• 60MinutesBaby60

    Leaving work one night, a co-worker confronted me, accusing that I had keyed her car. I had not (of course.) She said she had a dashcam video. I said “Let’s see it.” She said, “You will. At work tomorrow.”

    My only concern was the video would be inconclusive – that is poorly lit or whoever had done it dressed so to be not clearly identifiable.

    A hasty meeting at work the next day turned out she was bluffing – there was no video. I was LIVID. My livelihood was at stake – a felony criminal damage to property arrest, losing my job (income & retirement funds.) My good name.

    If PKane is innocent he MUST get out front of this accusation – NOW. If he’s not, no sympathy for sexual assault.

    I take the allegation at face value. This IS a nightmare story – for her if 88 did this. For Kane, if – like my story – he’s been falsely accused.

    Obviously, this incident – one way or another has CHANGED our Indianhead Summer. Good luck to whichever party is innocent here and peace to us all.