One Week In

It’s been one week since the Blackhawks world was turned upside down by Patrick Kane being investigated for rape. We’ve been in something of a holding pattern since, with only drips and drabs (what’s a drab anyway?) leaking out of the investigation, and some of it on the flimsy side. Let’s try and establish where we are.

-I feel like there’s a section of people that need a civics lesson when discussing thing. Much like the 1st Amendment seems to cause confusion, “innocent until proven guilty” only applies in a certain setting. That would be a court of law, much like the 1st Amendment only applies to the government trying to censor speech. It’s why the NFL or NHL can fine a player for criticizing the referees, as they are a private organization and not a government (well, the NFL might be soon).

Now, my leanings on this case and where it stands right now would almost certainly preclude me from being selected to the jury if this were to go to trial. But that doesn’t mean I can’t think it or say it. It’s actually not all that much different from me thinking and saying Trevor Daley sucks and won’t work out on the second pairing while waiting to see if his play proves me wrong. I get it, scales and all but they are in the same category. Not comparing the two situations, just the two opinions on them.

Now, the counter to that would be that I have seen Daley play for years in order to form an opinion whereas I like everyone other than Kane and his accuser have no idea what went on. And that’s not a ridiculous notion, but we can still take what we have and form a though. I think we’ve spelled out why pretty coherently, but some still seem to get that.

In today’s Buffalo News, which leaked last night, there’s a report that the accuser was accompanying a friend to Kane’s house. What we can say for sure, if that is indeed the case, is it makes that same paper’s running of Sky Bar’s owner’s quotes even more deplorable, which they basically had already done by having that douchebag admit he had no idea if that was the accuser or not. Sadly, the whole thing makes one look at the Buffalo News kind of side-eyed, and they are basically the only ones who are getting anything about it.

-Some in their zest to shout us down or try and defend Kane have pointed to the Duke lacrosse case of 2006 (yes, it was that long ago). That is one of the few, and maybe only one I can remember, cases where it did turn out to be a false allegation. But there are differences already between the two.

The Duke case had an overzealous and corrupt DA who basically took over the investigation and was lobbing firebombs pretty much the day after for various reasons. As we can clearly see, everyone in Buffalo is taking their time. The accuser in that case couldn’t correctly identify her alleged attackers, twice in fact, though we didn’t find that out to much later in the prosecuter’s zealousness to get those kids. That doesn’t appear to be happening here at all, based on the reports we have.

If you want to check out the Wikipedia page on it, here you go.

Now that doesn’t mean this case couldn’t turn out like that, and I’ll say I was wrong if it were to. But the factors in play are certainly different.

Now that a week has gone by, I’m going to open the comments. But know right at the top we’ll be monitoring them very closely and at the first hint of idiocy or bullshit, we’ll close them right up again. Everyone is allowed to share an opinion in a mature manner, but please be respectful and also open to hearing why something you may say is insulting or incorrect or unfair. Maybe we can all learn something here.

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    “…first hint of idiocy”

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      We actually have a signal for you, like Batman. You’ll know it when you see it.

  • zuppadipesce

    You guys have done a really good job opining on this awful incident. You actually motivated me to get off my ass and read up on rape culture (which I had a tenuous grasp on prior to you and McClure bringing it up in separate articles) and what it means in context. Lots of painful stories, lots of cognitive dissonance, but an overall clarity over where we stand here.

    Though I wouldn’t have expected the Triumvirate to lead me to learning more about complex social issues, I’m glad you all did. So thanks.

    • SamFels

      Neither would we.

  • gobears1987

    I think at this point its fair to say we know nothing of the case as the investigatory agencies involved are moving carefully and keeping it fairly tight lipped. In other words… this will drag on for a while.

    Without knowing if Kane is guilty or not, I do see this ending in a settlement as our justice system is designed (in theory at least) to let a guilty man go before it convicts an innocent one. Thus the burden of proof is always on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

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      See. They shut down the comments for inflammatory reasons …. 😉

  • Dranearian

    So what is the general consensus on what happens in terms of the blackhawks front office with this. Does McDonough let it slide, or is it a case of enough is enough? He is very strict with the image of the blackhawks, and true or not this is a big shot a the image of the organization.

    On one hand I don’t really care about what a player does off the ice. On the other, I am quick to say I don’t want a douche like robiero on the team when those rumors were floating.

    Does Kane get sent away for this?

    • SamFels

      There’ll be a time to discuss that, but a lot of what they can and will do will be tied up in how this shakes out.

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      Like the rest of us, they probably feel that this is out of their hands, and they would be right.

  • TripleA

    I’m struggling with understanding how I’m going to watch this game again without feeling sick if everything disappears with a civil suit. It’s tainted, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to sit there and cheer or spend my money to go and watch live. I don’t know.

    • fromheretoinfirmary

      I’ll note that criminal cases won’t just go away by throwing money at it. Someone can plead down, but you can’t, for instance, pay someone not to testify (that’s witness tampering). Just saying that this whole thing doesn’t “disappear with a civil suit.”

      • yinkadoubledare

        Eh, the civil settlement that results in a witness “deciding” not to cooperate is a possibility. That doesn’t automatically kick a case as the complainant doesn’t have control over whether a case proceeds or not once the complaint is made, but in practice, if the complainant in a sexual assault case stops cooperating, it’s unlikely the case can move forward unless there’s other strong evidence (like video showing it wasn’t consensual, strong physical evidence, etc).

  • fromheretoinfirmary

    Agree that the Buffalo News’ most recent article basically scolds their own reporting from just days earlier. They’re starting to look more like a tabloid, releasing info methodically in an attempt trying to get as many hits/people reading their articles as possible, than an actual respected newspaper.

    Just one little piece of news that was not mentioned was the Erie County DA’s first comments on the case: “I am absolutely astounded by how quickly people come to opinions and how they pour concrete so fast without having one single fact. What happens if that investigation – after I’ve announced that this person is under investigation – what happens if that investigation clears somebody? The point is, that person cannot get their reputation back. That person will always have a cloud over their head. (First saw this on madhouse Enforcer, dont’ know if its been printed elsewhere -

    Now the ONLY reason I bring this up is because (1) its a little piece of news that was not covered above and (2) I was of the mind, based on all the information that has been leaked from LEGITIMATE news sources, that it was only a matter of time until charges were filed. I though they were just waiting for the test results to get all their ducks in a row and make sure they have a slam dunk before bringing charges. Coming from the DISTRICT ATTORNEY of all people (the one who decides whether or not to bring charges based on the police’s investigation) confirms that they are still not sure which way this will go.

