No Time Left For You: Predators 6, Blackhawks 2; Series tied 1-1

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War on Ice

There were a couple times in the 80’s when the Hawks would make it to the Campbell Conference Finals; they’d split the first two games and their win would be a massive blowout. The Vancouver game where Roger Neilson infamously waved his towel on a stick that was later hilariously immortalized in a statue and against Calgary where the Hawks smoked the Flames in the Saddledome and took the series back to Chicago tied at 1.

Both series ended up in the opposition’s favor after 5 games. This really has nothing to do with anything other than to remind everyone that no matter how ugly a playoff loss gets, it ultimately has no bearing on how the rest of the series plays out.

Tonight’s game, whether the game ended 3-2, 6-2 or 1,432-2 still only means the series is tied at 1. I think people need to remember that more than ever. Things are getting weird around here.

–I guess we should broach this whole goalie thing which is taking on levels of stupid that usually are reserved for the gridiron in this city.

First of all, I don’t know when “riding the hot hand” became a goalie that had one really nice game. Let’s remember this: In the final 20 games when Joel Quenneville desperately needed the Hawks to gain points in the standings, he turned to Corey Crawford 17 of those times and only used Scott Darling in back-to-back situations or meaningless games.

This isn’t an ’08-09 situation when he alternated between Nikolai Khabibulin and Cristobal Huet or a ’09-10 situation where he shielded Antii Niemi with favorable starts until he ultimately turned to him. Scott Darling was an absolute afterthought and no one ever said “HEY WHAT ABOUT PLAYING DAT LOCAL GUY WHO SPENT 15 YEARS LIVING IN DA SUBURBS BUT HAS ALSO LIVED JUST AS MUCH TIME OUT OF DA GREAT STATE OF ILLINOIS, MY FRENTS.”

If Corey Crawford has proved anything, it’s that he deserves the benefit of the doubt. We can literally go down the list of times he’s bounced back from stinkbombs if that would make any one feel better.  But I really don’t think this warrants that.

All that being said, knowing how negative the energy might be at the United Center on Sunday with the mob looking to turn on Crawford at the first sign of distress, I can’t really blame Quenneville if he decides to give Darling another shot.

But let’s not kid ourselves if it does go down that route. Darling left a ton of rebounds for Nashville in Game 1 and on their second look at him, you may want to stick the “hot hand” down a garbage disposal. And then what?

–It’s probably another important reminder that tonight’s tilt was a one goal game with 8 minutes left in regulation. This was still right there for the Hawks to push into overtime.

Then, whatever happened. Same stuff as always, actually. Keith overcompensating for Rozsival. Seabrook contemplating the difference between nachos with seitan and nachos with ground beef. We’ve seen this. And then we’ve seen it corrected the next game. Deep breaths, peeps.

–I said a little while ago that the West would come down to luck and health. After two games, the Hawks are up considerably in the health department. Nashville was without Mike Fisher tonight and then later lost Shea Weber to a lower body injury when his ankle/knee got tangled and twisted.

The longer this series goes, the more this will come to the forefront.

–In years past, Joel Quenneville generally coaches a helluva Game 2 and you can really to see his matchups start to take shape. But that’s usually because the Hawks desperately need a win after coughing up Game 1.

This year was different of course as the Hawks won Game 1, so I’m not sure if Quenneville felt like he could be a little more liberal/experimental in his matchups or maybe the Hawks just didn’t play that well in front of him and it didn’t make a lick of a difference.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see in Game 3.

One thing they need to find out is who will be the Nashville defensemen to pick on. With Anton Volchenkov likely banished to the pressbox for Cody Franson for the foreseeable future, that seems like the most obvious target. And of course, the whole Shea Weber thing needs to play out too.

–Please explain how this rule makes any sense. A team is guilty of a hand pass in the offensive zone. The defensive team doesn’t want to touch the puck because the offensive team is right there on the forecheck and can pounce on the team as soon as they touch the puck. So the referee blows the play dead and the play results in a face-off…..still in the offensive zone.

This eventually led to Nashville’s third goal as they won the face-off, pinned the Hawks in and scored on a scramble.

Please, for the love of all things holy, change this rule that defies all logic.

–Nothing is fucked here. For God’s sake, get Antoine Vermette in the lineup. Let him start taking face-offs and start to flip the script on these lopsided stats.

