Most Peculiar Mama: Oilers 2 – Hawks 3 (OT)

Hockey can be such a strange game. At no point tonight did I feel like the Hawks were out of control or in danger. And yet it took a reviewed goal and overtime to glean the two points from what felt like a pretty overmatched Edmonton team. Maybe I saw it all wrong. But I don’t think I did.

To be fair, the Hawks did some of the things you can’t do against the Oil. They had a stumble on the power play, which let them in on a counter (also didn’t help that Shaw completely fell asleep on Petry there). They gave EdMo unnecessary looks on the PP, which led to a Yakupove goal (though it was off a broken pass, and was about the only time I notice good ol’ Yaks).

And without getting out of 3rd gear, the Hawks found their way back, and found their way to two points. It seems like they’re just always doing whatever to get the two points. So I guess I won’t bitch about that.


– If you had two penalties in the “When Will Q Pull Saad Off The Top Line In Favor Of Carcillo Pool”, please collect your winnings. Did Carbomb do anything up there? Of course he fucking didn’t. Was he way more effective as an energy, physical guy on the 4th line? Of course he fucking was. If he rolls out with Toews and Hossa on Thursday, in St. Louis where the likelihood of him doing something stupid is up around taxes level, I’ll probably piss blood.

– Neither Keith or Seabrook cracked 20 minutes. In fact, Oduya and Hammer saw an  abundance of ice time, both over 23 minutes. It’s obvious Q knows who is carrying the mail right now. Though Keith did miss some shifts after tripping for the shorty and then getting clocked while trying to get up.

– Sharp took six of Kruger’s draws. He won four of them. Ahem….

– Patrick Kane had an utterly dominant first period. And then he wasn’t much to look at for the rest of the game. That’s odd.

– While he got the OT winner, Marian Hossa still has a habit of turning down shots to try and squeeze a pass into a blanketed teammate with no more than a virgin’s treasure of space available.  I don’t really have a reason for this, it’s just happening.

– See Sharpie? Yakupov can do that on the PP, why can’t you?

– Going back to the point about Hossa, there are other Hawks who are opting for the pretty, let’s walk it into the net play. That’s getting a bit annoying.

– I’m sure if we had CORSI ratings, Stalberg’s and Bickell’s would be through the roof. The Oil simply could not handle them.

– According the Copper N’ Blue, the Hawks attempted 58 shots at even strength. The Oilers 21.

– Michal Rozsvial continues to show a hidden vision in his play, getting two assists tonight. He can’t skate much, but he just seems to find the right play, doesn’t he?

I don’t know what else I’m suppose to say about this one. There’s a part of me that wanted the Hawks to drop it because we know that St. Louis is going to be in a total lather now. And I really don’t want to spend the next ten years of my life listening to Blues fans compare the night they broke the streak to the multiple nights the Hawks won the Cup (yes, I think that’s what it will be). It’s in the same fashion that they think Backes is the superior captain because he fights and therefore nullifies Toews’s trophy cabinet.

But whatever. We’re here now, so make them look stupid on Thursday.

  • JMK-Hawks13

    Completely agree that they seemed to do mostly everything right, and yet still seem a bit slow. How nice was it to see Kane give the oil the finger with the pp go after the dirty and grab some momentum? While I still wish we could decline the pp, or five on five in general has been very strong, which I like to see.we get some rest before the blues so let’s expect a strong skating game fir Thursday, we’ll need it.

  • Accipiter

    I thought the same about Saad. The penalties called on him (at least one) were soft and one did yield a PPG for the Oil, but I didn’t see it as a reason to put Carello up on the 1st line. Also re: Roszival, he is slow, but as you say has the ability to do good things with the puck, surprisingly (to me) in the offensive zone.

    • laaarmer

      Yeah, not a fan and not impressed by Daniel/Danny/Dan/Keith Stone. Saad is a much better player.

      • Joe Banks

        I thought Carcillo played well last night.
        I do not want him replacing Saad on line one.
        I do think Saad did well on 4th line.

        “…where the likelihood of him doing something stupid is up around taxes level, I’ll probably piss blood”.- great line.

