• Bob in EP

    Subban. Class Act.

    • SuperHawk27

      Good job Subban. Such a character on the ice. It’s refreshing that he can show good character off the ice. One of my favorite non-hawks players.

    • Andrew Heitman

      Can someone explain the reason to hate Subban?
      I don’t get it. I think he’s great.

      • MySpoonIsTooBig

        Because he exhibits emotion and displays his personality, both of which are decidedly not OK in hockey. D’uh

      • GoldenJet

        Diving, cheap shots, cry baby

      • wreckinball

        He is annoying if he’s your opponent. Love him if he’s on your team I don’t think he’s available.

      • Jim
  • GoldenJet

    “Each of them has threatened to walk away and just let the justice system take care of it,” one source told the Tribune. “They both say the truth is on their side.”

    Awww GEEZ…

    I simply don’t believe that Kane’s people haven’t been trying to pay her to go away.

    • wreckinball

      I agree. If they proceed the grand jury only needs probable cause to indict. Duke lacrosse was indicted for example
      He has the money and think he would be nuts to go to trial get suspended and then take his chances in court
      Innocent people are convicted sometimes

    • Bob in EP

      From what I’ve seen, every “source” quoted in this whole shitty mess has 0% credibility.

  • ChiCityKyle

    Sun-Times article should read “unless” not “until”

  • Joe DeTolve

    God Speed CarBomb…Your legacy will by 1000x times more important than getting punched in the face..


  • Feenux

    When I saw the Vegas odds yesterday I couldn’t believe the Hawks were still the favorites. Then I really started thinking about it. We lost Saad but hopefully replaced him with Dano. We lost Richards but gained Anisimov. If TT starts out centering the third line and continues his development, he’ll replace Vermette. Really the only major player lost on offense that isn’t immediately replaced is Sharp – and Panarin may well be able to fill that void.
    I think the big question for the Hawks is defense, and depending on how camp goes we may not be in as bad a shape as we look right now. It will just depend on which old guy shows he still has something left in the tank and which young guy proves he’s capable of not making stupid mistakes.
    It’ll be interesting to see how camp goes and if the hawks are still the favorites come opening night.

    • wreckinball

      Biggest surprise to me is that they must figure Kane is playing. That situation has its own set of odds.

      • Sopel the catfish

        It will be nice to have this afternoon’s presser over and done with, hopefully they provide something of substance.

        • wreckinball

          I never bet against the streak which is saying nothing. I think they will parrot back Bettman’s comments regarding letting the legal system run its course.
          I actually agree with that. But a little explaining would be nice.

    • Jim

      No reason for them not to be favorites.
      Who is better?, especially if a couple of the new guys work out.

      And as for coaching in series, after last year I won’t question Q again (yes he sat Vermette and Tuevo….that one didn’t work out…), but he clowned the Ducks in Games 6 and 7, and that was fun.

      In the west it should boil down to the usual suspects, Hawks, Preds, Kings, Ducks, then the field.

  • Sopel the catfish

    Grabner is now a Leaf, trade involves 6 players with Grabner really being the only NHL player


  • Sopel the catfish

    Anyone watch the presser? Heard Kane is there

    • Lionel Hutz

      He issued a statement and didn’t do much other than say he cannot answer questions surrounding the legal process. Excited to be back. Wants to repeat. Confident he did nothing wrong.

      McDonough reading from a script and did not mention 88.

      • Sopel the catfish

        I like Seabs getting the A

    • HawkIPA

      From my read of the tweets, McD looked pretty inept up there. Not something I’d expect from him. Also, I’m pretty sure Kane misspoke here: “Once all the facts come to light, I am confident I will be absolved of having done nothing wrong.”

      • Sopel the catfish
      • ItalianBeef

        My take away: there is not a chance in hell that Mcdonough gets up there to hold Pat’s hand, make that statement, bring Kane to camp and then allow Kane to proclaim his innocence if there wasn’t a very strong belief behind the scenes that this will be over soon.

      • ItalianBeef

        Also, I was wondering if I was the only one who picked up on Kane’s double-negative.