Get Duncan Keith a partner he doesn’t have to babysit. Figure out which Nashville lines the Hawks can tear apart offensively with the last change and stop with the silly penalties.

These are all easy fixes. Get to it.

  • TitanTransistor

    “These are all easy fixes. Get to it.”

    So many of them fixes that wouldn’t even be necessary were it that lineups were created based on merit and talent rather than favouritism and horrific double standards hand-waved away under the rationalizations of ‘experience’, ‘patience’, ‘character’ and assorted other nonsense Q-speak.

    • Mambo Man

      Needing to stop 10 shots from point blank range and 15 with two guys in your cage is a tough thing to ask of any goaltender.

      It doesn’t help that Hossa looks like he’s skating around with his helmet on backward.

      It’s nice to see john Scott back…not sure why he’s wearing # 32 AND #7, #91, 42 and maybe a few others?

    • RMM

      Goaltending is a major factor for every good team . The Wild are a prime example since DD. This group Corey AND the D men tied for least goals allowed in the league. This team is right where they need to be . This team is right where Q Dineen and Kitch want them to be . 1 Down 15 to go . 2 cups peanutbutter 🙂

    • wardrums

      Yes, but does Jen have any statistics to back that up?

      • Stockroom Snail

        Uh, she’s like THE stats person. I’m very sure she does.

        (It’s very possible your post was sarcasm and scalped me as it went over my head. If so, be gentle.)

        • tammorrow

          I tend to agree with her interpretation, but I wish she showed her stats more. I’m always wondering why she’s able to determine more from so few stats. You’d think these billion dollar hockey clubs would have the resources to at least give her a consulting gig.

          • WookRN

            Read her posts. She is happy to show her stats, and she’s GREAT at it.

        • wardrums


    • WookRN

      I don’t Twitter, an no word on here from Jen in a while. Thanks for that!

  • guest

    Agree with 99% of that…only issue I’ve seen with crow in the past is when he’s hot he’s blazing…but when he’s cold nothing goes his way(see phx series)…tonight I saw a goalie who wasn’t confident…fighting everything…you can argue his defense left him to dry…but they’ve been doing that for the past month+ and he’s stood on his head…I’m not calling for his head here…just don’t want q to ride “his guy” right out of the playoffs if things don’t improve over next two games… And for the love of Jeebus get crow some bigger shoulder pads

  • duncans peace pipe

    nice recap. the defense needs to start taking the body.

  • Leroy Baxter

    Give Crow the start, but on a very short leash. If he lets a stoppable shot in during the first 5 or 6 minutes like he has the past two games, Darling should replace him with the quickness. He’s just not absorbing shots. I hope he returns to form on Sunday, but we’ll see.

    As for Rozsival, you have to be a Grade-A moron to keep playing that guy. He moves like a dog on tranquilizers.

    • wardrums

      Define stoppable shot.

      The Hawks pronlems are far greater than Rozsival.

      Correct me if I”m wrong, but besides Josi’s shot at the end of one which Corey never saw, it appeared all of Nashvilles otjer goals were point blank from 5 paces. Forsbergs goal should never of happenned, he literally picked Keiths pocket.

      Watching Nashbille the last two games made me realize why they finishes ahead of tje Hawks in the standings, despite a six game losing streak at the end. They are fast and talented.

      There is only one solution to hockey when thinhs are turning sour, Hit Someone!

      • Jane Doe

        I would say goals 4-6 were “stoppable”

        Forsberg’s goal was another Crow mishandle, this time in front of the net. Forsberg didn’t even know he put it in at first. The Smith goal wasn’t a rocket, and he had no where to go, but Smith flipped it blocker side and Crow let that one slip under his arm. The last goal he was down again but Rozy was slow to cover for Oduya.

        Crow has always been shaky, at best, when he leaves the net to play the puck. This series he’s become a liability. On the opposite end of the ice, Rinne is starting the break out with a beautiful pass off the boards leading to a goal.

        I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for the first 3. But when the Hawks still had a chance at 3-2, Crow completely melted down.

        I honestly can’t imagine running through the playoffs with Darling the whole way so I would give Crow the start tomorrow. With a very short leash.

        You can’t afford to give up home ice with Fisher and Weber both (potentially) out. If Crow starts out shaky again, you have to turn to Darling.