  • Bob in EP

    One thing I’d like to clarify, it is illegal in all states to withdraw a criminal complaint in exchange for money or other remuneration. So on the criminal side, I believe that this is firmly in the hands of the prosecution and the decision to prosecute will be based on the forensic results and other evidence.

    • fromheretoinfirmary

      Exactly. Important to note.

    • By the grace of Hossa

      The accuser can’t withdraw it in a case like this. Once an alleged abuse case like this is reported,its in the hands of the law,the accuser no longer has the right to decide whether they wish to withdraw it or not if I have heard correctly.

      • OMFS88

        An uncooperative accuser could tank the case I would imagine

        • fromheretoinfirmary

          This is true. In a sexual assault case if the victim does not want to testify this tanks the case as you said.

          • KEK

            Obviously, one of the reasons that so many do not end in convictions, because that is a really hard thing to do.

            Also, its sad to say, but people and there #isupport88 blind support of Kane also plays into both men (yes it happens, more then you would think) and women reporting sexual assaults.

        • Sopel the catfish

          I think if she were uncooperative sooner in the investigation she could tank it, but at this point I don’t she could stop it if she wanted to.

      • TerryChicago

        This is true in principle, as the criminal case is effectively the society vs. the accused (the victim is not a party in the case, so she would not have the right to withdraw it). Civil suits are where the victim is a party to a case and has control over it.

        With that said, in the case of sexual assault and the “he said/ she said” nature of these cases, prosecutors would not have a chance of proving this matter beyond a reasonable doubt without a cooperating victim. As a result, if the victim refuses to participate, the case will not be pursued by the government.

        I knew that law degree would come into handy some time. Please excuse me while I go cry into some student loan bills.

  • Tom Fergus

    This is what I have to say- At this point there isn’t much that anyone knows, and therefore no one can pass any judgment. At first I thought Kane was definitely , but as time went on I realized I can’t jump to conclusions. There is a lot at stake here. However, I feel like this sight has been anything slightly resembling objective. I feel Sam has expressed his views respectfully and is willing to let his opinion be changed, but McClure has been very very subjective and has just assumed thimgs. The thing here is, someone’s life will be ruined here, and objectivity is clearly the best route. We have no details and need to wait for more details to be made known before we can just start saying Kane is definitely a rapist(on the flip side we also can’t say the girl is lying yet either). This sight failed to do that. And the fact that comments were disabled was also immature- you guys just shut down any view points that might oppose yours. I really don’t have an opinion on whether Kane is guilty or not. However I have been disappointed in this sites handling of the situation. Sorry if you’re offended, but it’s just what I think and I’ll speak my mind if I want to.

    • SamFels

      I should have been clearer on the comments shutdown. We didn’t do it because we thought people would disagree with us. We did it because we thought the chances of it spiraling out of control were very high, and if someone said something truly stupid and thatgoes out, we’d catch the hell for it. I’d rather just catch shit for things that I say only.

      • Sopel the catfish

        Wait, you thought that a polarizing and uncomfortable topic being diqused on the interwebs at a website frequented by drunks (I am one so I get to use that word) could spiral out of control? I can get behind that, although it was lonely without the comment section.

        • WookRN

          Speaking of drinks on the forum, hey Sopel, hope you’re enjoying summer.

          • Sopel the catfish

            The parts of it that I remember have been pretty good so far 🙂 Had a good vacation, been to a few Cubs games, and I’m going to get my “ye olde nerd” on this weekend at the Renn Faire while getting my fill of mead. What about you?

      • Tom Fergus

        That makes sense- Sorry if I came off as abrasive, the comment bam was what really rubbed me the wrong way.

      • Joe Banks

        Many other blogs (ahem) also shut down their comments regarding this situation. It kind of stunned me at first, and it underlined just how serious this is.
        Peoples lives have, could, or will be ruined here.
        It is a terrible thing. I pray justice is served.

  • pnj

    So, to focus on hockey, what could this do to the cap space if this moves forward, like it seems it should?

    • SamFels

      Like I said, there will be a time to talk about that but it isn’t now.

  • KOfan

    My biggest problem with the local coverage has been this: you guys and 670 have insinuated that Kane is an a-hole and bad guy and that we all knew this. I think you have information that I don’t. Just as in the Sharp saga. Because you don’t feel comfortable sharing the story as you knew it, I was left with no real information. “Sharp is locker room trouble”, “Blackhawks untidy”, etc. I don’t doubt the veracity, I iust don’t have any real info to back up the insinuations. I thought Kane was kind of like Gronkowski. A sort of dumb, drunk frat boy. Apparently, you guys thought that and then some. It’s just seems a bit unfair to label the fandom as fanboys when no one really writes anything hard hitting until after a likely rape. No adult should think they know any of these entertainers, but it does come as a surprise if there is no real lead up in the history. Even the Madison stuff seemed inconsequential at the time. I think you have reliable sources that give you a kind of inside opinion but the rest of us don’t. Anyway, just my two cents. Love the site.

    • FifthFeather

      I’m not sure what you mean by saying “no real lead up in the history.” Like people should’ve known because he was a drinker and partier, he may also be a rapist?

      • KOfan

        Sort of. I feel like the tenor of the site’s pieces have been that he’s likely guilty because we all know he’s a douche, etc (I think that’s almost verbatim) I just didn’t “know he is a douche”. I think he’s probably guilty b/c the statistics on false reporting tell us as much. To me, the lead up in info was that he had some drunken events in his very early 20s. Nothing I read (and granted I didn’t read everything) led me to believe he treated women poorly, was an arrogant jerk to people, etc. Some of your articles have insinuated that everyone knew all of this – I just didn’t.

        • SamFels

          We probably do know some stuff that most don’t, but that doesn’t mean we can always write it. I thought the incidents in Madison were pretty well known.

          • KOfan

            Fair enough. I know you guys have railed against the rape culture crowd(and rightly so), but I’ve probably talked to two dozen people about this and not one of them has taken any position other than a fairly enlightened and bummed out position. Bummed for the victim, the fans, kids et al. I think being web site guys you may get jaded from reading trolls. Thanks again for the site. Read it every day for years – first time I’ve written in tho.

