• Bannerman

    “Any suggestion that it is overdone is from people who haven’t been to the outdoor games,” Bettman said.
    So that’s what, 90% of all fans.

    • Bob in EP

      Somehow the appeal of paying $200 for a seat 75 yards from the ice surface is lost on me.

  • Brett Vancise
  • Icecapper
  • wreckinball

    So he wasn’t going to discuss legal matters regarding a felony investigation. No kidding
    So the Hawks state based on their information they are presuming innocence, same as a judge and jury by the way and thus invited him to camp.
    Once again so what
    The other position is a presumption of guilt.
    I guess that’s what the pitchfork mob wanted

    • WookRN

      Three groups.
      “Yay Kaner, we got yur back!”
      “Booo, you were accused and therefore guilty, no matter what anyone says”
      “I think I’ll wait for the case to develop and see if anything more than an accusation”.

  • Black JEM

    Word is he received the loudest cheering upon entering the ice this morning.

    • Bob in EP

      Word from SCH is that they are not selling any Kane merchandise at camp. Tempted to walk over to Hawkquarters at lunch.

      • Black JEM

        Will be curious to see about the sale of his jersey. Up, down or indifferent. That might be the best indicator of all.

        Easy to talk about it and type a few words – much different to lay down a few bucks. I assume it would be down for a bit because you don’t want to buy a jersey if it might be worthless in a few months.

        • Bob in EP

          They are still available on-line.

      • Sopel the catfish

        Weird part was they only had 19 and 81 stuff, although SCH updated their article with a tweet saying Kane stuff was on the way.

  • wreckinball

    Just goes to show rushing to judge on either side.
    I’ll refrain from cheering him until the investigation pans out. Not selling his merchandise accomplishes what? Nothing
    I think the folks can decide whether they want a Kane jersey

  • GoldenJet

    Talking point, flash card headline handed out to every pundit and blogger in preparation for yesterday’s press conference…


    It’s like a Fox News, Right Wing blogosphere event.

    • Jim

      The stories were already written, the actual event was a formality.

      • Black JEM


    • wreckinball

      He’s not going to discuss the case with the press. DUH
      I would recommend they skip it.
      Fox News right wing?
      You make no sense

  • HarryBalzonya

    I appreciate these links, however I can’t comment on them at the moment.

  • GoldenJet

    Roszival signed?

    All the pieces are now in place.

  • bmarlowe

    As for the “awesome” David Haugh article, he said, ” If the Hawks feel confident the evidence eventually will result in no charges filed — a gamble his arrival suggested — they should have coaxed Kane into staying away until more clarity exists to avoid unfortunate, indelible situations such as Thursday’s.”

    Indelible? No. If no charges are files, the press conference will only be remembered by those members of the press who are far less important than they think they are.