• Joe Banks

    Kaner vs Kessel? Kessel is a great player. We would be lucky to have him.
    I remember a time when Dale Tallon was heavily pressured to take James Van Riemsdyk instead of Kaner…

  • YoAdrienne

    Why does Toronto need a second team? I get Seattle and Quebec City, and even Las Vegas. But, one would think the owners of the Leafs aren’t thrilled about this.

    • rhodes

      Vegas makes no sense to me. It’s a relatively small city surrounded by vast stretches of nothing. The closest major metropolitan areas (LA, Phoenix) already have teams of their own. How are they going to fill a stadium?

      Small town team might work in CA, but I have my doubts about this working in the south-west desert of the US.

      • YoAdrienne

        Las Vegas is like Phoenix. It’s full of snowbirds and relocated Chicagoans and other midwesterners and easterners. I suspect it will have success that is comparable to the Coyotes. I think it’s a stupid idea to put a team there, too, as they’re probably going to suck away some of the few fans the Coyotes have. I think Salt Lake City would make a little more sense, not that it really does, either. Also, why not a team in Saskatoon or Regina, instead of another in the Toronto area? Or Halifax?

        I hope this whole expansion thing is mostly rumors. Or, at least the Toronto and Vegas parts. The expansion draft could kill the Hawks, especially if they had to help supply four teams instead of two.

        • rhodes

          Funniest comment I read about the Toronto expansion was “why does Toronto need two teams that suck?”

    • mazer_rackham

      The Leafs account for an absurd percentage of the NHL’s revenue — something like 30% last I read. I think they are trying to spread that a bit so all of their eggs aren’t in one basket, and also generate a bit more from additional ticket sales/merchandising/etc.

      • YoAdrienne

        All that revenue comes from Leafs fans. How many of them will change their allegiance for the new team? I suspect not many, at least not those in the Toronto area. It won’t work for the same reason the Hartford Whalers didn’t last. They were too close to the Bruins and Rangers markets. People like their teams.

  • 334Rules

    More idiocy from the NHL re Expansion. Guys, how ’bout you try to work in a way to have the number of total teams evenly divisible by 4? That way you could have two conferences with two divisions each, making for easier scheduling and a playoff system that actually made sense. Oh wait, we’re talking about the NHL.

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    I think we all expected expansion by two new teams to balance the uneven conferences, but four teams at once seems ambitious even by Bedlam Bettman’s standards.