        • fromheretoinfirmary

          I think the point is that taking everything he has done into context (the cab, the limo, madison, and now this) points heavily to him being an arrogant asshole, and maybe even more so. The incident in Madison is the most egregious. I hadn’t thought about it in a long time, and then when this story broke I looked back and it was much, MUCH worse than I had remembered. Now, these were all rumors but were corroborated by many witnesses. The lowlights were (1) anti-semetic comments, (2) the asinine shirt that 5 x 2 = 10, (3) pulling down girl’s sunglasses and saying “nahhh not good enough” and (4) worst of all and most germane to current events, supposedly drunkenly hitting on a girl who wanted nothing to do with him and choking her when she spurned his advances. After reviewing what went down in Madison, I can’t say I’m shocked that this is happening.

          • KOfan

            You’re right about the choking bit. Read about that a few days back as well. That’s the downside of trying to hide or obfuscate this stuff (as Hawks PR does so well) The guys get away with it more or less and feel impunity to do it again. Not impossible that if he’d been publicly humiliated over that stuff, might not be where he is now. Probably better bet that if he didn’t get stupid drunk, the victim would just be some girl he met at a bar one night. Too bad.

          • bmarlowe

            from a 2012 Chi Trib article by David Haugh:
            “I reached out to a witness who claimed on he saw Kane choke a woman at a fraternity party, but the young man, a suburban high
            school student according to his Twitter profile, didn’t reply…The president of the sorority house identified as a place Kane “disappeared into,” clarified to the Tribune that “nothing related to Patrick Kane happened at my sorority.”

          • The Gatest Gamer

            I don’t get the shirt thing. Could someone explain? Also, what’s the limo thing that he’d done?

          • The limo incident took place in Vancouver during the 2009-2010 season. Remember the pics of the shirtless Hawks (Kane and Madden–maybe a third?) and their female fans in the back of a limo? It was generally laughed off at the time, as far as I can remember.

          • Sopel the catfish

            I didn’t get it either until this afternoon, 5×2=10 apparently means that if you sleep with 5 “twos” then it’s the same as sleeping with a “ten”
            The limo thing was the picture of him shirtless with two Vancouver natives (I think) while he was with John Madden (who was married, but not in the photo) and I feel like there was a third player there but I’m not positive

          • I had forgotten or maybe just didn’t want to believe a lot of those allegations in Madison. Everything now just makes me feel sick all over again

          • ChiCityKyle

            I feel exactly the same, sick to my stomach. The whole mindset he must have had while being drunk and not getting what he wanted out of a girl, then choking them.

            Anyways here’s something I’ve been thinking about. I’m not a psychologist or anything of the sort just random thoughts here….

            Could it be that some people (Not all, but perhaps some) as competitive as Kane, who are then put into real world situations has the subconscious competitive mind to “WIN” everything…as in any form of a loss, denial, turn down, etc cannot be accepted. If the thought process is to “have this girl” its a goal to conquer or an achievement to their ego. Any “no” or “non interest” fuels the fire when the ego cannot accept no or “losing”???

          • ChiCityKyle

            I should say, are intoxicated and in a situation that involves “winning and losing” or “pickin up girls”…as a good chunk of society does deem this a “game”.

          • Patorioto

            Same here. Someone posted that Kane has a “history of violence against women.” I was thinking, “Huh?” but then going back I realized it was reported he choked a girl. Can’t believe how we all kind of tuned that out.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    At this point I think it’s safe to ignore almost anything reported by The Buffalo News. ‘Holding Pattern’ is an apt turn of phrase, and we are likely to stay in one until the forensic reports come in.

    • It’s unfortunate that they’ve been the primary source of any tangible news associated with the story.

      • The Gatest Gamer

        It’s funny how some of their reports are treated as truth, while others are immediately shot down. Personally, I find their handling of this too tabloid like and try to ignore them altogether.

  • Feenux

    Sam, I think your article “He is a bad spot” was extremely well written and did a good job putting this in perspective. Regardless of what is to come, it’s important to realize who Patrick Kane is (I also enjoyed Baffoe’s article of the same topic: “Patrick Kane is not your friend”). McClure, I think you’ve done a great job of keeping this grounded in reality (along with Julie DiCaro) and have pushed back strongly against the meatheads who blindly support Kane and assume his accuser must by lying for the money. While I haven’t had the time to follow every Chicago media outlet, the two of you along with the two Score writers need to be commended for providing objective, rational commentary and opinion. After having subjected myself to the Puck Daddy Comments the past few days I totally understand the rationale behind the closing of the comments. I look forward to reading what you all have to say as this plays out in the upcoming weeks.

  • bmarlowe

    >> What we can say for sure, if that is indeed the case, is it makes that
    same paper’s running of Sky Bar’s owner’s quotes even more deplorable…

    The public statements of the Sky Bar owner are news and should be reported. He apparently was a witness to activities that preceded the alleged incident. Whether his statement was biased or inaccurate is not the point. The newspaper correctly (I assume) reported what was said and who said it. That is a neutral and correct position to take. Except for the alleged victims name, we certainly don’t need Sam or McClure or others telling us what is fit for us to read or know.

  • Sopel the catfish

    The thing that I would like know is if we are to receive the pleasure of reading the end of year wraps for each player. Whiskey is definitely a factor but I’m pretty sure I remember those happening that last few years.

    • SamFels

      Probably not. When they make that deep of a run player by player wraps then bump up right against player by player previews. That we’ll do in September.

      • Sopel the catfish

        Makes sense, thanks.

  • Craig Chval

    I’m reminded of the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson situation in Ferguson. Racism exists throughout the criminal justice system, but until the investigations were completed (local and U.S. Department of Justice), I lacked sufficient information to know whether Wilson’s shooting of Brown was another episode of racism. Just because racism exists didn’t mean Wilson acted out of racism.

    People definitely get away with rape. People definitely blame, intimidate, shame and vilify women who report rape. None of those objective truths means that Patrick Kane committed rape.

    Patrick Kane has demonstrated a propensity to make poor, even criminal decisions, while drunk. That doesn’t mean he committed rape.

    The call here not to blindly defend Kane is welcome, as is the call here not to malign the complainant. But it doesn’t matter how bad an actor Kane is — or we think him to be — it’s likely that only two, or at most, a handful of people know whether he committed rape, or whether she’s lying or mistaken.

    I’m pretty sure none of those people is posting on public sites.

