Our Stanley Cup Commemorative Issue Is Out!

Ok kids, took a little while to get it together but it’s ready. And things are going to work a little differently so let me walk you through it.

If you bought a season subscription to The Indian, you get the digital version of the Commemorative with it. No worries there. However, if you want a physical copy of it mailed to you, that’s gonna be $5.

We’re doing something new this time, and that’s we’re selling all three Commemorative issues together, both digitally and by mail. If you just want the PDFs, that’s also $5. If you want all three mailed to you in one neat little package, that’s going to be $12.

It’s an All-Star cast, with Andrew Cieslak, Fifth Feather, McClure, Mighty Mike D, Forklift, and James Neveau. It’s the perfect last splash of hot sauce on your championship pizza.

So get on in here and get whatever version you’d like!  Do It, HIT THE BUTTON!

  • Hubert Martin

    Hubert Martin

    Tried to purchase the 3 hard copies for $12 and got the following error message/screen

    Error Message
    to process payment. Please contact the merchant as the shipping address
    provided by the merchant is invalid, and the merchant has requested
    that your order must be shipped to that address.

    Return to Committed Indian Publishing

    At this time, we are unable to process your request. Please return to Committed Indian Publishing and try another option.

  • JKM13

    Good stuff, gentlemen.

  • Hags

    So um, Brandon Saad to Columbus seems to be in the works. When can the freakout commence?

    • WTF just happened here

      • Hags

        done deal per McKenzie, LeBrun and others…still waiting on the return.

        • Anisimov (spelling) and Dano

          • Hags

            saw those two names, seems to be more coming back besides them as well. Stan must have gotten absolutely stiffed on offers for Sharp and Bickell is the best i can figure.

          • But brought back 4M plus of salary

          • Paliotta is gone too

          • Hags

            McKenzie tweets Saad was looking for a 6 year deal and 6.5 Million AAV.

        • Sopel the catfish

          Please no

        • IndianHeadCrest

          That’s fucked

        • Sopel the catfish
  • Brandon Murray

    Morin coming back in the Saad deal as well. Have to believe Saad had no intention of re-upping with us. This blows, Columbus sucks. Really thought Saad was a Hawk for life but this is a business. I do not like this deal, someone convince me otherwise. Seriously I’m listening….

    • Don’t think he wasn’t planning on re-upping. Just wanted more money.

    • Hags

      if what McKenzie says is true, 6 years and 6.5 million AAV is what Saad was looking for. that’s too much. better to move him now and get some nice young players than juts get a couple draft picks.

    • Dangles-a-Plenty

      Fuck that fucking trade. Absolutely fucking stupid. Try to rationalize with me all you want, FUCK that move. Holy fuck I’m shaking with rage. God damn it dude. God fucking damn it.

      • ToucanStubbs

        Im pretty unhappy but lets at least acknowledge a few things: Anisimov is alright, solves up the issue of our 3C spot, assuming you put TT at 2C. Dano has wings on his feet so that fits in well and Dano-86-88 could be pure gold from an offensive standpoint. Tropp slots in on the 4th line so suddenly, we have filled every hole at forward.

        It fucking hurts and its not the smart move but at least its not as bad as whatever is going on over in Boston.

        • yinkadoubledare

          As a Michigan alum, I say Corey Tropp can rot in the minors for the rest of his life as far as I’m concerned.

          • rhodes

            Just cause he was from MSU? Or is there more to the story than that….

          • yinkadoubledare


            That guy he slashed in the neck had just come back from a career-threatening broken neck.

          • DJ

            I was about to post this. It was very, very, very bad.

          • yinkadoubledare

            I’ll add that Kampfer isn’t a saint, but there’s zero excuse for what was done in this situation.

          • rhodes

            Wow. I had no idea. Kind of hard to get excited about a guy coming over that has that kind of shit in his background.

        • DJ

          Sometimes you are precluded from making the smart move. If you deduce that Saad was going to sign an offer sheet of those dimensions tomorrow, your options change. Deduce, hell — I bet Columbus told them exactly what it was going to be. At that point, the Hawks have to decide whether they want an immediate return on Saad (serviceable players) or a long-term return (draft picks).

    • D_Smith

      The worse news even than this trade, which is root canal painful…is that it’s a big warning that they’re getting nowhere trying to trade Sharp and Bickell. Not surprising I guess. But a bad omen since 2016 to a big degree was relying on those 2 moves. Dano seems to have some potential, but that’s *really* grasping at straws for a positive take after this.