  • Aaeismacgychel

    From what I saw, I actually think Crawford’s “issues” this game are easily correctable. The past two games he’s simply been too far back in his crease. I thought he actually was seeing the puck fairly decently tonight but I think his positioning hurt him. Crawford is a positional goaltender and all he needs is a slight adjustment from what I saw. I know it doesn’t feel good, but of all the goalies in the league, Corey’s one of the most headstrong and typically one of the best at not letting a bad goal or a bad game turn into several. In fact, it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen him have two bad performances in a row. If it becomes a mental Fleury type thing, then yes, there’s reason to be extremely concerned, but I get the feeling Waite will work with him on positioning tomorrow just so Corey gets his bearings back and it’ll be alright. If we’re down 2-0 in this series, yeah, I think you might have to go Darling. Tied 1-1, I think you still have the luxury of sticking with Crawford and trying to work him through this. Because let’s face it, the way he’s played against the Wild and Blues in his career, we’re going to need him to move on in the next round. Of course, we still need to make the next round first which based on how pisspoor our defense is playing will be difficult unless they wake the frak up at some point, stop turning over the puck for minutes at a time, and stop what basically has amounted to numerous 1 on 0s.

    • Jim

      He’s also doing his best Marty Turco imitation wandering around behind the net, like on the wraparound he gave up to Stalberg.

      • WookRN

        Part of that (no excuse, but….) The boards and ice there leave you NO idea where the puck is going….

  • Dirk Graham

    Agreed that people are overreacting on the goaltending situation, I’d be fine with Darling but Crawford was pretty solid in a lot of games at the end of the regular season when he had lackluster defense in front of him and has bounced back before in the playoffs, including when everyone criticized his glove hand in the SCF against the Bruins.

    Rozsival was not the answer on the 3rd D-pairing all season and Timonen wasn’t bad when he was playing tonight, but he’s barely logged any time either game and it puts a huge burden on especially Keith and Seabrook. Maybe Runblad or Erixon can give it a shot, but not sure why management shipped off Clendening after TvR went down and other prospects like Stephen Johns didn’t get a look for a few games this season to gain some experience.

    The team isn’t in a bad spot at all right now, they split on the road and have options to put some different looks on the ice, along with Kane looking great since returning. Vermette in and mixing up the 3rd defensive pairings are no brainers and we should be able to get back on track Sunday.

    Go Hawks!

    • Brewblaz

      Using Erixson will be a problem, he was traded to the Leafs!

      • JB from PA

        So he’s available for the playoffs then, of course.

      • Dirk Graham

        Wow, I totally missed that! Thanks, I remember that he went on waivers but didn’t realize he got picked up by the Leafs. Grrr, so we traded Morin for essentially nothing.

        • Brewblaz

          No problem, hopefully the Hawks turn it around Sunday ….I’m in a unique position, I live in Buffalo, but have been a Hawks fan for years, so essentially I have 2 teams to root for,
          On all the Hawks blogs, I’m a little bit surprised about the intense dislike for Rozsival, granted he’s not as fast he used to be, but as a # 5 defenseman he’s not bad, the problem is the # 6 defenseman, there isn’t any! ….I know it had to be done, but boy I wish we had Leddy back, to me that’s the one real significant difference from last year to this year.
          Anyway go Hawks!

  • Aaeismacgychel

    Oh, and story time. I actually almost got into a fight in the bar tonight (I know… But hear it out). I’m currently in Phoenix and we have a Chicago bar there. Well some loser from Vancouver came in and started screaming at the bartenders to put the Canucks game on. They tried telling him nicely that the Montreal-Ottawa game was in overtime and as such it was running into the airing of the Vancouver game. He was having none of it and railing on them. Fine. Well Montreal scores, and the coverage immediately switches to the Vancouver game. You’d think he’d be happy. No, this frakhead starts cheering wildly whenever Nashville (yes, I said Nashville) scored and would run around the bar (seriously) taunting the Chicago fans. Mind you, this again is the Chicago sports bar here in Phoenix. Well, he had done this 4 times already and it was getting freakin old by that 5th goal when he starts prancing around absolutely thrilled proclaiming how “the Hawks are done”, “they’re a bunch of wannabe pansies”, “I hope Kane gets knocked unconscious”, etc. And finally he gets to me, and starts pushing me screaming “Scoreboard! Scoreboard!”. So I responded, “Whoa I missed it! Did the Hawks score another one on Luongo? Oh no I see now, that was Boston in Game 7. My bad- it’s so hard to differentiate.” Well that clearly set him off, and he said several things laced with profanities and bandwagoning and obnoxious Chicago fans yadda yadda yadda. So I finally said, “Well this has been a nice conversation, but wouldn’t you rather go back to your friends *points to empty table* and talk to them about how many rings you have?” It was at that point he punched me and said “Let’s take this outside! I’m going to **** you up you ****ing *****” and I said, “Oh **** it’s Alexandre Burrows! I had no idea! No thanks, I haven’t gotten my rabies shot in a while!” He finally got escorted from the bar, but the best part was, was he was wearing a Burrows jersey. I still hate that team and those fans. And while the rivalry has died down, I still do hope that team never wins the Cup. Total hosers.