  • GeoHrad

    John Krakauer’s “Missoula” is worth reading if you’d like some perspective on how rare false rape allegations are, the truly monumental strength it takes for women who have been raped to come forward, and the seemingly illogical things rape victims do after they are traumatized (which people immediately jump on to cast doubt on the victim’s story). It’s hard to read at times, but extremely powerful. Rape is pretty much the only crime where the victim isn’t automatically given the benefit of the doubt when they go to the police. Kudos to the Committed Indian for not falling into that camp.

  • HossasPierogi

    This entire situation is absolutely depressing. I’m a hockey fan to get away from all this crap — and it has followed me to where I live. While I understand the legalities, I think it’s about time for Kane, Wirtz and McDonough to break the silence. Pitching tickets to camp at Notre Dame and selling jerseys to kids during this catastrophe is too incongruent and it’s starting to reflect poorly on the entire organization. The conversation must begin. See Shannon Ryan’s excellent Tribune column.

    • jordyhawk

      I don’t see how Rocky or McD can break the silence. Everything is in limbo until the authorities decide whether or not to press charges. Everyone wants something to happen, but I think for now the only game is the waiting game. I stand to be corrected.

      • HossasPierogi

        Yes but I learmed in journalism school that silence is a statement. They can’t talk about the case per se but is ignoring the impact of the situation the proper stance at this moment? In a week? In a month?

        • jordyhawk

          My guess is the lawyers have instructed the club to say nothing (other than what Rocky already has) until the authorities press charges or decide not to. If they do press charges I would think there must be something in Kane’s contract that would give the club the option of suspending him at that time, which I would expect to happen. Again, I stand to be corrected.

  • 60MinutesBaby60

    Paraphrasing that law school standby – “If you have the facts, pound the facts, if you have the law, pound the law; if you have neither, pound the table.

    The drag for me as this kick in the nuts to our Stanley Cup summer hangs out there unanswered is that perception is reality – or at least seems that way until otherwise so.

    Patrick Kane not talking let’s his past talk for him.
    And as a handsome young superstar jock who on his worst day probably blows off babes most us of will never get on our best. Just sayin’ and certainly speaking for myself.

    But I’m him I don’t care what my lawyer says, I’m calling a press conference and stating my innocence LOUDLY.

    “I DID NOT do this, I AM innocent and I’ll stand here and answer every single question.” Truth is the ultimate defense – and provides the ultimate STRENGTH.

    The fact that that’s not happening is – for me anyway – not good. At all.

    The Chicago Blackhawks – this particular bunch of guys especially – are a really fun escape from the everyday. As a kid I always preferred 21 to 9 but still held the guy in awe. Now as an adult the off ice stories about him have destroyed that forever. Hey that’s life.

    Now Patrick Kane too (I had typed “Kaner” but stopped myself I don’t want to use that term of affection right now and doubt I will anymore, in the same way Bobby Hull no longer is The Golden Jet.)

    I ain’t no angel. Young & dumb I made some BIG mistakes in my life. Can’t change them. Try to make them right and learn from them too. And the sun comes up…

    Whatever the truth is, here’s hoping justice gets done. This Blackhawks team tho … things are different now.

    • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

      “Patrick Kane not talking let’s his past talk for him.”

      Which is marginally better than saying anything right now. Kane cannot at this point open his mouth and have anything good come out. Exercising his right to remain silent is his best option.

      • Bob in EP

        What is a bit curious to me is that nobody who knows him has even stepped forward to endorse his character. I can understand why anyone involved and anyone on the team are silent. But everybody?

        • SuperHawk27

          Is anyone out there asking his current/former teammates coaches/friends about Kane? Most everyone is on vacation so unavailable for comment. But it is pretty telling that nobody is going out of their way to vouch for his character. That is interesting.

          • Preacher

            I would be utterly SHOCKED

      • 60MinutesBaby60

        As far as a court of law goes can’t disagree; but in the court of public opinion, his silence – for me anyway – is deafening.

        Kane ain’t “pounding the facts” so looks like it’s defaulting to “pounding the law” – remaining silent; and it might work for him too. His money can buy him high priced legal counsel but it cannot buy him good will …

        … and in my humble opinion every day he remains silent more and more goes away. I’ll just speak for myself I ain’t looking at the guy the same way.

        I hope I’m wrong and I wish like hell the guy would come out and tell me so.

  • Skags

    I appreciate you opening the comments back up. Thanks for that. Other than the twitters, I feel like I have no where else to speak my mind. I’m not opposed to, for the sake of the honor of the Blackhawks organization, suspending Kane until this is resolved one way or another. I’d support it. Rape is a serious charge and I would like the Hawks to lead by example.

    That being said, you guys have been appalling.

    There has been zero objectivity here. According to TCI, Kane’s stupid past behavior (which he’s been undeniably idiotic) has been a harbinger for this rape allegation and that is just utter bullshit. A civic lesson? How about a civillity lesson? He might not have done it. He may actually be innocent.

    And that’s not even my biggest problem with you guys.

    You’ve basically set this up so that no matter what happens Kane for the rest of his life, is completely fucked. If the investigation never turns into an actual rape charge, it’s because John McDonough came in and made it go away. If he’s found innocent, he got away with a crime because conspiracy theories. Every possible legitimate out for Kane has been covered and its all bad. He’ll never be the same person again and that is just absolutely fucked. You need to understand that whatever he did in the past has no relevance WHATSOEVER with this. None.

    I hope he didn’t do this because rape is a horrific crime. If it turns out no charges are filed or he’s found innocent, he should be guaranteed to get his life back without any bullshit from you or anyone else. But that aint likely to happen. This is something that will never ever go away, ever. You’ll make sure of it. You’ve been very clear.

    To be clear, if he did it, I hope he burns in prison for the rest of life.

    • ChiCityKyle

      Well put. Everything. I just don’t know about the suspension part. Because how do you suspend someone over an allegation? Zero facts, no charges, and even if there was charges, he’s still innocent until proven guilty. But everything else you said, 100% spot on.

      • SuperHawk27

        They suspended Voynov before he was found guilty(or whatever caused him to go to jail), mainly because they didn’t want the distraction for the NHL/Kings after the Ray Rice incident. But he was arrested, so its likely that they would wait to find out if they are going to arrest or clear him before they decide what to do in terms of a suspension. Arrested = Suspension; Cleared = ?. Until then i don’t think they will do anything until they are compelled to do so.

      • Skags

        I think they suspend him for the same reason EA sports took him off their cover of NHL #19 or whatever the number is. The innocent until proven guilty thing only applies to a courtroom. If Kane is charged and convicted, having a convicted rapist on the cover of your video game is bad.