    • Paul the Fossil

      Yea one of those calls on Saad happened right in front of us and was completely fictitious.

  • Z-man19

    The 3rd and 4th lines were just dominant. I don’t know why 72 didn’t see more TOI but do we really need to care? They are good at hockey. The fact that the Hawks won that game with their second pairing getting top minutes and their 6TH DMAN skating 20 minutes isn’t the worst thing ever. In fact, it’s kind of nice. It was the 3rd game in 4 days, they have 3 games in 4 days again starting Thursday and 2 of those are on the road. I’m just hoping injury wasn’t a factor.

    • Mark Lazerus said that Keith missed some time in the first after that blowout and getting hit. he did take quite a lick so its possible he went to the “Quiet Room” but was cleared. i didnt see him if at all after that play until the second. Hopefully it was just a long skate repair or something.

      • The Quiet Room quietly (GET IT) got taken out of the new CBA. Players are no longer required to take a time out after getting rung up.

        • Waylon

          Really? After all this talk among the hockey media outlets about the league’s concerns regarding concussions and the like, and that kind of requirement is lopped off? Unbelievable – what a joke.

        • Is that really true? I honestly had no idea that happened. This league sometimes is just so silly.

  • Preacher

    Rozsvial seems to be this year’s Sopel: slow and sort of hard to watch at times but doing enough little things to contribute in a big way. And on NHL Network yesterday afternoon, the question was asked, “Who will end it for the Hawks?” Barry Melrose and one of the hosts both said St. Louis. So, I guess I won’t even watch the game now.

    • HungryHungryPanda

      9 GP, 7 assists, +9, 16:43 TOI/G … I’ll take that from our 6th D-man no matter how slow he is at times.

      • Preacher

        Pretty good numbers indeed. And he’s not nearly as hard to look at as Sopel. 🙂

      • Nagelbett

        Agree on this, thought Rozsival had a really strong game, and guessing Q noticed as well given the 20+ min of icetime (more than Keith and Seabrook).

    • Waylon

      Eh, I don’t mind what Melrose says – I think he’s secretly a big Blackhawks fan, he tends to favor them more than any other team over the past few years, even when they weren’t the favorites.

  • RWCrum

    I’ll defer to the people more knowledgeable than me about hockey (most everyone else here), but I thought that the Blackhawks were a step slow to everything most of the game and were prime to suffer their first regulaton loss. It seemed they were getting outhit, they were second to the puck, and if not for the defense and Emery, they could have been behind 4-2 as Foley said at one point in the game instead of the 1-1 tie it was when he said it. Just the same though, I also thought these are the types of games where you manage to pull out a win if you’re THAT good, and look what happens.
    I liked Carcillo’s play. He tried to play hockey instead of just bouncing around, although he did finish several good checks. Kane really impressed me with his continued dogged play, seemingly taking the team on his shoulders at times when they needed it, just like Toews and Hossa will do. Emery really has been a pleasant surprise. I live in Long Beach, CA (I go by Beercub everywhere else but here for some reason I can’t get that to work) and saw him with the Ducks. He was good, but nothing like this.

    • RWCrum

      One more little overall thing, indicative of how fluid this season is- after last night’s games, with a little more than half the season to go, the Sharks, Coyotes and Wild are out of the playoffs if the season ended today. Kings and Red Wings have crawled back in.

    • Please tell me you do not think that hits matter (they dont, Hawks are dead last in the league in hits and are 16-0-3)

      The Hawks out shot the Oil are even strength 58-21, thats absurd, they also out chanced the oil 12-9, so im not sure where you think they were a step slow. The oilers are a very young and fast team but their defense is a complete joke. They have the ability to take turnovers and go the other way, Fast. From my seat on the couch, the Hawks dominated play all night.

      Also Carcillo finishing checks is ok i guess, but its stupid when he is playing with Toews and Hossa, as they both need the puck and are better when they have it. If Carcillo is running all over the place trying to decapitate someone, as he was last night, he is not in position to cycle the puck and retain possession. I saw that a lot after he was moved up to the first line, Hossa or Toews would try and cycle with the two of them and when they got pinned and needed Carcillos help he was nowhere to be found and the team lost possession. Thats not a good thing in my book, as Saad was always around the puck and retaining possession and creating more chances/shots.

