Nachos For Everyone!

Isn’t it always odd when a national reporter like Elliote Friedman is breaking stories about the Hawks while the local media watches as the traffic goes by? Anyway, that’s another discussion for another time but according to the Big E Brent Seabrook is about to sign an extension, for eight years at an AAV of $6.85 per. That comes out to $54.8 million total. Good gig if you can get it, but thankfully for Seabrook there are only a few people in the world who can.

So, the first thing that jumps out at you is the length. It doesn’t even kick in until next year, when Seabrook will be 31. Which means this deal will take him through his age 39 season. Yeah… that’s not going to look all that good.

But what will look good is the first three or four years of this deal. Looking around Seabrook’s contemporaries, he fits in pretty well. Alex Pietrangelo, who is significantly younger but also significantly worse has a $6.5 hit. Erik Johnson just signed a deal for $6.0 per. Dan Girardi makes $5.5 per, and he isn’t worthy of sniffing Seabrook’s chalupa. In a market where Dustin Byfuglien very well might command $7 or even $8 million per year as a free agent, getting Seabrook under $7.0 is close to a bargain. At least until he’s 34 or 35.

While the arc of a d-man is a little longer than that of a forward, it’s very hard to be a dominant blue-liner past the age of 35. And the decline can be sharp. Even Zdeno Chara has started to creak and he’s a generational player. And Seabrook’s game isn’t exactly one of avoiding contact, so it’s hard to say he can age all that gracefully. The margin for error isn’t as great as it is with say, Duncan Keith, who even if he loses a full step will still be one of the best skaters around and his instincts will help him make some of that up. The names Scuderi, Regehr, Markov, Beauchemin are enough to give anyone pause.

But there are obviously two mitigating factors. One, there’ll be another lockout before this deal finishes, which will probably have some sort of rule change/bailout or the like that if this deal sucks the Hawks can launch it into the sun. Second, six years from now the entire core is going to be way over 30, and this window is almost certainly closed. Stan Bowman probably figures he won’t be around by then anyway (it’ll almost certainly be Jen LC in the GM chair and there’s no chance she’ll buy Seabrook out).

Anyway, Stan is looking at the near term, and he gets to play out the 2nd half of this Hawks era, however long it lasts if we’re not already in it, by only adding 1.1 million to Seabrook’s cap hit for the next few years.

Looking ahead, the Hawks with Seabrook have $67 million committed to what we can guess is a cap that won’t be too much higher than $71 million now. The only players that go free agent are Shaw and Kruger, and one would expect Kruger is finally going to get the raise he’s deserved. Shaw is probably going to walk, you’d have to think as the Hawks just have too many players who can replace him for way cheaper. It feels a little more workable than this past summer, let’s say.

It’s the season after that that’s going to be an adventure. The Hawks have $54 million tied up already, and Dano, Teuvo, and Panarin (should he work out), Hartman, and a couple others will all need re-signing depending on how the next two seasons go. But I’m guessing the Hawks figure that’s a solvable problem for another day, and this one was the most pressing. And now it’s done.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Jesus fucking Christ. There’s kissing ass and then there’s you.

    • wanker751

      Wow so much anger over a hockey blog…

  • JC

    go to your window right now

    who is that pulling up in ur driveway

    omg its patrick kane

    hes here to thank u for defending him on the internet

    he wants to hang out with u

    u guys r gonna have such a great time

    • bmarlowe

      “when everyone is saying “wait for the facts”, a normal opinion,”

      That is the right opinion, be it for Kane, for someone who is not Kane, friend, imagined friend, stranger, big star or nobody. It doesn’t matter.

    • BigCSouthside

      You realize that this has zero to do with defending Patrick Kane, and everything to do with McClure being a gigantic festering asshole to anyone who does not agree with him, to the point that he shuts down commentary and goes out of his way to specifically insult his readership, right? mcclure has been writing pieces that are flat out caustic, and then treating everyone who has tried to tell him to pump the brakes a bit like they are beneath him.

      McClure has essentially said that people who are in the “wait and see crowd” are more or less promoting rape culture. You know what does way more damage to the perceived credibility of women who claim to be raped and does way more to perpetuate rape culture? Women who falsely claim they were raped. Yet, instead of trying to wait out the facts like any rational human would do so they could avoid looking like a complete fuckbag and make sound judgement, McClure and by association Fels, have essentially been shrieking from a soapbox on top of a high horse in an attempt to appear socially progressive. This has bled off into insulting vast swaths of people for no reason.

      It’s sad, because these guys have typically been the port of sanity in the crazy storm of Chicago sports, but when you start insulting people for attempting to be rational, you lose me.

      I am a long time reader of these guys, and I am through with this site, just as many other long time readers are. I’m sure McClure will be along in short order to tell me he does not give a shit, like he has to other people, because that is mature thing to do.