        You err on the side of prudence and righteousness. He may or may not have done this, but let’s suspend him, remove him from the cover, etc just in case he did. You can always reinstate.

      • Bob in EP

        LA just canned Mike Richards for being caught at the border with Oxycontin.

        • Sopel the catfish

          I bet the NHLPA appeal for that one will have an affect on how the Hawks handle Kane.

          • Bob in EP

            Definitely. I now have all sorts of questions about how NHL contracts deal with a player’s off-ice conduct.

        • yinkadoubledare

          Of course, LA did that because they were actively looking for a way to dump his contract because it was killing their cap.

          If Kane is charged I expect him to be suspended like Voynov was.

    • fromheretoinfirmary

      There’s a few things I think you’re missing. The first is the statistic that such a small, an almost negligible, percentage of rape accusations are actually false. In other words, the vast majority of accusations are legitimate. so just playing a numbers game, its pretty clear that something salacious went down. The legal system is finicky and imperfect, so no charges or innocent doesn’t necessarily mean a crime wasn’t committed. The second is that sometimes, when things are being pulled too far in one direction, it is necessary to go a little bit farther the other way to attempt to even things out. The victim blaming has been a little over the top with the #isupport88 hashtag and general discourse on the internet and talk radio. So, I think it is necessary to pull hard the other way to get people to the reasonable, middle ground that I think is the best place to be. To do that, it is relevant to point out that we know absolutely nothing about the victim, but we do know things about Kane, through Madison mostly. There, he choked a girl who didn’t want him and was generally misogynistic. So for the Kane supporters that give him the benefit of the doubt but don’t afford that same courtesy for the victim, it is necessary to be heavy handed.

      • Skags

        “There’s a few things I think you’re missing. The first is the statistic that such a small, an almost negligible, percentage of rape accusations are actually false. In other words, the vast majority of accusations are legitimate.”

        This narrative misrepresents reality. Up to 10% of rape accusations are false, and this is key: meaning ‘provably false’ or ‘admittedly false.’ But as many as 44% of accusations do not go to trial for a variety of reasons including lack of evidence, accuser cooperation, or failing to meet the legal definition of assault. There’s a lot of grey.
        But either way, 10% of false reports is hardly negligible. It’s extremely irresponsible to assume something salacious went down, just because she said so. And conflating a rape accusation with some deadspin rumor or drunken binge is also irresponsible. Whatever happened in his past has nothing to do this.

        The rest of your post proves my point. TCI is going out of their way to represent a hugely subjective branch against Kane in this debacle. And that isn’t helpful. It’s infuriating actually.

        A better more responsible way to get the frothing meatballs defending him at any cost, if that’s even possible at all, is by being overtly objective.

        • fromheretoinfirmary

          Well 10% is still small. But your point is well-taken. I read your post above, and it was a really great honest portrayal of what it has been like to process these allegations. I share a lot of your same sentiments. To reconcile my post above with this one, I just think that there’s way too many people (and they’re mostly young people from what I’ve seen on social media) that are treating this extremely flippantly and being very disrespectful towards rape in general. As far as I can tell, that does not include anyone that has posted on here so far, as your own post so eloquently proves. Maybe those young #Isupport88 idiots are just that, young and needing to grow up. You just hope people can see things in the required nuanced manner for these types of situations.

          • Skags

            Thanks, you too.

      • bmarlowe

        “The first is the statistic that such a small, an almost negligible, percentage of rape accusations are actually false…”

        Since you apparently missed it above, you should read:

        • Skags

          Those links are broken, so I googled bloomberg…

          How Many Rape Reports Are False?

          718 SEPT 19, 2014 3:15 PM EDT

          By Megan McArdle

          How many women falsely accuse men of rape?

          A lot of statistics are floating around the Internet: Two percent, say many feminists, the same as other crimes. Twenty-five percent, say other groups who quarrel with the feminists on many issues, or maybe 40 percent. Here’s the real answer: We don’t know. Anyone who insists that we do know should be corrected or ignored.

          The number of false accusations is what statisticians call a “dark number” — that is, there is a true number, but it is unknown, and perhaps unknowable. For a deep dive into the reasons it’s so hard to know, I commend you to Cathy Young’s new piece at Slate, in which she details all the problems that confound investigations into false rape accusations.

          Here’s what we do know: The 2 percent number is very bad and should never be cited. It apparently traces its lineage back to Susan Brownmiller’s legendary “Against Our Will,” and her citation for this figure is a single speech by an appellate judge before a small group of lawyers. His source for this statistic was a single area of New York that started having policewomen conduct all rape interviews. This is not data. It is an anecdote about an anecdote.

          The 41 percent number beloved of men’s-rights activists is better; it involves a peer-reviewed study by Eugene Kanin of a police department in some unknown small city. False reports could only be declared if the victim herself withdrew the charge.

  • seabsrat

    I hate this situation. I have such a hard time believing what’s reported in the media for either side because everyone has an agenda.

    On the one extreme, you have the meathead idiots who would glorify Kane’s bad boy behavior and victim blame to no end, and on the other you have people looking for a high profile figure to burn at the stake to try to make a stand in the rape culture we subside within. Of course, the latter may have a great and noble cause, but it doesn’t necessarily make them right about this specific case.

    I just hope true justice is found. And if that idiot is actually innocent, I hope that he learns something this time around. If he’s guilty, may he rot in jail.

    It all just makes me sick to my stomach.

  • GoldenJet

    I have to believe that the main delay now is going to be related to how long it takes to get the DNA tests back. I’m wondering if they also are running drug tests on Kane’s blood/urine/hair…I would lay odds that, in addition to alcohol, he tests positive for cocaine, viagra(or other) and possibly some other drug(s) that all the cool kids are doing these days. Even if he’s exonerated, I think he’ll be suspended and forced into some sort of substance abuse program by the team/league.

    I have a hard time seeing him on the Hawks through this upcoming season. If he’s not too heavily weighed down by this situation, I could definitely see the team working some blockbuster trade and getting him out of town.

    Arghhhhh, why Patrick, why are you such a douchebag?! Fuckity fuck fuck…

    • PlumbHawkery

      Interesting that you mentioned a potential trade somewhere down the line. I also cannot imagine that he will be there for a banner raising or any other activity this upcoming season. I can’t see that the organization would risk that publicity. If the league/team suspend him, does that free his cap hit? With all of this bullshit information swirling about I’m surprised that information isn’t being discussed. Have you heard/read anything about that?

