• HarryBalzonya

    I would love for Rundblad to work out, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. At a certain point we need to cut bait.

    Speaking of cutting bait, what is the deal with Morin? Is he even at camp? He didn’t play last night when most of the scrubs did.

    • jordyhawk

      Runbald has no instincts on how to play defense. He’s lost and I don’t think his confidence is trending higher. As I posted the other day, I will wager he does not finish the year with the club. Stan got this one wrong.

      There hasn’t been anything about Morin. I confess to being pro-Mo in past but he really fizzled in Columbus and now he’s on the wrong side of the youth movement. Can’t be more than a trade throw-in any more.

      • HarryBalzonya

        I had high hopes for Morin as well. I mean with the numbers he was putting up in the AHL it was hard not to. Hard to see how his game has failed so badly to translate from AHL to NHL.

    • 60MinutesBaby60

      Agreed – unwantingly (if that’s a word?) – re yours & Jordyhawk’s descriptions of Rundblad.

      And would add my own that tho I was way up for cheering on Pokka and Gustaffson (sp?) neither guy has really stood out imho. Gustaffson also fell over backwards trying to back up on a possession change. NOT good.

      Tikirov (sp?) seems to have Nordstrom-itis that is unable to bury a rebound or good scoring chance up close. Dammit.

      As for Morin. Jeezus talk about a lost cause never had a prayer situation. Q just doesn’t like the dude. “Next.”

      This Kopecky dude. Any chance? I mean if Hoss wants him I want him.

      Hedja and Viznofsky (sorry too lzy to verify spellings if they make final roster to do list thing.)

      • HarryBalzonya

        Tikhonov will get a spot on the team I think in part because of his relationship with Panarin. They were teammates/linemates in the KHL and Tikhonov is familiar with the US since he grew up here so he can help Panarin’s transition. He has some size to him, and at one point was a 1st rounder. So I am hopeful that he will be serviceable, even if it is just as a bottom six guy who kills penalties.

  • wreckinball

    So the victim’s attorney has an issue with the evidence. But does the victim’s attorney have any standing in court? It’s a criminal case. The DA represents the state. Kane’s attorney represents him. I don’t see a place at the table for the victim’s attorney.
    So if the state is OK with the evidence and the defendant is OK it would seem this goes nowhere.
    Which makes you wonder why she has an attorney already? If she presses a civil case it makes sense which would come later.
    But if they are settling now it would make sense.

    • Jim

      yes, in my mind the dots are connecting with each reveal (if you trust what lawyers say, leaks, and dubious websites : which is what all of us are going on)

    • Bob in EP

      The victim’s attorney does not have any standing in the criminal case. However, I don’t read anything negative into her hiring an attorney who, for all practical purposes, is her consultant in the criminal matter. There are times when the interests of the DA may differ from the interests of the victim. The role of an experienced attorney would be to identify these instances (how would the victim know?) and act as the victim’s advocate with the DA. I can tell you from experience that lawyers only listen to other lawyers.

  • wreckinball

    I now know enough about the rape kit testing to be a little dangerous by way of relatives who are in the medical field. My suspicion was that it would be impossible to remove Kane’s DNA if it was originally present in the rape kit. It would also be hard to add the victim’s DNA to the rape kit after the fact.

    My suspicion was confirmed. It is not possible to do the above. The test was looking for Kane’s DNA but is first validated by the confirming it dominantly contains the victims DNA. You can’t wipe DNA clean when its obtained form bodily fluids (i.e.., rape kit)

    It could be contaminated with a bunch of other foreign stuff but would still contain the victim’s DNA and Kane’s I guess it could just be destroyed or be confirmed as a fraud also. Thus a rogue friend of Kane nurse couldn’t create a fraudulent result because it wouldn’t pass the validation.
    This looks like a stunt.

  • T.M.

    You preface your SI link with “words from actual lawyers.” Turns out the guy is a sports and entertainment lawyer, and intellectual property lawyer. sounds like you would hire a proctologist to operate on your brain. I’m the right kind of lawyer, i.e. criminal, but i try not to talk about things i don’t know where i don’t have the facts.

  • Cville Indian

    Anybody have any idea why her attorney would’ve revealed her name like that? I don’t see much talk about that but I think it’s absolutely bonkers. If he messed up, that is quite an error because now the victim shaming will go to a whole new level. If he did it on purpose, what would possibly be the purpose?

  • Sopel the catfish

    Artem Anisimov, still getting used to typing that.