      Khabibulin was really the only thing keeping the Oilers in the game, he had a pretty good effort last night.

      • Bullitt315

        Hits over a 7 game series matter because you’re playing the same team you battered up the game before. In the regular season, you’re probably just doing their next opponent a favor. And they don’t matter nearly as much as talent. Of course, nothing matters as much as talent. Except maybe Face off % (this part is a joke)

        • Or you could, ya know, score more goals than the other team and end the damn thing in four. But whatever.

          • Bullitt315

            I’ll put it another way. I don’t want to see the Hawks leading in hits because we have the talent to not need too. Not all teams have our speed and talent and have to resort to wearing the other team down. But that doesn’t mean they don’t matter.

          • If they have the talent to not need hits then how do they matter?

          • Bullitt315

            If you can beat up another team with a strong forecheck and heavy hits in the playoffs, that’s going to give you an advantage the longer the series goes. Lets take the sample size of 1. Did Raffi Torres’ hit matter?

          • From everything i have seen, there is no correlation between hits and winning games in the NHL.

      • RWCrum

        Perhaps you missed the part where I said I’ll defer to those who know more about hockey than I do, which is just about everyone else here.

        • Accipiter

          Meh, don’t worry about it. I think most here are still learning things about hockey, even if they have been watching the game for a long time. This site has many knowledgeable members, I wish there was something like this available when I started watching.

    • frictionjane

      I wouldn’t say that the Hawks are slow, but the Oilers, especially the top 2 lines, are fucking fast. Especially in the first period, the Oilers were just flying around.

      Really tired of the outhit argument. It’s not their game. The Hawks were getting outhit on a nightly basis in ’09-’10, and that worked out okay.

      • zacked

        If the hawks aren’t outhit in a game I would be worried.

        • DesertHawk

          So our game against CBJ concerned you?

        • ahnfire

          Saw this yesterday

          “Sheldon Keefe @SheldonKeefe
          Hard to hit when you have the puck all the time. “@RobertJFTC: Chicago is last in the NHL in hits. Their record is 15-0-3.””

          Keefe is an OHL coach, in case anyone was wondering.

          • DesertHawk

            True facts. I think it only counts as a hit if you’re hitting the puck carrier, no? Should we start checking ourselves, would that appease the meatheads?

          • Waylon

            No, but it would probably appease Foley and Edzo. I think they visited “Carcillo’s finishing his checks” meme at least three times last night. And as most have commented on previously, those checks were quite a bit after the fact. They even went after the Edmonton player who ducked after one hit, with Edzo saying that he was performing an action that would be called a penalty in other leagues, it was a “dangerous play.” Perhaps so, but would it kill them to mention that Carcillo seriously injured himself last season doing the same exact kind of late – checking action?

  • Sparky_The_Barbarian

    Contrarily, I thought the Hawks were in great danger last night. They were a bit slow and the passing was off, at times way off (fatigue most likely). I was pleased to see them come out smoking for the 3rd, especially considering it was the 3rd in 4 days (and we get to do it again this weekend). They received a great boost from Rattlehead’s goal, but the energy waned as the 3rd went on and they didn’t pot the winner.

    It was a night when the puck just wasn’t bouncing their way. I spotted Hossa on the back door with an open net about a hundred and forty seven times in regulation, and he just couldn’t get a clean puck to one time. Bad Ice, Tired Hawks, Karma, all of the above?

    We’re stealing points we might not deserve to keep the streak alive. That’s a minor concern. It’s much better than losing the game, and we lost a lot of games like this the last two years.

    Panda finally got his goal in OT, and well deserved it was. Major praise to Sharpy, who undressed both Oiler D men in Hossa like fashion, bull rushed the crease, stuck with his shot after the initial save and was so awesome that both D men and a back checking forward chased him, leaving Khabi at the mercy of one Marian Fucking Hossa.

    Happy Happy Joy Joy.

    Okay, that’s over. Now we’d better be rested and Sharp (and Hossa and Toews and Kane and Oduya and Hammer…) and ready for a real ice dog fight on Thursday night. It would make St Louis’ season to end the streak.