  • Korm

    I had a lot of conversations with women after this whole thing went down. 99% of women that I talked to said the same thing: “there is no gain for us as women to lie about a rape charge. The public shame is terrible enough.”
    That being said, I heard two very bizarre statements from other women. When I told someone at work about “Patrick Kane is under investigation for rape” she said “Kane? Why would someone choose him? I’d choose Sharp.” as if it was a choice? And another girl told me that “Well, women can say anything.”

    I’m interested in hearing other conversation you’ve had with women about this case – or, if you are a woman, piping in. If nothing else, this situation has definitely taught me a lot about the women in my life that I respect and admire.

    • OMFS88

      I’ve heard some strange comments from women at work as well. The most notable was “awww, poor guy” in response to him being pulled from the NHL 2016 cover. Certainly I’ve heard worse from men, and I won’t do you the disservice of repeating them here, but I found that particularly interesting. People seem to assume that someone who is rich and famous would have no “need” to commit this heinous act or blindly assume their heroes aren’t capable of it.

      • Bob in EP

        Some people who posess a singular level of skill in one area can be very deficient in others.

    • HossasPierogi

      I’m learning that many people don’t like to discuss politics or other tough issues because of what they learn about the people they are discussing them with. Often, it’s information better left unknown, unfortunately.

    • dinob0t

      I chatted about this with my fiancee, and specifically mentioned “my favorite Hawks blog” having a pretty non-meatball-esque perspective on the allegations. She’s a well-read feminist & a scholar– but her response was, “I don’t really understand. How is everyone so sure he’s guilty already?”

      She hadn’t read this blog, but she had googled the news briefly, simply knowing how closely I follow the Hawks (and because she watched most of the playoffs with me). Last we talked about it, her perspective was “it seems like no one knows anything, so what’s there to talk about until there are facts or charges?”

      I share her reaction as straightforwardly as I can–hopefully without a personal slant on it. At this point, I still really don’t know how to think about or react to the whole situation. My strongest reaction so far has been “no matter how this all breaks down, this sucks, will continue to suck, and won’t ever not have sucked.”

      • PlumbHawkery

        I agree with your fiancee that there really is nothing to talk about at this point. What I am very interested in is how this might impact the organization. If the team or league suspend him, does that free his cap hit to be invested elsewhere? I’d rather focus on a cup defense and his 10.5 mm has a lot to do with that. What have you read?

    • guest

      This whole post feels really weird–that strange undertone of “guys guys I heard about these “women” so I went and talked them…” plus the weird belief that the handful of women you’ve talked to are now the duly elected representatives of 3 billion people (or maybe the assumption is just that they all think alike/have a hivemind)?

      I mean, there’s definitely something to be said for perspective and a conversation only benefits from adding more voices coming from more directions, but something about the way you wrote it just rubbed me the wrong way.

      • Korm

        Let me clarify a bit here, as I don’t want you to be inferring something I had no intention of saying. What I’m saying here is that these horrible allegations have opened up a lot of discussion between myself and many of the important women in my life – my wife, my friends, and my coworkers – that I may never have had otherwise. And I’m wondering if, in this community, anyone else has come across reactions that confused, startled, opened up perspectives or discussion among those that are close to you that you wouldn’t have normally thought about. That’s all I meant.

  • bmarlowe

    >> Sam says, “That [Duke Lacrosse] is one of the few, and maybe only one I can remember, cases where it did turn out to be a false allegation”

    Well, there’s UVa, and Tawanna Brawley, but perhaps that is beside the point. We’ve been urged by the media mob to read pieces by DiCaro (worth reading) and Baffoe (mostly ludicrous). Here are a couple of others I would urge them to read:

  • brettraz

    Question as I’m kind of ignorant on the situation. Does anyone know how conclusive is the rape kit and DNA evidence generally in determining consensual “aggressive” sex versus forced intercourse/rape? I’m just curious if there was physical sex if there will be any way of differentiating it with certainty from rape besides just a he said/she said debate.

    • krome

      The kits can tell you conclusively that an act took place (and sometimes that it didn’t). They tell very little (to nothing at all) about whether an act was consensual – although they can give some corroboration (or negation) to details in the parties’ statements.

    • wreckinball

      If he’s not denying having sex than the DNA seems somewhat irrelevant
      It boils down to consensual or not

      • KEK

        Ummm if she says it wasn’t consensual and there is DNA then it is obviously not good for Kane.

    • KEK

      Yeah, kits examine all sorts of things. Also, then there is the scratches on the leg and bite marks on both shoulders…. which is really really disturbing.

  • SuperHawk27

    Where there is smoke, there will be fire….and there is a lot of smoke following Kane around whether people like to accept it or not.

    I really don’t like this whole situation, or how its being handled. The Buffalo News seems to be playing this whole investigation up to generate any kind of publicity for themselves at the expense of Kane and the accuser/victim. The more publicity the Buffalo News artificially generate for themselves, the harder it is for both sides; Her to follow through with the whole process and her reputation after all is said and done; and/or Kane’s already shitty reputation and any convictions that come from this.

    Just shut up and wait for some facts to come through. The rumor mill stinks to high heaven.

  • Skels

    This whole situation has really made me question a lot of things about myself.

    You could say Patrick Kane has been an idol to me, like I’m sure he is to many others. As a kid who grew up playing hockey I’ve always supported talented American players in the NHL. I moved to Chicago right around the same time Kane was drafted and I’ve followed him very closely. I’ve worn my #88 jersey very enthusiastically for years. I loved watching that kid net goals and slide across the ice flashing his “showtime” gesture.

    That being said, when these allegations came out my initial thought was “I hope it’s false. I hope she’s lying. I hope Pat winds up okay.” And I’m really not sure if that was the appropriate response. A week later I still find myself hoping this whole thing blows over. I can’t extinguish that hope, despite the fact a woman’s life might be in the process of being “ruined” as so many people on here have said, and that really makes me disappointed in myself.

    It seems like a lot of people probably feel the same way, hoping it blows over but IF a crime WAS committed, you hope he burns. Why is it that we are so willing to give Kane the benefit of the doubt? And this whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing is overused too. Many people have already said that only applies in a court of law.

