• The_Cheeb

    I cannot make the parade, gotta work. But I’m begging all Hawk fans:
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop chanting “Detroit Sucks”. It’s so lame—-
    >They are in the East now, Hawks only play them twice a year.
    > We won 3 straight in 2013 to kiss them goodbye.
    > Lastly, hate this all you want, but Detroit doesn’t suck. They are a
    great organization. They also won 3 Cups in 6 years a little while ago.
    They have a great streak of making the playoffs. It just sounds so
    Hillbilly/Small Town/Dumb-Ass/LAME to spend effort during a parade
    and rally giving respect to an old rival by chanting their name.


      • Tony Punko

        As someone who has admittedly enjoyed chanting “DETROIT SUCKS!” at the Stadium/U.C., and “RED WINGS SUCK!” at Avs games in Denver; I also agree this needs to taper off a bit. At least for now. Cripes! WE GOT THE CUP! EVERYBODY SUCKS COMPARED TO OUR BLACK HAWKS!!! We ALL know this! There are four simple words that can be repeated over and over that PERFECTLY sum up what we are feeling: HAWKS STANLEY CUP CHAMPS!!!!

        that is all. carry on with the merriment!


        • GoldenJet

          Detroit does pretty much suck though…

          • Tony Punko

            EXCELLENT avatar! I used to have that Bobby Hull poster hangin’ in my room when I was a kid!

          • The_Cheeb

            They really don’t though. That’s just stubborn and blind.

            It’s exactly the kind of blunt force hockey foolishness that makes us (Hawks fans) seem like a bunch of yokels, instead of smart hockey fans.

          • GoldenJet

            Detroit in general…not the hockey team that the Blackhawks have been patterned after.

            …and quite a few of their fans.

          • The_Cheeb

            Can’t argue that. It just pains me that so many Hawk fans spend their energy shouting hatred of the Red Wings, when Red Wings fans don’t even consider the Hawks a major rival. (If memory serves me, the old timers all consider Toronto their hated rival).

          • DJ

            Because until the Wirtz family took full control of the team from the Norris family, the Blackhawks were a league dumping ground. When Ted Lindsay tried to start the player’s Union, the Norrises exiled him to Chicago. We were beneath their notice.

            So while their old-timers look (rightly) to Toronto as their competitive rival, OUR old-timers view Detroit with a different sort of enmity. The more I think about it, it reminds me of Mad Men’s Roger Sterling and his prejudice against the Japanese. It’s incomprehensible to us, life and death to guys born in the 20s and 30s…

  • jordyhawk

    Bob McKenzie mentioned that we are in the running to sign Mike Reilly who is Kayesing the Jackets and going UFA. He is local born, a good PMD who is improving on defense, and stairwell free. We could use a lefty. Go get ’em Stan. 2016 starts now!


  • Tony Punko

    Some appropriate words from the late Rodney Dangerfied…

  • wardrums

    Hey, waa Roszival in the building last night?