• Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    That Islander thing looks more like pajamas than a competitive sweater.

    • Sopel the catfish

      The fish stick jersey is way better

    • Jim

      Kinda reminds me of the old White Sox bad uniforms

  • 60MinutesBaby60

    Giangreco did a 180 on his “slam dunk” comment. Always have cut the guy slack for his fumbdiuck joke try when my all-time sports hero was sick & lost all that weight b/c he didn’t know better Hey I’ve said stupid stuff too. (Plus he apologized when the sad day finally came.)

    But it turns out he got this one wrong – which we all do obviously – he IS permo personan non grata.

    I AM sweating this Kane story out but every day no news is good news kinda thing. Man if cou;d/can onlu be true the charges are false …

  • Jim
    • 60MinutesBaby60

      I served on a Cook County Grand Jury (30 day “duty”) and please believe me they ARE rubber stamps for the DA’s office. 13 person panel 9 votes to indict. Not one time NOT once did the panel
      I served on (Sept 2014) reject an proposed case.

      Why? Because the DAs are all smart and funny and you WANT to like them and get them to like you too. Hey they’re the good guys and so are we right? I’m not being sarcastic. And there ARE a LOT of evil (not just bad but EVIL people out there.

      But what I’m saying is – and what I took from the experience – is that the cliche “You can indict a ham sandwich” is actually accurate.

      Before serving I used to think the word “indicted” was equivalent to “guilty” but after that experience my view has changed. Sure most of the time okay but NOT always.

      PS – The Grand Jury room is on the 4th floor at 26th & Cal. And the DAs – to a man and woman – ARE cool smart impressive people but THE SYSTEM – as it stands now anyway – is HEAVILY tilted towards
      one side.

      One last thing – A couple times at least the DAs would tell us after the witness left the room that they – the prosecutors – wanted to get a witness’ testimony on record to “lock it in” because sometimes the story can change between indictment and trial.

      Was a very interesting experience overall – cool other juriists and free chow – breakfast AND lunch – catered every day. But BUT it did open my eyes about the how the justice system works.

      Here’s to peace for peaceful persons and I do hope if not really trust that justice prevails in this case. Right now I am REALLY torn b/c I wanted “innocence” to decide the matter but now think that was naive at best.

      Sorry for the long post but hopeful it might contribute some to the ongoing dialogue.
      Signed not under oath but truthfully typed,

      • Get some balls

        Spot on. There is no opportunity to pose a defense as all it is a method of determining “probable cause”. In any situation like this, there is going to be probable cause. The victim’s testimony alone is probable cause.

        The only thing going for Kane is that the grand jury will probably know who he is. They will likely understand the sensitivity of the issue and really hammer home some questions to maybe get a gut feeling of what actually happened, rather than rubber stamp the DA.

        So 60 minutes – let me ask you a question. If they brought Curtis Granderson (or name your local Chicagoan athlete) into your grand jury, would it have changed your personal approach your carrying out your civic duty? As opposed to some random guy with with a creepy mug shot from prior offenses?

      • Jim

        How did we get here? This was all so unnecessary.

  • wreckinball

    I would have been astonished if it didn’t go to a grand jury. So did Duke Lacrosse, they were indicted, and so was Officer Wilson, he wasn’t
    So still wait and see
    The rant of the day has the comments blocked

  • Get some balls

    Why are the comments disabled in the latest post?

    The entire point of your first few paragraphs is ill founded and is based on a terrible assumption. McClure write District Attorney Frank Sedita “passed the buck” and a grand jury “was not necessary.” Are you kidding me?

    Anyone charged in the state of New York (for a felony) MUST go through the Grand Jury process, unless they waive it in writing. THIS IS REQUIRED BY THE NEW YORK STATE CONSTITUTION.

    If you are going to spew your agenda, you should check your facts.

    • wreckinball

      Didn’t know that. Well then it’s almost not news they would supeona the only other person in the house

      In this day and age post Duke Lacrosse the rush to judgement crowd amazes me

      Toews is not rushing and he’s Kanes friend WTF did you expect him to say
      Next they’ll interview Kanes mom