and couldn’t find a way through the smothering Pens defense. It’s too simplistic to pin it all on the Sharks’ third pairing (though awfully tempting), because the Penguins were clearly the better team in this series. But still, that was opening the door and rolling out a red carpet sprinkled with flowers for Pittsburgh to stroll on in.

Whenever we have a new Cup champion, there is a rush to see what we can learn from them and how teams should apply their plans going forward. That’s a little harder to do with this one.

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Friday Foofaraw: Euro 2016 Preview

It’s Friday, so let’s get loose. If you’re like me and you spend your summers feckless and inert, summer soccer tournaments are your Valhalla. Or if you just want to take a long lunch or half day, they’re also an excellent excuse for that. The Euros used to be kind of the hipster soccer fan tournament over the World Cup. When it was 16 teams, the big teams couldn’t avoid each other in the group stages or knockout rounds, and there wasn’t really anything as an “easy” draw. But like all things in sports, the higher-ups couldn’t ignore the money to be made and bloated this thing to 24 teams, meaning we’ll go through a group stage to eliminate exactly eight teams and some teams that didn’t win a match or just won one will get through to the round of 16. But hey, it’s better than nothing. So let’s go through the groups together in a way only I can!

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We Like To Watch – June 9th: In The House And An Anniversary

There’s an added buzz to the hockey world when the Stanley Cup actually enters the building. It will be in Pittsburgh tonight, and one gets the feeling it’s almost certainly going to come up for air. You tend to feel like that when one team hasn’t had a lead all series. At this point it almost feels like we’re just putting the Sharks out of their misery.

You would think that being on the brink would finally force DeBoer to empty the tanks, tell Dillon and Polak that they’re playing eight minutes each at most and try and keep his top four d-men out there as much as possible. But if it hasn’t happened yet it probably won’t now. And basically no matter how well the Sharks play tonight, one shift or two from those will turn the tides.

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We Like To Watch – June 7th: On The Precipice

It’s kind of startling that through four games, the only time the Sharks have led this series is after Donskoi’s goal in OT in Game 3. While every game has been “close,” that has more to do with Martin Jones and the nature of playoff hockey than these two teams being evenly matched. That’s exacerbated when the Sharks’ coach is running this series with both hands around his throat.

It may seem strange that two years ago, at this time, we were bemoaning Joel Quenneville opting to basically play eight forwards against the loaded Kings and now we’re in utter shock as to why Peter DeBoer insists on playing all six of his d-men. These things are fluid, and given the difference in requirements of the positions the same needs don’t apply.

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NHL: Dallas Stars at Chicago Blackhawks

How Summer Of Saad And Sharp Altered Hawks View

We awoke today, if you’re a tomato can like me who wakes up late during the summer because you don’t have anywhere to be, to the news that once again that the Hawks are doing everything they can to flog Bryan Bickell off their cap. But it might cost them Teuvo Teravainen in the process. Those who do not learn from history…

There is obviously shock value here. It’s no secret how we feel about Teuvo, despite the organization’s (intentional or not) bad-mouthing of him and/or misuse at given times. Teuvo is yet another piece who could have backed up the “core” when their age and mileage (or stomach, in some cases) starts to show (which isn’t far off).

However, look a little deeper and you can see what Stan sees on the horizon. There’s an expansion draft coming, and the Hawks have so many NMCs that they are forced to protect that they simply might not be able to keep Teuvo. I’d have to guess he’d be one of the more attractive assets on offer for Vegas if it comes to that. Perhaps Stan is once again realizing he might do what he can to get anything instead of losing yet another asset for nothing.

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We Like To Watch – June 2nd: High Speed Dirt (Penguins 2-1 Sharks)

Well I didn’t get that one right. I thought the Sharks’ PP would clock the Penguins’ high-action PK (they only got one look). I thought the Sharks would get a better handle at the pace the Penguins play. They didn’t, though Martin Jones almost made it hold up to take a split back to California. Wasn’t to be though when the Penguins ran a pretty brilliant play off a faceoff in overtime.

Only when San Jose’s top line is on the ice are they consistently getting things going, because those guys are generally skilled enough to weave around the Penguins flying at them and then can mash them along the boards until something else opens up. All the other Sharks’ lines are having problems.

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We Like To Watch – June 1st: You Go Your Way And I’ll Go Mine (Sharks at Penguins Game 2 Preview)

shark vs. Ron-Cey

PUCK DROP: Just after 7pm Central


THOSE HYPERVENTILATING: Pensblog, Pensburgh, Battle of Cali, Canafornians

Figure with only the one game we can give it the usual preview treatment.

You may recall a few years ago, when people still scoffed at the idea of puck possession and Corsi and all that and that having the puck was a good thing (hey that’s today too!), there were some out there who claimed, usually from Toronto, that they were opportunistic. That they played counter-attacking and hence would purposely give up the puck to then spring out faster when it was turned over.

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