    Part of me wants to just shake Kane and scream “WTF were you thinking you idiot!” The other part of me wants to apologize profusely to the woman on behalf of Kane and all of Chicago because that’s just not the way we do things here. At least not with the Blackhawks.

    It’s a lose-lose situation. If you support Kane you’re victim blaming and if you support the woman you’re not giving Kane his due process. I really don’t know what to do or say anymore, I feel like I lose any conversation I have. And I say conversation, not argument, because I feel like everyone is making this a personal battle whereas I’m still struggling to cope with the idea my favorite player just committed a brutal crime and he’s no longer someone worth supporting. Moreover, the idea that I might be willing to support him anyway if someone (like McDonough) could just make this whole thing go away.

    Additionally, I’m a journalist. I don’t write about sports but I took a number of classes in J-School about reporting on rape and other legal matters involving athletes. I thought the Buffalo News was doing a fine job until the blunder with the Sky Bar owner. But I’m pretty sure everyone knows they were just facing pressure to print something and they had no new details. That’s how publishing works. “If it bleeds it leads” and sometimes you find yourself contributing things you yourself don’t feel right about. It’s more a knock to their editors than their reporters. I think calling the Buffalo News a tabloid is going too far.

    Worst of all is the waiting. They’ve been upfront that this could take a long time to resolve (months). That means a lot more introspection, self doubt and disappointment. Not really sure where to go from here.

    I appreciate you opening up the Comments section. I just felt I had to share my position with other people who might feel a similar level of investment in the case.

    • Sopel the catfish

      Well written post Skels, completely agree about it being a lose-lose situation. Everyone loses in rape situations (allegations, charges, investigations, whatever it may be) regardless of the outcome

    • HostileHawk

      Thanks for sharing such an honest response. This is how healing takes place, both personally and socially. I have come to a place where I can support neither and both. I think Sam’s perspective of law and the social aspects of this are spot on. I do not support Kane’s behavior in general, who has given us little reason to presume his guilt, which is not the same as calling him guilty (many people have a hard time understanding the difference). I have also worked with rape victims, and deeply aware of the systemic violence in our culture which is largely perpetuated by our media. When one listens to the many accounts of sexual abuse, taking into consideration that 1 of every 4-5 women is sexually abused in their life, one has to take a hard stance against perpetuating this behavior as an ethical responsibility. This involves empathy for the men who have been set up by “education” but also requires pressure to grow out of those constructs. Ultimately, my support and empathy resides with that of the oppressed. Kane is no where near being the oppressed, and will move on without great hurt in most scenarios, where the woman does not have that luxury.

    • wreckinball

      Benefit of the doubt is the whole innocent until proven guilty thing
      Why are you not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt?
      Do you know the alleged victim ?
      She could be like Jackie from the Rolling Stone article
      Just don’t know yet

    • PuttingOnTheFoil77

      Great post. Very well written. Speaks our minds in a clear, thoughtful way. I’m a writer and so I love a great piece like this. I agree with you on being torn.

  • oldman

    First and foremost, I’ve been lurking for years and I
    consider the hockey analysis on this site superior. Thank you for it. Also, it
    would not surprise me in the least if Kane is guilty of rape. If he is, he deserves
    to spend the rest of his hockey playing years in jail.

    That said, I’ve found the editorials on this site to be
    offensive and frankly despicable, particularly McClure’s hot take. Within hours of the report surfacing and with
    no evidence at hand, McClure is convicting him of rape because he’s rich and
    white. That’s appalling. It’s as if Andrey Vyshnsky is ghosting
    articles for your site, employing the
    types of “argument” you expect to surface in a show trial in a totalitarian regime, not in a hockey blog.

    The only legal systems that can even aspire to achieve
    justice are predicated upon proving the actual guilt of the individual before
    imposing punishment. His race shouldn’t matter. His class shouldn’t matter. Being
    a “bro” doesn’t matter. All that matters is whether he committed the crime he
    is charged with. So when I see this site willing to stigmatize Kane for no
    other reason than he is white and rich, you hopefully understand the revulsion that
    naturally followed.

    Let the system work and evidence be produced before you
    start tagging Kane with the scarlet rape letter, please.

    • HossasPierogi

      Don’t understand this Donald Trump-like “blame the media” or “blame the messenger” mentality. This blog did not “convict” Kane of anything, nor did it “stigmatize” him. All the trouble Kane is in right now is due to his personal decisions, nothing else. Even if he’s innocent of rape, he’s the one who decided to get plastered and bring women back to his home at a time when good things don’t happen.

      • bmarlowe

        Quoting McClure:
        “So whether or not Kane is actually charged with anything is immaterial at this point. This is what kind of guy he is…”

        • HossasPierogi

          There’s a difference between being charged with something and being the kind of guy the public record shows him to be. That’s on him, not this blog.

          • bmarlowe

            No, the implication of the quote is that he is the “kind of guy” who would rape someone, therefore he did.

          • HossasPierogi

            That’s your interpretation, not mine. It’s ridiculous that you are blaming this blog and holding Kane blameless for his actions.

          • bmarlowe

            What actions am I holding Kane blameless for?

          • HossasPierogi

            He is not accused of rape, but he is suspected of it because . . . see my original post above. Don’t be dense — I’m done.

          • bmarlowe

            I’m “un-dense” enough to know that you didn’t answer the question. Let me make it simple enough for even you to understand – one can say that an opinion piece is way out of bounds AND Kane too frequently gets drunk and acts like a jerk. I thought the former needed addressing in this forum, the latter is obvious.

          • HossasPierogi

            Yes this is true — one can say that an opinion piece is way out of bounds AND still believe that Kane too frequently gets drunk and acts like a jerk. They are not mutually exclusive.

            But to place any kind of culpability for Kane’s situation on this blog is just wrong. Yes, the opinion piece may be a bit out there, but Kane made his own bed.

          • bmarlowe

            OK – peace. Anyone who likes Hoss and pierogis can be my friend.

      • wreckinball

        Interesting Yes he seems to have made some poor decisions but possibly so did the alleged victim
        Getting drunk and stupid can be a team effort

  • PlumbHawkery

    I appreciate the manner with which this site has managed this situation, thank you for not disappointing loyal readers. I have my opinion about it all but that doesn’t really matter, does it? There so much (mis)information out there and all I really want to hear about is how might this impact the organization. If the Hawks or league suspend him, does that free his cap hit? I can’t seem to find anything that will discuss the possible financial implications of this whole garbage scenario. Any clues..?

