• jordyhawk

    Saad has no regrets? Sorry, not buying it. I still like the deal from our side though (at least one and maybe two top six players including a center and cap relief from Dano’s ELC deal). The thing I don’t like about it is losing Paliotta as well as Johns to Dallas (I would have liked to have kept at least one of them). I like to talk hockey.

    • GoldenJet

      I agree, that didn’t read like he has no regrets…he’s just trying to say the right things and move on.

      • 60MinutesBaby60

        Re Saadr & regrets & just saying the right things …

        I dunno man. Saad strikes the same way as Seabrook I mean guys who don’t bullshit. They think of what they say before they say it and you – the guy hearing it – can take it or not.

        To me both Seabrook and Saadr are like Clint Eastwoods on ice skates. I’m kinda trying to make a joke but I actually really mean it. Tough guys you want on your side.

        They’ll back your play – as long as it’s one that adheres to their moral code. Sure I’m WAY overthinking this but these guys are heroes of mine. 😉 HA. Once that’s over tho they’re gone & w/ no regrets.
        Signed a guy closer to 60 that 50. who’s WAY too into hockey these days.

    • Jim

      I think 95% of all players in the NHL, including Saad, would rather play for the Blackhawks than whatever team they’re on right now.

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      I’ll miss Saadr for as long as he’s skating NHL – I love the way that guy plays. That said, this Marko Dano guy looks really promising. I’m not an Ansimov guy – not so much his game as Bowman paying him BEFORE taking care of guys already here who’d – obviously – earned it.

      Plus AA’s quiet room thing but hope to he enjoys nothing but good health here on forward..

      Wasn’t sold on either Paliotta or Johns but still a burr in my saddle over Dahlbeck. WTF?!

      And jordyhawk, that “I like to talk hockey” of yours made my day. T/y bud.


      • jordyhawk

        Always a pleasure to hear from you 60. Let’s keep up the talk (or twok as they say in some parts).