  • cliffkoroll

    It’s hard to beat the Hawks at hockey. Impossible so far this year.

    Only like the third game this year they entered the third period trailing. Edmonton had six shots in the second period, five in the third period, zero in overtime.

    You can tell when Sharp has a little bug up his ass- he plays better and makes things happen.

    Yeah, you don’t go 19 games undefeated without a bit of luck, but…

  • JesusMarianHossa

    You’re gonna piss blood, Sam. For as smart as Q has been this season, he’s still of the mind that Daniel Carcillo is a top 6 forward. 13 is the new dead horse. Get your billy clubs out, fellas.

    • laaarmer

      He should have been called for charging at least 2x last night. He almost ended his career with one of them. He is dumb and he is encouraged to be dumb.

      • JesusMarianHossa

        He had one nice hit right in front of me on Petry. It was legal. After that, totally agree laaarmer. He was trying to run guys all over the place. Like Tom Gilbert’s knee wasn’t enough for him to take from Edmonton. That was his first real fuck up in an Indian Head two years ago. I think the suspension against Carolina was earlier but the hit on Gilbert was far more reckless. Hell, tore his own knee in the process.

      • Accipiter

        Yup, I was also thinking that he is hitting guys well after they pass the puck, he is dumb.

      • High and Wide

        Yeah, I had to be on the phone basically the whole game but I thought I saw him make a few dangerous and late checks.

      • zacked

        I’ve always been a Carcillo hater, so take that into account. But IMO he was lucky that running d-men in their own zone has always been ok, because every such hit he made was the textbook definition of a late hit.

    • Paul the Fossil

      Well the “good” news on that is that Carbomb earning a fresh suspension or two before this season is out is pretty close to a lock. So the stupid lineup decision will be taken out of Q’s hands.

  • Toews still makes funny faces!

    The Hawks will be in better position vs Scum jr if they can get back on a pace of not scoring only 3 goals in regulation in 2 games.

  • Scott13

    Forgive my ignorance, my visits have been limited this year, but how come there are no CORSI numbers available? I keep seeing CNS put some on Twitter, are those different in some way?

  • MySpoonIsTooBig

    Carcillo does not belong on that line, and it should be clear to anyone watching. Even if you know nothing about hockey, it’s blatantly obvious that Toews and Hossa play a very different game when Carcillo is with them than they do with Saad. With Saad that line is flat out dominant – the points haven’t been coming as steadily as we’d all like, but they consistently the opposition and maintain possession by cycling the puck with all 3 forwards involved. Hossa and Toews have no qualms about giving the puck to Saad and letting him create if he’s got space. With Carcillo, on the other hand, it’s plain as day that Hossa and Toews take great pains to not give him the puck unless they have literally no other options. Toews will try to force a pass through 2 defenders to Hossa before he even considers an easy pass to Carcillo.

  • 334Rules

    When Yaks put that goal in I shouted “Look, a one-timer IS possible on UC ice!”

  • JesusMarianHossa

    The charts in here are some kind of awesome.

    • laaarmer

      “If I thought the Kings chart looked bad, wait till you get a load of
      this. This is that scene from The Shining where the blood rushes out of
      the elevator.”
      Now that is funny

      • laaarmer

        2nd comment
        “…yes, it wasn’t the best effort out there, but we were basically playing a team of robots….”

    • birdhead

      What I thought was really interesting was that it identified without much effort a whole lot of stuff that has become apparent to me only over the eighteen games – like Hjammer and Oduya being our most effective pairing, and the Sharp-Kane duo getting beaten like drums in Corsi. (And also confirms Sam’s guess about the Bicks/Stalberg line.)

    • Accipiter

      They must be working in shifts.

  • Waylon

    Rozsival is slow, but his cross – ice pass to Sharpie to set up the eventual game – winner was pretty damn good. That thing was put right on his stick.

    • Joe Banks

      Since when did Sharp start channeling Kaner? That was Bizarro, man!

      • Waylon

        Yeah, don’t remember Sharp doing that kind of 180 on a D – Man before, but my memory’s foggy.