Our Q&A With Daryl “Razor” Reaugh

In last night’s Indian, we had the honor of having Daryl Reaugh as our guest in the Q&A section. Although Daryl seemed more excited to do it than we were to have him. Either way, here it is in all its glory.
The Stars jettisoned Derek Roy, Brendan Morrow and Jaromir Jagr and yet got themselves into the playoff race after doing so. How, exactly?
Ya, whiskey tango effin foxtrot?! Three really good players get purged – including the captain and the leading scorer, and the team’s able to win 5 in a row to jump back into 8th in the West? How paradoxical. They’ve morphed into a good ‘team’. Everyone plays the same way, they haven’t been beating themselves (not a metaphor) with penalties and turnovers like they were, the youth has been splendid (Chiasson thinks he’s Selanne circa 92’), there is no diva component, the coach seems both vindictive and more comfortable with this attentive, blue-collar lineup, and they play much, much faster.

While lots of people like to mock the Neal-for-Goligoski trade, Goligoski does have 20 assists this year. Has he been developing at a better rate than he gets credit for?
Alex has gradually been returning to the player he was for the Stars right after the trade from Pitt (5-8=15 in 23gp). At the start of the season he seldom found an opposing forward he didn’t feel inclined to give the puck to, was easily cast aside in puck battles, and he couldn’t hit the net let alone score – outside of that he was fine. I think he’s one of those guys who is much better playing 23 minutes than he is at 17. Less thinking and dwelling, more doing. We might have to evaluate that trade after a half dozen years instead of two.

Cody Eakin would be on pace for a 40+ points in a normal season, and is only 21 years old. Is this someone the Stars might now consider a piece to build around or is he just a contributor?
I have a player-crush on the ‘Ginger Ninja’. He’s everything I like: competitive, determined, physically engaged, offensively adept, defensively conscious, respectful of veteran voices, coachable, and Western Canadian. The only organizational question seems to be is he a 2nd or 3rd line center? (Kinda like Bolland with the Hawks I guess)

Ok, you’re going to have to explain that Ryder-for-Cole trade. We don’t get it.
The franchise watched too many pending UFAs walk for nothing in past and so there was a shift in thinking this year to make sure they got something in return for expiring contracts. Recchi and Whitney both won a Cup with Cole in Carolina and spoke highly of him as an add, plus they liked the ‘straight North’ style that he plays. I think they knew that what Ryder was going to command in the summer was not what they wanted to commit to, so they flipped a couple 30g guys and got a veteran voice that is locked up for a couple years.

How much ground do the Stars have to make up in the Dallas market? Their attendance problems aren’t a secret, and this could be the fifth straight year without a playoff appearance. Are they so far away from being in serious trouble?
Attendance hit bottom last year at the tail end (or as I like to refer to it as, ‘the brown balloon knot’) of bankruptcy, and since you can’t fall off the floor, the fans have provided a gradual increase in ‘look-see’. Sure, things won’t get back to regular full houses until they have a winner in place on the ice, but the franchise is stabilized off the ice under Tom Gaglardi and they’ve put a lot of people in AAC this season with a lot of obstacles to overcome. Having the Mavs and Rangers suck would also help.

Let’s move onto more broadcast and NHL stuff. Among us weirdo bloggers, we’re delving into more and more sabermetric numbers like CORSI or PDO or zone starts and the like. And yet we rarely hear them mentioned on the broadcasts. Do you look at these things? Is it kind of like the old crumudgeons thing in baseball? How far away do you think we are from these being regularly being mentioned during broadcasts?
I live by Harry Neale’s creed: “Statistics are like bikinis, they show a lot, but they don’t show everything.” Corsi, Sabre-metrics, or any other such algorithms have a place no doubt, there is real value in the matrix, but I tend to believe that fans don’t want them to drive the broadcast – otherwise we should all just read the games on tv instead of watch them. I like the maxim: “Truth is more important than facts.” Plus, the amount of time afforded to us within a broadcast nowadays – thanks to the NHL’s ‘hurry up’ initiative – makes it a challenge to find spots to drop a lot of info in. Seems more useful for studio analysis…and numerologists.

How do you see the playoffs shaking out and who’s your pick to parade in June?
This hyper-season is a tough one to handicap. I love the Hawks but my lord they go to OT a lot. If the Blues get goaltending they could push through. Same with the defending champs, who, unlike the Blackhawks, didn’t get gutted and de-boned after winning. The East is dead to me this year. All I know is that it won’t be Florida.

If they gave you the authority, which rules would you change in the game?
They should give me authority, they really should. I’d twist this mother out. Here are the rules that chap my ass the most: 1) Icing puck while shorthanded 2) hand passes in only the defensive zone 3) goalie equipment size 4) goal scored during delayed penalty negating powerplay . All four are antiquated hogwash. I’d also like to see both teams wear their colors whenever possible because white jerseys against white ice kinda sucks the chocolate cheerio. Imagine Hawks reds vs Canucks blues. Poppin’! But the biggest change I’d make is to the number of skaters on the ice. I would drop it to 4 on 4. This would eliminate: the 5-minute a game 4th line knuckledraggers, ‘tracking’ as we know it (the reason teams can’t create poetically off the rush), and a lot of the shot blocking (the modern ‘obstruction’) that we see now. Four on Four forces mostly man-on-man defense which boosts scoring opps and it would make powerplays 4 on 3 which would bring a return of actual skill play PPGs. If there was another penalty called during the PP I’d award a penalty shot. The top players would be seen more, and scoring would get a legitimate boost. Ta-effing-da!!

When you see Pierre McGuire in person, how close does he stand to you?
Two hundred and fifty to three hundred feet, whatever the distance is from the broadcast booth to his silicon based box of euphoria at ice level.