    • Brewblaz

      Simple solution, nobody gets in your bar who doesn’t have a Hawks jersey on.!

      • Aaeismacgychel

        We should’ve called immigration on him. They take that seriously here. He’d have been shipped back to Canada if he wasn’t shot several times

    • wardrums

      You had to have made thay story up. Did he set fire to a car when he left?

      • Aaeismacgychel

        It’s a true story. This idiot was something special. That said, based on the comments the Vancouver fans used to post on, he’d fit in well with them. Blame everyone but your team for not winning and be a complete loser doing it. Vancouver style. I’m just happy Montreal scored to get the Vancouver game on so he didn’t start trying to burn down the bar.

    • Pilotefan

      Sad fact but some Van fans merit consideration for the Hall of Dickdom. I lived in Montreal as a Hawks fan and never heard the doucherie that is common in Van.
      That said, it seems many Canadians are distinguishing themselves as dickheads when in foreign countries. Bieber comes to mind. I apologize.
      That said, I’m partial, as are many consumers of vast quantities of beer and bacon, to Bob and Doug. Hoser is an honorific to many of us. May I suggest asshat as an alternative ?

  • T.M.

    Roszival ain’t going anywhere, so Keith’s stuck with him. Benching Rosie would be like Q admitting he’s wrong, and he’s never wrong

    • Jim

      He’s this year’s Handzus. This is my third post, and all harping on the same guy. Q (and his 2 Cups) has to go. Should have been 3 Cups.

      • T.M.

        i agree (I don’t know about you being a tired slow old guy). As for his two cups, I probably could have coached the 2010 team and won that with the talent they had (“Tell me when you need to come out and I’ll hand you the towel,” ala Phil Jackson with Jordan and Pippen.) The other one was a strike-shortened season; don’t know how they would have done with a full schedule.

  • Say what again

    I’m a little tired of the “MY FRENTS” lingo describing anyone with a legitimate criticism of Crawford. It’s lazy and becoming cliche. At the moment, Crawford is not playing well. I don’t know the reason. Last night he was down too early and too far in the net on at least the first goal. And he doesn’t seem to be tracking the puck that well. You may not want to play the “hot hand” game, but do you want to play the dead-fish-in-goal game? That said, I still think you go with Crow but he has really given Q a problem he wasn’t expecting. Admit it….none of us were.

    • Jim

      Part of Crow’s problem is Nashville is peppering him with chances. Hate to keep harping on Rozie….but…

    • Jane Doe

      Okay, Crow is down early on the first goal. But 2015 Conn Smythe winner, Colin Wilson, basically had a free run from the boards to the net while Oduya was in the 2nd row having a little popcorn. If Crow doesn’t go down, Wilson has time to stick handle and open up the 5 hole. He did seem down a little early on the last goal but Rozy didn’t do Crow any favors on that one.

      • Say what again

        Agreed….it’s a team game. But Crow is making mistakes I didn’t expect him to make.

    • Stockroom Snail

      You don’t bench the better player until you are sure he’s completely screwed in the head. Crawford is better and has earned the benefit of the doubt.

      • Say what again

        Well, I guess Q thinks Darling is better. He starts tomorrow.

        • WookRN

          Q also thinks Rosi should dress and Shaw is a Center….

        • Stockroom Snail

          Q continues to confound me with his decisions. Teuvo sitting…..I don’t get it. But I don’t have cups, I guess.

  • Jim

    Weber is hurt. Fisher is hurt. They are fawked. Yes, they are.

    Rosival is healthy. We are fawked.

    Hawks in 6. We weren’t going to sweep them.

    • Jim

      Update: Weber not traveling to Chicago.

      Nashville is going to lose this series.

      Edit: Unless Coach Q bones it .

