• 60MinutesBaby60

    Here’s hoping a speedy – and full – recovery for the Bolts goalie.

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  • TerryChicago

    Just as a response to McClure’s article (cannot post to that one): He seems to have some misinformation. The case must go to grand jury before charges can formally be brought: http://manhattanda.org/criminal-justice-system-how-it-works?s=39 . Although a person may or may not be arrested prior to grand jury, the case cannot proceed without a grand jury unless the defendant waives the right. It is part of due process requirements in NY.

    • rhodes

      Your info relates to New York County. Is it the same in Erie County?

      • TerryChicago

        Yes… I only provided that link because the info was readily available and easily accessible, but if you read the first paragraph, it explains that it is a state law (applicable to all counties).