Who do we have to kneecap or bribe or both to get you into the #1 national chair ahead of Eddie O?
Haha. That would only get you incarcerated. You, and ‘all those young hockey players out there’, please leave Eddie alone. But if you do try to take someone out make sure you go ‘backhand-forehand…’

Do you keep a thesaurus with you during the broadcast, or do you really have all those words memorized?
I keep a folder of interesting or descriptive words and jot a couple down before games. To be honest I toss them into the broadcast as flair, not to make myself sound edumacated. I just despise hearing broadcasters say “here’s a good job by…” or repeat simple, crutch words over and over. Makes me gag. Language is fun. There are lots of phenomenal words. More guys should use them. ‘Phenakism’ is my new favorite. Remember, my goal is to undersell the analyst and bring the broadcast color-man back into vogue.

  • cliffkoroll

    Pretty funny. What’s with the high school yearbook picture?

  • I get that Enzo can be a bit dull at times…for all you young hockey players. But he is very knowledgeable about the game and in particular the hawks. By the way I don’t hear him beating up on stalls as much as I do. Him and fro can’t finish generally speaking, aside from last night. Love his speed and 20 goal production but it frustrates me how many opportunities fro and stalls either generate or are generated by teammates but they can’t finish.

    • trois murs

      isn’t it “edzo”, considering his name is ed? and i think people tend to exaggerate his criticisms of stalberg, but when stalberg scored that goal last night you could feel olczyk struggling internally during his awkward silence before giving stalberg his due praise.

      • Yes and that’s what I get for not checking my spelling while using an iPad. But I still disagree I have watched the video several times and he doesn’t hesitate to give stall gives just do. He even goes on to mention the last three games where stall and his speed have led o goals or gret scoring chances, without hesitation

        • birdhead

          I agree, I thought he was remarkably unrestrained in his praise yesterday, probably because he’d spent so much time forcing it out in the last couple of games.

    • Paul the Fossil

      It’s not that anybody thinks Stalberg is indispensable or anything, just that he is a contributor now. And by the way let’s remember to credit Bowman for re-signing him for two years pretty cheap prior to last season — from a salary-cap perspective Stalberg has become a fine deal for the Hawks.

      (And when some other GM this summer offers him top-6 money over 3 or 4 years Bowman should of course let him go. The Hawks can replace Stals’ production for much less than that, no argument there at all.)

      Olczyk and Foley when together though are just beyond redemption now — truly painful to listen to. The wife and I often watch whole periods with the TV muted now.

    • Skags

      “Edzo.” It’s not that he’s dull. I wouldn’t say he’s dull ever. The problem with him for me anyway and this has become more and more grating, is his shtick about golf or shout-outs or whatever it is, rather than what’s going on in the game. Then the fake laughter hahaha.

      When he does national broadcasts and he’s doing the Hawks, I think he overcompensates. That last Blues game…. ugh.

      And it does seem like he is on Stals nuts… constantly. Stalberg isn’t Toews, Hossa, or Sharp. He’s a role player on the 3rd line who also happens to possess world-class speed and some size to go with it. But Eddie sure does like to rail on him. I thought it hilarious how Pierre was heaping praise on Stals during the Blues game…”huh Edzo”… crickets. Uncomfortable, awkward silence.

      • mightymikeD

        I laughed my ass off at that awkward silence. Seems like Pierre was getting some revenge for all those times when Edzo shrugged off his advances. But I think that Pedzo have become almost almost intolerable. The shout outs, golf and now horse-owning schtick is awful, as are the in-jokes, mutual ass-licking and Pat’s “Hilarious” comic pronunciations, When I end up watcing an opposition feed, I get startled by announcers who actually talk about the Hockey that’s happening in front of them.

    • flahawkfan

      Edzo is very knowledgeable and that’s why the way he’s doing the Hawks’ games with Foley is generally so disappointing to me. Why all the in-depth stories about Diana’s chocolate chip cookies, or the linesman’s cupcakes, etc., and the ridiculous extended laughter over unfunny things that are clearly inside jokes for the two of them? I get that it’s TV and that I can easily see what’s going on but those two have become such caricatures of themselves that they’re a distraction. Eddie is much better when he’s doing the national games for NBC and that to me makes his performance on the Hawks’ broadcasts even more unforgiveable.

      Getting even further into the weeds, about Foley . . . In the days before the internet and readily available satellite TV, I lived in Florida and the only way I could get Hawks’ games was by getting in my car and driving around so I could get the Hawks’ AM signal out of Chicago. At that time Foley was SOOOOO worth it. Maybe it was because he was doing radio and TV/radio simulcasts and that kept him more on his toes. But regardless, he was absolutely excellent — one of the best PBP guys in the league — then, and he’s awful now. To me it seems like since the Hawks brought him back at the fans’ behest, he thinks he’s God and that he can say whatever the hell he wants. I’m tired of the tree turdy tree BS, the endless stories, the pimping of his Hawk Ford. Call the damn game, or at least tell stories that are related to what’s happening on the ice. And get the players’ names straight, for Deity’s sake.

      I don’t see anything changing but it feels sorta good to get all of that off my chest, LOL.

  • flahawkfan

    Thank you for this. Love me some Daryl Reaugh. My husband lived in Dallas for a time and watched the Stars’ broadcasts just to listen to Reaugh, so he turned me onto Daryl years ago. And now when the Hawks aren’t playing, I watch the Stars’ feed to listen to Daryl. He’s hilarious, loves the game, and really knows his stuff — and he’s not a big homer.

  • 1benmenno

    Keep your sticks on the ice, girlz et boyz

  • DesertHawk
  • JKM13

    Trade Edzo for Razor.