  • Longsoupline2

    Damn… Fells you had to do it.. Served one up for me to look in the mirror. Damn dude……” (it’ll almost certainly be Jen LC in the GM chair and there’s no chance she’ll buy Seabrook out)……..No.. Now that things are passing .. Actually not. Ill pass .. You see i know this isnt the Kane blog. Guys i apologize but that statement was kind of a micro cosim of the past Kane problem. I refrained for so long cause Sam gettin giggy with the charged atmosphere. You see what he said above was what we really need to focus on. Theres a societal problem here nobody would dare go. I have never laid a slight hand on a women. Ive always said with the hotties. Indifference is the most lethal weapon with them not a hand etc. What pissed me off with this whole episode was that in no way shape or form did anybody attempt to hold the female actor (actress) even the slightest accountable..All i heard was “the poor little lass” Julie Dicaro. You made an idiot of yourself. Your a fine person, but id lay low when its clear you have some internal bitterness thats personal to you. Im all good . Im human to. ..Jen . Your hockey analysis is awesome but girl ..loose the twitter. Both of you. Shut it down and go be parents !! Bernstein you to. I dont give a ratts ass what you wine you had for dinner. Does the term delusional self importance ring a bell? Be Parents!! Nobody dared address a issue. Sorry im focusing on the female here cause nobody dared go there..We what we have these days is a tremendously entitled creature. One that can be very vicious Too much watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians” Its that mentality IMHO that gets them in these bad situations. Never did anyone challenge the parenting of such accuse. Nobody! Nobody ever in the past called Donald Sterlings hoes bag what she was. A prostitute. Its always off limits with the media so in that, your enablers for the problem what has and will happen again. Whens the last time any such mentioned been in the dating scene?? Julie. Your a lawyer. Whats the percentage or women that file? Ill answer. 70%.. Why? Need i help you? Im a a single male living in River North. Any time you want ill hold your hand on a 90 degree summer night on Hubbard Street be my guest. You would be stunned what you see. You see hot women know no rules. There are none. For every guy that has no use for their bullshit they know there will be 9 others that will die for the chance to F%%k em. Is This is the mentality that got this girl into this situation.?? Come on dont tell me she was going there to play checker… Media. All of you. Comment on what you know. Spare me the god syndrome next time.. IE i know everything you dont know shit.. Honestly i think Kane is a dushbag..The personality fits the bill. But heres a news flash ,, (Jason Goff) Contrary the your disney world you live in, Rich connected people do slip thru the cracks. Jason. How many bankers went to jail for the financial crisis (which was by the way intentional and not an accident) .. Jason??? Whifff… Dam bro dont belittle (i think you did ) for someone for suggesting the rich tend to slip? Ill stop it but im trying to point out .. Collectively we have societal problem. Why we got there, the ugliness after Guys Girls …LOOSE TWITTER!! tweeting or whatever the fuck you do. Theres nothing more a childish immature act around you can do. It screams self absorbed narcissistic behavior I dont care what you think Nor do i think you should care what i say above. Go be parents!!! Pay attention to the world revolving..We need to prevent what happened not be hostile to others whos opinion doesn’t go along with ours ..Hear that Bernstein ??

    • TitanTransistor

      What epic incomprehensible nonsense is this…?

    • GoldenJet

      That’s some 2am, drunken embarrassment right there

  • TitanTransistor

    Yes, truly, writing ‘everything is great, 3 cups in 6 years’ in response to every growing concern regarding the Blackhawks would make for some fucking awesome reading material.

    Much better than casting a critical, insightful, and analytical eye on the matter.

    Run along blind fanboy, nothing for you here.

  • Say what again

    All I wanted to do was write “FAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRT” on McClure’s post

  • Chesterfield King


  • Marlow

    We don’t need to assume that Kane is guilty, but we also don’t need to assume that he is innocent, or that he did nothing wrong. We already have enough facts and evidence to show that either way, Kane is a massive piece of shit.

  • Jim

    From all the stories I’ve heard, Seabrook has been the de facto co-captain in the locker room.

    And if Seabrook does nothing else, his heavy shot in critical game situations (I’m talking about game 7’s, playoff overtimes, WCF games, and SCF Finals) is worth the money. It seems like Seabrook frequently scores the tying goal on a howitzer one timer in OT when they really really need it.

  • Jim

    P.S. glad the comments are open again, I like this site, and mostly the other people posting here.

  • Jane Doe

    I know this hasn’t been the happy-feely site lately. Well, *ever* for that matter. But in this modern sports landscape of free agency, holdouts, hard salary caps, etc. I love that there’s at least a chance that multiple players on a dynasty-lite team could play their entire career for the team that drafted them. Going to become more and more rare as time goes by.

  • Jim

    Awesome play, Seabrooks goal to eliminate Detroit in 2013…

    Watch Dave Bolland wipe out the Detroit player against the boards to free up the puck, which Seabrook then found and scored. And, if you recall, this is right after a bad call by a ref made it 1-1 at the end of the 3rd period. Bolland is another guy who came up big a few times in the playoffs, not the least of which was his SCF winning goal against Bs.

  • jordyhawk

    Just in case anyone wants to talk hockey, I’m wondering if Kyle Baun is going to make the club. He’s hungry. I could see him as being somewhat in the same mold as Brouwer.

    Also, Hejda was released and Morin sent down. I was hopeful for Hejda. Q had TVR on the left last night which I don’t like.

    • Jim

      Baun was noticable, but he doesn’t have much finish. He had some chances he couldn’t convert, and his passing wasn’t very crisp.

      But he seems to find the puck, and the announcers called his name quite a bit.