      • Sopel the catfish

        Dano was killing it at the end of the year for the Jackets, but I am in no way happy about this trade.

        • Brandon Murray

          Or the fact that you invested in a Manchild jersey during the playoff run. Fuck….

          • To Saad be the glory

            Yeah,so did I.(well,my wife did,guess she’s gonna have go out and get me a Hossa jersey now lol).

          • Sopel the catfish

            And ponied up the monies for his signature too, I usually don’t ever get sweaters (or jerseys) of players still playing, but I had been so confident of him staying I figured I couldn’t go wrong 🙁

          • Dangles-a-Plenty

            I also went out and got myself a Manchild jersey, although it was definitely from a 100% legal site… It arrived in time to see us win out to close the series, deeming it “full of good juju”. Now I don’t fucking know what to do about it.

        • To Saad be the glory

          Yes,I am going to have to change my posting name, sadly. I think I might try “Fuck my life”.Anyone think that sounds ok?

    • I’m fucking sick to my stomach. I’ll be of no help to you.

      • Dangles-a-Plenty

        Fucking this ^

  • HossasPierogi

    Maybe we keep Oduya or Sharp now? Saad not worth $6 mil yet, but I thought this might happen.

    • D_Smith

      Well Sharp but not by choice.

    • No Oduya, reports out there say he has offers around 6M+. Regardless we just piled on 4M onto what little cap space we had left.

  • mortysalos

    what the fuck is happening?! this trade is going to fuck us up majorly down the line. MAJORLY.

  • Fare thee well, #20.

  • T.M.

    Now we’ll see how Saad does without Toews and Hossa

    • ToucanStubbs

      I love the guy but at the moment Im pretty emotional and would kind of get some satisfaction seeing him slump in Columbus.

      • Sopel the catfish

        I want to see him get offer sheeted and end up somewhere else.

        • ToucanStubbs

          Ooo yes, go to Pittsburgh and be a total bust, just to further anger Pens fans

        • Careful with that… presently in the eastern conference I’d prefer it stays that way

    • mortysalos

      he’ll do fine. he’s that amazing of a talent. i know we wish that saad’s magic was due to toews and hossa, but that’s not true. at all. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST THIS HURTS.

  • M7

    Oh well, shit happens.

    I’m willing to bet something like this just transpired:

    Saad: WTF man, you said we needed to put pressure on Stan. He called out our bluff, strangled it and pissed on it. Now I’m in CBJ?

    Agent: This was always a risk. I discussed it with you at length. If we wanted to move past bridge deal type money – we needed to leverage the possibility of an offer sheet to get you that high AAV and term.

    Saad: Yeah but… we thought Stan would come back to the table and…

    Agent: You saw what happened with Dougie Hamilton. GM’s, I guess, don’t want to fuck around and risk losing RFA’s without the chance of acquiring some replacement pieces on their own terms. It was always a risk.

    Saad: You guess? Great. Yeah, well now I’m in Columbus. Thanks a fucking lot.

    Agent: And tomorrow you’ll be rich. You’re welcome.

  • SuperHawk27

    Hmm, the Saad trade kinda sucks a lot…but something needed to be done, and suddenly the hawks have a little more leverage to trade Sharp and Bickell for more or better value. Really sad to see the Man Child leave though….I’m a Saad panda….

  • B.I.G. Forever

    The Saad trade is crushing.

    How many times did you hear: “They’ll never trade Saad! They will do everything in their power to keep him.”

    These other GM’s have Stan over a barrel and I don’t think teams like the Sharp and Bickell contracts….

    The Man Child will be missed.

  • Brandon Murray

    I’m still pissed, but I have to admit I envision Stan listening to Saad’s agent reject the deal and then thinking, “where the fuck can I send him to piss him off”. Nah, maybe not, all speculation. I’ll take Saad any day of the week over most players and even though he is a special talent, playing with 19, 88, 81 did have an impact, don’t think for a second that it didn’t. Also, I like Anisimov and Dano will be good players and much needed depth at C, but I would still take Saad.

    Money sucks.

  • To Saad be the glory

    Well,this aint as bad as when Roenick got traded a month after I named my newborn son after him,but it’s on the same list.

    • mortysalos

      that’s what this feels like. roenick for zhamnov freakin’ all over again. it even mirrors it: an american who is a franchise star for some average russian. fuck!

      • SAMCRO Outlaw

        Actually I think this is more about Marko Dano & it’s nice to get Anisimov to center a 3rd line.