      • TitanTransistor

        I think Nashville has a better chance of overcoming the absence of Weber than the Blackhawks have of overcoming the senility of their coach.

        • Jim

          He could salvage the post season by putting his top 4 defensive guys together, and hiding the third pairing.

          But he won’t do it for reasons that defy logic.

          Now with the bad defense, he’s helped cause a goalie controversy, and messed with Crow’s confidence.

          Let’s not get started on the line blender, or the power play.

  • ItNeverEnds

    Sometimes a hockeyteam plays better in front of the backup for whatever reason. Maybe they’re too comfortable in front of Crow, maybe they see Crow struggling and are gripping the stick a little tighter, idk. Crow went down early on the first goal imho, and again on one of the later ones. The D isnt doing him any favors. If a player like Bickell or Vermette or whoever can get put in the press box for a game to send a message, why should Crow be any different?

    • WookRN

      I think playing better/ sheltering a back up is a lot of it…

  • nose4hockey

    Look..forget about Crawford got us here. Darling deserved that start last night. He is playing much better than Crow. Look at Detroit, Babcock plays Mraz over Howard. Quote has to put this loyalty cap in the garbage can. That’s why we are stuck watching Versteeg..Bickell..Rozival..Richards….instead of K.Hayes, J. Hayes, Pirri, Dahlbeck, Clenndenning, Terraveinend (playing 2nd line center), and the list goes on. It is sad to see all those guys we lost playing else where. Can you imagine our head scout saying why in the f*** am I working for this organization when we have a coach who won’t go with young players. Brandon Saad being the exception.

    • Jim

      I’m actually starting to agree with this line of thought. I heard quotes from Bowman after last year that they planned on building the future from the farm system. Instead they trade for an old guy with blood clots and play old UFA guys. Normally I would say they know something the fans don’t know, but I’m starting to think those too close to the situation lose their perspective.

  • hank

    lets think farther down the line than these playoffs…….do we trade crow in the offseason to shed some significant cap and go with darling/raanta? if it meant being able to sign saad and kruger, i’d be for it.

    • Brain Sprain

      Trade Crow. Sign Niemi, Save 3 million

      • ToucanStubbs

        You’ve got to be kidding me..

      • WookRN

        Good call….Look at Niemis play off performances since he left here…. ????

    • WookRN

      Sorry. Respectably disagree. Your goalie is your anchor. I loves me some Kruger, but Crow has the numbers….

  • Brain Sprain

    Bottom line, Steve Konroyd was 100% right Immediately after game #1. He said start Darling in game #2 and probably start Crawford in game 3. He was right.

    • rhodes

      But, you’re imagining that Darling would have had a great performance in game 2, which isn’t fair to assume. It’s all hindsight.

      • Patorioto

        Best case is it’s 4-2 instead of 6-2.

  • HawksRule
  • HawksRule

    Crawford choked against the Coyotes a few years ago, and he has not won the big game plenty of times (Vancouver series – game 7, Los Angeles series – Game 7). Raanta and Darling are both better (and Raanta is better than Darling). I hope that the Hawks dump Crow’s salary – nobody would pay him that much, except Bowman.

    • Stockroom Snail


      • regardless2

        All the focus on goal tending is somewhat misplaced…when you have only 4 dependable d-men! Of course it’s going to be dicey having to depend on remarkable play from any goalie. This a 100% front office problem…The bottom line is that Bowman had cap space to go for a number (4-5?) of dependable d-men rentals after Kane’s injury. HE GAVE AWAY D-MEN!! And got Timonen (maybe 8-10 mins/game?!?) Looks to me like the front office has been charmed by their own dreamy PR about “dynasty. Time to face facts: the NHL this year and for the next 2-3 will be about as tight as it gets. Can’t get far with 4.25 defensemen. In last night’s game even Keith & Seabrook looked tired after the OT game. Buckle up ’cause it’s going to get any easier.

        • WookRN

          Bear in mind, we have had d men to pull up, and Q won’t play them though….

    • ballyb11


    • Steveholt

      HHAAAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s the most delusional thing I’ve read all day.

    • WookRN

      Drunk or hung over???

  • rhodes

    I agree with the observation about Keith having to baby sit. And Seabrook at times with Kimmo. The top-4 seem pretty hamstrung right now having to cover for the bottom-2.

    Rosi as a lot of faults, but, to be fair, anyone you pull out of the press box to replace him comes with some warts of their own.

