• Bruno_the_Blackhawk_Cat

    The Gray Lady has chimed in on the unmentionable one. Nothing new in the article, mostly rehash of the Buffalo News reports. But, they did get a funny quote from the 20₵ cabbie.


    • Sopel the catfish

      My assumption has always been that the cabbie was probably a prick and they (Kane and his cousin) did not want to tip him at all, resulting in a “give us our 20 cents” “don’t you know who my cousin is?” argument that then lead to a few punches being thrown (not that it makes it right, but judging him based on that one quote I’d say he’s a prick). The comment on the article from The Artist FKA Bakes is good too.

    • Jim

      The article does outline that Kane’s case is further complicated by the political motives of the District Attorney in Buffalo.

      Would be better if this situation did not exist, and if Kane was not the best playoff RW on the planet, but here they are.

      (Gets out popcorn, and waits for the next installment….)

  • prd797

    Training Camp Roster: http://blackhawks.nhl.com/v2/ext/MediaRelations/2015TrainingCampRoster.pdf
    Among others at the Hawks Camp, notable free agents that were not previously mentioned include Cumiskey, Visnovsky, Kopecky and Rosi.

    • Jim

      hmm, I do see a notable Buffalo based hockey player on the roster….

      • Bob in EP

        Yeah, I’m thinking the Hawks may let Bettman be the heavy in this case so they may save face with the fans for the time being.

    • jordyhawk

      That defense is some thin at the bottom although it wasn’t that long ago that O’Donnell, Lepisto, and Lummox were the answer (that is until the Saviour, Campoli, arrived). An old problem resurfacing.

      I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Runblad does not finish the year wearing the Indian Head.

  • GoldenJet

    The circus is coming to town!