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    • “Eric Ericson”, are you out there? Please share in this joyous day!

      • Eric Ericson

        Finally! The United Center is back! That was a long time coming.

        This marks the first time since NHL 11 the Chicago Blackhawks arena was in the game.

        NHL 12 thru NHL14 with “Chicago Stadium” on the ice and last year NHL 15 with team name Chicago Blackhawks on the ice.
        All because of the merger and logo change in 2011. That´s why the NBA games had the UC name in their games and not the blue new logo. The Hawks had both.

        I don´t know what happend? Either did our complaints got taken serious or did some of my mails to the Hawks get received by Rocky or Mcdonough in the end?

        Note that if this announcement haven´t occurred the possibility for the UC not to be in the NHL video game at all. Due to the extension deal for the UC in 2014. No NHL video games included. So this had meant that in 2034 the Hawks arena would perhaps returned!

        It´s good times right now to be a Hawks fan, 3 time Stanley Cup Wins in 6 seasons, despite the off-ice drama. Now we have an authentic arena with a unique goal horn, Chelsea Dagger, Tommy Hawk, a Jumbotron and Frank Pellico playing his organ music during intermissons and face offs. All the retired and championship banners.

        Only thing missing is the Hawks game intro, Jim Cornelison anthem and the 6th championship banner(Maybe EA have included a Stanley Cup banner rasing in the first reg season game?)

        All is real good right now. We as Hawks fans are entitled to be represented with respect. And the Chicago Blackhawks are an orginal six franchise with so much rich hockey history.

        So this was Not a day to late….Let´s play hockey!

        Go Hawks!

    • Eric Ericson

      One small step for EA sports and United Center, one giant leap for Chicago Blackhawks!

  • Ted Matula

    FWIW, I have to say, I know the Morning Links is a thing and clever and all that in the way it’s presented, but I hate the way the links are phrased with no actual clue what they might be about. I have about a 75% disappoint rate when I click and about a 50% rate of actually clicking on any one link.

    • Joe DeTolve

      I genuinely appreciate the feedback and will try and be more cut and dry in the future while attempting to maintain my smartass twist.

      • Ted Matula

        I appreciate the responsiveness