    Put these guys—Rosi/Kimmo/Rundblad/Cumiskey—in some combination on a legitimate 3rd pairing, protect them as best you can, and let them sink or swim. At least Q could put his traditional top pairings back together and allow them to play unencumbered.

    • WookRN

      Hoping that’s what happens these next two with last change…choose our starts and opposition.

  • rhodes

    Does anyone else (beside me, that is) think Richards might be playing injured? He didn’t appear to be playing with much energy last night, which was not typical of his game during he regular season–especially when he was with Kane.

    I remember him sitting the couple (few?) games of the season, but don’t remember the exact reason why or if it was even stated specifically.

    This makes it even more mystifying that Vermette is watching these games.

    • Aaeismacgychel

      They said Richards was injured and out for the rest of the season. He hasn’t had the same burst he had for basically the prior 3 months. I’m thinking he’s playing through injury also.

      • WookRN

        Give Vermette a look tomorrow?

  • Patorioto

    Like Jen said Crawford has covered up their shitty defensive play for most of the season and we are seeing what happens when he isn’t there to bail them out. I won’t try to pretend that Crow didn’t have a bad game, but I just don’t think you ditch him so soon for having a bad few periods.

    If he starts and has another bad game then I think we should and will see Darling.

    • Pilotefan

      Bingo. You dance with the one that brought you. Crow brought the Hawks this season. Should be given one more start, then Darling.
      If Crow sucks, he’ll want out and hold no bad feelings. Starting Darling tomorrow sure doesn’t show the love shown, say Rosival or Versteeg.

  • HossasPierogi

    I’ve been a Crow fan but think it’s quite obvious Darling should go until he loses. It wasn’t just “one good game;” it was an all-time great playoff performance.

    • cza

      Agreed. I really like Crawford, but I thought Darling earned a start with that performance. And after last night, he definitely should get the call Sunday.

  • Icdws

    Good reads here. One word of caution, don’t question Jen on whether she has stats. Her dissertation on the play, or lack thereof of Rozival and oduya is stunning. What is obvious is that Rozival and keemo are a greater liability in the playoffs than they were in the regular season. The preds have to light up every time they see rozival on the ice. move the puck to his side and fly into the zone. Its almost an automatic scoring chance. The must change whether its playing Runblad and Cumiskey or just rundblad it cant go on. Younger, faster skaters will ring the entire team up. It did several times in the regular season when rozival was benched.
    As for Crow, he needs to be replaced on Sunday and perhaps the series. He looked lost and small in both games. When a goalie flinches when a puck is coming at his headlike Crow did on the first goal, that means trouble. NSH is in his head. We know he is an outstanding player. I like Crow. But right now, I agree put Darling in. Win the series and bring him back for round 2.

    others to watch replace: Versteeg, Nordstrom.

    • WookRN

      Not anti Nordstrom, but how about letting Desjardins have a look. I was skeptical, but he’s looked solid on his couple of games.

      • Icdws

        Not anti Nordstrom, but I don’t see what he brings because he has zero offensive game. Q stumbled upon desjardins Kruger and TT producing energy and causing trouble. Once playoffs start, he goes with his guy Nordstrom and nothing happens. Versteeg,well him I’m anti

        • WookRN

          Sorry. I didn’t mean to imply you were anti Nordstrom, just putting my thoughts out there (and apparently agree with you)

          • Icdws

            No problem just wanted to make it clear. Rozival and versteeg those two I have problems with. Nordstrom I just don’t see what he adds..

      • rhodes

        4th line 65-16-86, please. Of course, this assumes Vermette is centering a line. One can hope….

        • WookRN

          Agreed. I’m a HUGE fan of Shaw…when he’s bottom six and on the wing.

  • TitanTransistor

    Normally this would be huge for anybody facing Nashville. Unfortunately, the presence of Rozsival is more than enough to cancel out the absence of Weber.

    • Jim

      I sadly agree. I am beginning to be of the opinion that the people running hockey things aren’t the sharpest knives in the shed. This is not rocket surgery. Maybe it has to do with head trauma from the playing days?

      Press Box for Rosival. Vermette third line center (if he’s not hurt), Shaw on the wing. Pair Keith/Seabrook, Hammer/Oduya, and play the four of them 30 minutes each. Minnesota does it with Suter, and Los Angeles does it with Doughty (Plays them mass minutes). Pop Timmo/Rundblad in for a couple of minutes each. Hawks have got 4 guys and can spread it out even more than those teams.