  • HostileHawk

    I just want to publicly show my support for this blog and the writing on this event. I have been reading for 6+ years and now have a new sense of pride in doing so. I have always appreciated the social justice commentary brought to this forum. Thanks.

  • T.M.

    If you want my opinion whether Patrick Kane is guilty or not, my answer is “I don’t know.” As for the innuendos that this type of behavior would be in character for Patrick Kane, I don’t remember any arguments on this blog last year that Patrick Kane should not be re-signed because of character issues

    • Bob in EP

      Maybe that’s because many Hawks fans believed he overcame those issues. In retrospect, it appears he was just mocking us with his very few words of contrition.

      • KEK

        I am not trying to pat myself in the back, but I always was very nervous in regards to his substance abuse. Maybe its because I am in recovery myself and also work in treatment, but so much of his personality screamed alcoholic/addict. Self-Centered, lack of accountability, highly enabled, feeling entitled. The fact that he excels in his job does not mean that it wouldn’t be possible for him to be using drugs/alcohol either (that is something people commonly get confused about).

        He just got better at covering his ass, if the Hawks knew this was going on and did nothing about it then shame on them.

    • wreckinball

      His past behavior means nothing in regards to this case

      • KEK

        He appears to get violent when intoxicated, he beat up a cab driver over change and possibly chocked a girl out in Madison (and at the very least was a total douche). Everyone has a Patrick Kane story, he is frequently seen at bars.

        It is relevant. Especially the violence during what appears to be blackouts.

  • Leroy Baxter

    Part of what you do when you make moral judgments is express allegiance to an ideological team. But that can interfere with one’s ability to think critically. It just injects your views based on your narrative, regardless of the facts, which haven’t even come out yet. Assuming that Kane is automatically guilty is no better than victim blaming.

    Of course rape is wrong. In America, very very very (very) few people think rape is a justifiable act. Even in prison, other prisoners treat rapists like monsters and often beat and kill them (and rape them, which is confusing).

    My problem is that people who write for this site (and other sites) are using the Kane allegations as a springboard to battle for their ideological cause, when the facts are not in.

    If he’s guilty, then fuck him. Rot in jail. But to my knowledge, he hasn’t even been arrested. I understand where this sentiment comes from, but enough with these rape culture think-pieces centered on Kane. Wait until the facts come out before breaking out the pitchforks.

    • ToucanStubbs

      “Assuming that Kane is automatically guilty is no better than victim blaming.”

      Absolutely. Above, someone had a line about Kane going out and getting drunk and bringing people home at an hour when nothing good happens. Really? Thats almost exactly what’s considered “victim blaming” if its said about the girl. If I were to say she shouldn’t be going out late at night and drinking and going home with men, I would be crucified by this website, yet its apparently par for the course to say that, by doing the same, Kane is making his own bed. Talk about hypocritical..

      The same can be said about this false rape claim stuff. So what if the number is 2% or 100%? 2% of rape claims is still a huge number. As someone involved in law enforcement, I can promise you that people lie about these things regularly. They lie in police reports every day, from the mundane to the potentially life-altering. None of us have any clue what happened and giving either side any more weight than the other is ignorant and stupid.

      I just find it disgusting that this site (or anyone for that matter) finds it okay to drag one half of the incident through the mud while raising the other as a saint. You can decide which half is Kane for yourself because both are occurring,

      • KEK

        “I just find it disgusting that this site (or anyone for that matter) finds it okay to drag one half of the incident through the mud while raising the other as a saint”

        Who is being made a “saint” in this? Should we automatically assume she is making this all up? She is the possible victim of a rape, nobody is making her a “saint” but they are treating this as the serious matter that it is.

        And I do not think Kane is being “dragged through the mud” by any means. His past behavior is unfortunately relevant in this matter . He has been violent in the past.

        And yes people lie and I understand you are a police officer but I am a Social Worker and rape is extremely frequently reported to me. Am I supposed to believe that many female clients who report being raped are lying?

        ” 2% of rape claims is still a huge number.”

        No its not, its almost factually insignificant, especially when one considers that no more then 30 percent of sexual assaults are even reported.

  • wreckinball

    I think it’s best to just wait and see
    I disagree with the notion expressed by some regarding why would a woman file a false rape charge
    Let’s see guilt revenge and in this case potential $$s
    Besides Duke lacrosse there is UVA Tawana Brawley the mattress girl and a whole slew of civil suits of expelled make students claiming they were falsely accused
    Most pretty convincing
    Can anyone name the alleged “victim” in the Kobe Bryant case
    But she is now a rich woman She may may have been absolutely wronged but don’t discount the $$ motive
    Innocent until proven guilty lets see

  • Jim

    People are shining a light on rape culture, but what about drinking culture? I love craft beer (IPA in particular, my favorites include Firestone Walker and Ballast Point), but (unrelated to this incident) I’ve stopped drinking altogether. My reason is that I’ve got a software company and a lot of people rely on me to have good judgement. I have children, employees, partners, stakeholders. It is my personal experience that even one can of beer drops my IQ quite a bit, and leaves me brain fogged and dull. 2 beers, and my judgment starts to go out the window. And the next day, the brain fog continues. I simply am not razor sharp. You may think I’m a pussy for saying one beer does this, but it does. And I want to be 100% of what I can be, because that is what brings me to the top 1%, in earnings, accomplishments, and success. There are plenty of smart successful people that drink, but they are not tapping into their full potential, they are simply dulling their senses.

    So, there are plenty of people who are drinking, and they are making stupid decisions because alcohol impairs your judgment, the more alcohol, the worse the judgement.

    One *might* say that Patrick Kane also has quite a few people that rely on him. He has employers (The Chicago Blackhawks, National Hockey League), Sponsers (EA Sports, Bauer, Chevy), Family, Fans (Chicago and Buffalo area children),etc. One *might* say that public drinking might not be to his benefit. Because it is all of these sponsers and people that put Kane in the position of wealth and status he is enjoying. And that is a 24 Hour/Day job, not just when he is on the ice. And you can say the man has a right to his privacy and drinking. Sure, I agree, but it’s not congruent to the goals of wealth and fame. And incongruent behavior leads to failure.

    • KEK

      If its an actual addiction then all that stuff really doesn’t matter, alcoholics and addicts really cannot stop until the pattern is interrupted and often that is caused by something very serious happening.

      I just really think there is many people who likely saw this occurring and allowed it to happen. The fact that some of the fanbase even encouraged this did not help either.