• Sopel the catfish

    More stellar journalism from Lambert… although it has probably the most civil comment section I’ve seen on any Puck Daddy article, so he has that going for him I guess.

    • guest

      I mean, Lambert is in no way a journalist and ever pretends to be–he’s a columnist and opinion writer. He does not report, he has opinions. Everyone love to shit on him, but in this case they make sense.

      The only two arguments you hear really against ads are:

      1) Muh sacred Jersey: He correctly points out how silly this is, considering how rapidly teams across the league change, tweak, re-release, un-release, create thirds, etc etc. Sweaters aren’t close to sacred. Adding an extra patch certainly isn’t going to ruin your life.

      2) But Slippery Slope!!!: If this is your argument, as noted, it’s time to pack up and find a new sport because we’re already slipping and sliding like absolute crazy. Ads on the boards, under the ice, on the stadium, on every bar and restaurant in the stadium, powerplays, penalty kills, overtimes, plays of the game, drive to the net… If the slippery slope argument is accurate, we’re already fucked and there’s no amount of whining will stop the slide. If anyone thinks whining can halt it now, then the slippery slope is bullshit because we’ll barely be any further down the slope or going any faster with an patch on the jerseys.

      Plus, yeah, we’re fans of a big market infinite-cash team. if I have a choice between the cap going up (and losing fewer players like Saad and holding the window open for longer) or the SANCITITY OF THE SWEATER that some guy we had to jettison for cap purposes is wearing as he hoists the cup for another team… Bring on the ads, baby.

  • jordyhawk

    Russians fined for leaving ice before O Canada played at WC huh. No big deal, they’ve heard it so many times already they probably know the words.

    • Sopel the catfish

      I bet they like to hear it as much as the Canucks players like to hear Chelsea Dagger

  • Sopel the catfish

    In sad news Chico Maki has passed tonight at the age of 76

    • jordyhawk

      RIP. I think he was on a line with with Hull and Angotti during the run in 71 (as I am now on the back nine I often qualify what I say). He was a solid two way player though–that I am sure of. He wore 16.

  • JoeGrant

    I’ll throw Antoine Roussel’s hat into the ring for up and coming villainous ass. I’d also like to see someone smack Maxim Lapierre.