      • TitanTransistor

        The only positive contribution that Michael Rozisval has made to the Chicago Blackhawks this season is bleeding enough to draw a double minor.

        That’s it.

        I don’t blame Rozsival for being old, slow and bad. That happens when you age out of professional sports. I somewhat blame him for refusing to accept it himself, but moreso, I blame the senile fool behind the bench who has the responsibility to ice the best roster possible, and yet continues to play favorites and rationalize his double standards for performance and accountability with nonsense like ‘experience’, ‘patience’, ‘that element we like’ and assorted other Q-speak.

        • seabsrat

          I’m in the same camp in that I complain about Rosie all the time, but I don’t really blame him. He’s going out there and giving his best effort… Unfortunately his best effort doesn’t cut it in this league. I do blame Q for continuing to dress him no matter how terribly he plays, but it’s sad that we likely won’t see any change.

          Also (and I’m not kidding), I’ve been spelling Rozsival’s name incorrectly for the last several years and had no idea. Like a mild case of dyslexia or something, I always thought it was ‘Roszival’. If I’m gonna complain of his play, I should probably spell his name right.

        • “That happens when you age out of professional sports.”

          Makes me think of what happens when you age out of amateur blog posts. You get turgid, repetitive, and tiresome.

  • TitanTransistor

    Darling in for the Blackhawks in Game 3. Goalie controversy confirmed.

    And in 3 games, we’ve just become St Louis and Anaheim in goal.

    Still, as we all know, the real issues are happening in front of the net. Waiting to hear that Rozsival will not be playing, and Vermette will draw back in. Without those changes, the goalie change might not have much impact.

    • ExOnMS


      • rhodes

        Q: "Scotty’s coming off a spectacular outing. His play is deserving of a start at home." #Blackhawks— Tracey Myers (@TramyersCSN) April 18, 2015

    • WookRN

      Agreed. Fix the D and see what happens. And for the love of fuck, let Vermette run a PP unit and see what happens.

  • TitanTransistor

    Speaks to Q’s leadership and character.

    “I don’t deliver bad news to my players, I get somebody else to do it and don’t even talk to them. As with all measures of accountability on this team, I pick and choose when and who it applies to on a whim.”

    • ItNeverEnds

      Good cop, bad cop

  • arlingtonrob

    Regarding “silly penalties”…I’d guess that half are bad calls, and it goes both ways. Teams don’t “take” that many penalties since the officials hold all the power and can call, or NOT call, anything at anytime. That first penalty on Versteeg was a monumental joke…that said, ya gotta kill it.

    That is all…onward and hopefully upward.

  • Say what again

    I guess Q lives in Melrose Park and stinks of a beef stand. Darling starts.

    • rhodes

  • rhodes

    The angst in the fan base (me included) over Rozsival is way over amped by the fact that he is getting meaningful minutes—or at least minutes with true top-4 defensemen (Keith), which takes away from their effectiveness. If he was playing 10-12 minutes a night, sheltered, and on a 3rd pair with another 2nd-tier defensemen, there wouldn’t be this level of hand wringing.

    It’s similar to Handzus last year. People were hyper critical of his play mostly because he was a 2nd line center with Kane, no less. If he had playing spot duty as a 4th liner, fans would have been less bothered.

    I am suffering from Rozsival fatigue. For god’s sake, Q, put him on a true 3rd pairing with Kimmo or Rundblad and set your top-4 free.

    • As fast as Nashville is, you’d want Roz out there with Kimmo on the road? At home maybe. I’m not among those who think Roz is a problem, but he’s probably more effective with a partner who’s a bit more fleet of foot.

      • rhodes

        You have a very good point there. Still, I’d rather see him paired with Rundblad or even Cumiskey (who has nothing but speed) rather than neutralizing Keith for 12 minutes a game. If Lavi takes to much advantage in road games, lean on your top-4 harder by playing the 3rd pair less. But, maybe it’s too early to start grinding your top-4 into the dust.

        I dunno. It’s a tough call I guess. Such are the problems of a team with a woefully shallow D.

  • To Saad be the glory

    Well,at least some things are as usual. Oilers won the #1 overall pick again. #gag

    • TitanTransistor

      Hockey gods are against open, blatant tanking I guess.

      Or maybe the NHL is, if you believe they pull strings.

  • TitanTransistor

    I can’t imagine why this franchise has failed to put things together….